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Blue Collar Smut

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Home From Prison


I didn/t realize how much my cousin Duke had grow since he/d been in prison... After the DUI.
He storms into the room, (guess he was drunk hot and bothered and looking for fun.) “Wake up Jake! Take care of this for me bitch!”

He pins me to the bed and slides his filmy tongue tasting of cheap whiskey and cheaper pussy into my mouth giving me a nasty lusty kiss.

“Girls ain/t doing like they used to. Suck it! I need to bust a nut in something and them boys know how to it get done without all that bullshit.”

He slides his tangy cock in my mouth and begins fucking my face. The smell of his musky bush intoxicating. I move from his asshole back to his throbbing cock, his sweaty dirty hole seemed more delicious than I could imagine.

“Nasty bitch, you like that shit don/t ya? Open that fuck hole of a mouth wide and take this dick!”

He lights a l&m red and starts pounding my face, his crotch smothering me - as my fingernails dig into his muscular ass. He pulls out and taps some ashes into my mouth then proceeds to gag me with his nasty prick, my fingers rubbing his sweaty grimy hole.

“Clean my nuts! suck on these /baby makers!/ Clean em real good.”

He spreads his hairy thighs and dips his sack in my mouth. His balls were swollen (those nuts were ready to bust.) I lick them as if making love to them savoring the delicious flavor of his manhood. The heat and smells of his nastiest places fill me with ecstasy… I wish I could remain but knew it would soon be over.

“Come on take it all, I/m bout to shoot these babies down your throat!”

He shoves his cock back down my throat his fist pounding my mouth as he jacks his shit. I slide and twist my tongue round his cock as he face fucks me. The smell of his cigarette fills my nostrils along with his fog of fuck musk. I feel him swell and throb as his abs tighten.

“Ugggh! Eat these swimmers bitch!
That/s sum /man caviar/ there.”

Cousin Duke emptied his nuts into my mouth, a humongous fucking load.
I sucked him a little longer as he finished his cigarette. I could taste his cock and cum forever - I couldn/t get enough of his dangling prick sucking the last bitter drop of salty seed from it.

“Open your mouth fucker!”

Duke gave my mouth one last vulgar kiss, before tapping the last ash onto my tongue and sealed the deal with a thick wad of spit.

While standing in the doorway scratching his sweaty ass, Duke finally said, "good times right? good times." Before finally slamming the bedroom door and passing out on the couch. I was so glad Duke was out of prison and I knew before soon he/d be horned up again want/n some good /luvin/.

Blue collar erotic 01-08-18