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Always Worth the Fight

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(Hysteria Isle; August 25, 2016, 12:00 pm)

“Wait, we’re moving?” Katja Grimborn asked looking at her parents, Viggo Grimborn, a Private Investor for the Archipelago, and Kelda Grimborn, a zoo veterinarian.

“Yes, to Archi Isle,” Viggo said, “Your mother was offered a new position as the new Head Veterinarian at the Archi Isle Zoo, and it was too big not to pass off.”

Katja bit her lip. She was happy for her mother with the new job offer. Her mother was an amazing veterinarian, she was able to solve some cases that no other doctor had been able to. She’d always wanted to do something greater, but it was hard with Hysteria being such a small island.

But moving meant leaving behind her best friend, Stephani.

“I know it’s not something you want to hear, but we do have to move to Archi Isle for me to take the job,” Kelda said. “But, if you want to say, we could make it work and have Brendan come back, but that would make him have to leave the team,”

Katja thought about it. As much as she’d like to stay and finish, she also didn’t. Her Uncle Brendan was a professional soccer player for the Archi Vikings, and playoffs were coming up. She didn’t want to make him come home for her, and she knew he would.

Katja also thought about the upcoming school year. She would be entering her sophomore year. It was summer, so she didn’t have to worry about being behind.

“No, I’ll go,” Katja said.

“What school will we be attending?”  she asked also including her brother.

“You’ll be starting tenth grade at the Archi Academy, same as your brother but him in Senior year,” Viggo said.

Katja nodded. Since it was summer, she didn’t have to worry too much about missing anything. But, being that summer was ending in about two weeks, packing was going to be rushed. She also had to deal with her boyfriend. She didn’t want to do long-distance. Something about it didn’t suit her.

I just must figure out how to break it to Dane. And that I don’t want to do long-distance...

. . .

(Jordan Family Apartment, Hysteria Apartment Complex; August 29, 2016, 2:30 pm)

“What?!” Dane growled.

“I’m sorry, Dane. It’s just better this way, but I hope we can still be friends,” Katja said as she got up and prepared to leave the apartment. However, Dane reached out and grabbed her wrist, yanking her back towards him; then slamming her against the wall, slightly dazing her.

“You aren’t going anywhere,” Dane growled, throwing her on his bed and grabbed her wrists.

Immediately, Dane began to pull her clothing off, not caring about them either and ignoring Katja’s cries to stop. Within minutes she was bare, her shirt, shorts, and underwear were torn and tossed to the side. Katja let out a scream hoping someone might hear her. Unfortunately, no one did. Dane annoyed by her screaming, stuffed her mouth with a sock (thank god it was clean). She tried to fight back, but Dane held her wrists tightly almost to the point it was hurting. She cried as she saw Dane grabbed something else and tied her wrists together preventing her from moving them.

“Don’t even think about it,” Dane growled, “If you can’t be mine, you’ll be no one’s!”

Katja tried to scoot back on the bed, but Dane grabbed her ankles pulling her back to him. Holding her wrists down, Dane used his free hand to remove his belt, unbutton and unzip his pants then pushed them down past his ankles. Katja’s eyes widen knowing what was about to happen. She began to cry and let out muffled sounds. She tried to keep her legs together, but Dane was easily able to use his knees to push her legs apart then get closer before slamming his hardened length inside her core.

Katja’s eyes went wide, and she let out a muffled scream. More tears came streaming down her face as the pain continued and Dane just kept going harder and faster. She tried to fight back, but she didn’t stand much of a chance. Dane was older and stronger than she was, he was on the wrestling team at the high school. Dane got annoyed real fast with Katja’s fidgeting.

After about two minutes, he had enough. He quickly pulled out and flipped her over, her tied wrists on her back and slammed into her. Katja let out another muffled scream as he went harder and faster. She couldn’t see, but Dane was giving smirks as he slammed into her, her walls tightening around his length.

Katja shut her eyes to try to forget about what was happening. Dane slammed into her, causing her eyes to open as the pain went through her body. Dane kept pounding into her, causing Katja to continue to cry and beg for him to stop, but to no avail. “Yeah, you like that don't you?” He grunted as he went harder and deeper inside her, causing Katja to let out more muffled screams and continue to cry out.

After a few minutes, Katja felt him stop but didn’t pull out. She thought it was the end, but then she felt something touching her rear. She tried to turn but couldn’t; Katja managed to turn her head slightly to see where Dane’s hand was, she started to squirm, cry, and shake her head, but like with everything else, he didn’t stop. As soon as his fingers went in, Katja let out another muffled scream. Her scream continued when she felt him finger her and slam into her at the same time.

Katja just wanted it to be over, even being that it had only been about ten to fifteen minutes; it felt like hours of nothing but searing pain. Katja noticed that Dane was panting and grunting as he gripped her hip harder while slamming into her core fast and deep. Dane let out a pleasured growl as he rammed in once more and came. Katja closed her eyes tightly, tears still streaming from her eyes as she felt Dane's length twitching within in while he released. Afterward, Dane chuckled a bit and leaned over to kiss her cheek.

"Always mine, Katja..." Dane whispered in her ear before withdrawing his length fast, ignoring the fact it caused Katja pain. Dane got off the bed as Katja's body gave out and she hit the bed and was able to see Dane clean off with a towel; then pull his pants back up. "I told you that you were mine forever, bitch. I don't care where you go, but you'll always belong to me, babe," then Dane picked up her phone, throwing it against the wall and smashing it under his foot, rendering the device completely inoperable. Dane blew Katja a kiss, then walked out of the apartment leaving her naked and still tied on the bed.

About five minutes after the door slammed, Katja struggled to pull the gag out of her mouth. It took a bit, but she was able to get it out. She then managed to get her arms around and use her teeth to untie her wrists. She then tried to make her way to find a phone. She needed to get out of here, now. It took her almost ten minutes just to find a phone. Once she did, she called the first number she thought of: her half-brother. Her brother answered on the second ring, “Hello?”


