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What is a hero?

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Bakugou’s hand snakes around Izuku’s neck, his face mottled in anger.

“Deku...what the hell do you you think you’re doing here? You have ten seconds before I blast your fucking head off!” he says, irritation plain on his face.

“K-kacchan? I-uh-I’m taking...the U.A. entrance exams?” his voice breaks several times, terror stealing over his face.

“Did I fucking say you could?” Katsuki asks, pulling Izuku closer.

“N-no, but I-I thou-”

“Let me make this clear enough that even some stupid asshole like you can understand. You. Do. Nothing! Without my say.” Katsuki whispers, dropping the smaller boy on his ass in the plaza.

“But...All Might’s been...tra-training me…” Izuku whispers, not daring to pick himself up off the ground until Katsuki’s anger had passed.

“All Might wouldn’t train some quirkless loser for nothing. Has he been fucking you, Deku? Have you gotten down on your knees for him? Like how you do for every other boy you can fucking catch?” Katsuki growls, deadly rage in his eyes.

Shock renders Izuku mute for a moment

“W-what? No, Kacch-huh?”

Izuku is cut off as Katsuki yanks him to his feet and drags him off-site, pulling him through the winding maze that makes up the city’s backstreets. He pins Izuku’s hands to the wall behind him, ignoring the fear-blown pupils and trembling and leaning in.

“Deku, you just never learn your goddamn lesson, do you?”

Izuku can’t close his eyes, even when he feels Katsuki’s hand fumble at his belt buckle. He chokes back a sob a Katsuki ties his hands together with his own belt, the tears not coming yet.

He knows what Katsuki’s going to do to him. He even knew why. And it wouldn’t be the first time this had been done to him as a punishment for disobeying Katsuki. But this time, Katsuki was doing it.

Not one of his lackeys.

Not someone he could forget by a hard night of drinking with Miss Midnight.

Not someone who he never had to see again.

No, because this time, it was Kacchan.

Kacchan, his first (only) friend.

Kacchan, the one person he thought, even if he condoned what was done to him, would never hurt him like this.

He sobs as Katsuki rips of his pants, hiking one of his legs up to his shoulder and running a hand down his thigh.

“You’ve really filled out, haven’t you, shitnerd.” KAtsuki says.

Tears stream from Izuku’s eyes as Katsuki’s other hand moves to his ass, and then he closes his eyes. He doesn’t want to see this, doesn’t want to have the visuals plaguing him, because the feeling of Kacchan’s fingers would.

“K-kacchan! Don-dont do this!” Izuku cries, struggling against the belt and Katsuki’s hand as the bigger boy removes his own pants.

“Shut up!” he snarls, hand burning marks into Izuku’s wrists. He muffles a scream by turning his head and biting his lip.

“You, you’ve taunted me. Disobeying me, knowing that I have to hurt you when you do, fucking everyone in sight, trying to escape me! But you’ll never get away. You are mine, Deku, only mine. So stop trying to be a hero. Or I’ll mark way fucking more than your wrists!” Katsuki yells.

“Hell, maybe this way, you’ll finally serve some kind of purpose!” he says, releasing the boys hands, but only to lift him by the thighs. Izuku’s shoulders scrape against the brick behind him, even through his shirt, and he focuses on that pain, not the hot thing at his entrance.

“Oh, god!” he cries out, unable to focus on much of anything when Katsuki thrusts inside. His breath comes harder, and he lets his limbs go limp, falling to nothing and letting his own mind hide him from what his childhood friend was doing to him.


Muffled sobs come from the side of the alley, Izuku curled up in a ball, milky-white cum dripping from his ass, his hands still tied with his belt and his pants a crumpled heap beside him.

Katsuki snorts, and walks away, as if he hadn’t just raped his childhood friend and left him in the middle of a villian-infested alleyway.

Izuku’s choking sobs are the only sound to break the silence, until even those quiet.

“I thought that I have a quirk...I could do something. Damnit, maybe he’s right. I really can’t do anything.” he whispers, wriggling the belt off of his wrists and pulling his pants back on. He inventories his wounds. Bruises on his hips-no surprise there, they’d jin others in a mottling of red and green and yellow and black, burns on his wrists-they’d join the many other scars on his body, his shoulders were torn to hell from being slammed against the wall, and he was pretty sure there was a handprint around his throat. Also, for whatever reason, one of his feet was utterly broken. Now that he thought about it, when he’d woken up, there’d been an angry mark growing on Katsuki’s chest. But a kick shouldn’t have broken his ankle. His ass was on fire, but he could ignore that. Right now, he needed to get to Miss Midnight.

