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Just run and hide

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Ever since Thanos had been destroyed on Midgard, Midgard had to deal with alien invaders at the regular basis. Many wanted to test their strength against those short lived Midgardians. Earth’s heroes together with Thor and the Mid-Asgardians, as the Asgardians of the settlement has called themselves, were able to fend of each attack so far. Some more successful than the other, but victorious in the end.
Except for this time. The battle went on for weeks. There seemed no end to the flood of soldiers and monsters ready to fight them. Fatigue was showing on the faces of the defenders of Midgard. For Thor it felt like they had the whole universe on their doorstep, trying to claim Midgard, or Earth as the inhabitants call it. He happily kicked each and every one back to the dark cravate of space they came from. But even him and his team were starting to get tired.

Steven’s voice sounds ragged through the communication system. “Thor, did you manage to send the message to Asgard?” Thor pants in the mike for a second before he answers. “Yes, my brother should have received the message by now. Help will be on the way.” Tony laughs loudly into his microphone. “Really Point Break? You called for help from Crazy Bread? Oh man.. We’re screwed.” Thor wants to counter that remark. “Yes, and my brother will come. He is not the same man when he attacked New York. Trust me friend Stark. He will come.” Tony sighs. “So old and yet so naive. I don’t expect any help from your little brother.” “Big Brother” Thor corrects him. “Yeah, yeah.. what ever. Keep on dreaming, Goldy Locks, while the rest of us are going to kick their asses to kingdom come.” Tony grunts as he turns to attack another monster. Another enemy blast had hit his suit.

Just as Tony wanted to make another snide remark about Thor's brother, when the sky turned pitch dark. There was deep rumble in the sky, making the ground shake. The Asgardians who fought alongside with Thor started to smile. Thor looked up, puzzled expression on his face. This was not the bifrost, as far as Thor knows.
A long tear of pure light appears. Out of that tear a big ramp appeared. As if it was made of glass, light and all the colours of the universe. It descends down to earth while small figures appear at the top.

A big part of the army of the enemy had turned to see what was happening behind them. Judging by their actions they knew what was coming. Not that this knowledge would help them in anyway. Because the army that came down from the sky, rolls over the army of the enemy like a tidal wave. Resistance is futile.

For the humans it’s as if Lord of the Rings has come to life. The army is made of elves, dwarves, gnomes, orcs and all other race of fairy tales. Up in the sky the Valkyrie flow on their horned winged horses. Three dragons, each with 7 heads roars in the sky. Incinerating the ships of the enemy.
And in the midst of this crushing army is a slender figure, sitting on a eight legged horse. The figure wears a dark leather and metal armour with a green cape. On his head is a golden helmet with two long curved horns. Eyes glowing with a hellish green light. He’s holding a staff that glows with the same light as the ramp.
He lifts the staff and the army stops, right before the defence line of the protectors of Midgard. Tony’s voice croakes over the line. “Holy fuck, that’s your brothers army?” Thor gins proudly while his second in command introduces the aiding army over the comsystem. “Behold, the army of the 20 realms, lead by his royal highness, the All Mother Loki.” Tony with a small voice. “All Mother?” “According to Asgard, he is.”, converms Thor. His voice made clear, there is no discussion on this matter.

The army has made a pincer move around the leaders of the invading army. Many soldiers have surrendered and being held by spear, sword, gun or whatever weapon the soldier of Loki's army is wielding. Their leaders standing grudgingly before Loki. Loki still sits on his horse, looking taller than life and the air of all omnipotence radiates from him like it did once from Odin.
“What do you have to say for yourselves, Kardoch?” His voice is not loud. Yet everybody can hear him as if they are the ones standing in front of him. Kardoch shrugs his shoulders. “Nothing more to add, my Lord. All is already said.” “Then I don’t have to either. You knew the consequences for you and your captains, if you did something like this.” Some of Kardoch’s captains flinch. They know what will happen. They look at eachother. The look of impending doom shines in their eyes.
The All Mother Loki lifts his staff up. A green lightning comes from the sky and obliterates Kardoch. Strands of that lighting hits the captains. Many disintegrates to dust, except a few. All Mother Loki lifts one eyebrow. His soldiers rally the captains that are left and escort them to stand in front of King Loki. He starts to speak again. “The only reason why you are still breathing, is because you apparently have the brain to make wiser decisions for your people then your previous leaders. I will ban you and your army to your realm. Your kind will only be able to leave your realm, when you are worthy to mingle with the rest of the universe.”
These words make Thor remember the rant his father gave him about being worthy of something. It resulted in Mjolnir being the judge who’s worthy or not. Those who are spared, nods, mumbling thinks like ‘Thank you, All Mother’ ‘We will, All Mother’ and are escorted off the planet.

