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Warrior cats: Two Moons

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Allegiances | Summary.



Batstar: A black tom cat with yellow eyes with white chest and paws


Swiftwhisker: A brown tabby molly with hazel eyes

Medicine cat:

Ferretmist: An unusual white and brown cat with blue eyes


Cloudstorm: A dark grey tabby molly with yellow eyes

Apprentice: Skypaw

Thrushbreeze: A black and white cat with Yellow eyes

Cloverpool: A black and white molly with green eyes

Sparrowfoot: A sandy coloured tom with amber eyes

            Apprentice: Rabbitpaw

Barkclaw: A brown classic tabby tom with hazel eyes

            Apprentice: Rainpaw


Skypaw: a black and white cat with ruffled fur and green eyes

Rabbitpaw: A grey/brown spotted tom with amber eyes and a stumpy tail

Rainpaw: A grey spotted molly with yellow eyes and a stumpy tail

Nursing cats:

Leaffang: A Brown/grey tabby molly with hazel eyes

            Kits: Mudkit, Sparrowkit, Robinkit


Thistlesnow: A black and white tom with green eyes

Stonewhisker: A grey tabby tom with yellow eyes

Hawkfeather: A Grey/black tabby molly with hazel eyes



Snakestar: A red tabby with green eyes


Smokepool: A grey tabby molly with amber eyes

Medicine cat:

Reedfern: a brown and white cat with green eyes

Apprentice: Tanglepaw: a black and silver tom cat with amber eyes


Duckpool: A black tom cat with yellow eyes

Sandfern: A cream and white molly with green eyes

            Apprentice: Petalpaw

Brindlestep: A Black and silver molly with amber eyes

Goosebelly: A brown and white tom with green eyes

Robinmask: a calico tom cat with green eyes

            Apprentice: Frogpaw


Petalpaw: a calico molly with green eyes

Frogpaw: A black and white molly with green eyes

Nursing cats:

Doecloud: A Tortoiseshell tabby molly with white chest and paws with green eyes


Stoattooth: a brown and white cat with green eyes



Timberstar: A brown and white tabby molly with Green eyes


Flamethroat:  A pale ginger and white tom cat with Yellow eyes

Medicine cat:

Tigerpoppy: a brown and red calico molly with yellow eyes


Larkwing: A brown tabby molly with Amber eyes

Applecloud: A Cream tom cat with Yellow eyes

            Apprentice: Boulderpaw

Kestrelfeather: A black tabby with green eyes

            Apprentice: Icepaw

Hawkmask: a brown and white tom with amber eyes

            Apprentice: Ravenpaw

Lizardstrike: A grey spotted tabby with blind green eyes


Boulderpaw:  A brown tabby molly with amber eyes

Icepaw: A white and grey tom cat with blue eyes

Ravenpaw: A black and white tom cat with amber eyes

Nursing cats:

Snowstripe: A white and grey cat with blue eyes


Fawnbelly: cream and white molly with hazel eyes



Ivystar: A grey and white tabby with yellow eyes


Whitecreek: A white molly with blue eyes

            Apprentice: Hollypaw

Medicine cat:

Newleaf: A Calico tom cat with hazel eyes

Apprentice: Crowpaw: A white and black molly with closed eyes


Rowanwhisker: A red and white tom with Yellow eyes

Pebblestripe: A grey tabby cat with green eyes

            Apprentice: Wolfpaw

Mintpatch: A grey and white tom yellow eyes

            Apprentice: Cloudpaw

Honeyshine: a cream molly with brown eyes

            Apprentice: Rosepaw

Ratpetal:  A white cat with scars littering their body and one green and one blue eye


Hollypaw: A tortoiseshell molly with a white chest and paws and hazel eyes

Wolfpaw: A tortoiseshell cat with yellow eyes

Cloudpaw: A black and white tom with Hazel eyes

Rosepaw: a cream point coloured molly with blue eyes

Nursing cats:

Tawnysnow: A tortoiseshell and white molly with Hazel eyes


Yelloweye: A Black tom cat with Yellow eyes

Cats outside of clans: Rogues|Loners|Kittypets

Malcolm: A brown spotted tom cat with Amber eyes and a stumpy tail

Nick: A brown tabby tom with amber eyes

Lucy: A tortoiseshell tabby molly with yellow eyes

Marco: a black and white tom cat with Yellow eyes



The full moon filtered through the clouds, giving the clearing full of cats an eerie look. The gathering hadn't started, much to Ivystar and Timberstar's disappointment. Batstar shifted his paws and looked over the crowd of mingling cats to try and spot any sign of RiverClan. If Batstar's prediction was right, this gathering would bring him some good news. If only Snakestar would arrive faster.