He stumbles out of the alley, dazed and exhausted and in pain, wandering through the streets on trembling legs, wincing each time he put down his foot. He was so tired that he didn’t even notice when he was cornered by two villians until one punched him in the stomach. Even then, his only reaction was to blink and take a step back. He recognizes one of them as a highschooler that Katsuki had….he didn’t want to think about it.

“Hello.” he says, handing over his wallet. “You want money, right? I don't have a lot, but take it. I don’t want to fight.” he says.

As the villian reaches for his wallet, an explosive blond blur knocks him flat on his back.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing, shitty Deku?” Katsuki yells, blowing the villain into the street.

The taller one snarls, drops Izuku’s wallet, and charges the blond. Katsuki roars, dodging the man’s hit and placing a blast in his lower extremities.

“K-kacchan?” Izuku asks, staring at the other boy.

“You fucking idiot! I have three broken ribs because of you, goddamnit, I shouldn’t have to rescue your sorry ass when you’ve got strength like that up your sleeve!” he yalls, stalking up to Izuku with anger in his eyes.

“W-what?” Izuku asks, plainly confused.

“You’re goddamn lucky I didn’t whip your ass in that alley for breaking my bones! Why the hell didn’t you fight back against that guy!” Katsuki yells, his hand slamming into the wall next to Izuku’s head.

“I- i’m quirkless. I just would’ve gotten myself killed, and you don't want that, do you? You want me alive, so that you can hurt me and yell at me and rape me whenever you’re angry, don't you, Kacchan?” Izuku yells, trying not to cry.

“The fuck you say to me, Deku!? If you don’t apologize this goddamn instant Im going to blast your ass to the moon!”

Izuku squeaks as the hand next to his head lets off a small explosion.

“S-sorry, kacchan. I di-didn’t mean to shout.” he says.

“Fucking good. You’re mine, Deku. I’m the only one that gets to push you around. Don’t let those assholes do anything to you.” Katsuki says.

“I-I’m sorry.” Izuku mumbles.

“I’ll forgive you. If you come to my house tonight, wearing these.” Katsuki says, a shit-eating grin on his face as he shoves a brown paper bag into the smaller boy’s trembling hands.

He watches Izuku’s face as he looks into the bag, and then walks away.

Inside the bag are a collar and a cock-ring, both engraved with the word “Deku”, with metal rings attached to the front and back.

“If you don’t come, you better find a damn good hiding place. And stay there for the rest of your pitiful life.” Katsuki yells over his shoulder.

Izuku stumbles through the alleyway, heading to the part of town he knows Miss MIdnight will be in. His mom wouldn’t worry if her spent a day or two with Midnight, their unspoken agreement was that if he was gone for more than three days, she would call the police. He usually had to disappear for a few day to forget what had been done to him each time he disobeyed Katsuki.

His heart hammered in his throat as he went, finally stopping on a rundown street where most of the small-time villains coalesced during their off-time. They came here because of the abundance of drug shops and bars and whore-houses, all under the guise of an ordinary street. He only knew what the place was really like because he was friendly with many of the villains there.

People didn’t even rob him anymore, they knew he belonged there, because they'd seen him coming out of some of the places completely hammered. And they all knew he was under the wings of the villain-turned-whore Miss Midnight. They’d completely stopped after they’d seen him running through, bare-assed, with six boy chasing him and fumbling with their belts. The small-timers around here didn’t want to see a young boy raped, so most of them gave him sanctuary now.

“Hey, Izu. They hunting you again?” a familiar voice call, the shadows revealing Miss MIdnight in a long black dress that hugged her curves.

“N-not quite, Miss Midnight.” he says as she waves him into her current place of work. He’s well aware that the ground floor is the only floor that looks normal. The top floor is a whore-house, the attic a storage-space for various alcohol, the basement a dingy villain bar.

“Tell me.” she says, pouring him a shot of the cheap tequila she keeps in the kitchen of the building.

Izuku does, finishing his story by placing the bag on the table and letting her look at the items.

She lets out a low whistle.

“These are high-quality. He spent a lot of cash on these.” she says, frowning as the boy downs two more shots.

“Yeah. Great. Can you get rid of them?” he asks, stutter gone as he downs his fifth shot.

“Sure. One question though. Why “deku”?” she says, putting them back in the bag.

