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A Study In Silver

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Kim Seokjin was a great business man. He knew how to deal with unsure clients and could invest carefully. His office was always clean, his desk always organized. One would call him a neat freak, but to that Kim Seokjin would respond with “I hate mess. It’s just a habit”. He wasn’t a perfect business man though, but good enough for the company. He wasn’t rich. But had enough money to take care of himself.

The day was coming to an end. It was already 8pm which was past work hours already, but he wanted to leave some time for organizing so he could find everything he needed in the morning. Kim Seokjin was stacking up the drawers with thick binders full of paper. On each binder there was a sticky note with the letters “A” “B” “C” and so on. The closer the letter is to “Z” the less important it was to do during the day. He loved the system he made, it made work easier for him.
“I said, Kim Seokjin, are you done with your papers?” A familiar voice echoes through the office.

“It’s Seokjin-hyung to you, mister.” He turned around to face his best friend Kim Namjoon.

His hair was lazily slicked back and his simple, yet interesting gothic clothing never failed to catch Seokjin’s eye. Despite him having an interesting fashion style Jin respected him not only as a best friend, but as a musician and a producer. One could say that he had a rough start, he’s spent a lot of money on his dreams and his best friend never left his side. Jin even did what he could to support Namjoon financially, but he too, just a starting business man.

“Well, it’s the only way you’d pay attention for once.” Namjoon smiled lightheartedly making dimples appear on his cheeks.

“Your clothing doesn’t suit your personality, do you know that?” Seokjin took his brown leather briefcase and fixed his suit.

His friend chuckled “You’re calling my sense of fashion weird? At least I’m not the one with a briefcase that my grandfather still owns.”

But Seokjin didn’t answer. His gaze was locked to the window. It was pouring outside and you could barely see anything due to so much rain. He squinted his eyes and thought he saw something, a figure besides where his car should be parked.

“Oh, I insulted you and you’re acting like nothing happened?”

“What?” Jin turned his head back to Namjoon “Sorry, I just thought I saw someone.” He smiled and took an umbrella from under his desk, “Better safe than sorry,” he shut off his office’s lights and closed the door. While having the keys in hand and opened the umbrella, inviting his friend to join as they slowly walked to Seokjin’s car.

“So, are we going to get Chinese again o-“ Namjoon wasn’t done speaking when he suddenly felt the umbrella’s handle being shoved into his palm.
Everything happened so fast and so suddenly. One moment they were walking to Seokjin’s car and the next there was a guy with a spray paint can tagging his car during heavy rain. Nobody could make up his face. All could you see are messy lines of neon pink spray paint all across Seokjin’s car.

“Motherfucker.” Seokjin swore at a man besides his car “Let’s hope this yoga thing pays off.” He said as he bolted towards his car.

The man immediately lifted his head when he heard footsteps rattling towards him. Not letting go of his spray can as if it was some kind of relic. He quickly made his way out of the parking lot, running blindly through the road, avoiding any cars possible, Seokjin following close behind. The mysterious man made his way down the sidewalk and suddenly turned right, which appeared to be an alley. He quickly, without any hesitation climbed a metallic fence in between two red- bricked apartments.
“Shithead!” Seokjin wanted to climb as well, he already help onto the gaps firmly and lifted his one foot up only to let it down soon. His suit didn’t allow him to climb up. “Why did you do that?!” He busted out, being completely soaked in water.

The man wasn’t facing Kim Seokjin, instead he turned his back to him so his face would remain unrecognized. However, his other features could be seen: black, wet, slightly curly hair, and a jacket with strangely arranged colors of purple, yellow and red, also an earring on his left ear.

“Just as I suspected, all you care is about your precious car. Leaving your friend behind. Pathetic.” The figure spoke, the voice was deeper than Jin had expected.

“What? Hey! I worked hard for that car and you just shat on it- Hey! We aren’t done yet!” Seokjin shouted as the mysterious man just walked away. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Kim Seokjin was a great businessman. He knew how to deal with unsure clients and could invest carefully. But the only thing he couldn’t do was deal with vandals and climb with his suit. So he just stood there looking through the metal fence as if the mysterious man was about to return. He knew that he was gone somewhere already, perhaps home or at a bar, but at least he had a clue, he was still hoping, filled with rage and strange sympathy. Seokjin turned around hearing familiar footsteps rushing towards him, he knew exactly who it was. Kim Namjoon, his best friend he thought he didn’t deserve.

