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The Moore Twins

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Annabella and Ashley Moore had always been special. Identical at birth, their bond was always going to be stronger than most. From the earliest of ages, they were inseparable on a level rarely seen. She cried whenever Ashley was separated from her. They cried whenever they couldn't find their favorite toys. They shared and exchanged clothes. And every five seconds when alone and in their rooms, they hugged or kissed each other.

Despite Annabella being two minutes older, Ashley's favorite nickname for her was "Baby sis." Annabella herself usually being called "Anna" by everyone else. Despite being identical physically, their personalities differed in some ways. Ashley was more aggressive, more overprotective and more jealous, as well as outgoing and confident. Anna was shy, more introverted and rarely stood up for herself.

Neither had ever known their father. He disappeared from their lives before they were born. As a result, they were also close and affectionate with their mother, who worked at times, three jobs, to support them. 


5 years old. 

The twins together came to the realization that they were supposed to have been born girls, and wished to shed their old names, at least in private. 

They looked through the baby names book that their mother had. 

"Oooh Bella sounds cool! But so does Anna...."

"How about....Annabella!" Ashley giggled. "Anna for short!"

Annabella smiled, "I like it!"

When Ashley badly wanted to put on one of their mother's dresses and go show Mummy how pretty her princess was, Anna hastily talked her out of it, saying they couldn't tell anyone.


7 years old

Anna was crying. Her peers had teased her about her pale, nerdy appearance and she could not tell her mother about it. She cried because she had a penis and wanted a girl-part there. She cried because she was going to go through male puberty and was terrified of this. She clutched her pillow, and softly cried, the tears staining the pillow in wetness. 

Then, she heard a soft rapping at her door. 


Anna sobbed. 

"it's Ash. Let me in..." Ashley's voice was kind, soft and loving.

"C-come in..." She got up, and opened the door. Ashley immediately hugged her and kissed her forehead. 

"Sshh, it's alright. It's alright, baby sis. They're idiots. it's alright. We're going to become girls, I promise."

They curled up like that, Ashley's arms around her sister. She cuddled her gently, until the shaking and sobbing ended. 



10 years old

She walked into the kitchen and asked "What's for breakfast, Mummy?"

"Oh hello, Ashley." The twin was confused. 

"No, I'm......Oh right yeah! Hi Mummy!" 

Jill frowned but let it pass. For the next hour, she thought she was talking to her son, Ashley. Then her other son came out, with the school bag name tag saying "Ashley Moore." 

She stopped her and said "Why do you have your brother's backpack?"

Ashley stopped and said "No, it's mine Mummy."

Jill's face changed in realization, and said "Oh I'm so sorry, sweetie. I thought you were Ben for a minute! Ben, you're in trouble for tricking me, young man!"


12 years old

Ashley began softly pecking her twin. Not on the cheek or forehead anymore, but right on the lips. Anna blushed heavily that first time, and Ashley smirked and said "Oh whoops, I'm sorry baby sis." But it did not end there. In fact at every opportunity in private, they pecked each other on the lips.


13 years old. 

Anna's class were due to go on a school camp bus trip to a lake. Ashley could not come. 

"Why?" She sobbed and whined. "Not fair! They can't take Baby Bro away from me!" But despite her protests, Anna went on the trip as Ashley cried the entire time. Finally, Anna arrived home, to a red-eyed, sniffling twin sister. 

"Y-You left me. You promised not to...'

Immediately apologetic, Anna cuddled and soothed her sister, saying "I'm so sorry, Ashley. It won't happen again. I'm sorry, please. I love you. I love you." 

She leaned down and gave her some sister kisses on her lips and cheeks, softly delivering feather kisses to her sister's face. 

"I'll get you some ice cream. OK? Don't be sad. I'm here. I'm here. I'm right here."

Ashley decided she really had to get those jealousy and abandonment issues under control.


15 years old. 

Gradually, Ashley began to notice, and increasingly harbored secret fantasies and feelings about her twin. When they were alone in bed together, she imagined Anna roughly pushing her against the wall and kissing her hard. 

She had sex dreams about her twin, and afterwards, felt disgusted and horrified with herself. Why am I like this? I can't love my own sister! I really need to find a girlfriend!


16 years old

Ashley had gotten a girlfriend, and while they kissed and made out and played with each other's breasts, she refused to give the girl her anal virginity. She was only using her after all, to get over Anna. 

"Mm, you're so cute Ashley."

"Kiss me, Chloe!"

"You should meet my parents tomorrow."

"Oh...I'm sorry. I'm hanging out with my brother."

Chloe turned angry and vicious, "Always with your fucking brother! You will not shut up about him! Don't you care about me at all? it's Ben this, Ben that. Fine. Go back to him. It's obvious you want to fuck him! You fucking brother complex freak!"

So it went on, for a while, through several girls, all storming out because she could not get over Anna, or even stop talking about her for 5 minutes.


17 years old.

Ashley was furious when she heard Anna had developed a crush. 

"You mean to tell me you don't know anything about this girl? I don't trust her!"

"You know I can't help it sometimes!" Anna wailed helplessly. "You do this with every single crush you know about me having!"

Ashley softened, "You know I'm just trying to look out for you. I'm trying to protect you. You remember what happened last year right?"



A year prior. 

Anna accidentally bumped into an older boy at their school, who turned around and snarled at her. 

"Watch where you're fucking going, freak! You little faggot!"

Ashley, who had overheard it, ran over and gathered Anna into her arms. 

"Leave my si-brother alone!" she screamed. 

