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Maybe not all Alphas are awful

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It was in middle school that he decided that he hated alphas. After he presented, they started to treat him differently. They meaning everyone around him; all of his “friends” and classmates. Suddenly he wasn’t cool hero material just because he hit puberty and couldn’t hide that he was an Omega anymore. He was suppose to calm down and let an alpha take care of him. He could remember hearing them talk— about how Bakugou was going to get snatched up by some next great hero that was an alpha and he’d be riding their dick instead of training to be a hero. That was bullshit!


Bakugou Katsuki had to be the worst example of an Omega that had ever existed. Yeah, who cares? Bakugou sure as hell didn’t, no matter how many times it was said. He was too aggressive, too muscular, too alpha. Bakugou didn’t necessarily think those qualities had to be Alpha qualities, but the world had only progressed so far. It didn’t matter too much. He was still on his way to becoming the Number One Hero and nothing was going to stop him, especially not some dumb alpha trying to sniff up his tree.


All until he met Kirishima. He didn’t know why, but this idiot was literally sunshine incarnate. He was so stupidly happy and genuinely nice to Bakugou without expecting sometime back from him. He was friendly and shit and it was just weird! He was use to alphas being nice to him to try to get to second base or something but Kirishima? No, that fucker treated him like an equal or someone to strive to equal or something stupidly mushy and nice and Bakugou… really liked it. He liked Kirishima a lot. He had ever since their first year.


Would he ever say anything? Hell the fuck no. That would mean being vulnerable and Bakugou did not do vulnerable. Sure he wasn’t as emotionally stunted as he was in prior years… but that was the extent of his feelings talk. He didn’t want to be what people had expected of him for so long: to just find an alpha, suddenly settle down and be barefoot in the kitchen with a gaggle of kids following him around like he was fucking mother goose.


It was never going to happen.


“Bakugou!” He was pulled from his thoughts, looking up from his magazine to see none other than Kirishima.


That smiling face had him aching , but that was the moment he internally told his heart to doki the fuck off a cliff.


“What? Can’t I read in peace?” He hissed, brows knit as he closed the magazine.


“Well, class ended…” The alpha replied, shrugging his shoulders and putting his bag on the table. “Did you wanna work out together today? Get it in before dinner.”


Stupid, thoughtful Kirishima knowing he wanted to go to bed early.


“Yeah, sure. Whatever.” Bakugou huffed before putting the magazine away in his bag and stranding up. “Come on. Let’s go get changed. I want to finish quick.” Quick didn’t mean easy, but then again Kirishima was well aware of that.



Sitting in the locker room mindlessly scrolling on his phone while Kirishima was getting changed he vaguely thought about how he probably shouldn’t be in the Alpha’s locker room. Then again he didn’t give a flying fuck about that kind of shit. The smell was a lot worse than the Omega locker room that was for sure, but he didn’t feel like he might combust with the insane want of an alpha. All of that shit was just nonsense from those stupid old fashionists that still think that omega meant weak.


“Hey, bro!” Kirishima greeted him with a huge smile, looking down at him brightly. “Are you ready to go?” He asked, thumbing towards the doorway.


Bakugou simply nodded, turning his phone on silent and shoving it in his bag. He tossed it in Kirishima's bag which was quickly put away in to a locker.




He crawled into bed promptly at 19:34 and can he get a hallelujah?


He could remember a time in his early youth that he thought he was going to stay up all hours of the night because that was so cool, but he quickly realized how much he liked sleep.


He closed his eyes and took a slow, deep breath, wanting to let unconsciousness flood him and relief after a long day of school and training.


It was currently three o'clock in the fucking morning and Bakugou was considering taking a flying leap off his balcony. He was suppose to be up for class in about three hours and fuck him sideways was that going to be a pain in the ass.


An idea crossed his mind.


Getting off to get sleep?


Actually it wasn’t a horrendous idea. He didn’t do it often since he got messy but you know what? Treat yourself, Katsuki. You were thrown in to a wall today and you aced the math quiz. You deserve a good fucking.


He grunted as he kicked off his blanket and reached to turn on his light. After shucking off his underwear and tossing them across bed, he went rummaging in his bedside table the rabbit vibrator.


Which he admittedly got from Mina when she ordered from Adam and Eve and got a fun bonus that she already had.


God bless you, you generous pink bitch.


He turned the setting on low and set it against his cunt, breathing in and out as the soft vibrations raked bore in to him. He grabbed his phone and yanked it off the charger, going to open it and pull up some porn, holding the toy between his legs with a free hand.


