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The Egg

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‘Guess what I brought!’ Naruto yells, brandishing an Ichiraku take-away bag.

Sasuke sighs, but has to repress a small smile creeping on his face.


‘ALWAYS!’ the Hokage replies, excitedly. He puts the bags on his desk and starts getting the large bowls out of it.

Sasuke quickly stashes the documents he was working on away. ‘Watch it!’

‘Gaaah, sorry Sas’!’

‘I said I would help with your work, not do it from scratch, and certainly not if it gets covered in ramen.’

‘C’me on, stop whining. Here, I got you Katsudon, with an egg.’

‘Funny how you remember my order better than you own duties.’

Naruto laughs, then grabs a chair to sit next to his friend. ‘Thanks to the cook!’ he grins before digging in.

Sasuke shrugs and starts working on his own bowl with less haste. He’s not even done with half his meal when Naruto pushes his empty bowl away with a happy sigh.

‘Aaah, man, I really needed that!’

He gets up to stretched around in his office, then stops by the window to look at the peaceful village. A small, disgruntled huff gets his attention: Sasuke let an halve of his boiled egg slip in-between chopsticks.

He bends forwards and grabs it gently before it hits the floor. ‘How sloppy of you.’

‘Shut up.’

Naruto grins widely and hands the egg over —before changing his mind.

‘Say ‘ahhhh’…’

‘What the hell Naruto, I’m not your fucking kid.’

‘Didn’t say you were’ Naruto says with an aggravating smile. ‘Open wide!’

Sasuke frowns, but Naruto is playing. Idiot. He puts his chopsticks down neatly, then looks straight at his friend’s face and parts his lips. ‘Aaaaah.’

Naruto stiffens. ‘Wha— Bastard, what are you doing?’

Sasuke rises an eye-brown, not breaking eye contact. ‘What, you chickening out?’

He thought Naruto would come to his senses and back off, but the newest Hokage is dumb through and through, and takes that as a challenge to shove the halved egg in his friend’s open mouth with determination. ‘Here! Who’s the stuffed chicken now, ah!’

Sasuke was too surprised to choke on it, so he gently takes the morcel that’s still out while biting the other off. ‘Moron.’

He expected Naruto to laugh, and is surprised by the following silence. The blond man is looking at him with a weird look on his face. ‘What?’

Some of the yolk is slipping out, so he licks at it before sucking it out of its socket. Naruto come back to sit next to him, his face perplexed.

Before Sasuke can pick the other half of his egg, Naruto snatches it between two fingers.

‘You’re annoying.’ Sasuke mumbles. ‘Give that back.’


Naruto presents the egg in front of his lips.

‘What do you want me to do with that? Put it down so I can have it’ Sasuke demands, annoyed.

‘Nah, just open up.’

Naruto looks far too serious, it’s unnerving.

‘Why the heck would I do that?’ Sasuke hisses. ‘Just put it down already!’

‘I wanna check something.’

‘Your life expectancy? It’s getting lower by the minute.’

‘Just fucking indulge me, would you?’

Sasuke ponders about hitting him. Naruto looks quite serious, but that could still be a prank. On the other hand, Sasuke has no idea what he’s getting at, and he hates not knowing something.


‘I can’t.’

‘Then no.’

‘I can’t because I don’t really know myself’ Naruto sighs, a tad impatiently. ‘I’m trying to understand.’

‘Hmpf.’ Sasuke ponders for a bit, but Naruto looks slightly miserable, as if he’s really at a loss. He sighs. ‘Okay. But if it’s a prank of some sort, you won’t be seeing me for at least three months.’

‘I’ll live with that’ Naruto grins —but Sasuke knows he won’t, because he’s got this compulsive need to check on him.

He fights the urge to roll his eyes before parting his lips again. Naruto slips the boiled egg in gently, looking surprisingly focused, like he’s trying to understand some complicated jutsu. Sasuke bites down, puzzled. It’s irritating not knowing what’s going on. Plus, it feels disgustingly intimate, for some reason. He feels his hair rising on his neck and arm, trying to look as composed as usual. If that weren’t Naruto, he’d have punched the guy by now.

The only think stopping him from hitting him is that equally dumbfounded look on his friend’s face.

‘So?’ he asks after swallowing the bite. ‘What was that all about?’

‘I don’t know!’ Naruto yelps helplessly. ‘It feels… It feels weird!’

‘Then why did you do it?’ Sasuke replies, annoyed. He takes his bowl and starts scraping the rice.

‘Well, because it felt… Didn’t you feel it?’

‘I’ll hit you, idiot. Just spit it out already.’

I have no idea.’

Naruto looks really upset now. He clenches his fists and lowers his head. ‘Like… both sad and happy at the same time? Like something is bound to happen, but I don’t know what? It’s sort of… infuriating!’

‘Then don’t do it again.’

‘But I want to do it again’ Naruto mumbles, almost sulking.

Sasuke shrugs. He sort of understand the feeling Naruto is babbling about, not that he particularly liked it. It felt like sharing some sort of special connection for a moment. Something that ought to be kept from everyone else. It’s unnerving, and made him feel really vulnerable. He hates it.

‘Maybe… maybe I like feeding you stuff?’ Naruto ponders.

‘Maybe you like feeding stuff to everyone.’

The blond idiot thinks about it. ‘You know what? Maybe I do. I mean, I never felt that way about it, but maybe I wasn’t paying attention? I should go home and try feeding my kids… Well, no, that actually feels wrong.’

‘I don’t think they’d let you’ Sasuke points out. ‘What about Hinata?’

Naruto ponders. ‘Yeah… Uh… I don’t know… I could try.’ He doesn’t seem really convinced.

Then he slides Sasuke a glace. ‘But, uh… You know, I the meantime…’

‘Fuck off.’