He laughed and sneered, "What are you gonna do about it, freak?"

Ashley balled her fists up. No one hurts my sister and gets away with it. She cocked it back and then delivered a powerful punch to his nose. He clutched it in pain and fury. 

"Crazy faggot! You bwoke my Noshe!"

"I'll break more, you transphobic piece of shit if you don't get out of here now!" She yelled. Around them, people cheered and congratulated Ashley. 

Their mother was called down to the school and informed what happened. 

She was angry at first, saying "Honey, you should not be solving your problems with violence! Look, we had to ice your hand!"

"You don't know what he was saying and doing, Mummy! He was calling my brother a freak!"

Then Jill's rage turned to the other boy, and god help him if that happened.

She later scooped her daughters up in her arms and said "I'm proud of you for protecting your brother." She smiled and hugged them both.


6 months ago

The rwins held each other's hand, facing their mother. 

Anna took a deep breath and said "Mum....Ash and I...are transgender."

Jill was silent for a full minute, processing this information. 

"We chose our new names. I'm going to be just Ashley still, and she is going to be Annabella. or Anna for short. Also...we like girls. We're lesbian, both of us."

Jill was still silent.

"Mum...say something..." one of them begged her. 

She smiled brilliantly and hugged them tightly. "Oh my bo-girls, I don't think any differently of you! In fact I must come out to you two as well. I'm bisexual. I like girls as well. Always have."

"Really Mummy!?" They squealed, and hugged her tighter. 

"Really." she smiled lovingly, and motherly to them both.She had actually long suspected this. The two Moore children had long preferred typical feminine things over boy things, but she naturally assumed that they were gay. They even still called her "Mummy" for God's sake. They later explained it only took this long to come out because they feared her reaction based on many other parental reactions. She felt ashamed and depressed that she had allowed her daughters to think she would not be accepting of trans people.


Over the next few months, Jill allowed her daughters to shed and burn all male clothing. 

"Good riddance." Anna had said when this happened. 

She aided them in picking new female clothing, and helped them do their makeup. She had even allowed them to start sleeping in the same bed and showering in the same shower, thinking it to be cute sisterly affection.

At one point, Ashley was splashing Anna who got a bit in her eye. She held up her hand to stop, "Oww, stop!" Immediately Ashley was horrified and scared. 

"Oh my god, your eye. I'm so sorry, baby sis! I'll kiss it better." Anna blushed slightly, as Ash did exactly that, and placed a kiss on her eyebrow. 


2 months ago

Jill had come home from a long hard day at work, and found her daughters asleep, softly snoring. Cute.

She leaned down and gave them both a soft peck on the forehead. 

"Goodnight, my good girls." she softly whispered.


Present day. 

The twins were 18. High school was now a thing of their past. Their mother was working on making appointments and getting them to see gender specialists to start their transition into becoming women. But after several online conversations about the strangeness of their relationship, Anna began to finally suspect Ashley had more than sisterly feelings for her. Not only that but she was not as disgusted as many would have been. 

In fact she had dabbled now and then in reading incestuous sex stories from time to time. Ash had never seen them however. She decided that if Ashley did feel this way toward her, she not only would not be disgusted, she would actually be quite ok with it, and kiss back.

Meanwhile, Ashley had suffered alone, loving her twin intensely, and when they were able to openly dress as the girls they rightfully were, it only got worse. It took her entire will and strength not to pull that dress off her sister and kiss her senseless. 

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One night, Anna was strolling along the hallway when she heard moaning coming from her sister's room. She thought it must have been porn but then she heard her sister's voice, echoing out.

"Yes...ugh...fuck yes! Oh, Anna!" 

Anna froze in shock. Ashley, her darling twin sister was thinking about her as she masturbated! This was both amazing and scary!  She was past the phase where incest totally disgusted her, and she had actually begun to suspect something was different about the way her twin felt about her. To have it confirmed was shocking. She had to speak to her. 

The next morning, Anna took the time to gaze at Ashley's body. They were truly identical, the only difference being a slightly different hairstyle, requested by their mother to tell the two apart. Yet she still felt something watching her cute sister. She stared at Ashley's adorable bum., and blushed heavily. She started to imagine what it would be like to kiss her, to feel her, to touch-Stop!

Too late. Ashley had apparently noticed her ogling. But if she was either turned on or angry, she did not show it. Instead, she flashed an innocent smile. 

"Watcha doin, baby sis? Did I miss a spot?" She asked, referring to her makeup. 

Anna blushed bright red, and stammered, "N-no, of course not. You always look beautiful, Ashley."

Ashley could only smile lovingly, and leaned down to give her sister a peck on the lips and cuddle. 

"W-why do you always kiss me on the lips, Ash?"

"Does it bother you?" Ashley asked calmly. "If so, I will stop. I don't want to do anything to upset my cute Baby Sis!" 

Anna was overcome with love, and affection. 

"Don't be silly. You're just showing me how much you love me, right? I mean I guess it's okay as long as you don't start making out with me." She chuckled nervously, to cover up how serious she was, and played it off as a jab. It worked, and Ashley finally blushed red. 

"W-would that be so bad?" She whispered so quietly 

"Wait, you really would?" Anna kept having her suspicions confirmed. 

Ashley instantly became jokey again, and said "Of course! You're friggin hot after all! Any girl would be lucky to!"

Anna didn't say anything else, just let it sink in that not only was it all but confirmed her twin had feelings going beyond sisterly, but she clearly wanted to kiss her! But do I want to kiss Ashley? 

