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The Fatemaker

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'Please,' I think, tears running down my face in rivers. 'Please, if someone, anyone, can hear me, please, let me die.'

'Oh ho? What's this?'

She stared down at the words in front of her, ignoring how her Helpers tried to get her attention so she could sign someone off. After all, this was far more interesting then some random chucklefuck needing a sendoff.

'I just can't take it anymore! Everything hurts and I want it to end!'

A Fatebreaker, giving up? It was something she had not seen in a long time, and it made her long forgotten curiosity rise to the surface, right alongside her sadistic side.

She picked up her quill, the golden feather gleaming in the candlelight as she moved it across the page of the emerald book in her hands.

All of a sudden, a voice sounds in my head.

"Why do you wish to die, Little Fatebreaker?"

I jump, my green hair bouncing with the movement as I look around frantically in search of the voice.

"W-Who's there!?" I yell out, trying to sound brave despite the shaking in my voice.

She chuckled at the words being written in front of her, finding her favourite writing chair and sitting down in it gracefully, letting her faithful Familiar jump onto her lap before continuing the Story, the golden quill scratching the paper.

"I have many names, Little Fatebreaker. Some call me the Librarian, others the Historian, and yet none are correct. So tell me, why do you wish to die?"

I hesitate, weary of the mysterious voice that sounds both kind, commanding and slightly sadistic, before deciding I don't really care. "I'm Quirkless. I'm useless, pathetic, weak and worthless. At least, that's what everyone tells me and I can't take it anymore! My best friend is my worst bully and I just want it all to stop!" I know I'm crying, but I don't care, the pain coming from my newest Kacchan-induced injuries too much for me to focus on anything else.

She hummed thoughtfully, going a few chapters back in the Story in her lap, finding what she was looking for all too soon. At least, it would have been too soon had she been anyone else, but the short time only made her more curious. It wasn't often someone so young wished to die, after all.

"And what of your mother, Little Fatebreaker? Will she not be crushed to find her son dead?"

I wince, an unsure look taking my face but quickly disappearing, making way to indifference. "She'll be better off without having a Quirkless failure like me dragging her down," I mumble, tears appearing again at the painful but true words.

She stared down at the words for a bit before a smirk slowly took her lips and she chuckled again, making her Helpers look at her curiously, wondering what had their Mistress in such a good mood. Normally she was just bored to tears.

"Is that so? Well in that case, I think I can help you," I blink in confusion, not understanding what the voice was saying, but I can feel hope swell in my chest either way. "I can make the pain go away, make you disappear, all without hurting your mother."

"Promise?" I whisper hopefully.

"I promise, Little Fatebreaker."

"Okay. Please help me, Librarian-san."

A wide grin spread across her face as the Story in her lap started glowing brightly, lifting into the air and the Little Fatebreaker, no more than ten years old from what she could see, appeared in the middle of the room.

The green haired boy looked around in wonder and fear, clearly intimidated by the vastness of the Library. He himself was sitting right in the middle of a circle of bookshelves that went up and up and seemed to never end, the many shelves filled to the brim with book of all colours and sizes.

"Hello, Little Fatebreaker," she greeted him, making the child's head snap around to stare at her from her place in her deep red reading chair, gold rimmed, rectangular glasses preached on her nose and doing nothing to hide her scheming amber eyes, her straight grey hair falling to her waist effortlessly as she stroked her purple Familiar, who was staring down the child with a bored gaze. "Welcome to the Library, the place where Stories are started and ended equally."

The child waved shyly, eyes landing on one of the Helpers and growing large as he took in the small Fey, no doubt surprised. It wasn't often one saw a small, blue-skinned human with pointed ear and transparent wings.

She chuckled, drawing the Little Fatebreaker's eyes again and beckoning him over. "Come closer, Little Fatebreaker. I wish to see you."

The boy slowly got up on unsteady legs, stumbling towards her with weary eyes.

She chuckled again, reaching out and grabbing the child's chin once he was close enough, forcing him to look into her old eyes.

"So this is you," she mumbled, turning his head this way and that to look at him fully, small smirk dancing on her lips as the child began to frown. She let go, leaning back in her chair and looking at the child through half lidded eyes. "Such a shame, that one so young wishes to no longer be apart of the world." she felt her Familiar huff softly, smirking when he jumped off her lap to circle the boy, growing from a cub to an adult in seconds as he did so. The boy squeaked at large feline, running up to cling to her leg when it tried to sniff him.

"What's the matter Little Fatebreaker?" she asked, smirk in her voice and lips as the boy looked up at her again, flinching slightly when he met her eyes. "Scared of him are we?"

