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Love? No

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This story starts at the end. It's a story about love, about hate, about problems normal people have, about who we think we are and about who we actually can be. The story that you are about to read is mostly a love story, yet not one that could be found in romantic movies. This isn't a story with a happy ending. Nothing really ends up happily.


This story starts at the end of somebody's life.  Min Yoongi's to be exact. He died while he was in coma,which he was in for only a few days though, not that it mattered now, he was dead.


It was the first funeral Taehyung had ever attended. It was nothing like he would have imagined it to be . There were no people crying around, screaming,yelling and begging for the man to come back. Even JiminYoongi's boyfriends... Or ex boyfriend,was calm . He was holding a tissue in his hand, staring at the coffin that was about to be covered with dirt and mud.


Taehyung didn't like funerals. Did anybody? He stayed there by the gravestone which clearly had his friend's name written on it.


The doctors said that Yoongi would be fine after that car crash, he would survive and he would be back home in a few days. Obviously these were all lies.


Taehyung remembered getting the call from crying Jimin, telling him what had happened, telling him where the funeral would be held.


Since that moment Taehyung had not said a word. To anybody. He stayed quiet. What could he say? What could he even say? His best friend,no, his family, a person who raised him better than his parents did , a person who helped him whenever he had asked him for help, the one who taught him so much about everything was dead? There was nothing he could say.


He stayed by the grave and just stared. Min Yoongi, it read Taehyung would have never imagined he would be reading his friend's name on a gravestone any time soon . They were young. Yoongi was barely over 20, he wasnt supposed to be laying under the ground... Dead.


It wasnt until after midnight that Taehyung had gotten up from there. He was starting to get cold so he headed home. He walkes with his hands deep in his pockets in hope of getting them warmer.


It was quite a long walk home from the graveyard. He walked slowly, wandering down small streets, looking into caffes,watching all the people inside laugh. It was no time for laughing! How could they laugh at such a sad moment,how could Yoongi possibly not mean the world to someone?


He was angry at all the happy people around him. Why were they even happy? Dis they have a reason or was it just how it had to be. It seemed as if people were made to be happy just to annoy him.


Taehyung took a longer walk home that night. He walked over the bridge. There wasnt almost anybody there but a few lonely dog walkers.


He walked around, having a bad feeling in his stomach, which he tried to hide by thinking he was just hungry. Once he had gotten to the middle of the bridge he noticed a kid, well not really a kid but a boy maybe a few years younger than him walk to the edge and stare into the river.


Taehyung stopped for a moment before deciding to join the stranger . He just stood next to him. The boy looked at Taehyung before staring down at the river again, not paying much attention to the strange guy.


Taehyung finally decided to speak after minutes of silence. No cars seemed to be driving over the bridge and it was just painfully quiet.


"It's pretty" he said simply, which causes the boy to make a small step away from Taehyung.


"Yeah..." he just nodded, looking at him, with a raised eyebrow. "Why... Um... Why are you here?" the kid asked. It took Taehyung a few glances at the younger one to notice that he had a terrible black eye over his face and a bit of dried blood under his nose and at the corner od his lip . Only then did Taehyung notice how skinny the boy next to him seemed.


"I am here to watch the stars and the river. I was hoping I would see my friend and wish him a safe trip, up there" he said, pointing up to the sky which was surprisingly clear for a late November night. "And what about you?"


"My idea today was to... Jump" he said quietly, almost sounding ashamed of it, he wondered what the taller man's reaction would be to that.


He just nodded, slightly,once. He was right, word was cruel. Why kill off only the good people? First his friend,now the poor kid.


"And are you going to do it?" he asked him, tilting his head to the side,as the answer the smaller had just shrugged.


"I am afraid of death"


" Me too" Taehyung said quietly


They stayed like that for a but longer before Taehyung spoke out again.


"How about I treat you a ...milkshake in McDonalds, so I don't feel guilty if I hear you have jumped on the news tomorrow. Whats your name?"


He looked up in the others eyes at the offer. He nodded slightly again.


"Thank you... Jeon Jungkook, and your's?" he asked, tilting his head to the side, as they headed off of the bridge slowly.


"Kim Taehyung, call me Tae".


The two of them spend a while togather, talking about some random stuff. Taehyung learned that Jungkook was 18, a student. He told him about all the reasons why he wanted to die that night.