. . .

(Grimborn Household; August 29, 2016, 2:50 pm)

With the family moving to Berk Isle at the end of the month, packing has been rushed. The family was able to get some furniture sent to the new Berk house already. Viggo and Kelda were lucky and were able to find the house in the same neighborhood where Viggo’s brother Ryker and his family were living. It just a few houses down from theirs.

Viggo and Kelda were currently on Berk moving things into the new house, leaving Brynjar and Katja alone at the house. Viggo’s older brother, Ryker, and his family were helping Kelda and Viggo move things.

About half an hour ago, Brynjar had seen his sister head off to talk with her boyfriend, his best friend. He knew about Katja breaking up with him because she didn’t want to do long-distance. Katja got most of her packing finished but didn’t want to put talking to her boyfriend off for long. He was listening to music as he finished packing when his phone rang. He didn’t bother checking caller ID, which he normally would. “Hello?”


"Kat? What do you want?" Brynjar asked, putting his earbud in so he could still talk and listen to music and pack.

"C-Can you come to get me...Now..." Katja whispered.

"Thought you were spending the day with your boyfriend?" Brynjar inquired, seemingly unphased.

"J-Just come to get me...Please? I never want to see him again..." Katja whimpered. At this time, Brynjar knew something was wrong.

"What’s wrong? Did he leave you over the move?" Brynjar questioned, Dane was his best friend, surely, he didn’t leave Katja over them moving to Berk, right?

"I-I left...Him...And he raped me..."

Brynjar froze, quickly turning off his music. "What did you just say?"

Katja sobbed more. "He raped me!"

"WHAT!?!" the eldest Grimborn yelled angrily.

Katja cried some more unable to speak. Brynjar quickly calmed himself down. “I'm on my way...Is he still there?"

Katja let out a hiccup, and Brynjar could hear movement, “N-No...But I  don’t think he’ll be gone long...A-And I’m in too much pain to move...”

“It’s okay, Kat…I’m coming now,” Brynjar assured as he got up off his bed. I'm going to kill him...I swear to the Gods...I am going to fucking kill Dane... Brynjar hurried to grab his keys and get to his little sister.

. . .

To say the least, Brynjar sped to his ex-best friend’s house. He was not going to wait any longer. He did call his parents on the way, and he had to pull his phone away because of how loud his dad was yelling. Even though Katja was a daddy’s girl, both Viggo and Kelda loved their children.

He parked in the first spot he saw and ran into the Jordan family apartment. He was a little shocked to see the front door unlocked, but he shook it off to find his sister. “Katja?!” he yelled, “Where are you?”

“D-Dane’s room!” he heard Katja call weakly.

Brynjar ran up to the third floor of the apartment as fast as he could. He threw the door open and winced. After the ordeal she went through, he didn’t mean to scare her with the slamming of the door. On the bed, was Katja, wrapped in what looked like a sheet.

“Katja,” he ran over and quickly pulled her in for a hug. Immediately Katja began to cry. “Hey, shh,”

Brynjar was steaming with anger at what his now ex-best friend did. He trusted Dane!

Letting Katja cry, Brynjar gathered Katja into his arms. He needed to make sure she was ok. Looking around he found Katja’s phone but saw that it was destroyed. Nothing could be done. Sighing, he picked her up bridal style, noticing how Katja wrapped her arms around his neck and carried her outside.

Though it was hard, he was able to get the door to his SUV open and gently placed Katja in the passenger seat. Once he knew she was good, he shut the door and ran to the driver side. He then sped off for Hysteria Hospital. Not once looking back to the Jordan Apartment.

. . .

(Berk Isle; 3:00 pm)

Viggo was putting things away in his new office when his cell phone rang. He answered after seeing it was his son. But, before he could speak, he was welcomed to Brynjar talking extremely fast. All he managed was “Katja” and “Hospital”.

“Wait, Brynjar, slow down,” Viggo said walking out of his office and into the living room where Kelda was. His wife looked up when he entered.

“Who is it?” she asked, only hearing the end of Viggo’s sentence.

“Brynjar,” Viggo mouthed. “Brynjar, tell me slower what’s going on?” Viggo listened and then his expression changed, his hand tightened around his phone. “What? Repeat that slower.”

Kelda got worried when she saw her husband’s expression change. She moved closer to try to hear.

“He raped her?!”

Kelda’s eyes widen in shock, “What...” she whispered.

“YES, DAD! He raped her! I don't know the whole story, Katja called me and asked me to get her, and she told me Dane raped her. We're at the hospital; just get here!” Brynjar said before hanging up.

“How are we going to get back to Hysteria in just a short while?” Kelda asked. “Flights back are so hard to come by,”

“I don’t know, let’s head to the airport and see what we can find at least,” Viggo said.


. . .

Unfortunately, luck was not on their side. There were no opening flights back for the next couple of days.

“Wait a minute,” Kelda said as they left the help desk.

“What?” Viggo asked.

“Don’t you have some favors you could call in from people you were in the military with?” Kelda asked turning to Viggo.

Viggo’s eyes widen as he remembered. “I...Yeah, I do!” Viggo pulled his phone out and quickly dialed a number. Thankfully, the other end didn’t take long to answer. “Colden, it’s Viggo. Listen. I need a favor. It’s urgent,”

. . .

(Hysteria Hospital; 3:15 pm)

It didn’t take Brynjar long to get to the hospital. He pulled up to the Emergency Room drop off and quickly got Katja out. He didn’t care about his car right now; his sister was more important. He raced to the front desk ignoring all the looks he was getting, most likely due to how Katja was, “Please, my sister needs help.”

“She’ll have to wait her turn,” the nurse said, in a bored tone not even looking up.

