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Nightmare Eyes

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He could not believe it, here in front of him, was the result of 10 long years of 20 hour work days and all nighters.


of half asleep, drunken calculations and consequences of doing so.


countless, countless tests.


countless failures, countless successes


Here it was, giving him a dirty look as it stared him down with its nightmare eyes.



They were actually quite beautiful, if he could get over the fact that the eyes it belonged to was of a truly terrifying looking beast.


The beast snarled at him from its glass enclosure, looking up at him from the monitoring station that was located high above its head.


Could it see him? At first he thought the glass was only one way, that it was only looking at its reflection.


But swaying side to side... yes, indeed, it was tracking his movements.


Geez, that was unnerving, maybe he should talk to his dad about that.


Ask him to replace the glass with one way glass… but then again, he was not allowed to be here.


At all.


So… guess his dad would have to figure it out himself, or hope the subject did not decide it had enough of being poked and prodded, and was strong enough to break out of its enclosure and smart enough to recognise and target its creator and from its perspective, tormentors.


Sitting down on the floor, papyrus watched it, and it in turn, watched him.


The subject looked like a dragon of sorts, but not like any type of dragon monster papyrus had ever seen, its head was large, with owlish like sockets with large, slightly blue dots of light breaking through the darkness.


Teeth, many in number, as sharp as even the finest sword.


A long, predator like body, with sharp claws and strong looking back legs, and a long, whip like tail, tapping behind it as it watched him from its corner.


it was like a true, princess snatching dragon papyrus had read about in human stories.


Except it was skeletal in nature, and missing the wings it would have needed to get away with such a feet, but, it was not like it was going to need them.


Being trapped in the underground, he doubted that it could enjoy such a gift stuck down under a mountain.


And it wasn't like it would ever leave its room, no, this creature was doomed to be trapped forever down here in the depths of the underground, down deep in the lab where it was born, created, made.


not even the breaking of the barrier would grant it the freedom that all other living beings stuck down here desired.


No, its fate, from the day it was born, till it eventually falls to dust, is to be a test subject, an experiment to test and improve on, to be observed for flaws in its design and unwanted results to be removed when it is eventually replaced with a newer, stronger version.


Maybe, that version of this creature, would be able to see the surface if the queen truly sticks to her word and declares war, maybe that one, would become what this creature was designed to be.


But this one, was only a test, a first try, a prototype


Born to be a failure.


Papyrus almost felt sorry for it.


“Your one scary looking mother fucker aren't ya?” papyrus snickered, the experiment tilted its head, as it watched him.


It plopped down into a sitting position and continued to observe him, letting out a small rumble from its chest.


God, it was like a puppy, actually, it was a puppy, probably only a few months old now.


“Nyeh hee hee, your… strangely cute, in a kind of terrifying way” papyrus mumbled as it once again tilt its head over more but in the opposite direction.


It was almost like it could hear him… wait… could it really hear him?

Papyrus added that to the list of things he wanted to tell his dad about, but would get a ear full if he did.


And probably get fired.


“Don't tell my dad I was here yeah?” he said, as he watch it lost interest him and instead turned its attention the floor.


… and began to lick it.


“I'm not allowed to be here, despite the fact that, honestly, I put a lot of work on this to, a lot of effort I could have spent on other stuff,  just so you could be alive, but now he decides after 10 years of working together on you, to shut me out and only lets me do the paperwork instead” papyrus complained to his, literally, captive audience of one.


The subject, that had been busy chewing on it fore arm, once again turned its attention to the strange skeleton.


It was new, they had never seen it before, it wondered what it was doing.


“Also, mind you, being his son, i'm working for free, but instead of taking advantage of the free child Labor, he makes me do paper work, the job that is paid less, LESS! If I was a money hungry scientist like my dad, I would have made me do the job that has a higher salary, save money. You get me?” he complained, firing himself up as he jumped to his feet.


The subject visibly startled and then let out a rumbled whin through its jaw.


Papyrus looked at it and flinched, slowly he took a deep breath, and then released it.


He was getting worked up again, it was an old argument, one he was not gonna win against him dad.


“Hey…” papyrus mumbled in the most comforting voice he could as he watched the subject slowly calm down.


“I'm… I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle ya… do, are you hungry? Your probably hungry aren't ya?” papyrus watched the skeleton creature, instead of an answer, it simply yawned and layed back down, once again chewing on its limb.


“You going cannibalistic pal? papyrus chuckled.

"I would not blame ya, honestly, from what I've read, you only get feed once a day” papyrus walked over to the monitoring desk and was greeted with multiple buttons, he glanced over them, searching for the one that was meant to dispose food into the enclosure.


Controlled shock level 5.




Lock down.




He hoped that button didn't mean what he hoped it meant.


It would be a huge waste of 10 years worth of effort all for nothing, hopefully, they would never need to push it.


Eventually, he found the ‘food’ button, labelled under ‘nourishment’


Pressing it, he watched as food was disposed into a corner of the room from on of one of the small funnels in the wall.


The creature, jerked to attention and… what he could only describe as a trot, made its way over with a happy chirped pur like noise.


He watched in morbid fascination as it quickly chowed down the white gooey substance like a vacuum cleaner sucking up dirt.


It was quite disgusting.


“Yeah.. um, yum yum” he mumbled as he watched it lick at the spot on the floor the horrible excuse for food had once been.


It must be pretty hungry if would happily eat that gunk.


“I would probably be pretty depressed if I was forced to eat that stuff every day of the week, kinda makes me glad I can make my own meals, even if they almost always taste like crap…” papyrus mumbled as he watched the subject whine in dismay and lick off the last remains from the small funnel.


Checking his watch, papyrus sighed, the lab would be opening soon, and he couldn’t be here when his dad arrived.


Looking back once more, he was shocked to see the subject was looking at him, its eyes visibly more blue then it had been before, and its tail, shily wagging behind it.


Before he left, he decided to quickly give the food button another quick push.


His father always told him it was good to get three meals a day.