Ivystar noted the WindClan leader's annoyance and used their tail to comfort the black and white tom.

"Be patient Batstar, RiverClan will arrive soon enough" the Shadowclan leader smiled a bit, which made Batstar feel less anxious.

Timberstar just snorted, "Well, they’re taking forever," The ThunderClan leader looked up at the full moon. "We don't have all night."

Ivystar glared at Timber before giving Batstar a sympathetic look. Batstar just looked down at the clan cats socialising below to calm his head.

The smell of fish and wet fur made Batstar snap his head up. RiverClan had finally arrived, and it was being lead by a very tired Snakestar.

Batstar resisted the urge to go over and smother the ginger cat with affection. When Snakestar finally climbed the tree to sit next to him, Batstar was smothered by the scent of milk and looked rather thing, which answered most of his questions.

"Let’s get started, shall we?" Timberstar announced. The clearing was now quiet, with all four leaders on the tree. The gathering had begun.

ThunderClan went first. Timberstar was more than happy to announce her mate’s new kit. ShadowClan announced their news as well. And then it was RiverClan's turn.

Despite looking exhausted, Snakestar was still extremely enthusiastic. "I would love to announce the birth of my kit Petalkit. RiverClan is very proud to have a strong, healthy kitten to be in our ranks."

The clan cats all congratulated Snakestar, but Batstar stared at the beautiful cat beside him. Petal, the name Batstar and Snakestar had chosen...he felt his chest tighten with pride and resisted leaping around in excitement over the news like an apprentice catching his first mouse.

With how excited he was, though, he almost failed to hear Snakestar ask him about his own clan.

Batstar took a deep breath and stood up, his paws  twitching. But he remained calm as he talked about how WindClan was doing in  the past moon.

"I would also like to announce that WindClan and RiverClan's borders will be less patrolled. Snakestar and I have come to an agreement to slowly form an alliance to extend our hunting grounds."

The cries from the clans, especially from ThunderClan and ShadowClan, were loud. Snakestar flicked their tail in annoyance to calm them all down. he spoke,

"Batstar and I agree that during Leafbare, our clans have the most trouble thanks to the limited prey choices both clans are given. So, by extending our borders, we will allow both clans to have enough prey to keep us going."

Batstar couldn't help but admire the ginger leader. Smart, and so beautiful--he tore his eyes away, however, to look down at the deputies of each clan. Mintpatch of ShadowClan was translating everything for ShadowClan's deputy Whitecreek, who looked rather happy about the news. Both Smokepool of RiverClan and Swiftwhisker of WindClan looked proud, and ThunderClan's deputy Flamethroat had a neutral expression on his face.

"The gathering is now over." Ivystar announced, leaping down from the tree. "ShadowClan, come with me."

Snakestar and Batstar watched as ShadowClan and eventually ThunderClan made their way out. Batstar used that to turn to the RiverClan leader.

"How are you?" He quietly asked.

Snakestar looked around before pressing his muzzle on tip of Batstar's head, replying, "Don't worry, I am fine."

Batstar purred "And what about Petalkit, will she live without me?"

"We will tell her in the future, but for the next few moons, she  needs to be with her Clan."

Batstar knew that was the agreement; Snakestar keeps Petalkit in their clan, and slowly they bring the two clans together so they can tell her the truth. It still hurt Bat to be away from his daughter, but it was for her--and her parents’--safety.

"I will visit you every moon just so I can see our daughter," Batstar remarked. Snake had the warmest smile on their face, but it was laced with sadness.

"Soon, we won't have to hide...we can love our daughter together."

Batstar nodded, and wanted nothing less than to tackle his mate to the ground and pamper them with affection. But they were still in the sight of their clans, and they needed to leave. Snakestar almost looked relieved when the two left each other to tend to their clans. Batstar just felt a sharp pang in his stomach to see the ginger cat looking so unwell. The two waved each other off and Batstar lead his Clan back to camp.