“It’s the name he calls me because I’m useless except as their fuck-toy.” he mutters, downing a sixth shot.

“Oh, Izu. How long do you need to hide for?”


“Only about two days. I’m going to die either way, but I’d rather be somewhat healed by the time he gets to me.” he says, slamming his face on the table.

He walks up the stairs, headed to the attic. He has a small corner up there for days like this when he need to escape. He treats his wounds, has one of the villians in the basement use some basic healing quirk on his ankle, and passes out drunk barely feeling any pain.

Midnight stands at the entrance of the attic, before she walks over to him. A bit of her quirk sends him to dreamless sleep, and her hands drift through his hair.

“Oh, Izu. I’ve a friend coming to town, he’ll free you once he’s here. We used to work together, back in the day.” she says softly, leaving in a cloud of perfume and black silk.

The next day, the sound of explosions rouses the house. Katsuki was pissed, he was angry enough to come here to try to find Izuku.

Izuku woke with fear in his eyes and his heart in his throat.

“They’re headed this way. Hide, if they try to get in, I’ll stop them.” Midnight says, handing him a knife.

She turns on her heel, grabbing a bottle of whiskey and a cigarette and walking into the street. She watches the group of boys, feeling the sleeping powder curl just beneath her skin and already being turned on and ready for a fight. These boys had a reputation for hurting whoever got in their way, and she hadn’t felt a rush like this since she returned to small-time villainy.

She notes the presence by her side, and turns to him with a smirk.

“Kurogiri. How long until he is here.” she says, taking a long drag from the cigarette.

“The master ran into some business, so his trip has been...prolonged. He should arrive within a week, Miss Midnight.” he says, eyes on the explosions up the street.

“Is that the boy you wish to recruit?” he asks.

“No, that one is chasing the boy I want to join. That one isn’t fit for being a villain or a hero, but that sure as hell didn’t stop him from getting into U.A’s hero course.” she says, flicking ash into the street.

“Oh? If he is unsuited for both hero and villain, what does that make him?” Kurogiri asks.

“Nothing. Katsuki Bakugou doesn't really fit into any one groove. Personally, I think he’s one of the ones that’s only going to be around for a little while. This bastard will fall through the cracks of society.” Midnight says, her dispassionate gaze on the boy in front of her.

“Where is fucking deku?” he says, red eyes glaring up at her.

“Far, far away from you, rapist little shit.” she says, leaning down and blowing smoke into his face.

“Goddamnit, give him here, bitch!” he screams.

“Are you sure he’s not suited to villainy?” Kurogiri asks.

“Yeah. Even we have standards and morals. He’d last about as long as a villain as he will as a hero.” she says, turning her back on the blond.

“Come, we have things to discuss, Miss Midnight.” Kurogiri says, opening the door for her and then closing it in the face of the enraged boy.

“Get back here you fucker!” Katsuki yells.

He takes a deep breath, palms cracking.

“Hey, shitty Deku! I know you can hear me! Unless you want me to blast this door down and blow your favorite bitch into pieces, you’ll get down here!” he yells.

Izuku’s eyes widen, and he claps a hand over his mouth.

“Izu, don’t you dare. I can take care of myself, I was known as the Nightmare villain in my time.”she says.

“He’s too familiar with your quirk, you’d have to surprise him, and I guarantee the moment he comes through that door he’ll be holding his breath, and he’ll keep holding it until you are past the state of being able to fight. That only takes him a few seconds.I-if I don't go out there, Kacchan will kill you.” he says.

“Miss Midnight, is this the boy you spoke of?” Kurogiri asks.

“Yes. He’s quirkle-”

“No, I’m not. I’m really strong, but using it shatters my bones, that’s why my ankle was like that yesterday. I used it when I was unconscious.” he says.

“Oh. Oh. But then, why does Katsuki…”

“I got it yesterday. Or at least, used it for the first time yesterday.” he says.

“I shall speak with the master.” Kurogiri says, disappearing in a swirl of purple mist.

“Tch. Could’ve taken us with you.” Midnight mutters.

She watches Izuku check his bandages and walk towards the door.

“Izu, why do you always have to be a hero?” she asks softy.

“I’m not a hero. I never will be, Miss Midnight. But if I can save one person, I’m going to do my damndest to do so. And if he doesn’t do this to me...he’ll do it to you, and leave you minus a few limbs and plus a few scars.” he says, gritting his teeth and stepping out the door. It shuts behind him with an air of finality that leaves Midnight cold.


“Hi, Kacchan.”