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Baby blue

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After leaving the house with Stefan, Quinn dialed the only person she knew would understand.
"Quinn, not to be rude but I'm kinda busy" Brian said as he grabbed Justin's hand from his body.
"Bri, I need your help" Quinn sobbed to her brother.
Brian pushed Justin off. "What's happened, are you OK?"
"I'm scared I messed up big, mom and dad kicked me out"
Brian sighed as Quinn began to tell him the story. She was pregnant, kicked out by their parents and had no where to go. Brian rubbed his eyes as he heard Quinn break down again. She didn't deserve this, She was always the good kid, he knew he should have took Quinn with him when his parents kicked him out.
"Hey, stop crying everything will be alright, stay with that Rachel girl you told me about. I'll sort out a plane ticket by tomorrow, you can come stay with me".
Quinn suckled in a breath of relief, she loved her brother but never expected him to let her live with him he had his own life.
"Thank you Brian, I love you"
Brian sighed falling back on the bed.
"Love you too sis, see you tomorrow"