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The sound of someone walking into his room that night awoke him from his soundless sleep. The young one sat up in bed and sighed as the maid came to dress him holding a dress in hand. "My lady do you know what day it is today?" She questioned looking beyond excited. He knew exactly what today was for himself, the blood ceremony, the first time he would do what he was built to do, drink blood. Drink blood and experience the essence of life run down his throat so he can finally become a fully fledged vampire like all those before him. Though he wasn't so amused at the idea and pulled the cover back over his head taking pride in the little time he knew he had left before the lines of pre written destiny took a hold of him, this just ended in it being taken off of him.

He didn't want to do this because he has never wanted this, he wanted to be normal, to live a normal life like all them mortals around him. No dark clothes, no bats, no dark castles and no blood. He just wanted to be normal and live his life like everyone else.

So the young one was dressed for the day against his wishes, internally mumbling bad things to himself. Black dress and lace choker and the locks of hair arranged into a low hanging bun. Jewels hung off his hair like raindrops and the candle light around him reflected in them casting small rays of light into his painted black lips. This would be good and all for anyone but not for Levi because at the same time of not wanting to live the vampire lifestyle he didn't want this other lifestyle he was born into, the female one. In private he had decided that if he could somehow escape all this his name would be Levi, that would be if a miracle happened. He was directed by the maid once ready to go and off he went to meet his family in the dining room. On his way there he slowed down in the hall looking up at the paintings of his family. He was expected to follow this role without fail and carry on the bloodline without failure. He wanted to escape but had no way to.

Arriving at the door he saw a few male servants talking to his father and he listened in closely. "Are you sure you should let this happen my lord?" He asked "what if something goes bad because know"

"We don't know what will happen but I'm sure we'll have it under control" he explained "you guys all have nearby weapons just in case things turn for the worse."

"Alright but how much do we give her?" They asked worried

"The normal wine glass full" he stated not willing to be fazed by such worries "she's my blood after all, she can handle it without a problem." Levi hadn't a clue what they were on about and questioned why they were asking so many questions about this. He has to sit down and drink from the glass, that's all he has to do and they're making it out to be some difficult task. Levi remembers that there wasn't as much fuss for his cousin's turn. He shook his head and walked into the room and watched as the room fell silent to look at him or should I say her as he's known as and Levi just sat down on the chair at the top end of the table. He looks at them all with a questionable look, a little anxious at that but wouldn't let it show that the atmosphere in room was getting to him a little.

"Come on everyone" he adds "let's just get this over and done with." In his mind he could just drink it then never drink it again since he wouldn't die without it, just be powerless like he always was. That would be fine but some part of him wasn't sure about this, the way everyone was staring at him, even his father who was unfazed seemed he was hiding his fear a little. Everyone right now was the same. Levi sat there worried about what exactly they were worried about, was this so called concern that he might not like it? (If its even possible) could he be secretly allergic? Levi didn't know but just glanced over at his cousin who didn't look at him the same as everyone else, Mikasa herself seemed unaware of what everyone else was thinking around her about Levi (or Lucy if you want to be technical.)

His father stood up alongside his mother smiling. "We're here today for a really important day in my young one's life, her first time tasting the blood from a living being and experiencing what it's truly like to be born a vampire."

"I'm so proud that my little girl is going to turn into the bloodsucker we've always wanted" Klutchel smiled.

"Let her feast at last!" They both called and there was a cheer from his family promoting him to drink but though after a vampire takes their first drink they are granted any wish they desire. Nobody in his experience had wished for the curse of vampirism to be gone from their body though there was something else he also desired to come true. He decided to wish for that last thing after he had drank. Mikasa had gotten a dog, Levi definitely did not want a dog.

He slowly lifted the glass to his lips and just before the liquid reached his lips there was a loud crash. Levi widened his eyes placing the glass down and looking towards where he heard the noise come from behind his parent's bodies. His eyes met with a group of large animals or more commonly known as werewolves and before anyone realised they were there Levi widened his eyes and darted under the table within a second. The rest of his family realised the intruders too late when all Levi heard was screams and seeing servants trying to reach for the weapons within the room but failed. "Find the girl!" The main one growled out "and wipe out anyone in our way"

Levi stayed quiet under the table panicking. 'They're going to get me!' He thought to himself when the room fell silent and he was sure he was the only one of his family still alive. He had to think of a plan quickly and he saw a gun on the floor, he carefully reached over to it not making a noise and checked it's contents. There were some bullets left and Levi almost laughed with glee seeing they were made of silver. There were six of them and if Levi just ran out and shot randomly, he would hopefully survive this.