He told him about his situation at home, how his father was a drunk and how his mother was too scared to say anything, how he got beaten up at school as well, only to come home and have the same happen to him, how he had been cutting for past 8 years of his life and how only recently somebody had noticed even though he had been wearing long sleeves during the whole year, even summer. At one point Taehyung could have sworn to see a tear escape Jungkooks eye.


Taehyung felt sad for him, he offered him tissues, help, he gave him his number and address if he needed anything. But he couldn't help it. He couldn't help but see himself in the younger boy. He couldn't help but see himself before Yoongi had helped him. Just a suicidal teenager, as pathetic as he could be, crying to strangers...


Once they were finished talking Jungkook and Taehyung had separated their ways Jungkook thanked Taehyung again for the talk and a milkshake, to which Taehyung had just nodded.


"Kid... Dont do it, alright? Death is...not really the solution,trust me, I'd know" he said before leaving for real.


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Jungkook didn't go home that night. He stayed outside,walking down the city streets, avoiding drunk people amd crowds. He had to think about it. Maybe this Taehyung guy really was right, maybe he shouldn't kill himself.
He is only 18 after all, he could never know what life could bring him in the future.
Yes, since before he can remember he had been dreaming of happiness. He had imagined what life would be like if he had somebody to love and to love him back. What would it be like if he, for once, was really happy? Just for a moment, just so he could taste the sweet feeling of it

He had given up on that dream a long time ago, though. What was the point? He knew very well that an abused kid could never grow into a normal adult. He would always be afraid of coming home after school or of being alone. At this point he felt as if he would be afraid to stop cutting and hurting himself. For past eight years that had been his routine.
He would wake up in the moening before anyone else at home... 'home'... Then he would take a quick shower and eat something if they had anything other than alcohol in the fridge. He would get dressed into one of two hoodies he had and a pair of jeans. Then he would run to school and take his place at the back of the class, alone, as he hated having to sot next to someone. At lunch he would usually be in one of the stalls in the bathroom on the second floor, not wanting to be seen by anyone. But sometimes they would find him, and he jated the days when they would.
After school he would always run straight home, taking the back exit of the school building so he wouldnt be seen.
At home he would make some food for his father and mather, and then go to his room, after that, somewhere around 7 in the evening he would be called back down, then his father would yell at him, then beat him. And after that Jungkook would just clean all the mess that was made and go back to his room, taking the sharp razor knife out and with tears streaming down his eyes he would run it over his wrists or thighs, depending on the day. He would always make 3 cuts, one for being a disappointment, the other for pitying hinself and the third one, always the deepest, to remind him of his place,so he would never in his life forget who he really is and how pathetic he would always be.
After that he would go take a shower again, then head to bed. Sometimes his father would wake him up and hurt him again but that was only a few times a week,when he was really drunk.

All these thoughts ran through Jungkooks mind before he just couldn't take them anymore. He screamed into the empty park, hitting and kicking the bench that was near him at that moment. He couldn't take it anymore!
All he wanted to do was to jump pfd that bridge like he had planed but then this guy came and stopped him, he talked to him he even made him smile!
And it was horrible because that wasnt supposed to happen. He was supposed to end it there, thinking how he is right and how the whole world is simply awful and not worth living... But now he isn't so sure.
Maybe there is something worth living for after all. Maybe Jungkook could force hinself to live just for the kindness of that one stranger who bought him a milkshake. And it sounded silly and childish, but the stranger did help him, that Taehyung guy helped him just by showing him that not everybody in the world want him dead.

"Hey... Um Taehyung. Do you think I I dont have a place to stay, just for like... Two days, so I can clear my head. Can I stay over at your place, I don't know anyone else" Jungkook said into the phone, feeling embarrassed for asking something like this. He also felt slightly afraid. Would Taehyung hurt him as well after all, and ruin his hope in the world?

Taehyung wasnt sleeping after all at that moment. He was staring out of the window, thinking about the whole day, holding a kitchen knife in his hand. Whennhe heard the voice of who was calling him he had immidiately dropped it.
"Uh... " he wasn't serious. Yoongi was his roommate for years now, he would feel guilty if he replaced him a day after his death, but again Yoongi would probably want him to help the kid out.
"Sure. Where are you I'm going to pick you up from there" he said. After a bit more of talking on the phone, Taehyung put on his jacket and took his motorcycle keys, going to find the Jungkook guy.

