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Witches and Wardrobes

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NamJoon is not great at mixing potions.

His latest attempt to brew a simple "Potion of Dreamless Sleep" had ended with his hair, previously black, turning a rich stormy blue.

He thinks the color suits him.

Namjoon pulls on a blue shirt of the same shade to match his hair and jeans, he'll have to look presentable for his client.

After carefully tucking the properly completed "Potion of Dreamless Sleep" away in his Witch's Bag, a plain black backpack he got on sale sometime in August, NamJoon strode purposely into his closet.

Why do I own so many down coats? NamJoon vaguely wonders as he struggles to push the heavy winter wear aside.

Finally making it to the back of his closet, he wretches open a small wooden door covered in intricate carvings of various flowers and a couple of jeweled humming birds. NamJoon crawled through, bumping his head on the frame as he always did, and stopped nose-to-nose with a large gray cat with striking gold eyes.


The cat blinked slowly.

"What are you doing here?"

YoonGi yawns and flops down on his side, stretching into a platinum blonde man in a black hoodie and artfully ripped skinny jeans.

"Me? NamJoon, I do believe I live here." YoonGi propped his head up on his arm and gestured widely.

NamJoon looked around at the cramped closet filled with mostly black long sleeved shirts and jackets that he sheepishly recognized as YoonGi's.


"Where were you supposed to end up?"

"Uh, SeokJin's place..." NamJoon replied, quite embarrassed.

YoonGi was everything a witch should be; an excellent magic user full of confidence and mystery. His pale complexion and light colored hair stood in stark contrast to his dark wardrobe and his slight build gave him the elegant appearance befitting of a witch.

"Well, you fucked that up again, huh?" YoonGi rolled up his sleeves and pushed NamJoon to the side.

"...I just need to practice a bit is all..." NamJoon mumbled softly as YoonGi slammed his portal door shut, the beautifully carved ravens seemed to quiver with irritation at the rough treatment.

A few taps to the polished dark oak and the door flew open to reveal a tiny broom closet.

"After you." YoonGi waved him on.

NamJoon tripped over an empty bucket and knocked over a small cardboard box full of miscellaneous screws, nuts and nails.



Before NamJoon could reply with something clever, the closet door swung open.

"What did you break this time?"

SeokJin stood tall, sporting an oversized baby pink sweater proudly. He gave NamJoon a once-over.

"...And what are you wearing?"