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City Lights

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A soft humming noise filled the entire room. It repeated again making the male in the bed stir restlessly.

The soft humming continued.

The male lifted his weary head from the comfort of his pillow as he glanced around the mattress. He slipped his hand underneath his pillow quickly finding the source of the noise. It was his phone that was vibrating, indicating he was receiving an incoming call. He swiped his thumb across the screen answering the call. He squinted his eyes still adjusting to the morning.

"Hello?" he said in a groggy voice. He turned on his back listening to the muffled talking in the background.

"Chris," the other person on the phone had a soft voice which Chris instantly recognized. "Are you awake?" he asked.

Chris took a moment to process the question, "Yeah, I am," he answered quickly. He sat up on the bed throwing off the blanket excitedly. He could feel his heart racing against his chest. "Are you here already?"

There was silence again. The muffled talking of people in the background seemed to become louder.


"Yeah, I'm just getting off the plane," Ricky replied. He sounded tired and agitated. "Angelo is going to give me a ride to your place and then he is going with Balz."

A smile formed on Chris' features, not resisting the urge to feel glad. He got out of bed sauntering over to the bedroom door and opening it. "Cool, I guess that leaves us time to practice vocals."

"At 6:30 in the fucking morning?" whined his bandmate.

"Hell yeah! You're not used to performing in live audiences." Chris replied with excitement in his voice.

Ricky chuckled softly before he said back, "Okay, fine. I'll see you soon then?" Ricky reluctantly asked.

Chris walked out of his room entering the bathroom. He stood in front of the mirror glaring at the smeared ink that was his eyebrows. He lifted his hand to the small towel hanging off to the side, wiping the ink away. "Yeah, I'll be waiting so don't worry."

"...Okay," came the other male's soft voice. "I'll see you soon. I've already met Angelo here."

"In the airport?"

"Yeah? He's getting me coffee first."

Angelo's muffled voice interrupted Chris from replying. "I'm not getting you anything!"

"Quit arguing and just buy princess some coffee!"

"I'm not a fucking princess. Also, he can't hear you."

Chris teasingly replied back. "Excuse me. What I meant was the 'majestic' princess."

Ricky growled. "Shut the fuck up."

"Make me." he teasingly whispered.

"You're so weird."

Chris smirked. He opened the counter drawer grabbing a small black makeup box and settling it on the counter. "Anyways, I'll see you soon. Okay?"

"Alright. Bye."


One thing Chris hated about touring was waiting.

The vocalist began applying the pale substance on his brush coating his face carefully. He asked Ricky to get here earlier than the other band members to help him practice his vocals.

The rest of the bandmates were arriving tonight.

It was now 6:45.

Chris couldn't deny the fact that something about Ricky made him feel strange. Despite that, Chris denied those feelings for him. Yet he knew that they were there.

He just didn't acknowledge them.

A knock on the door brought Chris out of his thoughts, glancing over at the open doorway happily. He settled the brush on the countertop and sauntered out of the bathroom. He jogged down the stairs, coming to a stop at the door. He swung open the door revealing a short male in front of him holding a suitcase in his hand. The short male had a long fringe on one side of his face and sidebands growing on the other side, his hair reached his shoulders. His hair was black and he had sky-blue eyes. The male was also very pale.

“You made it!" he happily chirped watching his bandmate chuckle softly. "Did you sleep at all?" he asked.

Ricky nodded his head. "I did."

"Good," he opened the door wider allowing Ricky to enter his house. He closed the door afterward and walked up the stairs. "You can take the spare room. But you might have to share the bedroom with three of the other guys. One of the guys will have to take the couch."

Ricky followed the taller male up the stairs slowly. "Can I just bunk it with you?"

Chris reluctantly opened his mouth. He found his voice after a moment of silence, "Um, excuse me... but what?" he turned his head looking back at the smaller male following him.

The smaller male frowned. "What? You heard me," he replied. "Don't make it weird."

