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To Bridge This Gap Between Us

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Two days. It’s been two fucking long-ass days since the coffee machine in the company's break room broke- was broken by an idiot called Oluo. And no one has yet to either fix or replace it!


Levi feels like he’s going crazy. He’s used to drinking at least two cups of coffee during work hours but for two fucking days he has only had some at home before and after work. And if he’s going to be working from early morning until dark, he needs his caffeine to stay awake and focused.


That's why when the lunch break starts, he makes sure he has his phone and wallet before heading for the elevator.


There's a small, dingy coffee shop across the street from the company Levi works at. And when Levi says dingy, he’s being polite.


From outside it looks like it’s falling apart and possibly rotting and Levi almost turns back around at the sight. It looks worse than he remembered. But he reminds himself that it's either coffee from here or none at all. As much as he dislikes the first option, the second he probably wouldn't be able to handle.


So he walks across the street into the coffee shop, the bell on top of the door chiming and announcing a new customer. He's pleasantly surprised to see that the inside of the coffee shop looks...almost homey . Levi, though, doesn't pay the decor all that much attention. He’s here only to satisfy his caffeine addiction.


He walks up to the counter, seeing the barista preparing someone else's coffee before he passes it to the person waiting on the side and then turns to Levi.


“Hello, sir. What can I get for you?”, the barista asks, a polite smile on his face. He has chocolate-colored hair and ocean green eyes. Levi finds himself briefly admiring those bright eyes.


“One black coffee", he answers, the barista writing it down on a small notepad.


“Anything else?”


“No, thanks”, Levi says. The cakes and pastries on the side look delicious even though he usually dislikes anything too sweet. However, he has his lunch waiting for him back at the company.


“Will you drink here or take it with you?”


“I will take it with me.”


“That will be 40 cents”, the barista says and Levi is almost sure he heard wrong. Just 40 cents seems a little cheap but he should've expected that based on the outside.


He pays for it and steps to the side where the barista indicates that he waits at. It doesn’t take long for the brunet to get his coffee ready as he soon enough gives Levi the warm cardboard cup.


“Thank you”, the short male says as he takes the cup with a small nod.


“You’re welcome. I hope you enjoy. Be sure to come by again”, the barista says politely with a small smile, but Levi can tell that the smile is hollow; fake, with no real feeling behind it.


However, he doesn’t stay to question the young man as he walks out soon enough and heads back towards the company building. It’s not his problem. A lot of people like that work in the shop and restaurant business. People that are too bored with the same routine over and over again. He doesn’t blame them for it. Since he’s the same except that he doesn’t even hide the fact that he’s tired and bored with his work.


Levi soon reaches the break room. It doesn’t have all that many people, maybe a little over ten, but it still feels too crowded for him. He goes to the fridge and takes out his lunch. It’s just some bland, store-bought lasagna but it’s all he can get since he barely ever has time to make his meals from scratch. But he’s used to it. He’s done this for years.


Though, he doesn’t hate his job. He makes more money than most people and there are moments that he feels proud of his work. It’s just so monotonous.


Wake up. Breakfast. Work. Lunch. Work. Coffee break. Meeting. Work. Home. Work. Dinner. Work. Sleep. And the circle starts again the next day.


But today seems a bit different though. Maybe it's because yesterday was a mess but today seems so….calm?


As Levi sips at his coffee while waiting for the microwave to finish warming up his meal, he notices that the coffee tastes different. It’s smoother and richer in flavour than the coffee he usually has at work or even at home. Maybe it's just his imagination or the fact that he was starved for caffeine but at the moment he doesn't really care either way. Though, he makes a note to visit the small coffee shop tomorrow as well.