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The World Of Blaine Anderson(Hummel)

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Shane woke at 7AM in the morning by his alarm. He was confused by a second but then remember he and the 'squad' were flying out to New York today.  "Ryland, are you awake?" Shane asked as he rolled over to his boyfriend. "Hmm, yes. I'm gonna shower." He answered. "Okay, be quick." As Ryland hopped in the shower Shane got a text message from Garrett.


From Garrett:

gm, just woke up, gonna get ready, pick up Andrew and we will be there 8;30 ish. what time are we supposed to be at the airport again?

From  Shane:

hey, sounds good. we are leaving my house at 9;15 and are checking in at 9;45.

From Garrett:


Shane got out of his bed and stretched a bit. He stood up, put on some old clothes and went downstairs.

He grabbed his camera to film the start of his day. Shane put his hand through his hair to fix it and pushed the record button. 


"Hey what's up you guys! Today is.. Very exciting but also a bit nerve wracking? As you may have read in the title, I'm going to switch lives with the one and only Blaine Anderson. The gayest person on YouTube right now." 

Shane let out a laugh and looked away.

"I've known Blaine for a pretty long time now, hes been on youtube since he was like nineteen, so that's almost seven years now. The last time I switched lives with someone, I wasn't that nervous because Trish is one of my best friends and with Jeffree I kinda knew what to expect. But with Blaine.. I don't know what his personal life is like.. At all! He and I have met up and talked lots of time when he visited LA or through social media but I barely know anything about how he spends most of his days." 

He walked over to his couch and sat down. 

"So Blaine, as I said, has been on YouTube a pretty long time now. He has five million subscribers and doesn't show off his personal stuff that much? Like I wanna find out what that is all about. I mean he revealed his boyfriend after like four years he's been on youtube. Me and millions of other people know how charming and nice he is, but I feel like there is so much more to him. Of course we also know about some scandals that have happened, like his sex tape leaking and the bar fight.. So that's what we're gonna find out in this series."

Shane moved and changed into a more comfortable postion.

"Garrett texted a few minutes ago saying he will be here in half an hour with Andrew. Ryland is showering right now and in a few hours we will be leaving for New York!!"

He flashes a big grin to the camera and continued speaking. "Guys I'm so excited for this series because Blaine is one of the most genuine and nicest YouTubers I have ever met and I can't wait to get to know him better." Shane smiled again, put his hand on the lens and turned it off. 

* * *

As Shane and Ryland were getting ready, there was knocking at the front door. "I'll get it." Ryland exclaimed. "Hey everyone!" Garretts voice called as he walked in with Andrew. "Good morning guys."

Shane grabbed his camera again and started filming again. "Guys, Andrew and Garrett just arrived, the taxi is on it's way and then we're finally leaving!" He said. Andrew grabbed the camera from Shane's hands and started filming the other boys. "Are you gonna tell us what we're gonna do? Because the only thing you said was 'hey the squad's going to New York for a week, grab a lot of clothes.' and I was like 'Oh my god I love New York even though I've never been, I heard the food is amazing.'" Garrett spoke up and was rambling excitingly. Andrew laughed out loud behind the camera while Shane was staring at him, looking annoyed. 

"I'm going to ignore.. All of that." Shane stated. Ryland spoke up, "Wait no, Shane, you have to tell us why we're going. I'm not going to randomly step on a plane."

"We've done that bunch of times."

"I don't care, tell us!' 

The camera zoomed in on Shane his face as he started talking. "Okay.. I'm sure you're all gone love this.. We are going to New York because.. I'm switching lives with another YouTuber!" Everyone was getting excited. "Oh my god who is it?" Garrett asked. "Is it Casey Neistant? You know I love him and his suits. Oh my god maybe he will let me wear one. Or we can go costuming my own one! Bitch I want diamonds and everything on it" Ryland squealed. Shane put his hands on his temples while Andrew was laughing loudly. 

"You guys make me so tired. It's not fucking Casey, you're not getting a suit." Shane told them. "Okay then who?"

Shane smiled. "Blaine Anderson!"

Garrett gasped. "Oh my god he is so adorable! Did you know he is like 5 ft 8?" "Yes so that will make us even look like more of a giant then we already are when we stand next to him." Shane said and they both laughed. "No, but everyone on this platform knows how nice he is, he literally has never had beef with anyone his whole career. And thats saying something, cus he has been popular for a very long time." he explained. "True, he is genuinely such a good guy." Ryland agreed.

"See the thing is, I think he doesn't show everything he is. Like I just said he never had beef with anyone on youtube but what about outside of it? We all know about the bar fight scandal. I wanna find out how the people in his personal see him and how different it is from how he is." Shane explained. "Yeah I see what you mean but I don't think  he is very different, I think it's kinda the same thing we saw with Jeffree. He is being himself and everything but is hiding a lot." Ryland said back. 

"Well, that's what we're gonna find out this week.."

* * *

The squad arrived at the airport and Andrew started filming again. "Okay we are kinda late. We're going through security now and the plane leaves in like.. thirty minutes." Shane said to the camera. 

fifteen minutes later they were almost done going through security. "Oh my god did you bring the doll?" Andrew noticed as he was filming Garrett. "Of course I did! Benjamin went to Texas with us, he will enjoy New York even more!" Garrett gave the camera a goofy smile. Shane appeared behind them. "I'm gonna fucking kill you with that thing."

"Hey! Leave us alone." 

"Nice creepy baby.." A stranger said.

"Thank you ma'am! See Shane!" 

Shane just let out a sigh. "Come on, lets find our gate."

* * *

All of them found their seats on the plane as they got on. "Andrew can you start rolling?" Shane asked and started talking when the camera was on. "So we're finally on the plane now. Our flight is five and a half hours. And you guys know how much I hate flying so this is gonna suck!" He snorted.

Three hours later, Shane realized something. "Shit!" he said loudly, a few people in the plane looked up. Garrett and Andrew looked behind to see what was going on. "What's up?" Ryland asked his boyfriend. Shane put his hands on his face. "I did something really stupid." 

The three boys were still staring at him. "I forgot to book a hotel.." he mumbled. "Shane! How? What are we gonna do now?" Garrett moaned.  "Well we don't have any service or wifi here right now. We will just call around when we land." Ryland spoke. "Yeah that will work." Andrew agreed. 

* * *

"We finally fucking landed, holy shit I hate flying." Shane was talking to the camera. "Hey are we gonna go straight to Blaine's house or?" Andrew asked. Shane was thinking for a minute. "Well I think we should, we're already an hour late since the flight was delayed. I will just text him we're coming straight from the airport so we have some luggage."

They all got their suitcases and/or bags and started looking for a free taxi. When they found one the driver helped them with their luggage.

Shane looked into the camera lens. "We will be at Blaine's house in like thirty minutes and I'm kinda nervous? I have no idea what the expect since the only times I have seen him was in LA." "I think it will be super clean, big and decorative." Garrett smiled. "So his house is basically a gay mansion?" Ryland chimed in. "What? No! We have 2 and half gays here and we're all disgusting and small! Well not small but you know.." 

* * *

The car stopped in front of a gate with a big brick house behind it. Andrew started filming it. "Wow Garrett was right. It's huge." Ryland said.

The four boys grabbed all their stuff and went to the gate. "Okay.. I'm gonna buzz it." Shane said.

He walked towards the buzzer and pressed it for a few seconds.

They waited.

"Hello?" a voice came through. Shane looked at the others. "Hey it's Shane!" The gate opened. They started walking towards the front door and saw it being opened by someone.