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Emotional Constipation

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Yoongi tripped over a crack in the sidewalk and stumbled for a few steps. Chanyeol, who was holding his wrist and basically dragging him along, didn’t even slow down. Yoongi would have started up his complaining (again) if Chanyeol didn’t choose that moment to look back at him and flash his signature 1000 watt smile. Dazed, Yoongi forgot whatever biting comment he was about to make and nearly stumbled again. Then he snapped out of it and shook his head to clear whatever dumb Chanyeol-inspired emotions he seemed to be having.

Yoongi had been minding his own business, following his daily routine – trying not to sleep through classes and avoiding Park Chanyeol – when the pink-haired giant popped up out of nowhere. Next thing he knew, he was being frog-marched off campus and onto the street. Now he was being reluctantly tugged along by Chanyeol-hyung by Chanyeol the Menace to some mystery location.

All he’d been told so far was “You’re coming with me”, “You owe me”, and “Be good”.

Sure, those could all be innocent sentences, but they could also be threats.

After all, Chanyeol had caught Yoongi calling him an untalented klutz, among other things. And as if getting caught insulting Chanyeol wasn’t embarrassing enough, Yoongi had also gone and got caught complimenting Chanyeol’s hotness a few sentences later.

All in all, Yoongi had been having a rough few weeks, and it was all Chanyeol’s fault. The last time he’d complained about this out loud, Jungkook had rolled his eyes and muttered something ridiculous like “It’s hyung’s own fault that he can’t admit he’s got the hots for Chany-“ but the maknae had been unable to finish his sentence with Yoongi’s sock suddenly being shoved in his mouth.

Suddenly, the giant bully had hauled him into a dingy-looking building and up a set of narrow stairs. The lights in the stairwell ranged from dim to non-existent, and the lighting in the hallway he dragged into was not much better.

They came to a halt in front of a non-descript door painted hospital-green, and the pink-haired senior finally let go of Yoongi’s wrist to fumble around in his backpack for something.

Further down the corridor, one of the few remaining fluorescent lights flickered and turned off.

Something dripped from the ceiling in that corner, and Yoongi quickly realised that there were no windows in this hallway, not even for an emergency exit.

So he wouldn’t be executing a daring escape from a 2nd floor balcony. Damn. Worried that this was about to turn into a scene that ended with his dried skin stretched over someone’s desk lamp, he began to shuffle back towards the stairwell in what he hoped was a stealthy manner.


Chanyeol’s yell made him jump about a foot in the air, but Yoongi quickly realised that it was only because the senior had finally found whatever he was rummaging for in his backpack. Pulling out a Tony Tony Chopper key holder with an alarming number of keys on it, the guitarist smiled widely and brandished them proudly at Yoongi. That was when Chanyeol noticed that the boy was farther away from the door than he’d left him.

Narrowing his eyes, tutting, and wagging a finger, he grabbed hold of Yoongi and shoved him into the dark, tiny, entryway he'd managed to unlock in the blink of an eye. Behind him, the shorter male heard the door get firmly shut.

Yoongi began, “Look, please don’t kidnap me, ok? I’m sorry that I called you uncoordinated but it’s only because you actually are uncoordinated. And I’m sorry I said you looked hot in pink hair-“

His apology was cut off by Chanyeol walking into the room ahead and turning on the lights to reveal the coolest, most drool-worthy home-recording studio that Yoongi had ever seen. Chanyeol turned a little in the doorway, and raised an eyebrow at him, the universal body language for, ‘Are you coming in or what?’

Realising that he was standing in the entryway with his shoes still on and gaping like an idiot, Yoongi quickly tossed off his Vans and barrelled past Chanyeol. He could barely believe what he was seeing. Who could have guessed that this dingy apartment building filled with leaky hallways and one-room studios could have housed Nirvana itself?

Right there on the desk was the Midiplus AKM320 that he’d been drooling over all year, but had been too broke to buy. And in the corner he could see the Apogee Duet interface he’d been trying to convince his dad to get him for his birthday for 3 years. Fingers trembling, he reached out to touch it before he remembered that none of this was his, and that he had been in the middle of a possible kidnapping. Yoongi whirled around and tried to glare at Chanyeol as if he hadn’t been 2 seconds from drooling all over the senior’s equipment.

Instead of being cowed like everyone else would have been by the look in Yoongi’s eyes, Chanyeol had an infuriating smile on as he leaned against the doorway. He opened his mouth, and Yoongi braced himself for a comment like ‘ You like?’ or ‘You’re drooling’, or even an unimaginative ‘My stuff is cooler than your stuff’.

Instead, Chanyeol said something much, much worse.

With his gleeful smile growing wider than Yoongi thought was possible, Chanyeol raised his eyebrow even further and said, “Did you just say something about me being hot in pink hair?”

Yoongi cursed, looked around, and realised that there were no windows he could use to escape from in this room either.