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The Backwards Leaf

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It’s been about five years since the Great War. The village is starting to piece back together pretty good… again… man, this is like the third or fourth time the Hidden Leaf has been nearly wiped out… and the last two had nothing to do with me… ehehe, yeah, so, anyway… life here’s been pretty good lately, I got a new apartment (since the last one got blown to smitherings), been going on plenty of missions here lately, Kuruma and I have become pals, oh and I went and got myself a girlfriend. Long dark hair, pupiless eyes, kick-butt moves… you guessed it, Hinata Hyuuga. Man, I can’t believe we’ve been going out for nearly four years now… I can still remember the moment I realized she was the one… I was at Itchiraku’s place and I had just finished my fifth bowel of their specialty Ramen when Hinata walked in and sat on the other side of the bar. It was Granny Tsunade’s birthday and to celebrate the whole village threw this huge festival, there was food and game stands, gambling, sake around every corner, and just about every girl was wearing a kimono… and Hinata was no exception… Man, she looked stunning. Her Kimono was pure snow white with images of violets that appeared to be blowing in the wind, her sash was the sweetest baby blue I’d ever seen, she held a fan that appeared to be yellow with cherry blossoms on it, her lips were a light red from her lipstick, and her hair… it was all pulled up into a perfect bun, complete with live violets for a pop of color. My mouth went dry, I couldn’t think straight, I was speechless,… and I guess I was staring, because suddenly she looked at me and tried to hide her blush with her fan
“N-Naruto…” she tried to hide the rest of her face with her fan… she is so cute… Finally I caught my words
“He-hey Hinata… how’s it going?”
“oh, um… good, i-it’s going good… how about you?”
“ehehe, it’s goin’ alright” we sat there in silence… an awkward silence… it was becoming unbearable, I wanted to talk to her, but I didn’t know what to say… I needed a topic. I scanned the area with my eyes when I noticed her feet… I chuckled
“wha-what’s so funny?”
“Oh, sorry, I just happen to notice you were wearing socks with your sandals” I stated with a smile, her face redden
“oh, well, you see… It’s almost fall and, my feet were cold, but I still wanted to wear my sandals with my Kimono, so… I wore my socks with my sandals… … … I look stupid, don’t I?” she put her face in her hands
“No, you don’t. I only laughed because I thought it was cute, actually, I think it’s something my mom would have done” I rubbed the back of my head while looking at the curtain door “and I don’t think you look stupid at all… to be honest, you’re probably the most beautiful girl I’ve seen all day” her face pinkend as she started to smile, staring out over the counter top. I turned to face her “hey, would you like to go through the festival with me?” I asked as I held out my hand to her. She whipped her head around and upon seeing my hand, she smiled her cute little smile and placed her hand in mine. We spent the rest of the night going through the different stands, trying all of the games and just enjoying each other’s company… we also went to visit Neji’s grave… he had died in battle during the Great Ninja War… I stepped back to let her have a moment with her older cousin before letting her cry into my chest, then I lead her away back to the festivities to try and cheer her up… finally it was time for the fireworks, and I had just the spot to watch them… Before you knew it, Hinata and I were sitting on my old man’s head, waiting for the fireworks to begin. I looked over to the only other being there. I felt a knot in my throat and my heartbeat was faster than Kakashi in a race against Bushier Brow Sensi… finally, I worked up the nerve to place the my hand over hers on the ground. She whipped her head around to look at me, knocking out one of the violets in her hair, which in turn let a strand of it fall into her face
“N-Naruto…” I lifted my hand to push the strand away, cradled her face, and just as the first firework went off… we shared our first kiss.

That was four years ago now, and today, I’m hoping to take the next step… I’m actually on my way to the Jeweler’s place now to place the order… Just then I see Sakura coming out of Ino’s flower shop with a bouquet of daisies “Hey Sakura, whatchya got there? Someone got a boyfriend?~” I tease
“Very funny Naruto, you know I’m still waiting for Sasuke, even if it has been five years since I’ve seen him last…” she trailed that last bit a little too sad for my taste
“So, who are the flowers for?”
“They’re for Itachi’s grave. I figured, since Sasuke’s not here, I’d tend to placing flowers there until he comes back… he was his older brother after all… So right now I’m headed over to the War Heroes cemetery to pay my respects… you wanna come?”
“Sorry… me and Hinata were just there yesterday, besides, I was just on my way to Ino’s to pick up some flowers for her…”
“Oh, Okay. Have a great day!” she called as she walked away. I waved and then set out on my errands. Eleven real roses and one artificial… you see I heard about this poem where this old man gives his wife eleven real roses and one fake, with it is a card that says ‘I’ll love you till the last rose dies’… I know, corny, but that’s the kinda things she likes, and you see, I want her to happy, her smile melts my heart, and I would do anything to see that smile on her face… which brings me to my next errand… I’m on my way to pick out, and order, a ring… you got it! I’m gonna marry that girl… I want to love her in every way, shape and form there possibly could be, I want to have children with her, I want her to be the first thing I see every morning, and I want to grow old with her. Everything is going great! Tonight is just perfect… what could possibly go wrong?

As I rounded the corner, I came to a sudden stop in complete shock! My eyes widened… No… it CAN’T be… but there was no denying it as I came face to face with… “Madara Uchiha?!” I ask through gritted teeth “What are you doing here?!”
“I simply came to see how my old friends little town was coming along” he answered plainly “I can see you’ve fixed the place up quite nicely over the past five years”
“You’re supposed to be dead!!!”
“Indeed I am, however, I was supposed to be dead the last time to… remember?”
“How could I forget? You tricked Toby, manipulated the dead, killed Neji, and wiped out nearly the entire Leaf Village!!!” I yelled at him as I ran to punch him, but it only proceeded in going right through him, I stared in disbelief
“Naruto, I’m not here to cause trouble, I’m here to warn you that tonight, during the full moon of the harvest, a portal will open, one I myself create five years ago before I died. Unfortunately, I don’t remember where it leads to, where it is or what it can cause, I wanted to make sure everything was still as it should be.”
“Yeah, likely story, like I’d ever believe a word that comes out of your mouth!” I snapped back
“Believe me or not, it will happen, and when it does, there’ll be no escape Naruto.” He replied as he started to fade away
“Hey, wait a minute! I’M NOT THROUGH WITH YOU!” he was still fading out as I started to run my fastest straight for him, dropping the roses I’d been clutching in the process. As I ran the clouds moved away from the moon, reveling a bright white orb with an orange center… of course, I wasn’t paying attention to that as I was still running at the last villain who tried to destroy our town. Suddenly I felt a throbbing in my head, it knocked me off balance and I lost my footing, I crashed to the grown, losing consciousness as I watched my enemy fading away
“I tried to warn you”.