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Things Left Unsaid (A Kallura Future)

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3am CDT Friday, Earth time.

Allura is on the bridge of the new Castle of Lions. Due to construction it is a raw shell of what it should be. The walls are unfinished leaving her surrounded by the metal and wire skeleton. A box like counter is in front of her as she tinkers with crystal that Shay brought her from Balmera. However, it is not syncing up with the crude tech of earth. Although, it worked before with Shiro's arm and Atlas, her essence isn’t working with it. The project requires more time and energy than she can spare, more than the universe can spare.

"What time is it?" She says out loud to herself, hearing the exhaustion lacing her voice.

“3am.” A familiar voice responded. Turning around, Keith is leaning against the door, watching her.

“Why are you up, Allura?” Concern laced in his voice. "You need to rest."

"I could ask you the same thing Keith,” Allura turned back to her not bothering to keep the sneer out of her voice. “Not that I will get a straight answer."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

Keith stalks over to where she is working, stopping just short of being too close.

Even without seeing his face, Allura felt the annoyance radiating off of him.

“It means,” Allura said as she focused harder on her work. "You are not the most open person I know."

"And you are?”

His tone riddled with contempt as he moved to stand next to her. “It’s not like everyone knows who you are. You hide behind duty for your people, but rarely show your real self to us lowly paladins."

Allura whirred around to face his direction, her cheeks were burning with anger. He has some nerve challenging her.

"That is NOT true! I am the most open person here and I show my feelings when necessary!" A fire was in her eyes. Allura was seething.

"I realize we are at war and I have to be strong! You are the one who always shuts everyone out. No one even knows who you are here! And do you know why Keith? It is because you always leave when things get to hard for you!"

"You are still on that, huh?" His annoyed tone raised an octave.

"Shiro was here, well who we thought was Shiro! I did not think you all needed me Allura!"

Allura, fighting hot tears in her eyes exclaimed, “I DID! I NEEDED YOU AND YOU WERE NOT HERE!”

From where Keith was standing, it was like the air left the room.

She needed me?  He can hardly believe his ears.


Allura, realizing the gravity of her words, turned away from him to hide her tears. She forgot what she was working on. She was picking up and putting down random materials. Her tears were hitting the workstation.

"Allura,” he said with a softened tone, now standing right next to her.

“I did not mean to hurt you, I—"

Keith is cut off when Allura’s arms encircle his neck. Her lips finds his.

For a moment, Keith did nothing. Stunned, Keith only stands there with his stiff arms suspended around her waist. Ok, this is happening. After a few ticks, he fervently returned her kiss. Allura rakes her hands in his hair, his heart races in response. She is driving Keith wild.

She likes me? Keith trying to wrap his head around what is happening. I thought she was into Lance-

"What is going on here?!" Startled by the interruption, Keith and Allura break apart. Their faces are red as apples. They both didn't know what to make of what just happened, not to mention having to explain to anyone else. But, it was Lance and what they both thought was Axca invading a private moment. Axca took off at the sight of them together.

"Lance- Umm," Allura struggles to find words in her embarrassment. "We were just-"

Lance disinterested in hearing an explanation from Allura, charged in Keith’s direction.

“You always want what I have Keith!”

Angered, Lance's with back now facing Allura.

"You wanted the Blue Lion and now you want Allura!" 

"Well you can't have her!"

Keith scoffs at Lance amused by his obvious jealously. Not just over Allura, but everything he does.

"You want Allura?" His tone reeks of sarcasm.

"I would not know, since you are constantly in Romelle's face. How would she feel with you up late with Axca?"

"Stop this!” Allura couldn’t believe her ears.

“Stop this now!" Her frustration with both of them is at an all time high.

"I am not some toy to be fought over!"

But Lance and Keith continue to argue.

"Axca? AXCA?! We were up doing a perimeter check, while you two were examining your tonsils!"

"Besides, she wants YOU!"

Lance keeps pointing in Keith’s face. Keith is seconds from chopping it off.

“Are you slow or are you that stupid?"

"No, being stupid is your thing Lance."

"I am not stupid! I am sick of everyone saying that!"

Allura attempting to quell Lance’s anger chimes in, "I never said that about you Lance."

Lance cannot make eye contact with Allura right now. He’s not interested in her attempts to make him feel better. Allura’s attempts to pacify him all the time, is why this is happening. She wasn’t honest with him, or herself.

Annoyed that Allura is coddling him, Keith decides he needs to cool off.

"I am out of here, I don’t need this."

Lance unwilling to be ignored demanded satisfaction.

"No, you are not running this time!" With that, he grabs Keith's shoulder.

Keith responds by igniting his bayard. Keith flings his sword toward the side of Lance's throat. He stops a short of it. Lance steely eyed, doesn't flinch.

"I wish you would."

"Stop it!" Allura frantic that this has taken a violent turn attempts to intervene.

"Have you both lost your minds?!"

Pidge, Hunk and Shiro, hearing the commotion rush in.

"Break it up guys.” Shiro says approaching them. Keith and Lance both don't budge.


Keith retracts his bayard and storms off.

Lance takes this opportunity to provoke Keith further, "You better run!"

Allura, overwhelmed with upset, runs off in the other direction in tears.