The boy took a breath and let go of her leg, looking up at her wearily.

"You told me you could help me," he mumbled, accusation in his eyes. "So help me."

She hummed, narrowing her eyes at the child but nodded, gesturing for Caspian to return to her side. As the feline moved to sit next to her chair, she leaned forward to be eye level with the freckled child again.

"So I did," she murmured softly, watching the child shiver in fear with sadistic delight. "I can lock away your very existence, remove all memory of you from the minds of everyone you've ever met, from any and all papers and computers, and from every picture and drawing. It will be like you never existed, like you were never born." she leaned back, staring down the child with a cruel smirk that made him shiver again. "However, it is not so simple. You are important to the development of this world, for better or for worse, so simply removing you from existence is out of the question."

She grabbed the floating Story out of the air, drawing the child's gaze to it. Her smirk widened. "If you wish to disappear, Little Fatebreaker, someone will have to take your place. Someone will have to step up and take the role you no longer can," her amber gaze bored into the green one of the boy in front of her. "I can be that someone. Being in this Library for as long as I have can get so very dull and I long for something different. I will take your place as I lock you away, but only if you let me." the child bowed his head in thought and she let her words sink in, let the child absorb and debate for what could have been seconds, maybe hours, maybe years, before he finally looked up again and made her smirk.

"What will it be, Midoriya Izuku? Will you give me the Key to lock you away or will you go back and be the one the world needs?"

The boy stared up at her with a haunted gaze, his tiny hands balling into fists. "If I say yes," he began, eyes dull. "Can you make it so that Kacchan will remember me?"

She smirked at the child's cruel thoughts. "But of course," she purred, poisoned honey dripping from her lips, eyes gleaming with an unholy light as the Fatebreaker in front of her opened his mouth to say the words that would be his undoing.

"Then do it," he breathed, making her smirk widen to a grin as his Story glowed. "Lock me away, erase me, do whatever you have to do. Just don't make me go back there."

She threw her head back and laughed. She laughed and laughed as a golden key came out of the child's chest and floated towards her, stopping well within her reach. She grinned again as she grabbed the key and the Story, holding the closed book in front of her with one hand, the other holding the key a little above the middle of it.

"Farewell, Midoriya Izuku," she intoned, watching the child give her a peaceful smile with undisguised glee. "For this is where your Story ends." and with those finally words, she turned the key, making black chain sprout from the air and wove themeslves around the emerald book, a golden padlock materialising in the middle to lock the chains together.

The child closed his eyes and faded away, peaceful smile still painting his lips.

She looked at the spot the Fatebreaker had been in for a bit before chuckling and waving her hands dismissively, making the Fey fly away to fulfill the task they knew she wanted them to do.

"It would seem I am finally joining the mortals Caspian," she murmured to her trusted Familiar, glancing at him with a smirk. "I don't suppose you want to come with me?"

The 'Do you even have to ask?' look Caspian shot her had her laughing loudly again, a blank book appearing in her hands as her laugh turned into chuckles.

"Then I suppose I have to give you a Story."

And as she wrote, Caspian at her feet and her Fey flying about, a dark smirk appeared on her lips.

Kacchan. What an adorable nickname.

Meanwhile, in the world of mortals, things started changing.

A mother's memories of having a Quirkless son were replaced with having a daughter so powerful she had to learn sign language.

("That's it Sayomi, you're doing great! My little girl's so smart.")

A school lost a male student and gained a female one, the memories of bullying the Quirkless kid replaced with hiding from the forever cheerful mute weirdo.

("She's weird." "Why doesn't she talk?" "I've heard it's because of her Quirk." "Really? What is it?" "Don't know, that's just what I've heard.")

A couple gained a ten year old son with fluffy purple hair and violet eyes who smirked instead of smiled.

("Mother?" "Yes Hitoshi?" "Can we get a cat?")

Another school learned to fear the purple headed boy with a brainwashing Quirk and weird eyes.

("Stay away from him! He'll brainwash you!" "What do you mean?" "It's his Quirk! He can brainwash you if you talk to him." "That's a villain's Quirk!" "I know! And he want's to be a hero!" "A hero!? With a Quirk like that? What a joke!")

And a husband and wife with an explosive son suddenly started remembering a cute little girl instead of a cute little boy, while their son's memories remained the same.

("Hey brat, how's Sayo-chan doing?" "What the fuck are you talking about old hag!?" "Shut up you stupid brat!")

And as the Wheels of Fate shifted and turned, the Fatemaker laughed inside her Library, eyes gleaming with madness and lips spread in an insane grin.