He settled on a hard fucking between an omega and a ripped alpha and set the phone against his lamp to keep it upright as he turned up the vibrations.


It didn’t take long for him to get into the video, just rubbing the toy against his lips, spreading the slick over the silicone before teasing the toy at his hole. He pressed it in slowly, relishing in the plain fact of first stroke, best stroke.


In contrast to the harsh fucking the poor omega was taking, He fucked Himself slowly. The initial thrusts were slow but he worked up to it, working his wrist with purpose to match the punishing pace on screen.


“Fff— fuck!” He gasped, eyes fluttering and rolling back as he put his fingers on his clit, hips lifting off the bed and twitching.


It was good. It hurt really, really good. Every time the toy hit his cervix he felt his whole body quake.


You know who would do an amazing job at rearranging his guts?




That thought had the warmth pooling between his legs, his inner walls starting to twitch as his orgasm started to build.


Kirishima’s knot would feel awesome to come on. He’d probably get too excited and pound bakugou into the mattress and be sure to bottom out and force his knot inside of him before coming deep inside of Bakugou’s cunt and just keep rutting until Bakugou—


“Fucking fuck!” He gasped as he came, liquid gushing out, pushing the toy out with the suddenly pulsing and clenching. His thighs wouldn’t stop shaking but then his hand wouldn’t stop working his clit until he literally felt like he couldn’t move because his body was seized up so much.


He flopped back on his bed, panting and dazed. Now, he was tired and could feel himself starting to doze up, but he had a bunch of fucking vag juice under him. He reached and turned off the vibrator, tossing it back in the drawer to be cleaned later. He stripped his sheets and tossed them in his dirty clothes hamper. A good thirty minutes later he was settled for bed and finally able to actually get some god forsaken sleep.


His alarm woke him up and he had decided in his first quiet moments of consciousness that today was going to be a bad day. If anyone so much as looked at him too long they were going to have their head bitten off.


He quietly got himself ready for class, only to realize halfway through that it was Saturday. Which only made him angrier.


He threw his bag across the room and let out a frustrated noise before he was angrily stripping off all of his clothes. He didn’t even care that he left them on the floor. He only wanted to crawl in to bed, and he did. Collapsing on the mattress.


Knock knock


He was being tested today. That was the only explanation for someone knocking on his door this early.


He got up and opened the door to see Kirishima.


“Good morning!” He greeted, bright and smiling as always and Bakugou hated how it made his heart flutter.


“I was gonna go to the gym. Do you wanna join me?” The alpha rubbed the back of his neck, head tilting to the side.


He wanted to say no, but instead he just grunting and nodding his head. With that he was gathering up his workout gear, getting dressed and grabbing his bag.


“So,” Kirishima hummed, chewing mindlessly on his bottom lip. “Did you have a nightmare last night? I, Uh… heard some noises and ya know, you usually sleep kinda quiet unless…” his face was was almost red— like he knew.


The alpha knew about his night terrors that had been going on since his first year when he was kidnapped by that league of villains, but that hadn’t been what was going on last night, huh? Nope. Kirishima heard bakugou fucking himself until he gushed on a vibrator.


“Yeah,” he replied, nodding his head and trying his best to sound as casual as possible, but there his hands went— Getting sweaty and making it super obvious that he was getting nervous.


“You know man, you can always come over if you need someone to sit with. I get them too sometimes and I… I just want to help you where I can. You mean the world to me.”


Thump thump


Bakugou stares at him hard. It was too early to have his heart palpitating because this lovable dumbass had to go and say some mushy-ass shit like that. A lot of things ran through his mind all at once and he couldn’t help himself.


“I think I like you a lot” He blurted out, which was more suppose to be an inward thought but with Kirishima so stupidly loving and concerned it just rolled off of his tongue.


They both stopped walking, staring at each other for a long hard minute. Okay, wow. Did he just say that? Oh yeah, there it was. He could see the smoke coming out of Kirishima’s ears as he processed that.




Bakugou swallowed hard and immediately turned around, heading straight back to his room. He couldn’t do it. Not after just blurting that out like an absolute moron.


“Bakugou, wait!” The alpha tried to follow him but The omega was happily able to shut the door before he was caught. He could hear Kirishima knocking and calling for him to open the door, and he knew for a fact that he wouldn’t try to break the door down so… there he was.


It took a few minutes for the sound to stop. So far he was in the clear. At least for the weekend. He’d cross that bridge on Monday.


He had finally settled on his bed when Kirishima just opened his sliding glass door. He flinched, looking at the alpha with wide eyes.


“No! We are not doing that today! You can’t say that then run away from me! What the fuck, Bakugou!” Kirishima looked… kinda hot when he was angry.


