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All about experiences

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Sam never been the type to go to parties, less alone going to sleepovers. He never been in a city long enough to have really close friends, and even if he did, their dad was clear about not leaving the motel room at night.

To be sure not to be treat like a freak, he always pretended to know the stuff that happened at parties. He listened closely at what the other boys were saying the week after, and even through Dean would call him a nerd for it, he wrote down every one of their experiences.

Mixing alcohol together wasn’t a good experience. When he tells the story, he makes sure to tell how much he throws up after it.

Seven minutes in Heaven was a good experience. His imaginary girlfriend is a girl named Deana, with green eyes and freckles, and she kisses like an angel.

Watching porn was definitely a good experience for all of them. This one, he doesn’t even have to fake. Dean allowed him to use his porn when he’s not around, and just thinking about the fact that his brother and he are jerking off on the same porn is enough to send him over the edge.

He knows all the code, all the games, and he always did a pretty good job at hiding the fact that he never leaves the motel room until he heard someone mentioning the “soggy biscuit” game.

“Dude, it’s the most disgusting thing ever” Luc says, shoving Eric against the locker

“Only if you’re the one losing, otherwise, it’s funny as hell!”

Sam laughs with them even through he had no idea what they’re talking about, and he makes a mental note to ask Dean about it tonight.





“Dean, I asked you something” Sam sighs, looking at his big brother. He asked Dean about the soggy biscuit game at least five minutes ago, and all Dean had done since then is using his phone. Phone that, if Sam would dare say it, is supposed to be for the two of them.

“I don’t know what it is” Dean finally admits “Are you sure you heard it correctly?”

“Yes, I am!” Sam complains. How is he supposed to look cool if he doesn’t even know what the game is about?

“Relax, I texted Shawn about it, I’m sure he knows about it”

Sam grunts in frustration, which owns him to have a pillow shoves in his face. In the meantime, he tries to find out what the game can be about. Maybe it’s about putting gross things on a biscuit? Like shaving cream or shampoo? Or maybe it’s about licking the biscuit before giving it to someone else? He doesn’t really understand how it can be fun, but this is the kind of stuff his friends find funny.

“Hey Sammy, who told you about this game?” Dean asks, his eyes glue on the phone

“Some friends, why?”

“Did they ask you to play with them?”

He can hear concern in Dean’s voice, and he quickly moves himself next to his brother, taking the phone in his hands.

This, this isn’t what he was expecting, and he can feel his face turning red with embarrassment.

“It’s so fucked up” He says, reading the text again “I mean, do boys really do that?”

“Apparently, they do” Dean laughs “Come on, it’s nothing. You just had to… You know, do it quickly so you don’t have to eat it”

“So, you have no problem eating someone else cum? And yours, too?”

Dean doesn’t reply right away, and just the thought of his brother considering it make Sam wants to throw up. It also makes him a little angry and jealous, but nobody needs to know.

“I mean, if it’s someone you trust, it can be funny” Dean admits “Plus, I don’t think it’s that bad”

“Sperm isn’t that bad? That’s what you’re saying?”

“You’re so closed-mind, Sammy, I swear”

“No, I’m not!” Sam defends himself. He’s not, and he doesn’t judge what people like to do but he doesn’t want his brother to eat someone else cum! If Dean had any ideas of what is going on in Sam’s head, he wouldn’t call him closed-mind. Freak, for sure, but not closed-mind.

“Then do it”

“Do what?”

“Take a biscuit, put in on the table, and then jerk off”

“I can’t do it alone”

“Hey, I have a dick too” Dean laughs, getting up from the bed “Come on, you’re gonna win anyway”

“Why would I win? And isn’t it incest or something?” Sam says, his arms closely against his chest. He hopes Dean isn’t playing with him or making it fun of him. He can’t believe Dean would play the game with him.

“Because you’re 14, you last what, ten seconds? I’m gonna last at least five minutes and no, it’s not incest if we’re not touching”

“Shut up, I don’t last 14 seconds”

This isn’t true, and they both know it. But how are you supposed to last more than that when your wet dream is sleeping in the same room as you every single day?

Sam insists for them to put a towel on the table, considering that their dad will be eating here too, and it owns him to be call a crying baby once again.

“Alright, you’re ready?” Dean asks, positioning the biscuit on the table

“I guess”

“Come on Sam, it’s a game, you’re supposed to have fun!”

Sam rolls his eyes before zipping his pants down and realizing his dick. He’s not even half hard, the stress and the embarrassment of the situation making it hard for him to relax, while Dean is already jerking off.

“Dude, I’m gonna win, hurry up”

Sam starts touching himself, his eyes focusing on his own member as he goes up and down. No matters how he tries to do it, his dick stays as flat as a dead fish.

“Sam” Dean says, stopping his movement “If you don’t want to do it, just say it”

“I want to, but I… It’s stressed full, ok?”

Dean sighs before moving next toward him until they’re standing next to each other. He can feel the heat coming from Dean, and most of all, he can see his dick perfectly. He can feel his mouth watering as he looks at it, imaging how it would feel to have it inside of his mouth. Could he take all of it? Dean is so big, he would probably choke on it. He can’t hold back the broken moan that escapes his lips when he thinks about it.

“It’s great, Sammy. Doing so great. Think you’re gonna come before me?” Dean asks, jerking off faster

“Dean” Sam whispers, trying to follow his brother movement

“Shit, I don’t know if I want to win or to lose. How fucked up it is for me to want to eat my baby brother cum?”

Sam comes immediately, his whole body shaking with the power of his orgasm, and Dean follows him quickly.

He can’t believe it, can’t believe he just jerk off with Dean, and now, now he’ll have to watch Dean eating the biscuit.

“Do you think we taste the same?” Dean asks, taking the biscuit in his hands, his dick still hanging in the air

“I- No” Sam says, trying to catch his breath

Dean eats the biscuit in one bite under Sam’s wide eyes, and he even licks his fingers after, his lips wrapping around each other of them, his eyes closed in pleasure.

“You were right, Sammy. We don’t taste the same” He sounds a little disappointed, and Sam can already feel his dick getting hard again “One of us taste way better than the other. I think I should taste it from the source, don’t you think?”



Soggy biscuit was a good experience, and when his friends asked him about it, he doesn’t have to fake it. Instead, he told them how often he played this game, and how every time it ends, whatever he lost or win, he ends up getting the best blow job ever.