He lept out and shot for his life in multiple directions squeezing his eyes closed to avoid seeing anything gore like. Within a few seconds he pulled down the gun with shaking hands and opened his eyes to see the beasts on the floor. He fell back against the table looking up at the ceiling and sighed to then smile. "I've done it!" He explained. His head turned to the glass still laying upright on the table and it looked like it hadn't been touched. It was somewhat of a perfect anomaly within the chaos that surrounded him and that's when he actually took a second to notice and take in what had just happened. He cursed quietly even though nobody could hear him and picked up the glass pouring it on the floor. Though he was sure it wouldn't work he silently said his wish that he had always wanted before standing back up. He had to run, run to somewhere and escape. With his family wiped out he hurried around his home picking up whatever he could find to help him: money and a backpack. It was all he could find that would be of use to him.

He ran out of his home hoping that there wasn't anyone else to hurt him and once into the forested area that surrounded his old home he heard a rustle within the bushes, he prepared himself to swing the backpack at anyone who tried to hurt him knowing it wouldn't work at all but it was the only option he had. He carefully approached where the noise was coming from and held his breath. He looked over the bush and saw a small looking dog sitting down on the ground. He heard him whimper and Levi cautiously walked around it and went towards the animal. It opened his eyes at him and tried to run away to come falling to the ground. Levi further approached kneeling down to look at it. "Are you alright?" He questioned looking at his paw "have you hurt yourself? Don't worry I'm not going to harm you. Can you understand me? Are you man, animal or a monster?"

The animal seemed to shake it's head and within a moment it opened their mouth. "No, I'm hurt" they stated "I'm a werewolf, you?"

"Vampire but I wish to cure myself" he stated "my name is Levi Ackerman, what is yours?"

"Eren, Eren Yeager" he added and then looked Levi up and down questionably "are you sure about that? You pretty much seem like a girl to me"

"I don't have time to discuss such things Eren" he added "show me your human form" Within a few seconds the small dog turned into a young man and Levi raised a brow in confusion. "How old are you Eren?"

"15" he added

"I see, your animal form confused me for a moment there" he chuckled "the size of that dog made me think you were 8 or something like that"

"We werewolves can turn into any dog we want alongside a wolf itself and our beast form but my family told me to be something less intimidating so it wouldn't draw attention" he explained

"Draw attention?" He laughed "you were a flipping pomeranian in the middle of the woods! You looked more misplaced than an ostrich in a snow storm. That's why I came up to you because it was obvious you didn't belong in this environment."

"Oh yeah" he added "I didn't think about that, how old are you?"

"18 as of today" he explained and didn't say anything for a moment "Eren where is your family?"

"They went to some castle nearby looking for this young woman to kill her apparently" he added not looking amused "something about them being a danger or whatever to the monster world. I don't know and I couldn't care less about it so I stayed here with our belongings and ended up getting thorns in my hand. They've been gone for god damn ages!"

Levi thought for a second and widened his eyes knowing exactly what had happened to them. "How did you do that to yourself?" He questions hoping to divert the topic.

"I found some berries and tried to pick them" he added looking at his hand.

"Well that was stupid" Levi stated "trying to pick berries from a thorn covered bush without any protection. At least you didn't sit on it..."

"Hey I'm not stupid!" he growled "I just wasn't thinking that's all and I should be calling you stupid, dressed like that and walking around on your own, you seem crazy looking all fancy like that in this type of place, are you trying to be robbed?."

"With what's just happened I didn't have time to go off and find a suitable outfit, I don't even have one that wouldn't look 'fancy' in your words I think and for your information I'm dressed like this since it is..or it was supposed to be a special day for me." He explained "you should get going Eren and not waste your time waiting for them all to return, I'm sorry to say this but they're not coming back any time soon you know"

"And why is that?" He scoffed crossing his arms.

"It's the same reason I'm standing here right now in front of you" he started "yours and my own family are dead"

He widened his eyes at him "what! You're lying to me!" He shouted.