She had just been ogling her sister so it was entirely possible her attraction to the other girl was slowly growing, and maniifesting itself. If her cute twin did move on her and kiss her, she doubted she had the will or strength to resist. In fact she would probably be happy to let her do it! How long have I been lying to myself? 


Anna formed a new plan, to directly confront Ashley once and for all, and get some answers. Why? How long? What were they going to do about this? Did Anna feel the same way? 

Another fear had sprung into her mind, that all of this was imagined, and Ashley was going to freak out and hate her forever. She could not bear the thought! She loved Ashley!


Finally an opportunity presented itself. Anna slowly entered their room to find Ashley lying in bed with her laptop on her tummy. 

"Hey sis," She greeted. "Watcha doing?"

Ashley blushed and said, "Nothin...." But Anna knew it probably wasn't. 

"Aaannyways...I need to talk to you."

Ashley's face dropped. "No good conversations start with that. What's going on?"

"You've seen more of the world now. You get that we don't always choose how we feel. I guess what I'm trying to I know you flirt with me all the time, kiss me, and think about me in a not-sisterly way. I heard you once."

"You- heard me?"

"You my name as you played with yourself."

Immediately, Ashley started to cry and sob, "I-I'm so sorry, Annaa! I-I never wanted you to find out that way! I'm so gross! I'm the idiot who's fallen for her own sister!"

Anna ran to her side and hugged her. "No, stop that. Please. I....just wanna understand, ok, sis? H-how long?"

Ashley sniffled, "Three years. I tried to fight it. I fought it harder than you could possibly imagine. All those dates-"

"You were trying to get over me..."

"But I never could because those relationships always ended so fast. They yelled at me, and badmouthed you. I couldn't stop talking about you and they all hated it. So I needed another way."

"That's why you want to go to different schools next year?"

"I don't hate you. It's the opposite, Anna. I'm in l-love with you...I understand completely if you hate me and think I'm disgusting. I certainly thought that." She sobbed. 

Anna scooped up her crying, broken sister in her arms. 

"I could never hate you or think you disgusting just for feeling love. Don't be silly. Now..come here."

For what felt like hours, they hugged it out, everything now in the open. Lying there, in her sister's arms, Anna was realizing she might just be falling for her twin as well.

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To help her figure out her feelings, Anna consulted her best friend Freya on the phone. 

"Hey Anna! Long time no talk!" she squealed. 

Anna giggled, and said "Listen, I think I need relationship advice! I'm really confused."

"Oooh! Anna has a crush! That's so cute and exciting! Who is it?"

"Never telling." 

"No fair!" She cried. "Please tell me! I promise I won't judge!" If you're so tolerant, maybe you won't mind if I fuck my sister then. 


"Well...does she go to our school?"

"That's not really relevant. Look, I just want to know if I'm really into her and it's not just a weird phase."

"Her?" Freya smugly said. Shit!  Now she knew she liked a female. 

"Oh...oh no. I didn't-"

"Relax! You think I wasn't already getting sapphic vibes from ya, Bells? you think about her all the time?"

"Yes. We are really close. She told me she loved me-"


"Let me finish. She told me she loved me and when we hugged it out, she felt really nice and warm. We sleep and shower together, and she likes napping on top of me."

"Do you feel bad when you hurt her?"

"Yes. I can't stand to see her cry."

"Do you think about kissing her on the lips?"


"Do you want to?"

"Um...I think so."

"Why have I never seen you with this girl? You're always with Ashley."

"Um she moved here a few weeks ago."

"And you shower with her? Geez!" Anna was panicking. She had to stop Freya figuring it out. "I might have a shot if she's this forward."

"Stop it! She's older than us. Not in school. She doesn't want to be outed so I can't introduce her to anyone. She only likes me." Technically true. "She has amazing blonde hair, blue eyes and smooth pale skin."

"She sounds like she looks like you....And well, Ashley. Have you ever kissed another girl?"

"Sort of. It was only pecks, ya know?"

"How was it?"


"Haha then why the hesitation, girl?" Freya giggled. "You're in love with miss mystery blonde!"

"Well...what if she isn't ready? What if I messed up and she doesn't want me anymore?"

"It sounds like you treat her the same way you do with your sister. It was already weird with your sister, but this...? It's like you're dating already!"

"Hm perhaps you're right. But in case you're wrong, I may need you to help me seduce her!"

"You're on!"

That was the final piece of the puzzle. I love Ashley. I love her. I'm in love with her...and she loves me! I'm so happy! I need to tell her!

She said goodbye to Freya and rushed upstairs to Ashley's bedroom. 


"A-Anna?" Her sister rubbed her eyes blearily, having  been reading and napping.

"Heyyy... feel better?"

"Hm yes.." Ashley blushed. 

"Good! Because I have something to tell you now!" This is it.

"Um ok.." Ashley sat up, attentive for her sister.

"Um listen...when you...told me how you really feel...I think it awoke me...People don't choose these things and maybe...Maybe I've just been pushing everything so deep down that I denied it even to myself...I don't want to feel this w-way. But you d-deserve to know the truth. I love you. God, I fucking love you so much! I never want anyone to be with you but me! I want to call you my girlfriend!"

Ashley was openly crying and sobbing. After years of denying it to one another, years of jealousy and possessiveness, they both now knew the reason. The entire truth.

" l-love m-me back?"

"Yes! My beautiful princess, I love you, more than anyone! You are the only one I want. Forever."

"I love you too! Oh, Baby Sis!"

"Mm, yes, Princess!"