Once they reached the top Chris went into the bathroom. "Uh, that's fine. Go ahead and set your luggage into my room." he heard his bedroom door open allowing him to breathe again. He glanced up at himself in the mirror unable to move. He was nervous. Chris scolded himself. He wasn't going to let his feelings interfere with the friendship he had with Ricky. He shook his head then started to reach for his makeup when footsteps were heard.

"Are you doing your stage makeup?" Ricky asked, entering the bathroom to stand next to him.

Chris scoffed. "Yeah? You applied your eyeshadow on. Why can't I?" he snarkily replied while he grabbed several brushes and a palette out.

"So are we going to practice your vocals?"

Chris nodded his head. "We'll practice soon." he was focused on the blending of the eyeshadow not noticing unexpected warmth moving closer to him. He felt a weight being laid against him. Finally, his head turned to discover the shorter male resting his head on his shoulder. His heart skipped a beat. Chris remained still enjoying the warmth of the other body next to him.

“I'm fucking tired," Ricky mumbled. "I need more coffee."

Chris chuckled, ignoring the thoughts swarming his head. He returned to blending the eyeshadow around his other eyelid. Careful not to move his shoulder too much. "We could go out and eat?" He examined his work in admiration not noticing that his bandmate frowned up at him.

"We're going to go eat like this?"

Chris shrugged. "So what?"

"You aren't even out of those gross sweats."

The vocalist ceased his hand. He glanced down at his black sweats and then at his band T-shirt. "Excuse me, but there is this thing called 'changing.' Do you know what that is, Olson?" he sardonically commented. He started to put his makeup away into his box then left it off to the side.

Ricky rolled his eyes. He regained his posture now adjusting his hoodie on his head. He sauntered out of the bathroom turning back into Chris' room, then sat down on the bed. He pulled out his phone from his pocket noticing the unread messages he was receiving. Hastily tapping the screen, Ricky allowed a worried expression to form on his features. He bit his bottom lip seeming to notice the contact right away. He mumbled the words from the message softly. His gaze lowered from the screen staying motionless in place.





"Yo, Rick Dick."

The young male lifted his gaze from his phone. "Jesus Christ," he gasped softly. "You scared me." he placed a hand on his chest watching the taller male in front of him chuckle.

"Does the makeup have that great effect on people?" asked Chris who was smirking at him.

Suddenly the phone vibrated indicating a new message was popping up.

Ricky brought his attention to the screen wincing at the words he read. His blue eyes lowered to the floor again and shoved his phone into his hoodie pocket.

"Hey, what was that?" Chris kneeled down trying to search for the other male's gaze. "Is everything okay?" his voice was soft, lulling the younger.

"It's nothing. We should really go."

Chris raised a brow. He stood up and took a seat next to the male on the bed. He glanced at Ricky meeting the blue eyes promptly. Chris noticed the darkened blue eyes that were staring into his helplessly.

"I have this issue back at home," the short male began in a timid voice. "I was in this relationship that was on and off a lot. We decided to break it off because it wasn't going to work with us." he paused letting a soft sigh escape his lips, "They have been trying to talk with me after a year of our breakup."

Chris hesitated. His eyes darted from his bandmate to the ground trying to find his voice again.

It remained quiet between them as they both sat on the bed staring at the ground.

"I.." Ricky's voice finally brought the taller male out of his thoughts promptly. "Let's just drop it, okay?" he asked. "It isn't fair to bring my issues into our tour trip."

Chris blinked. He reluctantly nodded and even forced himself to smile. "Right. As long as you're okay then it will be fine," he replied. "Right?"

"Yeah, it's fine."

"Anyways, I'll leave you to change," Ricky stood from the bed then walked over to the bedroom door. "I'll be downstairs."He closed the door behind him now leaving Chris alone.

The tall male stared ahead finding himself frozen in place.


All this at 7 in the morning.