“Not after me trying to… be your friend! Oh my god. I think I’m actually having a freak out.” He outright whined, scrubbing his face and shaking his head.


Bakugou sat there, staring at him with wide eyes for a moment. Then after taking a slow, deep breath he sat up and motioned to the other side of the bed, letting the alpha know he could sit.


“I… I like you. A lot, okay?” He said almost with anger before it melted away. “I… its stupid. I hate this omega shit. I don’t need an alpha. I don’t need one to look after me and shit. I just…” he couldn’t just fucking say it?


He sucked in a sharp breath.




“I don’t want an omega in the kitchen.” Kirishima cut him off quickly. “You're so manly, Bakugou.” He said softly. “Like, really badass and manly and I don’t think I could ever imagine you as a House omega. I want to watch you succeed as a hero. You’re so amazing and smart. I like you so much.” He confessed, hands rested on his knees as he stared down at the bed, brows knit together.


That had taken Bakugou back. He had been expecting it for so long. That the alpha in his life would talk him to just stay at home and have kids but Kirishima was clearly not that alpha.


Before he knew it, he was in Kirishima’s lap with his arms around his neck. He kissed him hard, pressing his own chest close to Kirishima’s. He moaned against his lips, hands going to cradle his cheeks.  


It was kinda obvious that Kirishima had no idea what he was doing, so Bakugou was surprisingly kind enough to guide the Alpha’s hands to his hips, pulling back from the kiss to press his face in to his neck.


“I can’t I waited this long.” He said softly, pressing his hips down. “I’m gonna make you beg for me to ride that stupid dick of yours.”


“Shouldn’t we wait? I mean— we just confessed and it’s totally manly to wait!” He tried to bargain but he found himself almost swallowing his tongue when Bakugou took off his shirt and tossed it off to the floor.


“I want to feel that knot balls deep in my pussy.” He told him, reaching a hand to rub over his scent gland then smearing the sweet smelling sweat over Kirishima’s lips.


He sucked in a breath, eyes fluttering before he grabbed Bakugou’s waist and flipped them, pinning him to the mattress and pressing his face in to his neck.


He inhaled, filling his lungs with Bakugou’s thick scent, pressing himself between the omega’s legs.


“Fuck,” he groaned, leaning up and taking off his shirt. He wanted to Feel Bakugou’s smooth skin against his own. He kissed down his chest, dragging his tongue over the omega’s abs. He groaned, feeling his cock pulse in his basketball shorts.


He yanked Bakugou’s shorts off, pulling them down his creamy, muscular thighs. If Bakugou decided to crush his skull right then, he didn’t think he’d be that upset.


Instead, Bakugou spread his legs, toes curling in his socks as he reached behind him to grip the sheets, leaving himself on full display for the Alpha. He felt so turned on already— he was sure he’d be good to go.


Kirishima hesitated, but Bakugou smelled so good he couldn’t help leaning in and licking the length wet cunt, stopping at the base of his cock and wrapping his lips around it to suck softly. He brought a hand up, rubbing it between his legs slow and gentle, spreading the wetness that was already there.


The omega gripped his hair, clenching his fists as he hissed then let out a slow moan. Kirishima has never actually fooled around beyond making out with someone— and even then it was that one time with he and Mina were still in denial about their preferences. It ended with an awkward talk about never doing it again, and now here he was eating Bakugou Katsuki out. What a jump between steps.


Bakugou didn’t give a damn about the proper order in which to fool around. If kirishima dared to take his damn mouth off his cock he’d end up getting blasted in the face and left with blue balls. He rolled his hips, grinding his wet cut against the other man’s face, eyes fluttering and rolling back. Omegas were supposed to sound cute and dainty, but Bakugou’s noised were deep and primal, hands gripping and pulling at his hair, gripping harder when he felt Kirishima push two thick, calloused fingers inside of him.


“Up, up— curl your damn fingers,” The omega absolutely hissed, only to arch his back and moan when the alpha obeyed and put those fingers in just the right way. “Fuckin— god, fuck. Kirishima. Don’t you dare stop.” He could feel it building, between his fingers pushing at his g-spot and that tongue massaging his clit.


“Eijirou. Please call me Eijirou.” He panted, pulling off his cock, wetness practically dripping from his chin. He dived right back in, licking and prodding his tongue with his fingers while his free hand moved to play with Bakugou’s neglected cock.


Eijirou,” The way Bakugou said it just oozed sex appeal. It did things to Kirishima; filthy things. He almost wanted to beg for Bakugou to call him alpha, but there was probably no way in hell Bakugou would ever do that… and even if he did Kirishima would probably nut in his pants.