Wth that, they slowly leaned in, enjoying staring into each other's eyes. Anna directed a single finger to brush away her twin's tears, then leaned in the rest of the way. They were at last going to kiss. Anna's heartbeat throbbed nervously. Then...their lips met. It was electric, magical...the stuff of Ashley's countless dreams. This was far different to all of their previous kisses. Passionate, sex-charged, and romantic. They softly kissed and kissed, enjoying each other's taste. Having known each other for so many years already, this felt like simply the next logical step. It pushed their relationship to a new, even more intimate level.

They had become not just twin trans sisters, but lovers at last.

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They pulled back slightly.

"Woah..." Ashley gasped for breath.


"Your lips are so soft! And they kinda taste like strawberries!" 

Anna giggled, "Well that would be the lip gloss, my beautiful girlfriend!"

Ashley grinned, perking up, "Did you just call me your girlfriend?"

"Yes, well...we're official, right?"

"Anna, we already pretty much act like we're official."

"Right!" She giggled.

"But you're my sister...Sister-girlfriend? Sister with benefits? Sisfriend!"

"Just girlfriend, I think!"

With that, Ashley nodded and went  back in, capturing Anna's pink lips in a loving, incestuous kiss.

The kissing was explosive. All the repressed feelings for each other were finally being released. Anna and Ashley slipped their tongues into each other's mouths, battlng for dominance. Ashley moved down, to her sister's waiting neck, as they slowly undressed one another. 


"She went out shopping! We're fine."

"Y-you sure you want to...?"

"Oh, sissy, of course! I've wanted you for so fucking long!"

Anna reached up and played with her twin's sensitive nipples. Pre HRT as they were, that meant no breasts just yet but the two girls would make do. They still looked incredibly effeminate. 

"Do you like that?...Do you like that, baby? You're sooo sexy." Ashley kept on whispering lustfully.

Ashley bit into Anna's belly button lightly, and softly pulled on it. She moaned deliciously and loudly. 

"Hihi, your moans are so sexy and adorable, baby sis."

"Oh my god!"

Finally, she reached her prize. Both girls' respectve hardness were pressing painfully against the cotton panties they were wearing. She gazed at Anna's crotch, wishing to see what lay beneath. She smiled lovingly and lustfully at her sister, lying in bed anticipating what was to happen. She slowly pulled down the panties, revealing a 6 inch girl-cock. 

"Uh...Ah...Sis...I wish it was a pussy. I'm so sorry."

"Don't be silly, Anna! You have a pretty cock, and you're a pretty girl. I love every part of you. I want to kiss and lick every inch." And so she did, meticulously kiss every part of the soft body  of her sexy twin. They were identical in looks and she hoped her sister would return the favor very soon. 

Eventually, to make her beautiful twin cum, she captured and slowly lowered her wet, hot mouth onto Anna's hard penis.

"Ohhh God, Ash! FUCK!" She screamed in shock and pleasure. Ashley delighted in how loud her girlfriend was during sex.  She happily sucked on the girl-cock. It tasted actually quite nice and she hoped her sister's cum would taste good too. 

As she gazed down at her sister's body, it hit her again that they looked identical and sometimes acted very similar. But she shook her head of the thought for the final time. It was not narcissistic. 

"Keep going! You're so good at that!" Finally, Anna jerked back, arching her back, as she screamed, "Fuck, Sis, I'm gonna fuckin cum!" 

Ashley felt the cum spray into her mouth and she did her best to swallow all the white liquid without gagging on her sister's cock. Breathing hard and sweaty, the sisters lay down together on the bed, blissful after Anna's orgasm. She gave Anna a kiss again, so she could let her sister taste her own cum. 

Anna giggled and whispered "Tastes pretty nice."

"It does, doesn't it? I love you so much!"

"I love you too, Ash."


Their sexual adventuress progressed. The next time they had an opportunity, Anna lowered her mouth onto Ashley's hardness, and returned the favor, and Ash cummed in minutes. As they were not quite ready to go all the way, their sexual experiences stayed with just kissing, licking and blowjobs. Every once in a while, Ash stuck a single digit inside Anna's tight asshole, making her moan. She planned to prepare her twin for anal sex slowly but surely, until the other girl was ready. Anna worried it might hurt, or that while they were in their throes, somene might see. 

The two sisters swore to keep things confined to just their bedroom, but they swore to lay down some rules. 

"No flirting in front of Mum, or anyone really. Or kissing except on the head or cheek."


"We can't give the old woman a heart attack. But when we're alone..." Ashley gave a devious seductive smirk. Anna blushed but grinned back. They were just as sexually flirtatious and determined as each other, and neither was the Top or the Bottom. They alternated all night as they made love.


Jill was the first to notice a massive change in her daughters. They used to fight and argue rarely, usually about girls and one of their latest failed crush or relationship. But after 2 months, all of that had stopped and her daughters were closer than ever, if that was even possble at this point. She wondered what happened to cause this, and why the girls seemed no longer interested in pursuing relationships. To call her suspicious would be wrong. Just curious. Jill after all, only wanted her adult daughters to be happy and they were able to make their own decisions now, without their mother needlessly worrying.


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For the last few weeks, Anna's life had been perfect. Her girlfriend, Ashley had subtly been preparing her to lose her virginity, she knew. Fingering her ass to loosen it up would do that.

She jutted, and jerked as she happily cummed in Ashley's mouth, who also happily drank her sister's cum. They had once again, made sure their mother could not catch them unawares. 

"Good, huh, babe?" She whispered. 