Brynjar narrowed his eyes and leaned as far as he could to look at the nurse behind the desk. “Maybe you didn’t hear me…My sister was raped and needs help,”

The nurse’s eyes widen, “She’ll be taken in right away,” she quickly found another nurse, “Get Dr. Riley out here,”

The nurse quickly raced off as the one with Brynjar took them into a room. Brynjar was instructed to place Katja on the bed while she [the nurse] would get her in something else. He was asked to step outside, and Brynjar took that moment to call his parents, to see where they were.

. . .

Once Brynjar as outside, the nurse immediately got to work. Using the phone in the room, she called for the specialist that dealt with this situation and made sure to ask them to send a female down. As they waited, the nurse got Katja into a gown and out of the blanket she was wrapped up in.

That was enough time for the professional to make it down to Katja’s room.

“Oh, you poor dear. Let’s get you checked up and make sure there’s nothing to worry about,” the woman, whose name was Dr. Monica diAngelo, quickly got to work.

Dr. diAngelo was quick with her work. She went at a pace that was comfortable for Katja, but also fast enough to help her forget some things that happened. There wasn’t much physical evidence besides the nail marks on her wrists and waist. Dr. diAngelo also collected some samples of saliva and some of the residing semen. Katja had to shut her eyes to not see that, Dr. diAngelo was very caring and understanding about it.

The next tests were mostly blood tests to make sure she didn’t get anything from Dane, like HIV, Hepatitis B or C. Though, as far as Katja was aware, she knew Dane was clean. His mother made him go in for checkups all at the right time.

. . .

(Hysteria Airport; 5:30 pm)

With help from Viggo’s military friend, Major General Colden Kongur, they were able to get a flight to Hysteria Island. Unfortunately, the flight was still about two hours long. They raced out of the airport and hailed the first taxi. On the way to the hospital, Viggo called Brynjar.

“Brynjar, we’re on our way to the hospital now. Any updates?” Viggo held the phone so Kelda could hear as well.

“They did some testing and stuff. I don’t know what exactly, but I think it’s to help. The doctor came and is now exiting, I think something about letting Katja rest a bit. Not sure. Wait for a second,” Brynjar said and Viggo and Kelda could hear distant voices. “Sorry, the doctor was asking about who was here for her. How far are you and Mom?”

Kelda looked around and saw the sign for the hospital, “We’re two miles away,”

“Alright. I’ll ask if the doctor can wait for you.” Brynjar hung up right after.

. . .

Brynjar sighed, put his phone on vibrate and walked back into Katja’s room. She was fitted in a gown and was lying on the bed. She didn’t have the look in her eyes she normally did. Brynjar gritted his teeth. Dane was going to pay, big time.

Dr. Riley had to check on another patient, but she said she’d be back by the time their parents came. She wanted to be able to talk with all of them. She did tell Brynjar that the police were on the way. They were sending two female officers, but both were on patrol, so it might take a bit.

Brynjar sat next to Katja, not enough to touch her, but still close.

“Thank you for getting me,” Katja whispered ending the silence.

Brynjar looked at her, “Of course,” he sighed, “Listen. I know things have been a bit tense between us, but I want to let you know that I don’t hate you.” Katja turned her head, “I never did. I was just jealous I guess. I guess, I thought you were taking all of Dad’s attention. And, I’m sorry for getting you and Dane together. I thought he would be alright. I never expected him to do this,”

“It’s alright,” Katja whispered. She thought about telling him what Dane said, but just thinking about it made her break down. Brynjar pulled her in for a hug and just let her cry against him

“Hey,” he said after Katja’s cries subdued. “We’ll get through this, all of us. Together,”

Katja leaned against her brother. She had no words to speak.

. . .

As soon as they got to the Hospital, Kelda handed the driver money, telling him to keep the cash and the two parents raced inside. They followed the signs to where the ER was and quickly made their way.

“We’re looking for a Katja Grimborn, she was brought in about an hour ago by her brother,” Viggo said to the nurse at the desk.

The nurse typed into the keyboard, “Yes. She’s being seen by Dr. Riley. They are in Room 23B,” she handed them passes and opened the doors.

“Thanks!” Kelda cried before running through with Viggo right after her. It didn’t take them long to find the room. Once Viggo opened the door, Kelda shot through. “Katja!” she cried and raced over

“Mom...” Katja cried softly and Kelda quickly pulled her daughter.

Viggo walked over to Brynjar. He pulled his son to the side, while Kelda took care of Katja. “Do you know what happened?” he asked.

“Just what Katja told me when she called. I don’t know the rest of the story,” Viggo looked at him in confusion. “Dad, she broke down just thinking about it,”

Viggo’s eyes widen. He looked over to his wife and found his daughter crying against her. “Has the police been called?” he asked looking back at his son.

“Yeah. Dr. Riley had one of the nurse’s call. They have them on speed dial or something.” He shrugged.

Dr. Riley spoke up this time, “I have one of the female officers coming to speak with Katja.”

Viggo nodded, before making his way over to Katja. Katja pulled him in for a hug as soon as he got near.

. . .

The police didn’t take long to get there. Ten minutes max. The officers were both female, Ashley Myers and her partner Kristina Lawrence. Ashley spoke with Katja within the privacy of her room. The others were asked to go out of the room and speak with Kristina. Viggo wasn’t happy but had to listen to the police officers.

Brynjar told Officer Lawrence what he knew and from what Katja told him. He didn’t know anything else. He did mention he was going to beat the crap out of his now ex-best friend. Thankfully, Officer Lawrence didn’t say anything about that.

. . .

Katja ended up hearing what her brother said, and for the first time today, she smiled and let out a giggle.

Kelda smiled at her daughter, she too heard from Brynjar said.

Officer Myers smiled at Katja. While this sort of thing was never fun, having an older sibling ready to defend you, always was nice. Officer Myers could relate.

