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Save Me

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"Ah Faith Your here how are things going?"

"Fine Rollins. Is lieutenant Benson in?"

"Yes come on."

Rollins and Faith walked to Olivia's office

"Liv, Faith is here."

"Thanks Rollins."

"So what's her story?" Faith asked as Rollins left

"We can't get her to talk, Fin, Rollins, and I have given a go right now Carisi is in there she isn't responding to us. I figured you could give it a try." Olivia said knocking on the window

Carisi walked out.

"Hi I don't think we have met I'm Dominick Carisi. You can call me Dominick."

"I'm Faith Deluca. Nice to meet you."

"Her name is Harley Winchester her husband beet her. He is locked up right now. We can not get to her."

"Are you coming in or am I doing this on my own?"

"We have all given her a shot so you go in alone."

Faith nodded and walked in

"Hi Harley I'm Faith"

"Are you another detective?"

"No, I'm Faith Deluca I work with the NYPD mostly special victims unit."

"How can you all know how I feel?"

"It says here your husband beat you."

"Yeah so."

"You feel powerless like you don't have control. you feel like its your fault. You feel anger towards your self."

"I'm more angry with me than I am with him. ... And I hate myself more than I do him, because him I've got no emotion .... I don't hate him, I'm not angry at him, I don't think anything of him because I cannot be bothered to give him any emotion."

"You feel hurt betrayed."

'I feel completely crushed like I don't deserve to be loved. He told me I wasn't good enough he told me i was a loser Why do I feel like I am?'

Carisi turned to Benson, "Was that a confession?"

"You read into things way to much Carisi."

"Rollins i have known Faith for a long time. She is very sensitive to theses things she has never said that to a victim before."

"How long has she been here?" Carisi asked

"She started just before Rollins and Amaro."

Carisi turned back to the window and turned on the speaker.

"I think,I started to lose all confidence in myself as a person. Funnily enough, , I mean he'd shout at me that I was doing it all wrong, but I was very aware that I was the one that was doing it so it made it slightly easier to hold my ground. I took it all."

"Let the detectives help you. They can help you."

"I will."

"Talk to them they are good at their jobs."

"Thank you for your time."

Faith nodded and walked out

"She is all yours willing to talk. I will see you later."

"Faith how are things with you and Mark?"

"Fine, Liv he is out of town for a few days. See you nice meeting you Dominik nice seeing you Rollins. Liv if you need me you know where I am."

Faith said leaving the SVU unit

"Hey Faith wait up." Carisi said running out of the station catching up to Faith

"Hi Dominik right?"


"So how did it go after I left?"

"She agreed to testify against her husband."


"Back in the Interrogation room you seemed like you knew how she felt."

"I have been doing this for along time. I can just get into their heads. See you around Carisi." Faith said getting into her car and driving off.

she arrived at her apartment to find the door open she walked in.

"Who was the blond guy you were talking to?"

"Carisi? I met him today when I went to work at SVU."

"Liar are you cheating on me?"

"No, Mark I'm not lying"

"Shut up. I'm the only one you talk to you get that?"

"Mark I have to talk to them. I work with them."

"Did i say you could talk?" Mark said slapping Faith across the face.

"Make me dinner it better be good."

Faith started to make dinner.

she was finished and plated it for Mark he took a taste

"This is crap!" Mark said throwing the food against the wall.

he got up and started to beat Faith

"Clean up this crap. I'm going to get real food your pathetic." Mark said slapping her across the face and punching her on the side.

Mark left. Faith started to clean she made sure she cleaned to perfection

She cleaned everything seven times.

She went to her ringing phone.

she picked it up to see it was Olivia. she picked it up.

"Hi Liv, What can i do for you?"

"We need some help with a case. It's a missing kid case the same case with the woman who was abused by her husband. He made bail. Harley and her three kids are missing they are four and six the six year olds are identical twins."

"Okay do you need me tonight?"

"No you can come in at nine tomorrow."

"Okay Liv I will see you tomorrow."

"How are things?"

"Things are good. How is Noah?"

"Fine. I'm going to have a get together at my house on Friday why don't you and Mark come."

"Um I will have to get back to you on that."

"Okay I will see you tomorrow."

"Bye Liv" Faith said clicking off her cellphone

"Who was that on the phone?"

"Mark it was Olivia Benson from work they need me to come in tomorrow."

"Did I tell you that you could do that?"

"Mark It's my job."

"Did I tell you that you could speak?"

"Mark please."

"I'm tired I'm going to bed. You can sleep on the couch. If your phone wakes me up look out."

Faith nodded she set her alarm for seven

she got her blanket and a pillow she fell asleep her phone went off. She got up quickly and turned off her alarm. She hoped into the shower she washed her hair she put her hair up in a bun she put some make up on she never wore make up until Mark started hitting her

She now had to cover up all of the bruises no one knew. Faith looked at herself in the mirror she missed being a cop. Mark made her quit the force. He was the only cop in the marriage. It made it easier for him to get away with hurting Faith.

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