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This Groupchat Was A Mistake, KiiBoy

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The 79th Class

8:30 am


Kiibo has added Iruma Miu and 14 others to 79th Class Group Chat.

Kiibo: Hello everyone!

Tojo Kirumi: Hello Kiibo.

Iruma Miu: A group chat? really?

Kiibo: Yes Iruma-san! I was told this was a great way for classes to communicate with each other

Iruma Miu: But hasn't this been done before? Like a million times?

Kiibo: What do you mean Iruma-san?

Shirogane Tsumugi: Iruma-san, breaking the fourth wall isn't kind to the author

Iruma Miu: What're you going on about. Gawd, stop being such a weeb, you lame @ss

Ouma Kokichi: Y'know, insults really only work if you don't censor them Iruma.

Iruma Miu: Nobody asked you, you virgin twink!

Akamatsu Kaede: Why is it whenever I enter a conversation these two are fighting?

Chabishira Tenko: Why did you add him Kiibo?

Kiibo: It would have been rude to exclude him.

Chabishira Tenko: It's rude to us to include him!

Ouma Kokichi: Why are you being mean? What did I ever do to you?!

Himiko Yumeno: You were born Ouma.

Ouma Kokichi: ...

Ouma Kokichi: WAAAAH! Saihara-chan, the girls are attacking meeee!

Saihara Shuichi: And that is my problem how?

Ouma Kokichi: I can't believe this! Why is everyone ganging up on little ole' me? I haven't done anything wrong!

Akamatsu Kaede: I hate to say this Ouma-kun, but you aren't the nicest

Ouma Kokichi: Even the piano freak hates me?! What kind of slander is this? Does no one care about me! I can't live like this!

Iruma Miu: Then perish.

Ouma Kokichi: OUCH! I'm cryinb, hpw mean of uyo.

Tojo Kirumi: That is a lie. I can see you from the hallway. You are sitting in the library on your computer.

Ouma Kokichi: Mom! Hasn't anyone told you it's not nice to lurk?

Tojo Kirumi: I am not your mother.

Hoshi Ryoma: I hate to agree with Ouma but...

Iruma Miu: You really are.

Kiibo: But Tojo-san did not give birth to Ouma-san.

Iruma Miu: Doesn't matter, she's our mom.

Momota Kaito: What fresh hell have I stumbled into?

Kiibo: This group chat has not gone well so far.

Momota Kaito: Yo, is Maki Roll online?

Harukawa Maki: I told you to stop calling me that.

Ouma Kokichi: You better listen to her! She might stab you if you don't!

Harukawa Maki: Ouma do you want to die?

Ouma Kokichi: Nishishishi~! You can't kill me! Evil never dies!

Saihara Shuichidid you just type out your laugh-

Amami RantarouWho thought this was a good idea?

Hoshi Ryoma: Ask Kiibo.

Kiibo: This is supposed to be a place where the whole class could talk and bond!

Amami Rantarou: This is gonna be a trainwreck in about an hour, y'know that right?

Kiibo: . . .

Gokuharu Gonta: Gonta is sorry! Gonta didn't see this till now!

Shinguji Korekiyo: I have a feeling this chat will be filled with memes.


Shinguji Korekiyo: I don't understand why you hate me?

Himeko Yumeno: You give off an aura of dark, foul magic.

Ouma Kokichi: Magic isn't real.


Ouma Kokichi: Make. Me.

Ouma Kokichi: Holy shit whose running in the halls,

Ouma Kokichi: SHIT ITS TENKO


Ouma Kokichi has gone offline

Saihara Shuichi: Angie, please come here and bless Ouma before he dies.

Yonaga Angie: Atua will meet you in the afterlife

Kiibo: School is about to start! I will see you all soon!

Kiibo and 13 others have gone offline