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Pennywise's smut and blood: A.K.A Twocent oneshots

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Pennywises or Its is a creature that lives in Derry and hibernates for 25 years at a time and eats for a year this is something our leading expert on this has found. Over the years, there have been a few incidents that highlight these times. What they don't know is that this "eating" period is also known as a mating period to all monsters. - Monster book of the unknown.


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Pizzy was sitting in his office wright the new script for the next play being performed at the local theatre when there was a knock on the office door. Groaning he told the visitor," Come in." 

The door opened to reveal a cowing young man with orange afro-like hair who was bitting his lip. Pizzle smiled and turned to the boy as he said," Is there something wrong Penny?" 

"I...umm" The younger of the two studdered out. Getting a bit frougraited with the young Pizzle snapped,"Spit it out."

"Plews...Daddy Plews can suck your lolly?" Penny asked, blushing a little. Pizzy smiled at the boy and motioned for him to come behind his desk. Penny did as he was told as he watched the slightly older man pull out his cock.

"Keep it warm for Daddy then will see," Pizzy told him as the boy sat on his knees and hollowed his mouth then put Pizzy's cock in his mouth. 

Soon The older was hard as a rock and couldn't focus on the script any longer. He shoved into Penny's mouth without any warning and grunted to the boy," Suck."

Penny moaned and sucked hard. Soon, oh far too soon then Penny would have liked, he cumed.

"next time were putting a cockring on you boy," Pizzy ordered the younger as Penny began to suck his cock in farther. All too soon the younger man was deep-throating the older cock. soon after that Pizzle cumed too.            

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Penny's pov.

As I stumbled into the lair blood dripping and pain higher then I would normally take it. It hurt and I hated. I LOVED pain but this hurt. I only made it between into the vault-est door we had that held our lair hidden in the swears. I heard Pizzy moving about in our living area as I collapsed on the floor but still was awake. The only thing I wished I could do. Pass out.

"Penny? My God, what happened?" I heard Pizzy say. I groaned and said," Them... Them... kids. I didn't... they weren't scared... they fought back Pizzy." 

Pizzy gruffly pulled me up from the floor and swung me over his shoulder and carried to me to our room. I kept groaning as he put me on our bed. He shook his head and said," I warned ya, Pen. I warned ya. Don't worry I'll get ya fixed up. Got to now do I?"

"It hurt's like it hadn't before..." I replied. He shook his head and started to clean up my wounds. But we didn't say much after that. And soon he started licking them. The first one was on my neck and that got me wiggling a bit. He started to peel my jumpsuit off of my body and continued to do that from the ones on my arms to and back up to my neck. That's when the pain had slipped into pleasure. That repeated four times before I started moaning. 

"Piz... Wha... Why?" I studdered out as I felt him smile on my back. He didn't realise until he had made it down my back," Why not Penny? umm? Best way to get rid of pain ain't it Penny umm?" 

I wiggled as he started to go down my legs then back up all the way to my neck. I simply moaned once more. God, it was the best sensation. He loved making me oversensitive. A soon he came down the legs again I whimpered,"Dame it Pizzy... J..ju...just't." 

"Penny shhh don't be like this sweet. You know you love this um?" Pizzy teased against my calves and I growled at the older. He chuckled before he slid his tongue into my entrance. I moaned as I shoved against it. He continued to tongue-fuck me until I was harder than I normally got. I whimpered to him," Pizzy... please... please JUST FUCKING FUCK ME ALREADY!"

He slithered his tongue out of my entrance and started to rub my cock as he pulled me up from it and sat me on his. 

"Tsk... Penny... you outha' know that commanding won't get ya anything, Anything but pain for ya," He said as he yanked on my cock. I moaned and withered as he did a few more times before he suddenly thrust up in my entrance. I yelped and screamed as he continued with the rough thrusting soon he found my prostate and I withered and moaned as he shoved against it. 

"ONECENT PIZZY GODS!" I shouted as I organimized onto both our bellies. He grunted and thrusted a few more times before he came inside me. He slid out of me and growled into my ear," We'll kill 'em. No body mess with my Pennywise. NO BODY. We'll kill 'em"            

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As soon as Penny entered their nest, Pizzy smelt it. The dame boy had started his mating season a little late but Pizzy wasn't expecting to hit until it was night. But that dame smell had him morphing into a more adjustable form on instinct. And the sight that he was blessed with didn't do much to his dominance that was coming out. Penny was curled up around the arm of his last meal, shivering with slick dripping from his forms ass next to their nest's entrance. Holding back as much of his instincts as the alien could, Pizzy asked," You alright there Pen?

"WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK ASSHOLE?" the young entity shouted at him. Pizzy frowned at the outburst and gripped the clown by his neck and dragged him up the wall and growled," What did you call me Pennywise?" 

"So...sorry Piz... I am... Sorry," The younger gasped. Releasing his grip Pizzy stuck his other hand, which happened not to have anything on it, into the youngers ass and moved it around. Penny gasped at the felling and whimpered," Piz...please..."

"Please? Please, what Penny? Fuck you? Breed ya? fill ya up with my seed? mate ya? fill ya up with my children? All of the above?" Pizzy asked fucking him with the one finger. Penny moaned and begged as he said," any of them... please Piz...Any of them."

"na your going chose one of them, then we'll see. Until then I am going to leave a slick, moaning, whimpering mess on the bed," The older said as he dragged the Penny onto the bed, declothed him then left, munching on the remainder of the arm. 

It was an hour later that Penny started to really beg and scream.

"Pizzy! please! Fuck me! Bred Me... Please, Pizzy!" The younger clown screamed until his tormenter sat down bare naked and a rock hard cock. His bits of orange tuff sticking to his head. He grunted," Your chouse Penny?" 

"fucking all of them... just hurry please... it hurts. Please, Piz..." The horror of Darry begged to the other alien. And just as promised the clown flipped the younger on his belly and lined up with his entrance and without warning started fucking the boy. Moans, whimpers, and in-human sounds could be heard from both monsters as the mated. 

All that week it was non stop sex. As soon as it was over both monsters when out and hunted, storing up half of each meal for the kits they would soon have. 

six and a half months, a harpoon wound and some strange cavings later The nest in the sewers was five more occupied.         

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Horrors: a term used to describe the monsters in the darkest part of our minds.

To truly understand these things one must understand where they each come from. - Monster book of the unknown.

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Penny was tied up on the chair in their "play" room. Something that only happens when they were using knives. Their play earlier is the reason for this punishment. It wasn't his fault that the other actor had made advances onto him or that Penny was sporting a hard-on because of the fucking toy that Pizzy had stuck up his ass that morning. When Penny tried explaining it that to Pizzly he was scoffed and thrown into the chair as he was tied up. 

"Now pet... explain why your getting punished?"  The older asked. Whimpering Penny apologize," I am sorry Master I'll..."

A slice down his cheak shut him up as Pizza guraled at the younger," I don't want your apologies Penny. Tell me why your getting punished."

" Jonthin truned me on..." Penny told the older man. Pizzy noded as he licked up the wound.

"Thats right. Now who's pet are you?" He grunted out as he slipped his cock into the streched and bloody ass of Penny's.

"Yours," Penny wimpered out.