The sun was starting to rise by the time he had the boyon the bike, putting a helmet on his head and warning him to hold onto him tightly so he wouldn't fall.
They were at Taehyung's place only a few minutes after that. The house was a complete mess honestly, there was clothes everywhere, it was dusty, in the kitchen the food was all over the table.

Yoongi's stuff was still there as well. Taehyung had managed to pack most of it in boxes for Jimin to take,knowing he would probably need it. Taehyung only keot a few things, some pictures,a parfume and the cd with songs that Yoongi had been working on. It was sad to think that such a great man had died, and he was on his way to the distribution house, they wanted him to make a record eith them...

Jungkook looked around curiously. It was bigger that his house for sure, but it seemed just as sad.
"You live here alone?" he asked, not knowing how triggering that question might be.

Taehyung took a breath and shrugged his shoulders.
"Well no, you live here now as well" he said calmly,not wanting the fact that he was upset with the question to show.

Taehyung showed Jungkook Yoongi's bedroom, telling him he could sleep there, explaining to him where the bathroom was.
" Ive thrown away all the razor knives, alright? I dont want to see you being unhappy and bleeding in here" he said, only because he knew Yoongi would be proud of him. Oh he would be so proud.

Jungkook nodded slightly, not understamding why would a stranger care if he cut or not, but he had decided to respect that. He took a shower and went to sleep, dreaming about something for the first time in years. In his dream he saw an unknown man, he seemed like an acrual angel, white clothes, wings everything, the only thing that made him different from what he imagined the angels to be was the mint colored hair. Then the dream ended, he just saw an angel, and woke up. Obviously he had no idea what could it mean, but he never again had such a dream, nor had he seen the angel in his dreams, neither did Taehyung.

The next morning Tawhyung was the first to wake up, which Jungkook found weird since at home nobody was ever awake before him.
By the time Jungkook had gotten down to the kitchen Taehyung had already cleaned the mess in the house, there just seemed to be these boxes of Yoongi's stuff. The kitchen was clean as well apart from two plates eith pancakes on them.

"Want me to help you clean this?" he asked, pointing to the plates.

Taehyung raised an eyebrow and shook his head lightly.
"I spent like an hour making these pancakes, you better eat them" he said, giving the boy a glass of milk as well.
He then sat down by his own plate, looking at the younger one. He couldn't quite figure him out, he was pretty and sweet, seemed almost innocent with these big eyes and soft cheeks, what could cause everyone to hate him. He reminded him so much of himself when he was younger,ut was crazy, he could see himself, sitting afraid for the first time in this apartment, trying to eat more than one pancake without getting sick.
He didn't know if he wanted to remember that. He wanted to think he had always been normal and happy. But he alsp wanted to remember the fact that he wouldn't be here now if he hasn't gone through the same as Jungkook.

On the other side Jungkook was sitting quietly by his one plate, eyeing the pancakes hungrily. He only took a few bites before feeling his stomach protest. He almost never ate much more than this for the whole day, he just wasnt used to it.
Yet he didn't want to be rude so he ate more and mlre until he had goyten sick and had to run to the bathroom, throwing up everything that he had eaten.

Taehyung watched him and didn't say anything. He put the food away and prepared some painkillers for the boy to take once he was done.
"Look, kid, don't force yourself to eat more than you like,okay? Just, act nornal as if you would if you lived here alone, okay? "He said once Jungkook was out of the bathroom. He sat him down on the couch and gave him a glass of water.

Even though he was acting very cold hearted towards the kid, Taehyung really wasnt like that. He was worried in reality, he didnt want the boy to kill himself. He wanted him to get better and he wanted to help him get better,just like Yoongi helped him, but he couldn't push the fact that Yoongi had just died a few days ago and there he was teying to help somebody else with his problems instead of being sad and sorry for his best friend.

He hated himself because he didn't cry over Yoongi's death, he hated not being emotional enough. He hated the fact that he didn't evwn think about Yoongi last night and that the only thing on his mind was that kid. He hated Jungkook for showing up in his life amd actually making him feel better. He shouldnt feel better he should be sad, depressed like he was list night before he got the call from the boy.

"I'm really sorry..." Jungkook said suddenly, looking into Taehyung's eyes.
"Im terribly sorry for being such an awful guest. If you want to, you can kick me out, i dont want to-" he was in the middle of the sentence when he felt the older put a blanket over him and run a hand through his hair gently.

