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The Shy Lollipop

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The Guardian Conference Press has just ended. All the crews and the host of the TV Shows thanked all of the actress and actors for their hardworking in the show. The stage’s curtain has been closed and the crews have cleaned up most of the equipment. Bai Yu has shook hand with all the crews, but still he hardly find his partner on the Guardian, Zhu Yilong. He has searched on the back stage, make up room, even the toilet, but he couldn’t find any traces of the other man. After a long search, Bai gave up the search because he thought that his Long ge must have gone home earlier. He sighed before he packed up his stuff. Bai headed into the entrance lazily, but the gleam in his eyes came back as he found the man he has been looking for.

Bai saw that Zhu Yilong was sitting in the front row of the audience seat in front of the stage. He was staring at the bouquet of lollipops in his hand with a smiling face. The bouquet was no other than the present that Bai Yu gave to him on the stage before.

“You do really those lollipops with that SID’s faces, huh?” Bai rushed into the older man and sat on the seat next to him.

Zhu Yilong nodded but still didn’t avert at his bouquet, “Yeah… Look, your face looks very silly on this candy. This expression is so priceless…”

Bai took the bouquet from the other’s hand and examined it, “Shit, how could they choose this photo. I have so many handsome photos, how could they choose this one…”

“Hey, that’s mine. Give it back to me!” The older man reached for the bouquet, but Bai Yu kept evading. Yilong didn’t give up and tried to take it back, but the younger man’s agility was better than him, so he couldn’t even just touch it.

“Bai, please give it back to me!” Yilong pouted.

Bai gave a big smile as he hided the bouquet behind his back, “Nope! This photo looks really bad. I will give you a better one…” Bai reached for his paper bag and gave it to the other man.

The other took the paper bag with a confuse look. “What is it?”

“Just open it!” Bai said that. But because Yilong looked too confuse, finally Bai Yu decided to open the paper bag himself and took out a bouquet of colorful lollipops with different emojis on the wraps. The younger man handed the bouquet to the other’s hand. “Come on, just accept it…”

The older man stared at the bouquet, “Another lollipops? Why do you give me this one?”

Bai Yu looked to the other side, “Well, you better have that one. The one with the SID’s faces are prepared by the creative team, but that bouquet… I chose that one for you…”

Zhu Yilong looked at the bouquet with a happy face, “Wow, you are really generous. They are all my favorite flavors too. Thank you so much, Bai…”

Hearing the older man’s compliment, Bai Yu smiled in satisfaction, “No need to thank me. I understand you better than those crews. Of course mine is better! You know why I give you this bouquet?” The young man pointed at the lollipops on the bouquet, “Look, all of them has different expressions. We have faced many things when we did the shooting together. There were happy times, hard moments, sad things, or other things that we couldn’t even explain in words. However I don’t mind to face all of them because all felt so sweet as long as I can be together with you, Long ge…” Bai grabbed the other man’s hand and kissed its back, “Thank you for giving me such wonderful time, Long ge… Playing this role as Zhao Yunlan with you as his Shen Wei is the best thing that I could ever ask…”

Zhu Yilong pulled up his hand and blushed a little, “Thank you, Xiao Bai… It made me almost cry to hear that…”

Bai poked the other man’s shoulder, “So I have give my present to you. Where’s my present?”

Yilong looked a bit lost. He reached his bag and his pocket as if he was looking for something, “Sorry, I haven’t bought something for you… I don’t expect that you would give me a present…”

The younger man responded with a pouted face, “Long ge, meanie…”

Zhu Yilong giggled as he saw the childish pout of the other man, “Hey, don’t put that face…” The man took the bouquet, picked one lollipop with a smiling face, and handed it to the younger one, “Here, you can have this one. Please don’t be sad…”

Bai grabbed the lollipop, still in pouted face, “Why do you give me just this one with the smiling face?”

