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Morning light tried to filter in through the thick curtains of the hotel room. Despite the thick fabric, the sun's light was still able to lighten the room enough to stir Hiro from sleep. He groaned as he rolled over onto his back, the blanket pulling with his movement. His hair stuck out at all angles and his head throbbed with a dull ache.

"Good morning, Hiro," Baymax greeted as he noticed his young charge was now awake. "On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your pain?"

Hiro let out a big yawn before scrubbing the sleep from his eyes. "Three?" he replied in a groggy voice as he rolled to a sitting position. One thing was certain. He definitely felt better than he had the night before, even if his head did still hurt.

Baymax waddled a bit closer to observe his patient's vitals. "That is an improvement," he related. "How is your appetite? Would you like something to eat?"

Unlike the night before, Hiro actually felt hungry and his stomach growled to prove it. "I would love something to eat," he replied, sliding his feet onto the floor. He tilted a little too far forward and almost fell into the other bed but Baymax was there to catch him. "Thanks," he said absently as he regained his balance.

The robot observed him as Hiro made his way around the side of the bed and towards the mini fridge near the bathroom. He winced a bit as he knelt to better see what was inside, his muscles sore from the day before. Almost absently, he grabbed at the first thing, which happened to be one of his aunt's fudgy brownies.

"Perhaps it would be wise to start with something more appropriate for a morning meal," Baymax observed. "I recommend oatmeal or a muffin."

Hiro couldn't help but chuckle at the robot's tone. "At this point I should think you'd be happy that I'm actually hungry," he quipped. It had been a bit of a fight to get him to eat even a quarter of a sandwich the night before. But he'd done it, grumpily aware that if he didn't, any pain medicine he took would only make him feel more nausea.

Baymax seemed to contemplate that for a moment, his head, and part of his body, tilted to one side. "I see your point," he finally admitted as he straightened up. He did note that Hiro grabbed a small bottle of milk, which alleviated some of his concerns. Perhaps, with some coaxing, he could later persuade the teen to add some fruit to his morning meal.

Hands now full, Hiro got up and closed the fridge with a nudge from one foot. He then made his way back to the bed, choosing the one he hadn't used for sleep. The comforter was still intact, instead of disheveled all over the place, and would make a better place to eat while watching some television when compared to the other mattress.

Grabbing for the remote, Hiro made sure the volume was turned down low so he wouldn't disturb his aunt next door. He didn't even bother picking a channel, just going with whatever came on first. He then turned his attention to unwrapping the brownie and opening the milk.

A news program showed on the television screen, a female news anchor sitting in front of a squared off video of the bombing from the day before. Since the volume was down so low, Hiro couldn't hear what she was saying but the closed-caption option was activated and he caught the occasional word.

"Looks like they still have no idea who did it," he sighed as he broke off a corner of his brownie. While that was important to note, he still wasn't sure where he stood with the whole investigation. As far as he knew, he was still considered a potential suspect. At least he was as far as the various comments he recalled were concerned. That meant he'd have to face off with the detective again. Hopefully, this time around, he'd be more aware and able to handle himself without having another episode.

Baymax turned to watch the screen as well. "It would appear that no one has yet claimed responsibility for the incident," he agreed.

Hiro ran an agitated hand through his hair, forgetting it was now sticky with fudgy brownie. "Arg! This is so frustrating! There's clearly something going on but I have no idea what or who's behind it! And if I don't know that, how can I fix it?!"

Looking more than patient, Baymax blinked at his patient. "Perhaps it is not something you can fix," he reasoned. He did not the dark crumbs now stuck in the teen's hair. "Perhaps you will feel better after you have had a chance to shower."

The teen finished off the brownie, wiping the excess off on his clothes. He looked down, realizing what he'd done the moment he'd finished. "Ugh. I think you're right," he sighed. "Maybe I'm just thinking too much."

"Order and cleanliness can help bring clarity of thought," Baymax offered.

More than getting the hint, Hiro got up, sweeping excess crumbs into his hand, which he deposited into the trash, along with the wrapper and empty milk container. "I'm going. I'm going," he grumped, not in the mood for much of anything.

The robot watched him as he grabbed a set of clean clothes and headed for the bathroom. He didn't wince or shudder as the door slammed. Though he did turn to scan the adjoining room to see if the noise had disturbed its occupants. He was more than aware of Kally's transition to Cass's room. Well, if Hiro's antics had woken them up, he'd find out soon enough.

