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Remember Me?

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... another villain attack this afternoon. Thankfully, due to the quick response of nearby pro heroes, the villains were confronted before any major damage could be done. Unfortunately, they escaped before the police arrived. Based on initial observations, it is thought that they are part of the League of Villains, and it is unknown what their intentions behind this attack were. We advise the public to keep an eye out for suspicious behavior and avoid -

"Shouldn't you be in class?"

"... Oh, right. Sorry."

Nezu glanced at the television, where there was a full-screen picture of the villains that had escaped capture. The details were blurry, most likely taken on a passerby's phone. The unmistakable figure of Shigaraki was barely visible, disappearing into Kurogiri's warp. The other figure in the picture was new, one that hadn't shown their face in public before. The quality was too poor to make out any specifics, but the form was clad in black, with long, white hair.

Even so, something about it... "That person seems familiar." Nezu commented, turning to look at Aizawa as the picture shrunk from the screen, the news anchor continuing with her report.

"Yeah." Aizawa stood up, turning to shuffle out of the lounge, a mask of indifference over his face, as usual.


"Maaan, that was such a letdown!" You yawned, stepping back into the dimly-lit bar that was slowly becoming more and more familiar.

"It can't be helped." Shigaraki sighed, sitting himself on a stool. You took a seat next to him, gladly accepting a drink that Kurogiri slid your way. "There is no reason in prematurely revealing you to the public."

"Sure, I can wait a little while longer. I've been working for you for years, and only now you're introducing me to the rest of the team," you smirked, downing your glass in one gulp and demanding another, which Kurogiri reluctantly poured for you. Shigaraki didn't respond, so you entertained yourself with tugging at your new suit.

It wasn't uncomfortable, you just weren't used to it. The reasoning behind the skin-tight aspect was to allow you to use your Quirk more efficiently, although you suspected there were other motives.

The door opened and Mr. Compress stepped in, followed by Dabi and Toga. "Ah, Eidolon! Are you back from your mission already?"

You dipped your head slightly, greeting him back. "No. We got interrupted before we started." You gripped your glass tightly, letting frustration wash over you for a moment. "And I was so looking forward to it, too!"

"There will be other opportunities," Mr. Compress promised, leaning against the wall.

You glanced curiously at the marbles that he pulled out of his pocket. "Oooh! I assume your mission went smoothly, then?"

Chuckling, he said, "They were easy pickings. Nobody noticed a thing." He pocketed them again, ready for transport.

"There wasn't nearly enough blood!" Toga whined, running up to you. You pouted along with her, and soon you two were in a loud discussion on the topic of killing sprees, and different types of murder weapons.

Sometime later, Toga looked like she suddenly had a thought. "What were you doing before you became a villain, Eidolon? You seem young! Well, of course, not as young as us," she added, gesturing to herself and Dabi. You glanced at her curiously, waiting for her to continue. "Young like... university graduate student!"

"Maybe I was," you hummed, propping up your chin on a hand. You thought for a moment, scrolling through the hazy fog that was your memory. "I think I was. I don't actually remember."

"You always say that!" Toga huffed, stretching herself across the bar. "Ah well, you don't have to tell us if you don't want to! You're here now, and we're friends, and that's what matters!"

You felt a smile stretch across your face. "Yeah! Hey, Kurogiri, give me another shot!"

- [a few days later, at night] -

"I can't see well in the dark," you mumbled out loud, attempting to remain as still as possible. This time, you were out in an alley with Mr. Compress, on a simple capture mission. Ever since the Nomu-creating facility had been destroyed, Shigaraki had been sending out more teams to get some fresh blood.

"There should be dim light inside," your companion commented. "Well, I will be waiting for you at that door." He pointed to a door further in the alleyway. "Good luck," he added, tipping his hat.

You grinned widely and gave him a thumbs-up. "I'll be fine. Just wait for the door to unlock!" Activating your Quirk, your body faded into a dimmer, translucent version of yourself.

NAME: ██ ██
ALIAS: Eidolon
QUIRK: Phase
She can allow herself to pass through solid objects at will. Passing through another living creature makes her extremely nauseous, though. Anything she's got on her body that is not touching skin can not follow her through solid objects, e.g. a backpack.

Glancing around, you saw Mr. Compress look at you for a moment, and then make his way to the door.

Better not keep him waiting for too long.

You passed through the wall, making a little schwoomp noise as you popped out the other side. As Mr. Compress had said, there was indeed a soft interior light. The room you entered looked like a jewelry store, and you were immediately entranced by the various sparklies lying in glass cases. You had no idea you'd be breaking into a shop like this!

Ah, no. You winced at your sudden surge of greed. There was nothing in the orders about stealing jewelry. Only the target is needed. Or rather, their Quirk was a good one, and quite useful for combining and making into a Nomu.

You quietly passed through a few other walls - schwoomp - and found the target in a storeroom, counting their stocks, or at least preparing to open for the next day. You drifted up behind him and willed your body to reform.