"Just let me explain alright" Levi sighed sitting down on the ground now in front of him "your family got me out of quite a predicament you know, I was about to drink my first bit of blood and they came in and caused hell on. They murdered the whole of my family and I luckily had a great aim to save me. You can guess what happened there."

He seemed lost for words. "You bastard!" He growled and Levi could see the anger as his eyes faded from its green like colour and turned a bright yellow.

"It was in self defence" he sighed "they were out to kill me Eren so I had no choice and but try to protect myself. I think we're even." Eren didn't say anything. "Look let's make a deal. I'll help you and you can serve me for what your family has done to mine and by serve I mean as a companion. I don't have any grudges towards you. I'm just not letting you die out here alone or do you have a home you belong to with more of you I can drop you off at. I'm heading somewhere if you wish to accept and come with me to where you need to go or with me. Deal?"

Eren thought for a moment. "Deal" he sighed "I'll go with you to wherever you want." Levi realised something. He remembered talking to his cousin Mikasa about not wanting a dog after the ceremony. He imagined her spirit laughing her head off right now. It infact did end up happening for Levi. He had indeed ended up with a god damn dog in the end!

"Good" Levi added sighing and looked down at the injury on Eren's hand knowing if they wanted to start walking the way he wanted it would be no use to not treat it. "Can I treat that wound of yours?"

Eren looked down at his hand then back up at Levi. "Ok" he sighed "do you have anything you can use?"

"I don't, you?" Levi questioned and he shook his head in return "well even if it was possible for me to do something magic related I wouldn't know how to do it since you know... I've never been trained"

"So how are you going to do that then? Huh Batty?" He asked annoyed and Levi looked down at the outfit he wore to then face Eren.

"I have an idea" he explained and the next thing Eren saw was him leaning over, taking a hold of the bottom of the dress and tearing some off so the section on the outside of his left thigh was exposed. Eren widened his eyes at the motion and held his breath for a moment.

"What the hell are you doing!?" He shouted covering his eyes and Levi just looked puzzled at his reaction.

"It's some cloth know... to cover the wound when I take those thorns out of your hand in case you bleed." He explained "what did you think I was doing?"

"Ummm nothing" he snapped and heald his hand out for Levi to sort it out "j-just get on with it already!"

Levi thought for a moment about what this strange mutt in front of him was getting so aggravated about until when he glanced down to where the big tear was and saw Eren looking at it is when it hit him. "Ooooohh" he quietly laughed "I understand now but that's not what I was thinking when I done that and plus, we've just met Eren also your not really my type. I appreciate the effort though."

"Ah what the hell I wasn't thinking that!" He added and when Levi once again chuckled at his actions he just huffed with a frown once again presenting the injured hand. So there Levi sat with Eren's hand resting on the dress that he wore. He used the cloth over his hand as he pulled the thorns out and Eren noticed this. "This is stupid!" He announced "a vampire that won't even touch blood, I've seen everything now"

"Just stay quiet will you" Levi asked "you're lucky Eren anyone else would of killed you on sight and a vampire I believe would of sucked some blood out of that hand of yours whilst doing this....that reminds me could you do that to yourself? It'll get any bad stuff out of you."

"Isn't that your job to treat me?" He asked sarcastically "you're a terrible vampire and doctor now." Eren done so and spat the blood he sucked from himself out away from them.

"Whatever Eren now turn into a wolf form that you can walk on and it can hold me" Levi then requested "a large wolf sounds good. Then I can bandage that paw." He followed the request and Levi watched as the young man in front of him turned into a large wolf, not the same werewolf creature that invaded his home and made it a place of destruction. It wasn't like a regular sized wolf either and his wild eyes beamed at Levi. Levi took the large paw and tied the cloth around it carefully taking note to the animal's face in case he was hurting them. Thankfully he didn't cause him any harm.

Once all bandaged up the two of them started walking through the dark forest, Levi riding on top of this beast form of Erens whilst having hold of his and Eren's belongings. Levi who was mostly giving directions took a moment to check up on Eren. "So how are you feeling Eren?" He questioned leaning forward and down for a tad to study his face. "I appologise if my efforts haven't worked, can you even talk whilst like this?"