Loki turns and looks at Thor. Both grinning as if they were kids who just had a great day at a theme park. “I was thinking of having a vacation on Midgard. Any suggestions, brother?” Thor opens his mouth, but Loki is ahead of him. “No brother, not Mid-Asgard. It will turn into work in no time. Somewhere nice, comfy for my family and me. No fuss, just relax.” Thor looks at Tony, who’s already has his helmet down. “Tony my friend, you have the most knowledge of good relaxing spots on Midgard. Suggestions would be most welcome.” Tony displays a wide grin. “Ofcourse I know the best spots on Earth.. Midgard.. Whatever you call it here. Even better, I will let you use any of my homes to have your vacation. And I have great locations for my private homes. Malibu is wonderful this time of the year. If you really want to relax, mi casa es sous casa.” Loki tilts his head a bit, while he looks at Tony. “ Really? Letting Crazy Bread stay in one of your homes. What happened?” Tony grins sheepishly at Loki. “You happened, Ba.… Loki.. Ehmmm.” Stark is biting his tongue and tries to switch to a more civilised man. He realised that Loki had heard everything, even though he hadn’t been there. The words that follow are spoken a bit uncomfortable but well meant nonetheless. “Your highness, thank you for your aid in this drawing combat. Please accept my offering to use one of my homes as your vacation destination. It’s the least I can do.”
The tips of his lips curl up. He remembers way way back when he threw Stark out of the window. And now this man is offering him his homes? He appreciates the hospitality of the man and his efforts to rise above his usual slang. “As it so happens, you still owe me a drink. Can’t think of any better place to receive it than in one or your homes.” Loki’s eyes sparkle softly as he speaks. Stark grins.

As he want to say something, one of Loki’s warriors intervenes. He doesn’t look too happy and his voice is husked. Tony can’t understand a thing, but by the looks on Loki’s face, it’s no good. He turns his face, now masked with a neutral expression, to Tony. “Duties calls, Stark.” With a small courtesy nod, he turns and follows the soldier. While he walks, the whole army kneels. Thor’s second tugs his sleeve. Suggesting him to do the same. The army of Mid-Asgard is kneeling too, including Thor.
Loki kneels down next to the fallen soldier. There is a soft talk that no one can understand except Loki and the fallen man. Loki closes the eyes of the man after the talk is done. Ice forms around the man while Loki rises. His armour has changed into a more ceremonial one. On his head, in sharp contrast to the rest of the outfit, was a simple crown. He himself has changed too. His skin now blue with markings, horns sticking out of the crown and natural red eyes. His face still a neutral mask, but his eyes carry the sorrow of great loss.
The fallen man, a big blue giant, is wrapped up in ice and floats horizontal right behind Loki. He only looks back at the icy casket. His hand touches it briefly while only for a second a sad smile plays on his lips before he turns around and starts walking to the entrance. The casket follows him silently.
Silently and orderly the army gets back up and follows the casket. Only the rustling of armour and tunics are heard. Thor beckons Tony, who silently kneels next to Thor. In a hushed voice Thor explains. “This was the last of his officers that helped build this army. This battle was a honorary battle. Mid-Asgard will play tribute as well. We will return soon.” Tony nods shortly. Together with Mid-Asgard he gets on his feet. He stays behind while Thor with his army follows Loki’s army.
The heroes, not quite knowing what’s going on, had stayed silent while this scene had been unfolding for their eyes. Only when the last being had stepped on the ramp and it all had disappeared, they dared to talk to each other. Tony explained it and the story passed through all the ranks of this makeshift army. They all went home, still impressed by the events, happy to be alive. The death toll could have been so much higher if help hadn’t arrived. They might have even lost the battle.

Weeks later, dark clouds form above Stark Tower. A beam of rainbow light descends, ending on the platform, normally used for heli crafts. When the light disappears, Thor, Loki, Fandral and the kids are standing there. The imprint of the bifrost still glowing on the ground. Tony steps outside. “Greetings, my friends. Welcome to Stark Tower. And where might your vacation destination be?” Loki smirks. “Here, in your tower.” “But why? I have so many nice locations around the world.” “But this one here will be the most fun.” Loki’s smile is a bit mischievous. And right then and there, Tony knows that this will be one vacation he’s never going to forget.