"Just shut up alright. You are saying bullshit, kid, watch some TV, relax, this is not like your home, you dont have to apologise for eating something. Relax, have fun. Im taking you bowling in the evening so you calm down a bit. Its really stress revealing" he promsied, not wanting the kid to feel bad. He had made the decision:

His number one task at the moment was to helo Jungkook get better, to help him love himself and to help him become happy. Yoongi would want that. And he needed to do it because of his friend.

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Five days have passed since Jungkiok had moved in with Taehyung and it has been a wild ride.
Jungkook kept getting sick after every meal, throwing most of it up right after. Taehyung kept making him eat at least something every day so he gains some weight and it seemed to be working after all.

They went out a lot. Taehyung wanted Jungkook to get a taste of the outside world. He took him bowling one evening then the other morning to the cinema and on the evening to a small house party at one of his friend's place.
Jungkook seemed to be enjoying it. He talked to people yet shily. Taehyung could swear he has heard him laugh one time.

At home they werent doing much, relaxing, watching movies,clwaning and cooking. Taehyung quit his job for now since he needed to focus on making the boy feel better. And everything was perfectly fine until the third night.
Taehyung went to sleep a bit earlier since he was quite tired from the whole day. He couldnt quite fall asleep though bwcause of all the thoughts that were going through his head. It was a luck that he wasnt sleeping. He heard Jungkook go to the kitchen, but he had assumed that the boy was just hungry, yet later he heard something being dropped down so he went to check.
He found Jungkook sitting on the floor by the counter, trying to quickly clean the blood from the floor ans hide his just as bloody wrists behind his back.

Taehyung pulled him up and right into the bathroom, cleaning the cuts and bondaging them neatly. He stayed with Jungkook theough the while night. Jungkook cried into Taehyung.

"No! No I can't stay here! Im so... Im so sorry! I never meant to makw you worry! I should leave, im sorry, Taehyung!" he said loudly,tears streaming down his pink cheels as he tried to wipe them with his hands. He had just given up at one point, leaning over to Taehyung, loosely putting his arms around him. He then slowly and shily put his face into Taehyung's shoulder, allowing himself to cry there quietly,not saying anything else.

At first Taehyung was confused. He didnt think Jungkook trusted him enough to hug him and have him hold him. But he was glad that he did. The older slowly moved his arms around the smaller body as well, just pressimg him closer.
"Sh, calm down. Its alright... Don't be sorry. Im glad you came to live with me. I like your company" he said and it was honest. He did like the boys company.
After a bit of just holding him there and lwtting him cry he moved his hand up in his hair, gently playing with it in order to calm him down.

That night they both fell asleep like that, all cuddled up and with the younger one crying. The next morning was quite awkward because of that. None of them knew what to say as everything seemed wrong.
Jungkook had just apologised one more time, giving Taehyung a very quick hug before going to play some games, something that Taehyung noticed that Jungkook liked.

Later that day Taehyung took Jungkook shopping. The boy protested the whole way to the mall and even once they were there, but Taehyung could see how he looked at some of the stuff there. They got a few pair of jeans and sweats,some shirts,two hoodies, a pair of sneakers and a pair of timberlands which Jungkook wanted for so long.
He was very happy that day but he felt guilty because Taehyung was spending all that money just on him. He knew that the older had problems as wall, he knew about Yoongi, at least he knew that him and Taehyung used to be friends and that Yoongi had recently died. It was a sad story honestly, and Jungkook felt as if he were disturbing and bothering Taehyung most of the times.

The next day Jungkook decided to try and pay Taehyung back for all the things the older had done for him.
It was right after dinner when they would cuddle and watch a movie, it became almost a routune.
Jungkook did seem visibly nervous that night, but Taehyung didnt yet know why, he just reached slowly for his hand under the blanket so he could hold it and keep him calm.
Jungkook took a really deep breath before slowly sliding into Taehyung's lap. He grinded his hips onto the man's crotch, keeping his head low as he was quite embarassed.

Taehyung reacted immidiately. He pushed him off and stood up.
"What the fuck are you doing Jungkook?!" he asked with a panicked look on his face, which seemed to scare Jungkook

"I was just... I... Im sorry! Im really sorry its... Its um... I wanted to help. To pay you back because you... Are being so nice to me and I cant give you anything so... I was thinking you would like to at least use me for sex then"he said with his blush growing darker red and his head sinking lower

Taehyung stood there as he gently bit his lower lip, shaking his head lightly.
"I would... Never ask for something like that from you. Im doing this because I want to,okay. Were you um.... Ever made that kind of stuff at home?" he asked, growing even more worried for the boy now.