"You don't uh...have to if you don't want to...but-"

" mean lose my virginity?" Anna was sure she was ready to have sex with her sexy lovely sister, her hair silky and her body soft and smooth, but she hadn't wanted to pressure Ashley into it. But Ashley was freely offering. 


"Oh!" She squealed, "Of course! I love you Ash, and I do want you to be my first. You do promise you will be gentle, though? I'm just your virgin sister after all."

"Of course, Baby Sis! I would never hurt my Baby Sis!" Ashley insisted.

Already naked, it was a simple task to release her sister's penis and slide down to her rosebud. She kissed and licked it lightly and tentatively. Judging from Anna's sigh of pleasure, she knew she was ok with being rimmed. She dug in, kissing and licking her asshole. 

"Mmm fuuuckk...gosh, Ash, you're really licking me down there. You're rimming me...Oh don't stop! This is so kinky!"

Ashley lovingly lapped at her sister's ass, greatly enjoying the taste and feel, and watched as her sister's rosebud gradually relaxed and accepted her tongue inside.  She inserted her tongue and began tongue fucking her twin's asshole.  

Anna moaned loudly in pleasure, bucking her hips and pushing forward to get more of the tongue inside her. She really loves getting her asshole eaten out...

Finally, Ash knew she had to stop. She wanted to make Anna cum with her girl-cock, not her mouth!

She was hard, painfully so, and thanks to the rimjob, Anna was back to full hardness as well. Gently, she raised up her sister's legs to get full access to her asshole, and slowly, gently started rubbing in the lube she had gotten on her finger. 

Anna shivered, "It's cold."

"I know, babe. Relax, ok?"

Finally, the lube was applied, and Ashley took her cock and started trying to push the cockhead inside Anna's tight virgin asshole. 

"Ahhh...ugh,...ohhh!" Anna was moaning and grunting. Was it pain? Ash could not yet tell.   She pushed harder. 

"Ahhgg!" That was pain. 

"Oh my god, sis are you ok?" Ashley sniffled. She hurt her! She hurt her darling twin sister! Maybe this was a mistake!

"I'm....fine, Ash. Please don't stop and don't cry. I'm just...a bit tight still." 

"I'm going as slow as I can, Anna! Please tell me to stop if you want!"

Anna gave a nod and Ashley resumed pushing her cockhead in. Finally, it was in, with a popping sound, past the anal ring. Anna grunted in pain and pleasure, happy she had finally made love to her sexy ass twin sister. Both girls broke down into tears. Ashley, because she had hurt her sister. Anna, happy she had given such a beautiful gift.

They kissed softly, tasting each other's lips. Anna could taste her own ass on Ashley's mouth, and was even harder because of it. I love tasting my own ass! 

Ashley's cock drove deeper into her. She started to feel very full and tight, like she had to do a poo, but it was really just being stuffed full of incestuous sister-dick.


"You ok?"


Ash stopped, letting Anna get used to her size. She knew how tight she was, as she could feel it herself, her sister's ass being like a tight vice. She feared she'd cum too soon because of it. 

After a few minutes, Anna whispered, "It's ok now, sis. You can start moving." 

Ashley's heart fluttered. Her darling twin sister was giving the ok for her to fuck her!  And fuck her, she was doing.  Her cock slowly slid out almost all the way, and then she used her hips to push her cock all the way back inside. 

Anna moaned very loudly, and grunted, as Ashley's incestuous dick filled her right up and made love to her ass. 

"Fuck, Baby Sis! Fuck! I'm bumming you! I'm actually bumming you! You're so tight and beautiful and I love you! Get fucked by my cock!"

"Oh, I l-love it and I love you too Ashley! My beautiful twin! Drill my tight asshole! I really need it! Your poor sister isn't a virgin anymore and she needs to be punished for being so naughty!"

"Yes, Anna! Oh, Anna! Scream my name as I fuck your sweet ass!"

"Ashley! Ashley! Harder, Ashley! Oh, Ashley! Yesss! Your naughty kinky sister's just your anal slut now!"

Pleasure was mounting as her anal hole got drilled faster and faster. She was long since used to it and now simply enjoyed the feeling of being anally fucked. With every dirty word they spoke, she felt Ash's cock get even harder, if that was possible. She felt Ashley's balls slap against her as she thrusted hard against her sister on the bed. The bed was rocking and creaking. And both girls were moaning loudly in pleasure. 

"Fuck your sister! Fuck your girlfriend! Fuck your true love!"

"AAhhhh! I'm cumming!" They both screamed at last, loud and proud. Cum burst forth onto Anna's tummy and chest, from her hard penis. She had done so seconds after feeling a tremendous warm wetness spill into her red, used, asshole.  Her sexy twin had cum inside her. 

"Yes, you're cumming inside! Thank you Ash, for this! I love you more than anything!"

"I love you too! Take my incestuous cum!"

They collapsed, naked, and sweaty. Anna leaned over and gave her sister a soft romantic kiss on the lips, and gathered her up in her strong arms. 

"I don't care what anyone else thinks." Anna whispered softly. "You are my world. You are my true love."

"I know, Baby Sis. I live for these return the favor? She gave a seductive smirk.  

Anna grinned sexily back at her, and flipped her over. 

Ashley giggled, "Hard already?"

"No but we can work on that."

She opened up Ashley's legs and dove into rimming her asshole as had been done for her. Anna loved it, loved the taste, and loved tongue fucking her ass. 

Ashley threw her head back and moaned delicously at getting her asshole eaten out. It was a moment she had waited for for an extremely long time, finally feeling her love in her love tunnel, her girl-hole.  She nearly cummed again on the spot. 

