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Monarchy *ON HIATUS* (sorry...)

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Kuroko was sitting next to the window staring outside, zoning in and out. He was tired due to the fact that he pulled an all-nighter helping his friend, Kagami Taiga, with his school project that he forgot to complete. That idiot. The teacher was rambling on about some unimportant information that Kuroko was too tired to pay attention to. Slowly, his sleepiness started to take over and the thought of sleep sounded unbelievably delightful. Kuroko's teacher never noticed if he fell asleep in their class or not, so he thought that a quick nap wouldn't hurt. Kuroko's eyelids became heavier by the second and eventually, he fell asleep.


When Kuroko woke up, the classroom was empty. He felt a little hurt that Kagami didn't wake him up, but, just like everyone else, he probably didn't notice him. He took out his flip phone to check what time it was and saw that it was 12:39 p.m, about the middle of lunch. He was about to get up but automatically stilled when two alphas entered the room. They weren't just any alphas, they were two alphas from the famous Generation of Miracles. He knew mingling with them would attract attention to him which was the exact opposite of what he wanted. He picked up his bag as quietly as possible and proceeded to sneak out the classroom's exit.


"Aominecchi, are you sure you left it here?" the blonde one asked.


"Of course I know where I put my shit Kise!" the tanned one or the one referred to as 'Aominecchi' responded in an annoyed tone.


"You don't have to yell just because you can't find your stupid porn book!" the one Kuroko assumed to be Kise replied in an agitated voice.


"It was limited edition Kise, LIMITED EDITION!"


As the two started yelling at each other, Kuroko took advantage of the situation and proceeded to attempt to slip out unnoticed. Of course, at that exact moment, he trips over a stray book that was left on the classroom floor. The two heads of the alphas immediately turned toward the sudden noise. At first, they didn't seem to notice him but once they looked closer, they found a small, pale bluenette sprawled on the ground. They were surprised to find that they didn't notice him when they first entered the classroom. As the two alphas started walking towards Kuroko, his instincts told him to run as far away as he could from them. He listened and immediately got up and ran out of the classroom with his bag.




Kuroko was gasping for air when he decided that he was finally far enough away to relax and catch his breath. Once his breathing evened, he checked the time again. It read 12:47. In about 25 minutes lunch would end. He decided he would quickly stop by the lunch room before going to his next class. When he reached the usual table Kagami and he sat at, he tapped Kagami on the back who immediately jumped two feet in the air.


"Geez, Kuroko, don't scare me like that!" Kagami said while holding his chest.


"I'm sorry Kagami-kun," replied Kuroko in his usual monotone voice and unbreakable placid expression.


"Where the hell were you, you bastard! I was sitting here all by myself like a pathetic loser!" exclaimed Kagami.


"It's your fault for not waking me up Kagami-kun." replied the bluenette sounding slightly annoyed.


As the two fought, Kuroko was unaware of the two pairs of eyes that were staring at him. "That's him, right Kise?" asked Aomine. "Yes, it is," replied Kise. The two alphas quickly took a photo and left the lunch room.




"Akashicchi!" yelled Kise as he entered the extravagant manor that was owned by the Akashi family.


"Ryouta, did you fi-" replied Akashi which was cut short due to Kise almost toppling the redhead off the couch.


"I MISSED YOU!" shouted Kise, practically screaming in Akashi's ear.


"Ryouta, stop shouting and get off of me before I get my scissors."


As soon as Kise heard this, he immediately scrambled off of the redhead and sat on the farthest seat from Akashi. The last time that someone didn't listen to Akashi, it was practically a bloodbath. Kise didn't want to share the same fate as the person that defied Akashi.


"Anyways, what do you need Ryouta."


"Well, there was this really cute boy, then we followed him and took his photo."


"What?" replied Akashi with a quirked eyebrow.


"Basically, Kise thinks that he found another mate," said Aomine, sitting next to Kise.


"Oh really, what's his name," replied Akashi with an interested looking face.


"Well we didn't get his name, but he had a really cute face and had light blue hair and the same color eyes as well. He was really pale, but no the sickly looking kind of pale, but the angelic-looking kind. He had a small frame and had a placid-looking expression. He was pretty skinny then what's considered normal for college students. Oh, and he smells like vanilla and flowers" said Kise with a dreamy look on his face.


"Then tomorrow, let's go meet our supposed mate," replied Akashi with a grin on his face




"I'm home," said Kuroko as he was greeted by the face of his pet dog that he rescued from the streets, Nigou.


Kuroko felt a little paranoid whenever he came back home thinking that he would be met with the face of his father. He was still affected by the abuse and parting words from his father.




Kuroko was on the ground, motionless when he finally heard the sound of sirens in the distance getting closer to his house. Blood was dripping down his head and bruises littered his body.


"Fuck, you were the one that called the cops on me, you little shit, right!" spat Kuroko's father before he kicked the small boy one last time in the stomach.


Kuroko coughed up blood and his vision started to blur from the pain. Before Kuroko lost consciousness, his father grabbed him by his shirt collar and growled, "Next time I find you, you're dead." 


*End of Flashback*


He moved to an entirely different city than where they used to live and hoped that his father would never find him. So far there had been no problems and he hasn't seen or heard from his father since that night. He was able to get by using his saving which he had been accumulating since he was a kid and the money that his mother left him with before she died.


Kuroko filled up Nigou's food bowl before going to the fridge to find something to eat. The only things that were in his fridge were a couple vanilla shakes he got from Maji Burger, a dozen eggs, a carton of milk, and a few other bits and pieces that he would probably never use. He sighed as he grabbed two eggs from the fridge and boiled them. He almost exclusively at boiled eggs (since he couldn't cook anything else).


He went to the bathroom to wash up before going to bed. That night, he had a dreamless sleep.