Quietly sliding up behind him, you kicked in the back of his knees and wrapped your arm around his exposed neck as he fell backwards with a yelp. While you squeezed the air out of his windpipe, your other hand reached up to cover his mouth. You kept him in this chokehold for a good fifteen seconds, even though he had gone limp after ten.

You managed to drag him out of the room with no difficulty, reaching the door that you and Mr. Compress had agreed on. Unlocking it, you were met with soft applause, and you hauled the target out of the building with an excited smile plastered on your face.

"That was so fun! Can I do it again?!" You squealed happily, handing over the body for the illusionist to do his work.

He chuckled, pocketing the marble. "Soon, but not tonight, I'm afraid. We were only required to capture one person. You did a good job, though." You whined softly, disappointed at the lack of action, but didn't protest any further.

"Sometimes I wish the targets put up more of a fight," you sighed, leaning against the wall as you waited for Kurogiri to open up a warp. It shouldn't be too long, now. "I feel like my skills are getting rusty."

Your companion was about to answer when a noise sounded on the main street. You both looked at each other and pressed flat against the walls, not wanting to be detected. You noticed that whoever's passing by was having a conversation. Ah - two people passing by.

"... never going drinking with you again."

"Aw, come on, live a little!"

Their shadows slowly approached the opening of the alleyway, and you turned to your companion with a sparkle in your eyes. "They've been drinking, Mr. Compress! Let's capture them, too!"

Before he could protest, your excitement got the better of you, and you'd already shifted into your phase form, running into the wall. Shigaraki would be delighted that you'd brought back more targets, right? It shouldn't be a problem if Mr. Compress makes them into nice little marbles, too!

You stuck your face out of the wall to see where you were. Immediately, you pulled yourself back inside. You hadn't expected them to be this close - you'd stuck your nose right into one of their waving hands. Sucking in deep breaths to keep yourself from losing focus due to the nausea, you steadied yourself, careful to only have the minimum amount of face sticking out of the wall, squinting to assess your new targets.

They were men, both definitely taller than you. The conversation seemed rather one-sided. Suddenly, one of them - the quieter one - looked over his shoulder, and you quickly pulled yourself back into the wall. The other person continued babbling on about... something. Did he see you? Probably not - the wall was pretty good camouflage.

Disappointed that you hadn't managed to catch anything extra, and slightly concerned that you'd nearly been caught, you made your way back to Mr. Compress, who was looking around in an attempt to find you. You sneaked up next to him, letting out a little giggle as he jumped.

"I imagine it didn't go well." You could hear the smirk in his voice.

You huffed, crossing your arms. "They were right in me when I peeked out for a look. Didn't expect that. I was caught off-guard, that's all!"

Mr. Compress hummed a soft tone of agreement. "What did they look like?"

"They were really weird! Well, one of them was, at least." You did your best not to let the excitement take over again. "They were both really tall! Taller than me! Uh, one of them had really long blonde hair, but it was styled like this." You made an exaggerated swooping motion with your arm, starting from the back of your head and arching upwards and backwards.

Mr. Compress seemed to twitch a little, but you weren't finished. "He was talking a lot. His friend was quieter, and wore a lot of black. I couldn't see much about him, I was too busy not being sick," you grinned sheepishly.

"Good thing you didn't engage them, then." Mr. Compress sighed. "They're probably both pro heroes. At least, the one you described is. Present Mic - have you heard of him?"

You thought for a moment. It sounded vaguely familiar, but every time you tried to pinpoint exactly where you'd heard it before, everything got hazy. "I... think so? I've heard the name, but I don't know anything about him."

At that moment, Kurogiri's warp gate opened up, and you heard his voice coming through. "Apologies for the delay. I got sidetracked."

"No worries, you're just in time!" Mr. Compress gestured for you to go through, with a slight incline of his head that implied 'ladies first'.

"Ever the charmer," you pretended to swoon, chuckling as you made your way over to the portal. Before you could enter, though, you found yourself restrained by... strips of cloth?

You turned your head lazily to a side, wondering if Mr. Compress was playing tricks again. He wasn't. He wasn't facing you, either - instead, he was looking towards the mouth of the alleyway, where two figures stood. The cloth seemed to originate from one of them. You instantly recognized them as the two people who'd passed by.

Mr. Compress flung a hand out, trying to reach and compress you, but nothing happened when he made contact with your shoulder. "Shit, he's erasing my Quirk?!"

"Is everything alright?" Kurogiri asked, sounding slightly concerned.

The two figures were approaching, fast. "It's Eraserhead and Present Mic," Mr. Compress reported.

"Disengage immediately. We currently don't have the resources for backup."

Hm? Where're they all off to? Why didn't they invite me along? You quickly turned to Mr. Compress. "You go. I can take care of myself." You activated your Quirk and the cloth tightened around empty air. By this time, the two heroes had halved the distance between the parties.

As soon as you'd freed yourself, though, you found the cloths immediately restraining you once again. Your body was solid - it seemed like this Eraserhead was targeting you now. Seeing this, Mr. Compress instantly reached for you, but you felt yourself being yanked away from him.

"Go!" You yelped. You've got the target! Kurogiri's warp was closing rapidly, and Mr. Compress tipped his hat to you before leaping through.