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The Slayers and All the Vampires

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Out of the corner of her eye Buffy saw something that couldn’t be; it was daylight, but she was sure that those two way too beautiful guys across the street were vampires.
She walked a bit out of the cafe to get a better feel for them, because they just couldn’t be vampires, she was the Slayer - she would know!

“Enzo, I think we got her attention.”

Damon and Enzo had come to Sunnydale at Spike’s invitation. They had, of course, heard of the Slayer, which self-respecting vampire hadn’t, but they had never thought of intentionally seeking her out until Spike had invited them over for some fun - and Spike and his sire had some interesting ways of entertaining themselves.

Damon knew that Buffy was well-versed in the world of monsters, but he also knew that somehow The Watchers’ Council had never caught on to the fact that there were several races of vampires, so the only ones Buffy knew of were the dusty-burning-in-the-sunshine-types; boy was she in for a surprise…

Spike had suggested that he and Enzo bring themselves onto Buffy’s radar in daylight, both because it would screw with her head, but mostly because she was that good a fighter, but her starting a fight in broad daylight around normal people probably wouldn’t happen.

Enzo and Damon had shown up in the middle of Sunnydale, right outside a café where Buffy worked, and then proceeded to look shady as hell. When Buffy noticed them Damon just couldn’t help turning himself and Enzo to smirk at her and give her a wave before disappearing at vamp-speed - and leaving Buffy wondering what she had just seen.

Across town Faith was also in for a surprise; a pale, blond man had caught Faith’s eye. He didn’t walk like a human, he walked like a predator - Faith was quite sure what he was, and human was not it. Her first guess would have been that he was a vampire, had it not been for the fact that daylight and vampires were a notoriously flammable combination.

Faith followed him around for a while until he turned down an alley; she looked down the alley, but he was nowhere to be seen, so she walked a bit further in to get a better look. Faster than Faith thought possible the blond had her in a headlock, it shouldn’t have been possible to get a hold of her that easy, but at least it gave her a chance to get her hands on him: cold as stone; definitely vampire then - but how?

Now that his species had been determined Faith knew how to kill him, so she got the stake out of her boot while twisting around to jam it into his heart. But on impact the stake broke into pieces as if she had tried to jam it into a stone… The blond spun Faith away from himself, before he bowed while raising his red eyes to hers and in the broadest Texan accent finished off with a “Thank you for the dance, ma’am - see you later” and then he sped away faster than Faith’s eyes could follow.

“What the fuck was that?”