“I know this isn’t something you want to talk about,” Officer Myers said, sitting in one of the chairs. “But, I need to know what happened. We can file charges against the person who did it as well,”

Katja bit her lip. Part her want to press charges, but another part just wanted to forget everything. She looked up when she felt her mother’s hand on her shoulder.

“I...I,” she took a deep breath. “I went to talk to my boyfriend. He wasn’t told about the move since we just learned a few days ago too. I didn’t want to do long distance, so I was going to break up with him,” Katja explained. “I had hoped we could still be friends. But, he didn’t want it. When I was trying to leave, h-he grabbed me and slammed me against the wall, dazing me and then he raped me.” She gripped the bed sheets, “H-He...He said no matter where I would go, I-I’d always be his...” she got out as tears fell from her eyes.

Kelda gently pulled her in for a hug and Katja cried into her mother. She hated that this happen.

“I know how you feel,” Officer Myers said, “I went through something like that too. But, I really need to know how far he went as far as raping you,”

“H-He...” Katja trembled, just thinking about it hurt.

“Shh, there’s no rush. But, if you want to press charges, I need this information,” Officer Myers said.

“I-I do want to press charges against him,” Katja whispered, “H-He raped me vaginally and fingered me anally,” she whimpered hating talking about.

Kelda was seething on the inside. She couldn’t believe this. The boy that she trusted with her daughter, was her step-son’s best friend did this.

Officer Myers quickly wrote down something on her notepad. “Thank you. I know this is a terrible thing. But with all this, we can press charges against the one who did it. You mentioned your boyfriend, he was the one that did it?” Katja quickly nodded. “Can you tell me his name?”

“Dane Jordan,”

. . .

While waiting for Katja, Viggo’s phone went off, and it was his brother, Ryker, calling wondering what was happening. He had seen his brother and sister-in-law leave the house so fast he wasn’t able to ask.

Telling your brother that his niece got raped was something Viggo didn’t want to do, but he had to. Ryker was anger and claimed he was going to go after Dane, but thankfully, his wife, Hertha, was able to calm him down. Though she ended up taking over the call. Viggo explained the rest of the story, he could still hear his brother yelling in the background, to Hertha. Once he heard his niece Vera asking why her dad was going off. He didn’t know if Ryker or Hertha told her. Viggo told them he’d call again with news.

Officer Lawrence had gone into the room, leaving the men outside.

“Dad,” Brynjar said when Viggo returned from the call.


“I think we need to get Katja out of Hysteria, now. Dane is still out there, and no matter how much I want to pound him. Katja’s safety is most important,”

Viggo nodded, “True....” as he began to think over what Brynjar said, Officers Myers and Lawrence exited the room, allowing Brynjar to make is way in.

They gave a nod to Viggo before making their exit. While he was wondering what they talked about with Katja, he wasn’t going to rush. He needed to think about what to do with Katja. Dane was out there still, and Viggo did not want his daughter near him again.

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Glad everyone is enjoying this story! It’s different from what I’m used, but I like the change. Updates will take longer because I’m aiming between 3,000 and 4,000 per chapter.

(Hysteria Hospital: August 29, 2016, 9:30 pm)

Before Katja was due to be released, Kelda used Brynjar’s car and rushed home to get some clothes for Katja. By the time she returned, Dr. Riley wanted to speak with Kelda about everything.

Viggo took that moment to step outside and call his brother and sister-in-law. He told Kelda about the idea Brynjar had, and Kelda agreed. She wanted her daughter as far away from Dane as possible. She even admitted that she would be fine with Brynjar beating Dane up. That did surprise Viggo. His wife wasn’t much for violence, but this was an exception.

Before Viggo could even dial a number, his phone went off. It was Ryker calling. “Hey,”

“Hey. What’s up? Is everything alright?” Ryker asked.

“More or less,” Viggo sighed, “Listen, can you do me a favor?”

“Yeah, of course. What’s up?” Ryker asked. Viggo heard a soft voice, but he couldn’t tell if it was his niece, Vera, or sister-in-law Hertha.

“Can you and Hertha let Katja stay with you guys until we move down? Brynjar made a good point, and we want her as far away from Dane as possible. He’s still out there,”

“Of course. We’ll do all we can,” Hertha said, making Viggo figure out that she took the phone.

“We’ll make sure she’s safe here,” Ryker added in the background. “I’m sure Vera will be happy to help her cousin. Though, she might introduce Katja to her friends.”

"Well, Katja does need a few more friends. All she had here was Eryka," Viggo murmured. "She still has Gala, but they don't see each other as much since she moved to Shivering Shores Island a few years ago...”

“Besides that, we’ll make sure she’s well cared for,” Ryker said.

“I know this isn’t something one wants to talk about, but did Katja decide what classes she wanted to take at Archi Academy? The first day of school is September 6.” Hertha said.

“I think so? If memory serves, both Katja and Brynjar did right after learning they were going to be attending the Archi Academy. Might want to call the school and ask. I could be wrong,” Viggo said.

“Alright. Don’t worry. I’ll take care of it. Have you called Brendan yet?” Hertha asked.

Viggo paled. “Oh shit. No. We’ve been so busy; it just slipped my mind!”

“Good luck,” Ryker said, knowing how Brendan was.

“Ryker, not funny!” Ryker laughed in the background, but Viggo could hear Hertha scolding him. That got him to laugh before hanging up. “Time to deal with Brendan...”

. . .

Brendan wasn’t mad. He was furious. He was so furious he said if he didn’t have practice or games, he’d be there with Brynjar beating the shit out of Dane. Fortunately for Viggo, their call ended quickly since Brendan had a game to get to. He was away for at least two more months, so he wouldn’t be able to come home for a while.

“I’ll have Katja call you soon, Brendan. She’s going to be staying with my brother for the time being, at least until we get all finished moving.” Viggo said before they hung up.