Jungkook looked into his eyes for a moment, obviously embarassed and feeling bad about what he had done.
"Sometimes. It brought my dad money I made videos on the internet, some men would come over and we would gilm togatger but usually not. It only happened like fifteen times, i dont think we made more videos than that" he said, not realising how bad that all already was.

Taehyung didn't even listen to everything he had to say. He moved closer and hugged him. He held him by his body, kiaaimg at his forehead once to show him he really cared for him and for how he felt.
"Look I... Im sorry. If I knew... Jungkook you need to sue him, okay? Thats horrible people like that should be in prison" he said, yet he was only repeating the words he once heard being said to himself. By Yoongi of course. Oh hoe he needed Yoongi right now, to help Jungkook just like he helped him.

Jungkook was confused. Very confused. Nobody ever took care of him this way. Never in his life. And Taehyung was just being kind...for no reason. It made no sense. But it gave him hope...and maybe, but just maybe he liked that.
Maybe he wanted to be loved, maybe that's just what he needed. He wanted to have somebody finally take care of him.
It almsot sounded impossible... But he felt as if Taehyung could really be the one to give him back his hope.

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What is love? Is it when somebody had deep feelings for you? Is it when you feel the butterflies in your stomach when you are about to see somebody? Do only people love?
Can a person love something other than another person.

Jungkook was almost certain that he loved drawing. The feeling of a picture from his mind forming on a simple blank piece of paper was something he enjoyed a real lot. That has always been his safe space. Whenever he would drae his mind would quit being a mess, he would be happy and he would only think about which was the best way to draw something.

Taehyung realised that later. One day he left some notes and a pan on the table and by the time he was back from the store Jungkook was already there, having half of something drawn all over the notes. And it was adorable. Jungkook didnt even seem to notice him when he sat next to him by the table, yet what made Taehyung just a little bit sad was how Jungkook flimched away when he reached out to pat his back. He immidiately apologizes for disturbung him. And he let him be for a few more hours.

Jungkook then came proudly over to Taehyung, holding his drawing behind his back with a really wide grin on his face.
Taehyung looked at the boy from head to toe. It was so sad honestly. He was so skinny that it was unhealthy, he had scars over his arms and legs which were quite visible,he had bondages on his wrists and his eyes looked plump from years of crying. Yet he managed to look so childish and innocent. The smile made it so much better. It was such an hinest smile. Jungkook was visibly happy at that moment and for the first time ever Taehyung felt something ratger different. As if his heart was racing a tiny bit faster. There was a strange feeling in his stomach as well...but he would never accept it. No. He couldn't just move on over Yoongi like that and be happy, he would feel guilty. He felt guilty to be happy without his friend...and he could never let himself fall in love so soon after his friend's death... He couldn't... Yet maybe he was already in love.

"Yes of course, Jungkook, let me see" he said once he noticed how long had he been thinking and staring at the figyre in front of him. He tapped the couch beside him for him to sit down.

Jungkook hopped closer and showed him a drawing. It was beautiful. It was amazing honestly consudering there were still notes under it and it was drawn with a pen. It took Taehyung a few moments to realise-

"Is... Is this me?" he asked with a small smile showing up on his face as Jungkook nodded his head. The small smile soon turned intoa wide grin. He put the drawing down and gave Jungkook an awkward hug.
"Thank you, Kookie. I love it a lot!"

Jungkook hugged him back really tightly, putting his whole body over Taehyung, holding onto him with a really wide bunny smile still on his face.
"You are so beautiful... So I though drawing you would be fun" he said, soon realising he didnt just say it in his head. So a blush spread over his cheeks and he backed away.

Taehyung frowned his eyebrows and smiled lightly.
" are beautiful too, Jungkook" he said to the boy, gently reaching out to cup his cheek. He bit the inside of his cheek.

Jungkook on the other side just kept blushing as he shook his head slightly.
"Me? Oh no, no... I'm really not. You are very beautiful. Im just... Jungkook " he said, with a small sad smile over his face.

Taehyung shook his head as well, putting both hands on the boys cheeks and making him look in his eyes.
"No. Look at me. Look at me... You are very beautiful. Honestly you could probably be a model if you weren't so ... Br... Broken?" he said, and he hated saying that.
"But I will fix you, Kookie,okay?" he asked him, pulling him a tiny bit closer.