Yilong smiled, “Because when Zhao Yunlan gave the lollipop to Shen Wei for the first time in that starry night on the top of the mountain, it was the one that he was asking for… A smile…”

Bai chuckled, “So you’re still remember that scene… Then why don’t you give me the one with the heart symbol? Does your Shen Wei not love my Zhao Yunlan?”

The older one picked the lollipop with a heart symbol from the bouquet, “In the novel, Ku Lun has given all the mountain and the river to Shen Wei to show his love, but Shen Wei only take one thing… Ku Lun’s, which later become Zhao Yunlan’s heart…” Yilong put the heart one into his left pocket of his shirt, “This heart is the one that I will cherish most. I won’t give this one to anyone…”

“…” Bai Yu bite his lips and covered his face with both of his hands, “Damn, I never win in these things with you. You’re too dangerous to my heart, Long ge…”

Zhu Yilong giggled in satisfaction, “Now, you have lost to me. Just give me back my bouquet…”

The younger man sighed as he took the bouquet from his back and handed it back to the other man, “Fine… You can have all of these lollipops along with my present… You really like lollipops that much, huh? Back then you were also like to take my lollipops on the shooting site…”

Yilong put the bouquet with the emoji expression on the paper bag and took the one on Bai’s hand, “You know why did I give you the lollipop with my face when we were on the stage earlier?”

The younger one thought for a while, the shook his head.

“All moments we feel on the shooting sites felt so sweet to me, just like these lollipops… But I give you the one with my face so even we would be apart after this, I hope that you would always remember our sweet memories…” Yilong answered with a slight blush on his cheek.

“So you took the lollipops with the other SID’s face so that I could only just think of you, huh?” Bai grinned. “Wow, Long ge, I never know that you are so possessive with me…”

“Ah, no… It just… I mean…”

Before Yilong could finish his sentences, Bai took the lollipop with his his face from the bouquet, unwrapped it, and shoved it into the older man’s mouth. “Now it’s an even. You would never forget about me either…”

Yilong giggled, “Why should I forget about you…” Yilong took out the lollipop from his mouth, “Hey, this one is really tasty. It tastes better than the one we usually have on the shooting sites…”

“Really? Is that have a different flavor than the one I just ate on the stage?” Bai was about to steal the lollipop on Yilong’s hand with his mouth, but he tripped himself and ended up falling on the top of the other one and kissed him on the lips accidentally.

Both man’s eyes stared at each other with a silent words for few minutes. Bai was the one who regained his consciousness first so he pulled away quickly, “I’m sorry, Long ge… Um… Are you alright?” He offered his hand to the other.

Yilong reached for his hand and stood up. He avoided the other’s gaze when he tidied up his Prussian blue suit, “I’m okay…”

“I’m really sorry, Long ge… I didn’t mean to do it, I promise… I just want to taste the lollipop on your hand, but I tripped on my own shoes…” Bai bowed his body as low as he could.

“I understand…” Yilong answered, still avoided the other’s eye. His face was very red right now, even his ears also became red.

Bai scratches his back head awkwardly, “But you know… it really tastes sweet… Even sweeter than the one that I have eaten on the stage…”

“What do you mean…?” finally the older man dares enough to look for the other’s face.

“The lollipop of course… no I mean the kiss… eh, should I say the lollipop taste on your lips? Wait what?” Bai rubbed his neck to find the right words, but he still couldn’t explain it correctly. So at the end, he chose to turn his back and run away as fast as he could, leaving the confuse man behind.

Yilong was still frozen in confusion. His heart was throbbing very fast as if it wanted to jumped out his chest. He even couldn’t explain the weird feeling in his heart. He has been close to this man for a long time. They have shared a room together many times, playing games together until midnight, or embraced each other when one of them has a hard time. But this was the first time that he felt so weird just because of a small act of the other man. Gently he rubbed his lips with his fingers, “What did just happen to me? Or… is it just the effect of the lollipop?”