All Viggo heard was Brendan grunting. He took it as a sign for “Okay.” But he never knew with that man.

. . .

Following her release from the hospital about an hour later, Katja was told about the plan with her going to Archi Isle early. To everyone’s surprise, Katja was fine with the idea. She even admitted she wanted to get out of Hysteria, now.

Viggo called Colden again asking if he could help get Katja to Archi. Luckily, he was able to get his younger brother, Ander to go with Katja. Ander was about five years older than Katja, and she knew him. Ander was like an older brother to Katja, and she was comfortable with him.

Everyone piled into Brynjar’s car and headed to the Airport. Ander would meet them there. There wasn’t time to stop at the house to get a bag for Katja, but Hertha called during the ride saying once she picked Katja up they’d go shopping with Vera to find some comfortable clothing for Katja. The following day. It was going to be late when Katja arrived in Berk.

. . .

(Hysteria Airport; 10:45 pm)

Ander stood waiting at the Departure section for Katja. He also wasn’t sure what was going on, but he was worried. Katja was like a little sister to him, so he was worried. Their Flight was for 11:45, expecting to land in Archi Isle around 2:00 am.

He was about to call Viggo asking where they were then a car pulled up. When he saw Kelda climb out, he knew it was them. Viggo came out of the back seat followed by Katja. He knew something was wrong since she was keeping to herself.  He didn’t want to push her to speak.

Ander walked over and shook hands with Viggo, “Thanks again for doing this Ander,”

“Not a problem. Uh, can I know what happen?” Ander asked,

Viggo sighed, “Short version, Katja was raped by her now ex-boyfriend, Dane,”

Ander’s eyes went wide. “What?!” Viggo nodded with grime.

“Yeah. Try to keep it down, Katja doesn’t want to talk about it. She’s been cleared by the doctor, but tests are still going, and the police are trying to track Dane,”

“Got it,”

. . .

Brynjar flew to Archi Isle the day before Labor Day party was set to take place. He was able to get most of his packing finished, but there was still quite a bit. They were finished by the end of the day. Brynjar stayed with Ryker and Hertha like Katja, but he took the pull-out-couch in the living room, leaving Katja with the guest room. Ryker and Hertha also bought Katja a new phone, since her last one was destroyed by Dane.

During the neighborhood Labor Day weekend Party, Brynjar met some of the seniors and hung out with them. But he always kept an eye out for his sister. He was happy to see her laughing and having fun with Vera.

. . .

(Archi Academy, Archi Isle; September 6, 2016, 7:00 am)

Ryker pulled up to the drop-off point for the students and let Vera off. “I’m going to take Katja to the front office and take care of things, so you’ll see her later,”

“Alright, Dad. I’ll see you in a little bit Kat,” Vera said looking through the passenger window. Katja gave a small smile but said nothing.

Just as Ryker pulled away, Vera heard her name being called. She turned around and saw her friend and next-door neighbor, Heather Lanvirk. Behind her was her best friend/almost brother, Hiccup Haddock, and Astrid Hofferson.

Heather was Vera’s next-door neighbor and the younger sister of Dagur Lanvirk, member of the Archi Police Force. She has long dark brown, almost black hair, and green eyes. Her hair was normally tied in a low ponytail and kept over her shoulder. Like Vera, Heather was 16, Heather’s birth was April 23.

“Hey,” Vera said walking over. “Sorry for not being on the bus had something to take of at home.”

“Is everything alright?” Astrid Hofferson asked.

Astrid was the second oldest of the group; her birthday is March 4. Her blonde hair was in its normal French Braid and over her shoulder. Astrid’s parents were Colby and Alva Hofferson. Colby was part of the Berk Police Force as their Chief, and Alva was a doctor at the local hospital.

“Eh, so-so?” Vera said, or more like asked, using her hand to show the so-so part. “We had a family issue over the last week or so.”

“Is everything alright?” Hiccup Haddock, the leader of the “group” asked. Hiccup was also the oldest, being a February child–though technically he is the youngest being a Leap Year kid. He has auburn-brown hair and bright emerald green eyes, which sometimes made people think he and Heather were siblings. Hiccup was raised singlehanded by his mother, Valka Haddock, head veterinarian at Archi Animal Hospital.

“For now. My cousins are staying with us while my Uncle and Aunt are finishing the move,” Vera said as they made their way inside.

“Oh yeah, you mentioned that earlier this summer,” Heather said. “How are they since the move?”

“Brynjar is fine. He’s claimed his room of the house, Katja is slowly coming. She’s uh the reason why I was busy the last week of August to September,” Vera said.

“Is she alright?” Hiccup asked.

The group made it to the hallway where their lockers were located. They had yet to meet the rest of their group, but Hiccup got a text from his youngest cousin, Adelaide Jorgenson, saying they were running late and would catch up at either Free Period or Lunch Hour.

“In the middle. She’s dealing with personal things.” Vera said. “She’s going to see a therapist later this week to hopefully help her out some too. Mom is considering a Therapy Dog might help, but she’s going to wait and see what Aunt Kelda and the Therapist say first,”

“Hope she’s alright,” Astrid said, as she opened her locker and put some things into it.

“Thanks. You’ll see her later today, I don’t know what classes we have together, but we have Homeroom together,” Vera said.

Not long after Vera said that; the bell rang signaling all students to go to their Homerooms.

“Well, there’s the bell, see you guys!” Vera said waving her hand and then she and Hiccup headed off to their homeroom. Since their names were close together, Vera and Hiccup shared the same homeroom teacher, Mrs. Faye Campbell. Even though Astrid was with the H’s, Mrs. Campbell’s class only took the “Gr-” to “Ha” last names. Astrid was with Mr. Marcus Tyler.

. . .