Finally, she was ready. Both girls knew they were each a switch and neither would be top for long.  Anna was more than happy to return the favor and pound her sister's yummy asshole. 

She went as slow as possible, as before, but Ashly barly made a sound of any kind of pain or displeasure. If anything, she got off on it. 

"MM I'm fine, Anna now just ram it in! I'm ready for you!"

Anna smiled lovingly, then pushed her cockhead inside. The cock slid in more easily than with her own ass. Seemed Ashley had spent more time than her fingering herself. Her balls slapped against Ashley's ass as she fucked the shit out of her, faster and harder. 

"Harder!" Ashley begged her constantly. "Harder, baby!"

After another 10 minutes of anal pounding, Ashley and Anna both cummed together in unison. They were now covered in love juices and sweat. The whole room had a strong scent of sex. They were finally together in more ways than one.

Chapter Text

Anna slowly awoke, yawning. The memory of the previous night was still strong in her mind. She smiled lovingly at the still sleeping Ashley, her wonderful sister-girlfriend.

She smirked, knowing the perfect way to wake her up. She softly licked at Ashley’s ear and cheek, tickling it. Ashley in her sleepy daze, smiled and stirred.

Then, Anna started kissing her and making out with her. Ashley finally awoke and kissed back. Their mouths danced and played, in a song of incestuous love and passion.

“Mmm..” they moaned.

“Morning.” Ashley whispered. “Great way to wake up.”

“Hope you always wake up to this, babe.”

Suddenly Ashley frowned, and a strange look adorned her face, “This…feels wrong.”

Anna almost began to sob and cry, her lip quivering. Does…does she regret making love to me? What have I done? I’m an awful sister!

“I should be on top!” grinned Ashley, giggling.

“Naughty incestuous brat!”Anna squealed and tickled her until they were exhausted.

“Come on…we’ll get some breakfast, baby sis.”

They got dressed and headed downstairs.

“Hey Mummy.”

Jill Moore smiled, “Hey, girls.”

The news was playing on TV in the background.

“Australia is on edge, as the new particle accelerator-“

“Can we have some cereal, Mummy?”

“Sure, honey.”

Jill Moore smiled. Her daughters must have had a very good sleep. She was a tall, black haired, bespectacled teacher at a high school. Her young age meant that sometimes she had been confused for the girl's elder sister or cousin. She was the captain of the netball team in her youth and as such, had a muscled toned tummy and body. 

“Had a good sleep, girls? You know I don’t mind you two sharing a bed.”

“Oh yeah. Sis takes very good care of me!” Ashley squealed.

“This machine will no doubt –“

“Aw,” coo’d her eldest.

Now Jil was getting slightly suspicious. The touches her daughters shared, the looks, there was something…off about them. She thought back to the girls’ grandparents and how they would act with one another. She shook her head of the creeping thoughts in her mind.

The twins chowed down on their toast, hungrily. Ash excused herself and went back to the bathroom.

“This is really good, Mummy.” Said Anna, muffled by her mouthful.

“No problem, honey.”

Anna leaned up and gave Jill a kiss on the cheek, who blushed and said, “Thanks, honey. Have a good day.”

But before Anna could exit the door, her phone buzzed. Oh..oh my God…..

Ash had texted her from the shower. She had removed her shirt and was only in her bra and panties, winking at the camera on her phone seductively. Anna blushed heavily, and quickly hid her phone in her skirt. She let out a slight squeak. She could feel her cock harden in her panties. Ashley was just so incredibly sexy.

Jill smirked, noticing her eldest. Does Anna have a girlfriend? Well that’s good. It will help her a lot to get out of the house and away from her sister.


Anna frowned, glancing back at her mother. She could have seen…! What the hell were you thinking? She stomped upstairs, and threw the bathroom door open.

“Hey sis-“

“Don’t’! What the hell were you doing?!”she screeched. “You’re lucky Mummy didn’t see this!” She thrust the picture in her face.

Immediately, Ashley was apologetic. She hated upsetting Anna. She loved Anna!

“I’m…I’m sorry, baby sis…I….I didn’t think…I just wanted to make you laugh.”

Änna thundered, “We promised to keep this a secret and I intend to.  If anyone does find out, we’re on the street, or worse. Do not fuck this up!” She hissed.

But she softened when she saw her girlfriend start to quiver and cry.

“I’m sorry, A-Anna! I w-won’t do it a-again!”

She gathered her up in her arms, tightly. “Ok ok, sssh….Baby Sis did not mean to yell. We just have to be more careful, ok? And I think tone down the flirting around Mummy.”

Ashley nodded, sniffling. Anna reached up and caressed her face, wiping away a tear.

“I love you. I just want to protect you.”

“I know, Baby Sis….I know…Love you too. So much.”

She then leaned over and gave her girlfriend a soft kiss on the lips.


The next day, their best friend invited the twins to a party and they accepted.

“It’s gonna be so fun!”

“What if I can’t resist your sexy ass body?” Anna smirked.

“Then we’ll find a closet. Now come on, get dressed!”

They sauntered down the stairs, passing their mother.

“Bye, Mummy. Going to a party with our friends.”

“OK honey, have fun.”

Jill smiled, knowing her daughters were old enough to make their own decisions. But she was starting to wonder if it was entirely healthy they spent every waking moment together at their age.

“Maybe Dr Palmer knows.” she mused to herself. Was it normal for her daughters to be so close? They were twins after all. Jill herself had an elder sister whom she was very close to. But the girl's aunt lived in the United States, married to a woman. They rarely visited, as a result. 