"Yeah? Um... If you can that would be nice? You can fix my heart? And make it... Better? I want to love someone and I want somebody to love me? Can you make that happen? I want to be able to love but my heart seems to not want that" Jungkook said, sounding almost like a child as he looked eight into Taehyung's eyes wuth his own huge ones.

The older one of them nodded his head lightly as a small smile showed up on his face.
"Of course. Here... " he said, gently putting a hand over Jungkooks chest and pretending to do something. After a few seconds he smiled wider and looked at Jungkooks eyes
"Fixed! Now you can love and be loved" he said, tilting his head to the side.

"Can I love you?" he asked after he stopped laughing because of the way Taehyung knew how to make him feel better.

"Me?!" Taehyung asked, hus face changing back to serious
"Uh... Yes. Yes you can love me... And I will um... Love you I guess...but no kissing and stuff... We can hug,okay,we can cuddle but kissing. Maybe we grow into it maybe not. For now we are... Friends in love" he said with a small smile. He didnt love Jungkook ...well not yet but he sure did like him. And he mught be able to live him as well one day.

Jungkook's eyes became so many tinws brughter than they were. He jumped on Taehyung and placed a large and loud kiss on his cheek.
"Thank you! Thank you so much!" he yelled loudly.

Taehyung almost fell backwards at the force of the hug.
"Oh god Jungkook." he said before he started laughing lightly
"You are adorable"

"Tae?" Jungkook asked after a little while of just hugging and cuddling.
"Do we have to have sex?" he asked with another blush.

"No, Jungkook!" he said seriously,feeling sad because of what Jungkook just said.
"No... First kissing then sex alright? We dont have to have sex ever" he said with a small nod. Jungkook was satisfied with this. He leanes onto Taehyung and kissed at his cheek again thankfully. They fell asleep like that, togatger on the couch with the drawing long forgotten on the table. Taehyung had his arms strongly around the smaller body.

After a few hours there was a loud knock on the door which woke Taehyung up. He went to get it only to see a strange man standing there.

"Hello? Im here to get Jeon Jungkook... "He said, looking straight into Taehyungs eyes. Taehyung frowned and raised an eyebrow.

"And who are you?" he asked, tilting his head to the side.

"His father. Jeon Black" he said, Taehyung's eyes widening at that. He nodded his head slightly.

"Just a moment" he said, sighing lightly and closing the door. He looked back over to Jungkook.
"Kook...kook...your father is here... Why the...why didn't you tell me your dad was...a fucking mafia boss?"

Chapter Text

"He... It ... I dont know, Taehyung. I couldnt just say it... " he said as he looked to the door.
"Is he there?" he asked with fear filling his wide innocent eyes. Even tears started to form in them and the sight of that made Taehyung feel sick.
Such an innocent and beautiful person should never look so scared. It was so heartbreaking to watch him like that.

"He is... You need to go." he said a she lead him to the bedroom, opening the window.
"Climb out and run into that house over there"he pointed across the street.
"Say Taehyung sent you and you sho-" he was cut mid sentence when there was a very loud knock on the door that followed with something even louder. Before he knew the whole door was down on the floor broken and Jungkook father's footsteps could be heard in the house.

Thwy both stood frozen in place as neither knew what was the right thing to do. Taehyung did try moving but it was too late. Sonner than he could have expected it the boys father was standing right in front of him, hand out in front of himself.
"Jungkook" he just said.

Jungkook visibly cringed at that. He couldnt move. His body wasnt listening to him. He stood there and shook his head lightky as huge tears ran down his soft cheeks,making them red and wet.
"Please" he said almost inaudibly.

"Jungkook come right here I swear I am going to kill you, you fucking slut! Where the fuck were you even? " he asked, siddenly starting to yell. That made Taehyung move. He made a step forward, having Jungkook right behind himself.
"Hey what the fuck!? Dont ever talk to him like that, alright? I dont care who the fuck are you, you have no right to behave like that towards your own sun. He is a human being with fucking feelings. Leave him be"

That was such a wrong idea. Soon Taehyung was pushed forcefully to the side, kicked once into the ribs and then before he knew he had a gun pointed to his head.
Jungkooks father smirked at him and raised an eyebrow.

"Is this your boyfriend, Jungkookie... Hm... Its easy then. You come with me and I will let him be...but if you dont... I can pull this trigger" he promised, winking at the younger boy.