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Curiousity Kills The Cat

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Summer holiday is always the best, more over when you just graduate and waiting for the first day of university, that will be the longest holiday ever. Like normal teen he is, Cai Xukun spent his time on online game. Having played the game for years, he is quite famous in this game. The game name is "Age of Wushu", he has been playing the game since it first release back then. He ranked 1st out of thousands players in the server.

As the guild battle will happen in a week, guild meeting is a must. He as one of the elite member of the guild helping the guild leader in communicating to the other members what do they need to do to prepare for the guild battle. The leader is on the peak of university life and become really busy until Xukun is borderline vice leader in the guild. Not expecting the guild leader to be online on weekday, it took all the members by surprise when he popped up on the guild chat.

*Guild Chat* :

BlackBunny-Mo : Sorry guys i've been MIA, caught up with university plus i found a good p0rn
August-CXK : The heck mo, there are kids here...
August-CXK : Also that was really random of you to suddenly online after not showing up for like 2 weeks and then telling all of your members that you find a good p0rn
jiaSTEEn : I am not kids !
FCCAdam : I am not kids ! (2)
LilGhost : I am not kids ! (3)
August-CXK : You are all babies just shut up
EvanLin8 : PM will you ? Not all of us want to know it
EvanLin8 : Besides we are currently discussing about battle strategy here, guild battle in a week does that ring a bell in your brain ?
BlackBunny-Mo : You guys no fun ! We are strong enough already to beat our opposite guild !
BlackBunny-Mo : Anyway let's go for team practice, i need to level up my inner skill
LilGhost : Said the one that just tell us that we are strong enough to beat our opposite guild...
jiaSTEEn : Aye aye sir !
LilGhost : But i'm in

Reading the guild chat in his room on his desk as he play the game, he ponders on should he ask it or not since he doesn't want to be teased about it. Not that he is pervert or anything it's just he is a normal boy at the age of 18, watching porn and masturbating are important need. Contemplating for a good 5 minutes, he then really ask the guild leader.

"Nothing to lose..." He said as he sigh and typed on his laptop.

*Personal Messenger* :

August-CXK : Qin Zimo...
August-CXK : Uhm...mind sharing ?August-CXK : Qin Zimo...
August-CXK : Uhm...mind sharing ?
BlackBunnyMo : I sea august is growing up...
BlackBunnyMo : So...have you ever heard of hentai ?
August-CXK : Anime but p0rn ? Yeah but the thought of anime like that really terrified me...
August-CXK : Is hentai the p0rn that you refer to ? Because then it is not a good one
BlackBunnyMo : THE NERVE
BlackBunnyMo : N E way, there is this short anime series and i don't care you should try to watch it because it's that good
BlackBunnyMo : Also you said you are straight, this one is lollita type its cute but hot, high-school themed, since you are still high-schooler i guess
August-CXK : /cough/ just graduate /cough/
BlackBunny-Mo : Yeah yeah
BlackBunnyMo : Just look for "my little friend" anime, its only 5 episodes
August-CXK : Okay...thanks, let's see if its up to my liking since you are so enthusiastic and which i doubt hentai will be as good as p0rn
August-CXK : Also open the TP since you are the one who said you need it

He play the said game till midnight as his parents not around that night to tell him to sleep. Cai Xukun, move from the desk to his bed, connect his laptop to TV in his bed room, connect his laptop to VPN in a haste and access the internet. Looking up for the said anime, watching hentai for the first time is an experience he thought he will never have.

Found the said anime, the rating is quite high in the website, the comments also positive. He reluctantly click the anime, putting the volume lower as he doesn't want his housemaid to hear any weird sounds from his room also locked his bedroom door for extra protection. He sigh for the nth time that night as he watch the anime since he start to think that this is a bad idea. For a whole half an hour he was stunned at the anime. Quickly goes to the next episode as the story is pretty interesting. Indeed it's not all just sex but the plot and the story line itself is so real and relatable to him that just graduate high school and still remember vividly how high school nowadays really like.