Jill bit her lip. But if Anna really does have a girlfriend, that's good...right? An image of her daughter making out with another girl creeped into her mind and a tang of anger seeped into her. W-what's this feeling? Damn, I really should start dating again myself, or else I';m going to have some very bad thoughts. 

Chapter Text

The twins cranked up the music in the car on their way to the party, singing along with it. Anna smirked seductively, and touched her girlfriend's thigh. 

"Anna.." Ash reproached. "I'm driving."

"So pull over!"

Ashley sighed, and did so. Then Anna threw herself at her sister, enjoying her lovely lips. 

"Mmf.." moaned Ashley. "So excited, huh?"

"Love ya, sis." Anna giggled. 

The kiss gradually got more heated, their tongues battling for dominance.

"Mm, Anna...we-we better...""

Suddenly a siren wailed and a policeman drove by, giving them a brief wave. 

"FUCK!" Ashley squealed as Anna tore herself away and got back into her seat. "That was too close! What if he knew us?"

"Shit...I'm sorry, Ash.."

"It's ok, big Sis. We just need to be more careful!" Damn hormones. If we can't control ourselves for two seconds....

Then the phone rang. 

"It's Mummy.." Anna whispered. "HI Mummy!"

"Hi honey. You girls at the party yet?"

Anna blushed, "No we stopped at the shops."

"Oh ok, honey. Just checking up on you. I love you."

"We love you too. We'll text you later when we're on the way home." Then Anna pressed hang up, and turned to her twin. 

"How long before she figures us out?" she warned warily.

"Hopefully never. Don't talk that way. Plus you know I'll run away with you. We could run right now. Keep driving. Don't look back."

"What about Mummy?"

"....You're right."

"I didn't say I wouldn't do it." Anna smiled. "If people knew, and our only option was to run, I'd stand by you to the end."

"Aw." Ashley coo'd and gave her a soft peck on the lips.

Anna was apprehensive but determined. I love her more than anything. I only need you Ashley. Forever. Even if my reputation was destroyed, and we had to change cities and names, I will do whatever it takes to be with you for the rest of my life. 

"I love you." Ashley whispered as if reading her mind. "We came into the world together, we belong together."

"I belong with you too. I only need you. Forever."


They arrived at the party, and grabbed drinks. They met up with Freya who greeted them excitedly. 

"Hi! Having fun?"

Anna and Ashley nodded. 

"Well come on! We're gonna play spin the bottle!" 

Apprehensively, Anna hesitated but Freya giggled, "Come on, it's gonna be fun!"

They watched as Freya, Chloe, and Claire all were playing, and sensually making out with each other. They were all lesbians, so it was fine. But suddenly, the bottle was pointing to Anna and Ashley. 

"Woah, guys! Let's make Anna and Ash kiss!" 

"Yeah that''d be so hot!"

"I don't know guys...." Anna was panicking. It was one thing for this to be a secret but to actually kiss her sister in front of their gay friends?  Ash was also apprehensive but they were getting egged on by all their friends. 

"KISS! KISS! KISS! KISS!" they all chanted. 

Finally, Ashley simply shook her head, whispered "Fuck it." and grabbed her sister's head, pulling her in. Their lips locked. Their cheeks were burning red, and they only let it last a few seconds. 

"Woah...! The Moore twins are amazing!"

"Yeah that was so hot!" squealed Chloe.

Anna and Ashley blushed, nervous and embarrassed that their friends would suspect it was going further than just pecking. But it didn't seem so. They almost seemed delighted at the thought.

"Don't make us do that again..."

"Oh come on, don't be like that! If I had a hot sister, I would do that to her too." said Chloe, which greatly surprised the twins. 

As the party ended, Freya hugged the twins goodbye. 

"Just remember, I'm always up for a threesome." said Freya, which elicited a burning red blush from the twins.


With burning desire for each other, and the pressure in their pants from the events of the night, the twins rushed upstairs past their mother, not even noticing her, and slammed down onto the bed, kissing with a fierce need.

"Just fuck me, big sis!" Ashley hissed. "You fucking sexy incestuous slut."

"We promised not to do it here."

"Sshh." then Ashley tore her clothes off, running her hands up and down her sister's muscled body. Once their bras were off, she teased her sister's nipples, making Anna moan loudly into the pillow. 


"Sshh." Ash giggled. She could see how terribly turned on her Big Sis was, via the bulge in her panties. She smirked, and rubbed the bulge with her hand. Big Sis is so big and I love her.

Anna felt incredibly good, as her twin rubbed her big cock. Her hardness was almost painful, with how turned on she was. As Ashley continued to lick and suck on her nips and rub her dick, she knew she was going to be close soon. As if sensing this, Ash slid off her skirt and panties, revealing her sister's lovely cock, and latched her lips onto it, kissing and licking. 

"OHHHH!" screamed Anna in pleasure and love. Ashley lovingly and lustfully kissed her sister's dick, enjoying the taste and how it made her lovely sister-girlfriend feel. The pressure built to a climax and Anna screamed. 


Ashley held her mouth open wide and in spurted all her sister's white dripping incestuous cum. It's so yummy, big sis! 

Anna smiled as she watched herself jerk and spurt her cum into her sister's hot wet mouth. But she was still hard and she needed to make Ashley feel amazing as well. 

"Ash....turn around. I have to have your asshole."

Ashley squealed happily and tore off her skirt and panties, revealing her tight asshole and cock. 