(Front Office, Archi Academy; September 6, 2016, 7:30 am)

“Welcome to Archi Academy, Katja, and we hope you enjoy your time here,” the headmaster of the school, Cameron Hagebak, said with a smile. Cameron was a man in his middle forties with dark blonde hair and amber eyes; he was often guessed to be related to Astrid’s father, Colby. Sadly, they weren’t.

“Thank you,” Katja said softly and tightened the grip she had on her books.

Cameron smiled gently at her and led her and Ryker to the door. “Mrs. Mayden-Waterfield will take you to your first class, have a good day,” he said before shutting the door.

Once they were back in the office, Ryker placed a hand on her shoulder. “You’ll do fine. But, if you need anything or if anything is overwhelming, just give me a call. I’ve taken the next few days to do work from home, so I’ll come and get you if you need it,”

Katja smiled, “Thank you, Uncle Ryker,” she gave her uncle a hug.

Ryker smiled and let a woman take his place. She was the Vice Principal, Atali Mayden-Waterfield, a young woman with strawberry-blonde hair and green eyes. Atali was married to her high school sweetheart, Liam Waterfield, who was the co-CEO of a company with his older brother Jake.

Ryker waved as Atali carefully led Katja into the school. Katja turned around to face her uncle, and he gave her an encouraging smile. That seemed to help Katja, and Ryker was glad.

. . .

(Room 359, 7:50 am)

The first period for some students was Spanish 2B with Señorita Carina Tafalla. Carina was, according to most of the junior and seniors, the best Spanish Teacher at the school. They claim that she made it easier and more fun to understand.

Sitting in Señorita Tafalla’s class were two more of Vera’s friends, the twins, Ruffnut and Tuffnut Thorston. Being twins, the two looked very similar, blonde hair and blue eyes. They were part of the younger part of the group, their birthday falling in the beginning-middle of June on the 14th.

Even though they were crazy and insane most of the time, they did take their schooling seriously. Ruffnut wanted to be a doctor like their mother, Hazel, while Tuffnut was going to take after their father, Sharpnut, and take over the family business in designing.

Señorita Tafalla was going over the syllabus when there was a knock on her door. Everyone turned to see Vice Principal Atali Mayden-Waterfield entering the room with a girl by her side. The girl looked to be around Ruffnut and Tuffnut’s age, with short, black hair and dark purple streaks. But the thing that most stood out was her silver eyes. No one had seen eyes like that.

“Sorry for the interruption, Carina, but you have a new student. This is Katja Grimborn from Hysteria High School. She’ll be in your first period, Carina,”

Ruffnut and Tuffnut shared a look. Grimborn was not a common last name, and they only knew one other person in the whole school with that name; Vera. They’d have to ask Vera when they see her again.

“That’s fine, welcome Katja,” Carina said. Katja smiled but said nothing.

As Katja went to find a seat, Atali pulled Carina to the side and whispered something to her. Her expression changed but nodded an understanding.

Katja ended up getting the empty seat to Ruffnut’s left since Tuffnut was on her right. Ruffnut gave a smile, and Katja smiled back but remained quiet. Before leaving, Atali looked at Katja a look, and she smiled. Atali smiled and made her exit.

“Welcome to Spanish 2B, Señorita Grimborn. In this class, we greet one another using either Señorita or señor followed by the last name,” Carina explained handing Katja a syllabus for the class.

“I understand Señorita Tafalla,” Katja said softly.

. . .

During morning announcements, Ruffnut pulled her phone out and made a new Group Chat.


Ruff  has added  Hiccup Astrid Snot Ade Vera Fish , and  Tuff  to the "THE GANG" CHAT.

Ruff, 8:10 am:  Does anyone know a "Katja Grimborn"? She's in mine and Tuff's Spanish class.

Vera, 8:10 am:  First, yes, I do. Second, why are you texting during announcements?

Ruff, 8:11 am: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hiccup, 8:11 am:  Ruff...You know what, forget.

Astrid, 8:11 am:  Hiccup, these are the Twins we're talking about.

Hiccup, 8:12 am:  Don't remind me

Tuff, 8:13 am:  Hey!

Fish, 8:13 am:  Who's Katja Grimborn?

Vera, 8:13 am:  Seriously? Guys. She has my last name.

Snot, 8:14 am:  ...

Tuff, 8:14 am:  ...

Ruff, 8:14 am:  Wait...

Vera, 8:15 am:  She's my cousin! Well, one of two of my cousins. Katja is my age.

Tuff, 8:16 am:  Is she always quiet?

Vera, 8:16 am:  ...For now yes. Don't ask more questions! And please, for the love of Odin, DO NOT FLIRT WITH HER SNOTLOUT. AND NO PRANKING RUFF AND TUFF.

Snot, 8:17 am: Oh, come on. That was one-time Vera!

Vera, 8:18 am: One time too many. Crap. Mr. Mildew is walking around. I gtg. Meet at Lunch!

Vera  has signed off.

Hiccup, 8:19 am:  Astrid and me need to go too. Mr. Mulch is looking at us.

Hiccup  and  Astrid  have signed off.

Fish, 8:20 am:  Yeah, we should too.

Fish has signed off.

Snot, 8:21 am:  Eh.

Ruff, 8:22 am:  Adios!

Tuff, 8:23 am:  Bueno Dias!

Snot, Ruff, and Tuff  have signed off.

Ade, 8:23 am:  What did I just open to?

. . .

(8:25 am)

The bell rang signaling the end of the first period and giving everyone five minutes to get to their next class. Katja pulled out the map of the school, having gotten it from Principal Hagebak. He mapped out the best routes for her to each of her classes and did so in assorted colors. She also pulled out her class schedule to make sure she went in the right direction.

