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Blood Stained Lips

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From the moment the Female Titan appeared, Levi and his squad knew that something was off. A titan that had human knowledge? That had only been seen a few times, and the solution wasn't good. Everyone seemed stiff. Gunther, Eld, Oluo, Eren, and Petra were on their ODM gear when they spotted a mysterious figure next to them.

"Who's there?!" Gunther yelled out, fists tightly gripping his sword. The figure only got closer, gripping their blades.

"Gunther, watch out!" Eld warned desperately, but it was too late. Eren stared in horror at the limp body hanging from the tree below. But the other three soldiers continued. Petra's face was worried, her purposely oversized cape covering her body. Her loose hand gripping her stomach, she faced forward as tears formed in her eyes. 

"This cannot be happening, not now!" Petra thought, as a loud bang of lightening rang behind them. Her eyes, glazed with yellow light, became wide and determined. The rest of the teams reactions were mutual. Before they knew it, the Female Titan was running behind them, her footsteps shaking the ground. Eren's eyes were gazed with fury, as his tear soaked eyes widened and he grabbed his hand, lingering it towards his mouth.

"Eren, no!" Petra scolded, knowing his motive. They were elite soldiers, trained for these situations. Eren turning into a titan here wouldn't help.

"You have to trust us! Believe that your squad will be victorious!" She pleaded to him, turning away from him as her cape blew in the wind.

"But-but, Gunther! We have to avenge him! She killed him!" He spoke loudly, his voice quivering with grief.

"Eren, go fly back to base as fast as you can." Eld spoke up, his eyes determined. "We'll take care of her." His eyes shifting to the titan behind them. Eren looked at his squad worryingly. Petra and Oluo nodded at him sternly.

Flashbacks of Petra came into Eren's head, and how she desperately wished for his trust in the squad.

Trust Us

And then Eren reluctantly obliged, turning his head and zooming away, taking small glances every now and then. I believe my squad will be victorious!


Levi Ackerman stood stiff as light shot from the forest, the familiar screech of a titan echoing through the trees.

"Could it be, that the female has encountered my squad?" He thought desperately, as he rode his horse towards the commotion. He had to make sure she was alright.

"Petra, tend to the wounded below."

"Petra, tend to the left wing, warn them of the rights fate."

He had always done what it took to keep her out of harms way, away from titans. Even though she was a capable solider, worry controls everyone when their trying to protect someone. Levi kicked his horse, speeding faster towards his squad.


Led by Eld, squad Levi flew towards the Female Titan, preparing for the fight of their lives. Eren was out of sight, almost to the base. Petra Ral was anxious, sweating beneath her long coat and oversized jacket. She felt lightheaded, her vision becoming blurry, her stomach twisting, causing screams to escape her mouth. Oluo looked over at the damaged and stressed girl.

"Petra, we need to get a move on! Now isn't the time to slack off!" He yelled, Eld looking back, giving hand signals to the two. Petra's attention was caught, nodding back to the slightly older man.

Suddenly, the three were slicing, cutting, and distracting the titan. Oluo and Petra quickly zooming down the legs, cutting large cuts in them, causing the female to fall. Petra smiled, breathing heavily.

But suddenly a sharp pain hit her once again, and her eyes went wide. Her mouth began quivering. Oluo and Eld finished cutting the eyes of the titan, then stared down at Petra.
"Petra, we have to move! Get yourself together!" Eld screamed, before taking another leap towards the giant. But Petra was almost completely unresponsive, her body paralyzed on the ground. Her breathing was heavy, and she was clutching her stomach tightly, covering her legs with her cape.

"Oluo, go for the nape, now!" Eld ordered as he continued to fly in the air. Petra was lying on the ground when she heard a terrifying crunch, and suddenly she was brought back to life. Blood flew, and Eld's body dropped like a limp animal.