He didn’t stop working his hand, taking a moment to watch Bakugou moan and quiver while he was two knuckles deep in his pussy. He caught it just in time, watching Bakugou’s eyes flutter and his jaw go slack. He could feel it— the hot, wet inside of Bakugou’s cunt pulsing around his fingers.


He made An omega come. He made his best friend come by finger fucking him and licking his cock.


Bakugou didn't stop moving his hips, trying to drag the feeling out until his thighs were shaking on either side of Kirishima’s shoulders. He went limp, taking a moment to catch his breath and bask in that wonderful feeling that ached through him.


Kirishima was content— he didn’t really expect much more out of this, but he soon found out that Bakugou had different plans. He was leaning up after the alpha pulled two drenched fingers from his cunt, grinning and licking over his pointed canines as he grabbed him by the collar to haul him up.


He forced Kirishima back on the bed, straddling one of his legs before yanking down his basketball shorts.


It was easy to say that he was not disappointed by the size and girth. It was plenty thick and looked long enough to hit nice and deep. He went to straddle his cock, rubbing the head between the lips of his cunt.


“You’re gonna fuck me.” He told him, grabbing him by the collar of his shirt. “And you’re gonna fuck me hard. If I can feel my legs after this, you did a piss poor job. Show me how fuckin manly you are.” He was demanding in every sense of the word, not waiting a second longer before impaling himself on Kirishima’s massive cock.


The omega gasped, clenching and pulsing around him. He had thought about this a lot. The way Kirishima would feel balls deep in his cunt, pressed snuggle against his cervix with still some cock to go.


“Come on.” He almost whined, bouncing himself on the other’s lap.


Kirishima almost couldn’t see straight. It was so sudden and now he feels like he’s out his cock in magma— perfect, wet, soft magma. The words set in and he growled, baring his mouth full of sharp teeth as he grabbed Bakugou’s waist and thrusted upwards hard, forcing the air out of his lungs.


Bakugou let out a pleased hiss of “ Yesss,”, nails dragging over his hardening arms. He rolled his hips, toes curling as he moved to rut his hips down. It didn’t take long for Kirishima to find a good pace of fucking up in to him like an animal. The omega could only hold on for dear life as the alpha bucked under him like a bull.


He was finally moved, pinned down to the bed, his head resting near the foot of the bed. Kirishima hooked his hands on the backs of his knees to bend him in half, hips pistoning to fuck the other as hard as he could. He couldn’t disappoint his omega. What kind of man would he be? What kind of alpha couldn’t satisfy his omega.


Bakugou was a mess, face flushed red as he tried to grab on to the other. It was a lot, leaving him gasping for air, back arched up off the mattress. Was he drooling? He was pretty sure he was drooling. Excuse him while he gets his guts rearranged by a huge cock.


Kirishima leaned in, wanting to nose at his neck and maybe bite— but Bakugou’s hand went for his throat, grabbing the base and keeping him at bay. The lack of oxygen only make kirishima harder— made him go even harder. Bakugou’s moans turned into screams, thighs trembling as the feeling was there, building up. His hand dropped from his neck in favor for rubbing his own cock frantically. His thighs shook and his body started to pulse and spasm.


He knew he was going to squirt and he was going to die of embarrassment. Kirishima didn’t seem to plan on stopping, even as his knot started to swell and split bakugou open. All it took was a few strokes, a few short circles on his cock and Bakugou Was coming hard, gushing on Kirishima’s thighs. He was sobbing, nails dragging over his skin with the intent to make him bleed, clinging to him like he was a life line.


“Oh my god,” The alpha sounded breathless, wide eyed and flushed before he started up again, not missing a beat after that brief pause to admire such an erotic sight.


Bakugou came again when Kirishima did. He felt the knot pop and an odd feeling of warmth filling him full. Thank god for birth control because wow, that felt like a lot of cum.


He went limp and Kirishima seemed to have the same idea in kind. He hardly noticed the pounding on the wall telling them to quiet down.


The basking was cut short when Kirishima leaned up.


“So, Uh… is this normal? are we gonna make this normal? Because I kinda really like you and I don’t want to ever not be with you.” The redhead confessed, looking down at him. “I just.. I want you to feel the same way but I understand if you—“


“You think I’d let any fucking alpha do this? Bakugou snapped, opening an eye and looking up at him. “Just fuckin… put your head back on my chest. I’m tired and my fucking pussy hurts really good right now. I want to relax and enjoy this.”


With that, Kirishima just nodded and laid his head back down.