Meanwhile the mystery man returned home. It didn’t take long for him to get there, but it was quite tricky. You had to turn right and walk through a parking lot which was surrounded by buildings that were strangely close, pass an organic market (very doubtful that it’s even somewhat healthy) and reach a strange neighborhood. This part of the city is forgotten by the citizens of Busan. The buildings were mostly two floored apartments with windows that had questionable quality and reminded people of motels you find on the street while being on a road trip. But the only difference was they were close, so close that their side walls were connected, but not the rooms. The neighborhood had a gas station besides the main road and a small store. Usually college students lived here since it was so cheap, but after they graduate the apartments are left abandoned for a short period of time, just in time for the other students to come.

Min Yoongi lived in one of those. Sure, he hated it, but there was nothing he could do. He slowly took the keys out of his pocket and inserted them in the keyhole slowly twisting them. After hearing a familiar *cling* he entered the apartment. The wallpaper was beginning to tear, its dark green color already lost its shade. The first floor had a simple worn out couch, a TV and a kitchen (if you could call an old stove, a mini fridge and a microwave kitchen). Second floor was just the bathroom and a bedroom.

“Min freaking Yoongi!” A voice startled the guy, making him curse under his breath. “Please tell me you were just doing piano and NOTHING else.” A man barged in the room, leaving the kitchen. His hair was a simple brown shade and he was wearing black baggy pants and a weirdly colorful t-shirt.

“Alright, I was doing piano and nothing else.” Yoongi put down his can of spray paint on the counter. He knew he was in trouble.

His roommate and best friend, Jung Hoseok, was a very kind man that liked to dance. You could catch him smiling and practicing a lot of dance moves during his free time. Sometimes it concerned Min. He would often skip meals just to dance, and when he would suddenly stop in the middle of a song just to catch his breath, his roommate would ask if Hoseok was doing okay. To that he would respond with a smile and a nod. The smile was painful, or at least it looked like it. You could notice his body tremble, his palms sink down onto his knees as if Hoseok couldn’t stand without slouching or holding onto something. You would notice his chest raising frequently and heavily. Yoongi felt bad, often times helpless seeing Hoseok like this ‘Maybe if I knew how to cook, he wouldn’t skip meals’ he thought to himself one day.

“You’ve got to be kidding me. I thought we talked about this. You said you’d relax, but all you’re doing is risking your freedom, career, everything!” Hoseok bursted out. It was scary, since he was usually very patient and optimistic.

“What career? I’m just playing the piano at a restaurant for 6 hours and barely get paid.” Yoongi shot back taking off his colorful jacket and hanging it on a coat hanger.

“Don’t tempt me.” Hoseok's voice was firm. He sounded strict, but there was a glimpse of care in his tone. “Tell me, did anyone see you?”

Yoongi was debating whether to tell his roommate what had happened or not. Should he tell him that his carefree attitude, his fuck that personality went down the drain because he was terrified back there in that alley? His knees were shaking violently back then. He still felt a tingly sensation in his knees, making it difficult to walk in a straight line.

“Listen, it happened fast, this dude chased me, but I ran away and-” Yoongi desperately tried to avoid eye contact and out of sheer habit he scratched his ear and immediately furrowed his eyebrows as started groping the earlobe with his two fingers.

A wave of cold sweat flushed through his body, his legs became slightly numb making it even harder to stand. Yoongi had lost his earring.

“You’re crazy! What if he saw your face? This exactly why I’m against with your vandalism like that! Give it a rest...”

“Don’t worry, he didn’t.” Yoongi removed his hand from his ear, still feeling a little anxious. “I’ll go to work today. Rent isn’t going to pay for itself.”

“You can’t be serious! After everything that’s happened..? Look at yourself, you didn’t even change your wet clothes, come on, you can’t be this stubborn…”

Min turned his head to his roommate and smiled sadly. He couldn’t get over how caring he was, maybe too caring at times, but nobody was complaining. Yoongi wished he could be like that sometimes.

“I’ll be fine, okay? Nobody saw me, I’ll change my clothes, dry my hair and get an umbrella.” He took off his shoes and threw them aside. “I got an extra shift. I really need the money if I want to move out of this trash hole and open up my own studio. I never stopped dreaming big.” He looked at Hoseok with a reassuring smile “Just like you told me, never give up, work hard, dream big. And that’s exactly what I’m doing. So if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go get changed.”

“Hey, Yoongs?”


“Be careful.”