The Female Titan had one eye open, staring right at Petra. Petra stood on her knees, tears flowing from her eyes. Her front size finally exposed, she was too groggy to notice. Oluo stared in anger at the titan, before looking to Petra. Shock filled his eyes as he looked at the broken girl on the ground. His face stuck in horror.

"Petra!" Oluo screeched, "Watch out!" Petra looked in front of her, oblivious to the titan running towards her. "Petra!" Oluo released one last desperate yell.
Levi's mind was spinning, unknowing to the sights he was about to witness. He jumped off his horse, activating his ODM gear, flying through the tree's. Suddenly, Eren came right past him. Eren hurried to a stop when he saw his captain.

"Corporal, the Female Titan, she-" He paused in hurt, his eyes full of pain. His fists clenched tightly. "She killed Gunther! And now the others are fighting her!"

Levi's expression remained blank on the outside, but inside, worry was taking over his veins. He didn't even think before leaving Eren behind, going as fast as he could towards the screeches and stomps.

Petra laid beside a tree, blood over her face, stomach, and legs. She cried and cried as she looked in front of her. Oluo and Eld dead on the grass, and herself barely hanging on. She had to play dead once the female titan crushed her legs, leaving them completely crippled. She held her stomach tightly and she screamed as the titan came close to her. Knowing this was the end of them.

But somehow the titan only crushed her legs, leaving Petra's upside in tact. She knew it was too late, it would be impossible for her baby to still be alive. She failed, she failed her child. But she reached her hand down to stroke her belly, nearing 8 months in the making. She then felt the impossible, something moving.

That couldn't be possible, but it was. As she lay, unable to move, her life drifting away. But Petra's determination got the best of her.

Maybe it was a mistake not to tell him, not to tell anybody. Tears fell from her eyes, recalling the moment her life fell apart.

"He would have hated me." Petra thought, light coming in her vision. She knew what she had to do. "We have to make sacrifice's for the good of others." That's what her Papa always told her. Petra took one of her swords, and bit down on the cloth of her jacket. She closed her eyes, and the blade lightly dug into her stomach.

Levi's eyes were blank as he passed the body's of his squad. Gunther ,Eld, and Oluo had always been good company, and amazing fighters. Part of him couldn't believe what he was seeing. Levi had dealt with loss before, but every time, every body seemed to take a piece of his heart with it to the sky.

His heart pounded as he continued through the tree's, looking for a certain someone. A certain someone he knew he couldn't live without.

Suddenly, Levi heard an unexpected noise. It sounded like a muffled cry, a small cry. He came to a stop over a tree, his eye's went wide. His hands started to shake as his lips parted slightly. Petra was lying next to a tree, blood surrounding her assumed corpse.

Levi flew down to Petra's level. Her cape was laid out all around her body, almost covering her. But he could see the small, non fluent movement of her chest. He ripped the cape away from her body, but what his eyes met was not what he expected.

What lay besides Petra's disfigured body was a baby. It was breathing, squirming around the seemingly lifeless body next to it. Cries came from its mouth as it gasped for air.

Levi, frozen with shock, bit his lip as tears lingered in the edges of his eye lids. He couldn't remember the last time he cried.

Petra's body was blood stained red, her legs purple and broken, her stomach was cup open, blood pouring from a large hole. And a baby next to her, which was probably why her stomach was cup open. Her sword was blood stained as well, laying a few feet away.

Levi tapped Petra's face, his hand stroking her skin. It was still warm, and small puffs of breath still came from her parted lips.

"Petra!" He yelled, his voice cracking with grief. The cries of a baby were heard behind his voice. Petra didn't seem to flinch at her lovers words, much to his dismay. Levi's eyes closed as his arms wrapped around her shoulders, his cries now out loud. His tears hit her skin as his hands pulled the grass they laid on.

"Levi...." A quiet voice, barely recognizable spoke. Petra's hand lifted from the ground and grabbed Levi's. He stared at her, his cries getting worse.

"Petra! What happened, is this your baby?" He whispered to her, holding her hand tightly. He glanced down at the small ginger haired figure beside him. He reached with his other hand and stroked its face, calming its crying.

