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Don't you cry no more

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Silence. This was the first thing that came to him. Complete silence. He couldn’t hear a single sound, not even his own breathing, not even the beating of his heart. He couldn’t feel anything either. No warmth, no coldness from cryo, no sensation in any of his limbs. It was as if.. he was just a spirit. If he chose to open his eyes -if he had eyes, and a body- would he see something ? He didn’t really want to find out. But he would, eventually, because he had to know where he was. Was he even still alive ?

Sighing -or he would have, had he had a body (he still couldn’t feel anything, it was weird)-, he opened his eyes -or so he imagined- and saw only darkness.

Well. Great. He was conscious at least. He remembered his name, who he was, and most of his memories were there.

Slowly, the events that led to this odd situation started to come back. There had been thousands of aliens, a huge and messy battle, then a purple dickhead -Thanos, if he remembered correctly- came out of nowhere and… Shit. Steve. Bucky had disappeared -again- in front of him.
His friend was going to be a wreck for some time. If he was still alive. Damn, he didn’t even know if himself was dead or not !


Lost in his thoughts, he hadn't realised that his senses were slowly coming back to him. He still couldn't feel or hear anything, but he could tell he wasn't hot nor cold. And there wasn't only darkness anymore, his eyesight was slightly improving. Second by second, a light orange tint replaced the darkness. When his vision finally settled, he could faintly feel his body. He was laying down, on some sort of sand. He was aware of his limbs , but couldn't move yet except for his eyes. Lowering them a little, something caught his attention. His metal arm was slightly shining in the orange glow. If he was dead, shouldn't the appendix be gone ? Or did the souls sort of materialise with the appearance they had had before dying ?
He let out a gruff. Too much questions and not enough answers. Frustrating.

Without anything else to do at the moment, Bucky decided to check his body. He didn’t feel any broken bone, nor any major bruising. That, was weird. Before he died -or landed here, anyway-, he had been in the middle of a fight. He should be aching, at least a little. Maybe it would come with time, as his eyesight did. Or maybe he had been out long enough for his body to heal ?


Bucky tried to move, again, but it was in vain. He couldn’t even lift a finger. He was not in control of his own body. That, was enough to make his skin itch. Too close to what happened with Hydra. He couldn’t remember exactly how many times it had happened, but the only thought of having zero control over his body never failed to make him anxious. He welcomed the wave of darkness slowly engulfing him with gratitude.


The second time Bucky woke up, he could move.

He started to flex his fingers, one by one. He did the same with his toes, as much as he could with his combat boots. He tried to lift his hands, but they barely moved. He sighed and tried to shift his head. That worked. He tried again to move his hands, and this time they did.
Damn. It was so simple yet so satisfying at the same time !

He kept on going until he could work each of his limbs. Then he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Why not trying to sit now ? He bent his legs, moved back his elbows to the point they were forming a 90-degree angle and pushed. Nothing. He did it again. Nothing.

Well, that didn’t work. He would have tried at least, he thought, before darkness engulfed him another time.


Third time is the charm, they say. Well, it was the case for him. The third time he woke up -because really, it did feel like sleeping, he even remembered dreams-, he was able to sit.

Only then, he took time to really assess his surroundings. He was sitting on sand, that much he knew already. He ran his fingers through grains. Thin, but not warm like you expect sand to be, tepid at most.
Then he looked up. Still that orange glow. It would be very peaceful, he thought, if this situation wasn’t so fucked up. As far as he could see, there was nothing else than sand. An endless stretch of sand. Sand behind him, in front of him, on his left, on his… Wait. What was that ? There seemed to be a big mass of something far away on his right.

With difficulty, he managed to stand up. Then he almost fell face first. Luckily his reflexes were good and he only fell on his left knee. Seriously, this was starting to be annoying. He got up again and this time stayed on his feet. Good. He could try walking now.

He learned quite well from his mistakes, so this time he moved very slowly his feet, lifted it carefully and placed it on the ground centimetres away, without problem.

Quickly, he was able to walk normally. He headed to where the dark mass was, in hope to discover what it was.


The dark mass turned out to be something looking like a small mountain. He started to explore it, when he heard a small noise behind him.


“No way ! Are you fucking kidding me ?” Bucky stopped in his tracks. He knew that voice and that grumpy tone. “I’m dead and you’re the first person I see ?”

He felt the corners of his lips involuntarily lift a little and turned slowly. “Well. Hello to you too, Wilson.”