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Kakyoin's Shenanigans in Morioh

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Kakyoin looked at the sign, unsure of what had led him to a salon clearly meant for women. Although “led” might not have been the right word. This was his usual route for his morning walk, after all. Today was just the first day of a week of walking that he noticed the sign. Unsure as to what this strange, but not unnatural, feeling was, he continued on, the feeling continuing to nag him as he went down the street.


He found himself in front of the salon again the next day. He didn’t plan on it; his legs just took him there. Questioning himself, he walked up to the door and knocked, greeted by a blonde woman with tired eyes. “Welcome to Cinderella,” she said, quietly.

A thought ran thought his mind as he stared at this woman. “Stand users attract other stand users.” This woman? He had a hard time imagining it. But, his experience with Death 13 taught him to be wary of anyone, regardless of appearance.

“You’re one of the first men I've had in my salon.”

He blinked.

She looked up at him, her eyes half-lidded, but not dull. “Are you here for treatment? I must admit I'm not as proficient with men as I am with women.”

“No, no. I just so happened to notice the sign the other day and became curious.”

She simply sighed. “That’s a shame.”

Kakyoin flinched as she took a step closer. Her fingers traced his cheeks, his jaw, his neck…

He pulled away, uncomfortable.

The woman smiled, pulling her hand back. “Sorry, I couldn't help myself. I have a bad habit of wanting to study people I find beautiful.”