Blue Day (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)

7:00 am to 7:25 am – Homeroom (Faye Campbell)
7:30 am to 8:25 am - Spanish 2B (Carina Tafalla)
8:30 am to 9:25 am - Algebra (Mildew Fungai)
9:30 am to 10:25 am - English 10 (Thyra Bernsen)
10:30 am to 11:25 am - Advanced Art (Faye Campbell)
11:30 am to 12:15 pm – Lunch
12:20 pm to 2:15 pm - Gym/Heath (Sven Silentson)


Green Day (Tuesday and Thursday)

7:00 am to 7:25 am – Homeroom (Faye Campbell)
7:30 am to 8:25 am - History (Mulch Farmer)
8:30 am to 9:25 am – Free Period (Alvin Trevor)
9:30 am to 10:25 am - Language Arts (Riley McCormick)
10:30 am to 11:25 am - Home Economics (Michelle Montez)
11:30 am to 12:15 pm – Lunch
12:20 to 2:15 – Science (Stefani Alverson)

“Algebra with a Mr. Mildew Fungai? What the heck?” Katja wondered before shrugging. She looked at the map and saw that her next class wasn’t far from her Spanish class. Just at the end of the hallway. When she arrived, there was no teacher, was Katja thought was odd but shrugged it off. She chose her seat, near the back but still where she could see and hear the board. As soon as she sat down, her phone went off.


Vera  added  Katja  and  Brynjar  to the CHAT.

Vera, 8:26 am:  Hey, Katja, Brynjar, how were your first classes?

Brynjar, 8:26 am:  Boring as fuck.

Katja rolled her eyes at her brother's no-filter mouth. She swears he got it from their father.

Katja, 8:27 am:  It was alright. Then again, it was just Spanish.

Vera, 8:27 am:  Oh yeah, you might have met my friends, Ruffnut and Tuffnut, they have Spanish 2B with Mrs. Tafalla first class.

Brynjar, 8:28 am:  Ruffnut, Tuffnut, what kind of names are those?

Katja, 8:28 am:  Family names? Do they have blonde hair and blue eyes? One having dreadlocks?

Vera, 8:28 am:  Yep. Well, Tuffnut has his in dreadlocks. He claims it's the style in this season or something.

Katja, 8:29 am:  Then yes, I met them. I sit next to Ruffnut. What class are you in?

Vera, 8:29 am:  I'm with Astrid in English, with Mr. Scott.

Brynjar, 8:29 am:  Gym, and I seriously need to go.

Brynjar   has signed off.

Before Katja could stay goodbye to Vera, the bell rang, and she quickly put her phone on silent and stuffed into her bag. Hopefully, Vera understood if she didn’t answer any more texts.

Katja found her teacher, Mildew Fungai, incredibly strange and a bit scary. Unlike her math class back on Hysteria, the desks were set up where there two desks in four columns. It was a bit strange, but she didn’t question it. She did find herself next to a girl with dark brown hair and green eyes.

. . .

(11:27 pm)

Vera went to meet Hiccup at his fifth-period class, Advanced Art, with Faye Campbell. But when she got there, she was surprised to find him talking her cousin. Hiccup and Katja were talking to Mrs. Campbell about something, something that Vera couldn’t hear.

“I-Oh. Well, then, that’s one person I don’t have to introduce Katja to,” Vera said totally in shock to find her cousin talking to someone that wasn’t family.

Hiccup and Katja turned to see Vera, “Vera.” They said at the same time before looking at one another.

Vera smiled, “I guess you met Hiccup then, Kat,”

Katja smiled softly, “Yeah.”

“Hiccup, as you might have learned, this is Katja Grimborn, my cousin,” Vera said, “Katja, this is my friend Hiccup Haddock, and the “leader” of our group,”

“Nice to meet you, again,” Katja said with a giggle.

“You too,” Hiccup said, neither one bother to shake hands. Vera guessed they did it earlier or something.

“Did you bring lunch or you are planning on buying?” Vera asked as they made they’re to the cafeteria.

Hiccup scoffed, “After last time, Mom refuses to let my buy cafeteria food. We had leftover pizza, so I brought some,”

“Last time?” Katja asked softly.

“Yeah, last time Hiccup bought lunch, he ended up food poisoning. It wasn’t pretty. His mom almost sued the school because of that.” Vera said. “In the end, that told all of us to be careful with what we buy at school. The only time we do buy anything is vending machines.”

“Oh. Then to answer your question, Aunt Hertha made our lunches. Yours too, you ran out so fast you forgot to grab yours,” Katja said. “I have yours in my backpack.”

Vera grinned, “What did mom make?”

“Some form of sandwiches,” Katja shrugged.

“Neat. Oh, I should mention, you’ll be meeting a few more of mine and Hiccup’s friends. One of them is Hiccup’s cousin, Snotlout Jorgenson,”

“’Snotlout’?” Katja asked.

“Family name,” Hiccup said. “Or something,”

“Yep. Anyway, he has a bit of an ego issue, but he is protective when it involves family. He’s part of the ‘older’ part of the gang; his birthday is on May 19, just a couple of weeks before yours really,” Vera explained.

“Her birthday is in June?” Hiccup asked, cutting into Vera’s explanation.

Vera smiled, “Yep. June 4th. Katja was due like four weeks later, but she came early,” Vera smiling as Katja blushed red.

“Anyway~ Snotlout also has a little sister named Adelaide, she’s a freshman so you’ll probably meet her too,” Vera said.

“Alright,” Katja said. “Anyone else?”

“Fishlegs Ingerman,” Hiccup pointed.

“Oh right! He’s around Hiccup in terms of smartness,” Vera said snapping her fingers.

“Hey.” Hiccup said sending Vera a look.

“It’s true,” Vera shrugged. “Anyway, he’s on the soft-spoken side, and he tends to be the voice of reason.”

“Especially if it involves the twins and Snotlout doing something stupid,” Hiccup muttered.

Vera nodded, “Got that right. He’s the second youngest; his birthday is December 14th. But, if you think about it, I’m the youngest, since I’m December 28th.”