Wasabi woke to the sound of a heart monitor and pressure against his face and extremities. His chest also felt tight, and his head throbbed. He moved to press one hand against his aching temple, making the bedding rustle.

A door opened and someone pushed aside the curtain separating him from the rest of the room. "Oh good, you're awake," a brisk female voice stated as a nurse in light blue scrubs appeared. "You had quite the incident. How do you feel?"

The engineer took a moment to evaluate himself, missing the sound of Baymax asking that same question. "I definitely could be better," he answered. "My chest is tight and I'm sore pretty much all over. He looked around the room, certain he was in a hospital, though he wasn't entirely surprised. The last thing he remembered was Kally calling out a warning before something had smashed into his head. "How long have I been out?"

The nurse checked his vitals, including flashing a light in his eyes to make sure they dilated properly. "According to your chart, you've been unconscious since you were admitted yesterday afternoon." She made a few notes on her tablet before helping Wasabi adjust his bed so he was sitting more upright. "The doctor will be in shortly to make sure everything's okay."

Wasabi winced as the nurse left, leaving the curtain open. "Now I know how Hiro felt," he said to himself. Now if only they'd let him go. He felt sure the others would need him.

Morning light filtered in through the windows of the penthouse at Lux. Lucifer sat on one of the many couches, nursing a drink. His five o'clock shadow appeared more untamed than usual. The night had definitely been longer than he was used to, not that he hadn't had a good time. He had.

The night had taken a most unexpected turn when one Jack Harkness had shown up at his door, quite literally. He'd definitely not expected that. And how the man had gotten in past Maze was anyone's guess. But when the man confessed to not having a place to stay for the night, well, he'd been more than accommodating.

Maze twirled one of her demon blades as she contemplated the man. "Looks like you had a fun night." Her smile winked mischievously in her eyes as she toyed with the blade.

Lucifer shook himself, sitting up so he could put his half-finished drink down. "What? Me?" He feigned innocence, feeling more than a little worn out. Not really in the mood to play around, he quickly dropped the act as he slumped back against the cushions. "Yes, well I suppose you could say I had a lovely time. That Jack fellow tells some of the most of interesting tales. Part of me can't help but wonder if any of them are true. Magic blue boxes that travel through time and space? Hah!" he scoffed.

If there was one thing that was certain, Jack Harkness certainly had a flair for storytelling. It was just that Lucifer wasn't sure that he could believe all he'd been told. The man certainly had his share of adventures to be sure. The question was just how much had they been embellished?

"And just where is your little guest now?" Maze inquired, looking only mildly interested. She still fingered her blade, like she wasn't sure if she was going to use it or but that either decision would be more than fine with her.

The devil waved an errant hand towards the bedroom. "Still in bed for all I know." His devil-may-care tone spoke a bit of frustration. The man could certainly hold his liquor. And, for once, Lucifer thought he might have met his match, but the captain had eventually succumbed to the alcohol, though it certainly had taken a lot of shots to get to that point.

Maze let out an amused snort. "You got him stone dead drunk, didn't you?" She nodded slowly, confirming her own words as a snore came from the area in question. "And here I thought you were trying to seduce him."

It was Lucifer's turn to let out a scoffing snort. "While I do find him attractive, I wouldn't dream of being so reckless. After all, if he has been through time and space, one never knows just how many beds he's slept in."

He made a good point, Maze supposed as she dipped her head in a sort of acknowledging shrug. "That hasn't stopped you before."

Lucifer gave her a look of long suffering. "Look, I'm not about to share my bed with someone who may very well have done you know what with pretty much every species in the universe. It would be like having sex with my mum."

Maze laughed. She couldn't help it. The look on Lucifer's face was so absolutely repulsed it was amusing. "The way you went on about him early last night, I would have thought you'd be more than willing to give it a shot." She seemed far too amused by the idea.

The devil got up from the couch in a bit of a huff and reached for his robe, which was strewn over a neighboring chair. "Yes, well that was before I learned just how much he's gotten around. A devil has to have some standards."

"I love it when you pout," Maze gushed, her tone more than condescending. "Reminds me of why I decided to join you up here in the first place. After all, I could have very well stayed in the Under World."

Lucifer rolled his eyes. "You know you would have come anyway," he retorted as he pushed his arms through the sleeves of the silken garment. "But since you are here, would you mind getting rid of that monstrosity currently occupying my bed? I don't care how you do it. Just get it done."

The smile that filled Maze's face could only be described as mischievously devilish. "Of course." She gave a bit of a feigned bow, a look of anticipation crossing her face. "This should be fun."