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Poem: Hansel and Gretel

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A little family of four, in a little cottage,
in the depths of the lonely forest.
A poor father, two hungry children,
a bitter woman with little compassion for
the father's young son and daughter.

The father is the food she hungers for;
the children are the leftovers needed to
be tossed aside.

First attempt; taking the children on a stroll
through the dark woods, leaving them to perish
at the hands of the starving darkness.

But the boy, with a cunning wit, carries the little
stones of hope that leads them back to the safe haven
of their home.

The mother tries again; this time, replacing the stones
with the bread they have on hand.
Even with the trail of bread crumbs, soon it was
devoured by the hungry crows, marking the children
for death in the lonely woods.

Brother and sister wander through the woods, the pale moon
shining down through the darkness. Glowing eyes shine
through the dead willow, peering with hunger at the two.
In the depths of the woods, the children are food.

Sitting alone in a small clearing,
a gingerbread house; cookies and cakes for walls,
gumdrops lining the rooftop, candy canes trailing
down the path to the sugary front door.

Temptation, hunger rules over rational thoughts.
Brother and sister devour little bits of the
candy cottage, unaware of its dark secret.

An old witch appears, her exterior as sweet
as her home, tempts the hungry children
into her domain, the promise of food and warmth.

The witch locks the boy away, to fatten
him, sate her own hunger.
The girl serves until she too is next.

The days pass, the boy, with a cunning wit,
fools the hungry witch with thin bones,
the girl plotting to sate the hunger.

The witch's hunger grows large,
impatient of waiting for her meal to be done.
Turns on the boiling oven in preparation.

The girl, with a cunning wit, shoves
the witch inside the fiery depths of hell,
perishing into a roasted corpse.

The witch is done cooking, the hungry
children take her apart; the thin arms, the thick legs,
the charred flesh, the cooked innards,
the tantalizing blood.

The hunger has been sated.