"Forgive me Levi, I shouldn't have kept it from you. That obviously turned out great." She choked, stroking her child's face with her hand, eyes full of sorrowful pride. "This is your baby."

Levi couldn't believe what he was hearing. How would she keep this a secret? She was carrying his child and he didn't even know! Everything was happening so fast, he couldn't see. His vision was blurred as he stared at Petra.

"Why didn't you tell me Petra.." He stated, closing his grey eyes. His hand stroke Petra's ginger hair. Her breathing was becoming rapid and quick, her teeth clenched together, and tears fell from her glossy eyes as she rubbed Levi's hand.

"I knew you wouldn't still love me if I did, it wasn't the right ti-" Petra paused as she coughed up blood, red liquid running down her chin. "Time.."

"There's nothing you could do, to get me to stop loving you. Ever. You could kill me right now and I would fly above still in love with you." Levi stated, his voice a little firm but thick with emotion.

Petra's eyes opened wide, as her face turned regretful. Choking cries left her mouth as she gasped for breath, letting Levi's hand go to reach for her child. But she couldn't reach, and she fell backwards again.

"I'm sorry, could you ever forgive me?" She cried to her lover, her body becoming limp and her vision cornering with white.

Levi reached down and kissed her, cupping her face. "Already done." He sat up and took the baby, putting it towards Petra's face. She was barely hanging on to life.

Petra smiled, and reached up to Levi, taking his hand, squeezing it hard. He couldn't hold back tears anymore, and Levi cried, his expression turned pained.

"Don't leave me..." He cried to her. But her hands had fallen, and her eyes slowly closing.

"Take care of our daughter Levi, I love you."


Hanji and Erwin stared wide eyed at Levi, his arms full of a small baby girl, wrapped in his Survey Corps cape. His eyes were facing the ground, tear stained. He walked out from the trees passing solider by solider, all staring shockingly.

Whispers echoed across the clearing, ignored by the Ackerman passing by. At the end of the line, Eren stands. His eyes are wide, Mikasa standing beside him staring the the same direction. Levi ignored them, walking past. Levi then looks up, facing Erwin and Hanji.

Hanji's eyes were starry, staring at the baby, and then to Levi, then to the baby. She reached out her hands, signaling Levi to give her the child. Levi stared at her and shook his head.

"Levi." Erwin started, "The female titan has ran out of the forest away from us. She is a non issue as of right now. Status of your squad?"

Levi stood silent for a minute or so, his daughter letting out a giggle and reached up to his hair and pulled it.

"Tsk, brat." He sneered, swatting at the small hand. But then she opened her eyes. They were gray, identical to her fathers. Her small strands of ginger hair lay on the top of her head were already visible. Levi couldn't take his eyes off of her. But his expression was still dull.

"Gin, Shultz, Bozard, and Ral have been killed in the line of duty." Levi answered, earning a response from Eren behind him. But Levi didn't listen, staring back at Hanji and Erwin.

"Are we going to address the obvious, or are we gonna act like there's nothing in your arms?" Erwin tilted his head to the side, looking at the baby in Levi's arms. Hanji and Eren stared eagerly, but Levi simply walked past them and to the wagon. He sat with the child, awaiting departure. But he wasn't getting away that easily.

Eren quickly joined him, sitting a few feet away in the wagon. Mikasa followed, sitting beside Eren.

"I'm sorry about the squad Corporal.  If I would have known, I-" He choked, clenching his fists. "It's all my fault."

"Eren!" Mikasa scolded, as she argued with him.

There was no response from the captain, clearly distracted by the little girl before him, and his fiancé's tragic death only less than an hour ago.

"Um, Corporal, is that your baby?" Eren asked blankly, Mikasa covering his mouth. Clearly you don't ask that question.

Levi is not phased, his gray eyes still blank. A small hand suddenly gripped his finger, and he looked down to see his daughter sleeping soundly. A forever reminder of the girl he loved left behind.