As the second episode goes, it was getting so intense, the tension between the characters, so far no sex scene yet but the stare, the masturbation scene and the narration of how the boy in the anime adoring the girl secretly and wants to do a lot of things to the girl. Without him realizing, he sweats buckets and hard already, chose to undid his sweat pants since he feels hot, he was topless since the beginning as he always sleep topless.

Putting his pillows to a more comfortable position, he lean more the pillows on his back. The boy in the anime voice is really lewd when he masturbates, that Cai Xukun leaks precum inside his boxer without him doing anything. "Screw it ! Let's get nude" Cai Xukun said as he tossed his boxer to the floor and readjusting his position on the bed continue watching the anime and start stroking himself following the pace of the boy in the anime.

The girl looks really innocent as she was kneeling and gave the male lead a head still in the second episode. It was in the girl's apartment, she live alone and the particular scene is about the boy and the girl doing pair assignment from school but it turns into something else. Cai Xukun surprised at the scene as he didn't expect an interaction like this in the second episode. "Shit...bless you zimo." he muttered to himself as the second episode ends on the boy almost reach his climax. By the end of the episode, Cai Xukun become rock hard. He quickly went to the third episode as he gets more curious with the story also he needs a release real quick.

The whole story of the anime itself is quiet simple, about opposite sex being classmates and know each other since little. The girl is getting curious about sex while the boy have some experiences already as he has some exes since junior high school. The boy send the girl home and stay for a few hour to do the pair assignment, the conversation lead to sex related out of casual chats and the girl curiosity. The girl ask the boy about having sex and pleasing her future boyfriend as she just have her first crush now and want to know how to please her crush in the future if they managed to date. The girl beg for a sex lessons from the boy as she knew the boy is experienced since he is quite famous in the school for being handsome and good in sports also his studies. The innocent look that the girl giving with curvy petite body is really alluring. Weirdly enough Cai Xukun interested on the male lead more than the girl lead.

Jerking off to the last 3 episodes of the anime in the same night, Cai Xukun clean his mess up and wear his pants back. He never expect an anime would be this good. Thanking Zimo in his brain for the information that he gave because indeed the hentai is amazing. He sit back to his bed, disconnected the laptop from the tv and put the laptop on his lap as he look up for the male voice actor. Yes the lead male voice actor. He is interested with the male voice actor not the girl. Weird occurrence for him. He finally found the name of the male voice actor, his name is Theo Zhu. "Weird name, i guess this is his stage name", he mumbled then continue look for any anime which Theo Zhu act as the voice actor. Figure out he is a pretty famous hentai voice actor, he was a normal anime voice actor until a years ago he become hentai voice actor. Whistle to himself Cai Xukun said "New stuff for K to the U to the N" as a part of his self congratulary.

The next day, he PM Zimo about his experience with hentai from the game as both of them do the everyday team practice.

*Personal Messenger* :

August-CXK : Qin duizhang, your suggestion is the best !
BlackBunny-Mo : What do you mean
BlackBunny-Mo : ???
August-CXK : /cough/ well you guess it right (?)
BlackBunny-Mo : Welcome to hentai world, you will no longer watch normal p0rn

Indeed Cai Xukun never watch any porn aside from hentai since that day.

Jerking off to Theo Zhu anime is a daily must do stuff for Cai Xukun, he become the fans of Theo Zhu. Cai Xukun is not only watched the hentai anime but also the normal anime just for listening to the voice of Theo Zhu. Theo Zhu is an amazing voice actor since he can sounds really different in many anime and hentai of his. For 2 months of the rest of his holiday, him jerking off with not only the hentai but the normal anime of Theo Zhu, which is for now not as many as his hentai anime ones. When he was busy for the week as his parents sometimes brought him to several business function out of city or out of country, he will make time to jerks off to Theo Zhu voice minimum 3 times a week, while watching his anime on daily basis is a new habit of Cai Xukun. Indeed weird of his to be this addicted to a voice actor, Cai Xukun himself doesn't know why.