A deepish voice replied to Levi "I'm fine" he added "and I can talk in whatever form I want, the small dog talks remember" Levi just said a simple "oh yeah.." in return. Eren looked up at this new found companion of his and saw him looking intently at the forest clearings they were traversing over time together without saying a word. A thought came to Eren about this experience that really had him thinking about all of this. Of course he was thinking about the fact his family and the person above him's family were both murdered because of the actions of his own family but right now he and this person he has to follow both knew there was no time to think about it or mourn, they had to get moving as fast as they could. This then rose the lingering question on Eren's mind to dispell itself. "You know I've been thinking about something, where the hell are we even going?" He questioned.

"The town a few miles from here" Levi started explaining as he continued to look at the continuous flow of trees ahead of them. "My uncle owns an piece of land there and there's a block of flats standing on it. He has a place we can stay that he doesn't use."

"He's a land lord?" Eren added "didn't expect that coming from your kind, I thought your family would own garlic farms or some shit."

"Very funny and original Eren" Levi sighed unamused "in that case I should be assuming your family is the owner of a massive illegal dog breeding house where they inpregnate poor innocent dogs for money"

"Hey I don't do that!" He whined, the deep primal tone of his voice now gone.

"I'm aware just don't make stupid jokes like that on old facts that aren't even true: we don't burn to death, we have a reflection and we can't die by eating garlic Eren."

"Really care to explain why people think that about you all then" he prompted and Levi began to explain.

"When it comes to sun were sensitive but we don't erupt into blisters or anything like that. That comes from when a human though it was a clever idea to walk around with oil on them in hot weather. I don't know about the mirror thing though I think the one that caused that was broken. The garlic thing is the most accurate but not true. It just gives us a bad stomach if we have lots of it. It's like when some people can have a little bit of milk but when they have lots that's when it affects them. Are things clearer now Eren?"

"Yeah yeah" he added "at least I know I can add lots of garlic to your food if you annoy me one day and not kill you, just send you to the toilet"

"And if you do I'll not hesitate to have you wear a cone on your head" Levi added "don't test me, I'm not in the mood right now."

"You think I haven't realised?" Eren scoffed "you've been one hell of a bratty batty since we set off and got off your home's old grounds." Though Eren was right. When they both were about to exit the area around the home they stepped over a flat formation of rocks that seemed to be set out in a circle around the estate without any word said. When they had exited the circle the kind mood of his travel companion changed immediately as a headache came across him. At this moment in time Eren could tell it was definitely bothering him by him closing his eyes constantly when Eren was presenting not to be looking.

"Be quiet will you" Levi snapped above his normal voice and Eren came to a halt. "What's wrong?" He sighed heavily, the annoyance set clearly on his face.

"We're stopping to rest and get some sleep before you rip my fur out in rage" he explained shaking Levi off what made him land on his backside with a small thump. Levi brushed himself off and watched as Eren walked over to a tree and curled up. He hadn't moved and Eren raised a brow. "Aren't you not going to sleep on that branch? You know as a bat?"

"Well no..." Levi dragged shuffling on the spot which made Eren sigh closing his eyes.

"Please don't tell me you don't know how to do that" he added and Levi just simply let out a nervous laugh "unbelievably useless and I'm not even joking Levi, you would think that they would at least teach you something whilst you were growing up in case they died and oh...guess what they freaking did! Do you not even have a book about all this!?"

"It's not my fault" Levi added "I was supposed to learn everything tonight about my abilities but because of your family that didn't happen. All my extended family did learn growing up but my family for some reason didn't want me to do it until today, I think it was something to do with me being only enough to control myself. It's kind of weird and I don't understand. I'm pleased I didn't have to drink anything tonight though. "

"Ha your one to complain even though you're pleased that you didn't have to drink anything you weirdo" Eren said as he stretched out making a small whine like noise. "I'm nice and warm if you want to use me"

"I'll keep that in mind next time you get on my nerves and I want a new blanket" he sighed now moving to sit against the tree opposite from Eren as Eren let out a small nervous laugh. "I'm going to sleep now"

So they both slept for a little while not waking up and all was peaceful until a scream escaped from Eren. Levi sat up immediately and looked over at Eren who was growling at him. "Who the hell are you!?" He asked and Levi shone him a look of confusion. Levi opened his mouth to say something to him in order to calm him down and to understand what was going on. When he started his sentence he immediately stopped widening his eyes, he sounded different.