“How is he in 10th grade then?” Katja asked.

“He skipped a year, same as Vera,” Hiccup said, “He joined us in second grade, Vera skipped Kindergarten,”

“Yup! Oh, and Fishlegs has a super duper major crush on Hiccup’s best friend,”

Katja was confused while Hiccup chuckled. “Who?”

“Heather Lanvirk,” Vera said, “Dark brown almost black hair and green eyes. Honestly, she could be Hiccup’s twin,”

“Wait, I think I met her or saw her,” Katja said. “In my Algebra class with... Mr. Fungai. We share a table,”

“Huh, what do you know,” Vera said. “And here we are. Mind yourself; there are some annoying upperclassmen here. Actually, Hiccup can you walk behind Katja?”

“Uh, sure?” Hiccup was very much confused but missed the grateful look Katja sent to her cousin.

Though he wasn’t sure why Vera was asking him to talk behind Katja, he didn’t question it. He moved behind Katja as Vera stayed in front. Katja couldn’t help but notice the looks many upperclassmen were making, and at her. And it freaked her out. Vera moved her hand behind and grabbed Katja’s, which made her feel better.

Vera sped walked to the other side of the cafeteria where Katja noticed a large round table that was already holding seven people. Three chairs were not occupied, so she guessed they were for Vera, Hiccup, and Her.

“Vera!” Katja saw the dark brown-haired girl–Heather–waving her hand.

“Hey,” Vera said, “Guys, this is my cousin, Katja. Katja, this is the gang. Adelaide Jorgenson, Snotlout’s sister, and Hiccup’s youngest cousin, Fishlegs Ingerman, Snotlout Jorgenson, Tuffnut Thorston, Astrid Hofferson, and Heather Lanvirk,” Vera introduced going around.

“Hey,” everyone said.

“Hey again,” Heather said.

“Hi,” Katja said taking the empty seat next to Heather, Vera sat right next to her. She pulled her lunch and Vera’s out and handed her cousin her lunch.

“Again?” Astrid asked, wondering why Heather said, ‘Hey again.’

“Katja and I share Mr. Fungai for Algebra,” Heather explained.

“Mr. Fungai is just one weird person,” Astrid admitted. “I had him last year for Math 9, and it was weird,”

“He is,” Katja said, swallowing her bit of sandwich. “Is he always so...”

“Annoying?” Snotlout asked.

“Mean?” Tuffnut added.

“Thinks he’s the boss of everyone?” Hiccup asked, and at Katja’s nod, he sighed, “Yep. He really hates me for some reason. No idea why.”

“Do you think it might be because of your dad?” Adelaide asked, noticing how Hiccup sucked his breath, “I didn’t mean to bring up, but it was an idea...Sorry,”

“It’s fine, even though it’s been over fifteen years, it still hurts.” Hiccup said.

“Huh?” Katja asked.

“My dad died months before I was born,” Hiccup said, “He was killed while protecting people. He was helping a woman when her ex-husband pulled a gun out. Dad stepped in front of her and took the shot. The woman still feels bad even though it was years ago,”

Katja felt bad for Hiccup. Eryka lost her mother the same way, protecting and saving people.

“While I can’t understand how it feels personally,” Katja said making everyone look at her, “I have a friend who lost her mother the same way, protecting and saving people. She was a firefighter,”

“Who was the mother?” Astrid asked.

“Kaira Andersen, she was the Chief of Hysteria Fire Department 111,” Katja answered.

Heather snapped her fingers, “I remember now. Kaira Andersen saved a group of children from a burning house, she managed to get the children out, but then a beam fell on her,”

“Yeah, her daughter and husband were sad for losing Kaira. Dylan had to raise Eryka alone,” Katja said.

“Dylan is Kaira’s husband, and their daughter is named Eryka, she’s Katja’s best friend back in Hysteria,” Vera said.

“Oh, wow,” Adelaide said.

The rest of lunch went on, no one talking about either incident, Hiccup’s father, and Katja’s friend’s mother. They just started talking about how Katja liked Archi Isle and how the move was. The cousins were able to talk about some things, but not everything.

Near the end of lunch, Fishlegs noticed someone making their over to their table. “Uh, why are those seniors coming to us?” he asked, pointing behind Hiccup, Vera, Katja, and Heather.

Vera turned around and saw that it was Brynjar with a few others. The others were Axel Becker, captain of the Boys Soccer team, and Rolf Krum, captain of the Boys’ Basketball team. With how sporty Brynjar is, Vera wasn’t surprised to see him befriend those two.

Vera turned back to finish her lunch, “Oh, that’s just Katja’s older brother, Brynjar. He’s a senior.” Vera said, “He’s just checking up on Katja.”

That statement made the others wonder why sure it was a sibling thing. But, was there more to it?

“How are you doing?” Brynjar asked kneeling next to his sister while his friends joked around.

“Good,” Katja said with a smile. Brynjar was surprised to see her smiling but was happy.

“Did you make some friends?”

“Yeah. Well, they’re Vera’s friends, but I guess me by association or something?” Katja wasn’t sure.

Brynjar chuckled, “That’s fine. Oh, I won’t be able to take you home today. I want to try out for the football team, so the Coach is letting me try out this afternoon. I’ll be home later,”

“No worries, we can take the bus,” Vera said.

“Good luck trying out,” Adelaide said making Brynjar face her, “Our Dad is the coach,” she said pointing to herself and Snotlout. “He looks for the best of the best,”

Brynjar grinned but said nothing.

“Coach Jorgenson will be pleased then,” Vera said, causing everyone to look at her in confusion, “You guys are looking at the former Hysteria High School Football Captain since Freshmen year,”

Everyone’s mouths dropped. They had heard rumors about a freshman becoming captain, but to meet him?! Holy cow!