"Please ram it in and fuck my fucking asshole as hard as you can, big sis! Your poor naughty sister really needs it!"

Happily, she spit onto Ashley's asshole, then slid her cock inside her sister's waiting tight ass, moaning at her tightness. 

"Fuck, you're so sexy, Ash. I love your tiny tight ass."

"Ram it in! Make me cum!"

Her hard cock slid further in, and Ashley gasped with pain, since they had done little to prepare her. But she knew this and pushed through the pain. Her sister's dick was still damp with cum and her spit had wet her asshole. 

Ashley's asshole was so tight, and Anna knew she wouldn't last very long, despite recently cumming. She grabbed onto her sister's cock and masturbated it. 

"OHHH FUCK! Yes!" she screamed as her dick was masturbated by Anna's hand and her ass was pounded by Anna's dick.

She quickened her thrusts, shaking the bed, and slamming it in hard. Ashley's asshole was like a vice around her big cock, squeezing it deliciously. 

"Please! Please harder! Rape me with that big cock! Rape my ass!"

Anna was even harder at hearing her darling sister beg her to rape her, and obliged, shoving her cock deeper than she had ever been, inside her sister's ass. 

It was painful but Ashley didn't care, only wanting her sister's dick to rape her into the bed while jacking her own cock to the experience. 

"You're raping me, baby! This is so hot! You're such a fucking incestuous slut!"

"Not as much as you! Get fucked by my cock in your shithole!"

Finally, they were about to cum. She could feel it in her own balls as she felt her sister's balls slap against her tight ass. 


Ashley's cock squirted hot cum all over her bed, as Anna spilled her hot cum inside her raw, red asshole. She bellowed like a slut in heat, cumming and recieving cum in her shithole. 

Anna screamed as well, then fell onto her, exhausted and gasping for air. 

"Oh amazing. We needed that."

"Yup," the other twin giggled. "You like that rape play?" 

"Oh yeah, babe. I wonder how many other people have a rape play kink."

"I'm sure its as many as the people who have an incest kink." They both laughed tiredly,  and cuddled, stroking each other's hair lovingly. 

Suddenly, the door swung open. 

"G-Girls?" Jill Moore whispered in utter shock.

Their mother had discovered them. 

Chapter Text

The twins could only stare in shock, and despair. They knew the game was up. How stupid of us to give into our lust and fuck in the house again! Damn it! Screamed Anna internally.

I’m so sorry, Anna! I didn’t think! Screamed Ashley.

They tried desperately to cover themselves up, while their mother continued to stare.

“W-what…?” Jill began to say, struggling to find the right words.

“It’s-it’s n-not-“ sobbed Anna.

“We didn’t-“  croaked Ashley.

“Girls…I…this is…” she whispered.

“I know, I know, Mummy but we….I pushed Anna into it! Blame me! Disown me!”

Jill shook her head, “Honey, this is unnatural…”

“I know! We’re so sorry! I’ll leave, I promise!”

Jill Moore could not get the image of her naked daughters out of her head. At the same time as wanting to vomit, she also wanted to…join in. And this terrified and revolted her.

“I…I need time to think, girls. Please leave me alone.”

Anna and Ashley held each other and sobbed softly.

“I didn’t think! I’m so sorry, Baby Sis!”

“Not your fault. I also should have known better.”



Jill Moore was battling with herself. On the one side, she was sad that she couldn’t see what was going on beneath her roof for who knows how long.

Did they begin when they were little? Who initiated? How could I have been so blind?

Incest was never a topic they brought up, yet Jill also had raised them to be open about talking about romance and sex. They often asked her about condoms. Yet they had also declined to tell her they were trans, out of fear…of her. Their own mother had made them feel unsafe about coming out until they were old enough to handle being disowned. This devastated Jill and made her ashamed of herself. I’m a bad mother…that’s why they couldn’t tell me until they were adults…She felt tears streaming down her face, ashamed and depressed. And now they’ve been doing…that…and I didn’t know until I could literally hear it a few metres away! Jill had only wished to ask her daughters if they wanted a cuppa, yet instead she heard “Ohh yes! Fuck me, Baby Sis! Up my ass!” Jill had furiously blushed and almost vomited at the same time. The very thought they were doing anal sex for God only knows how long….

A small voice inside Jill’s head reminded her that she had begun to feel an angry jealousy at the girls closeness. Almost wishing that she could be a triplet, involved in this intense bond that they clearly had. Only the very closest of twins could have experimented with one another, and develop into what was clearly a lesbian incestuous situation. All things pointed to this being inceedibly unusual and taboo yet Jill was not as angry as she should be. She certainly wasn’t about to kick them out onto the streets to fend for themselves. As 19 year olds, it wouldn’t be the worst thing but it would break her daughter’s hearts even more than they already were.

Creeping into her mind were images of her naked daughters, in a dance of fiery passion. Nude in all their glory. Budding pink nipples and breasts slowly getting larger thanks to the hormone treatments they had begun a month ago. Large penises hanging between their legs. Sometimes with other girls. Sometimes with each other. I'm so sick and disgusting. They're my baby girls! She tried to shake her head and think of something else. But something about them was strange. And herself apparently. She thought back to all the lingering touches she shared with them. A little too long to be 100% motherly.

To her everlasting shame, she slowly slipped a hand to her bare breasts and rubbed her nipple. Then snaked it down across her tummy. She bit her lip, moaning slightly, and hoping no one heard. Despite being alone in the house, she feared even the slightest discovery. Finally, the hand slipped inside her panties. She buried her head into the pillow to muffle herself and her desperate crying out of shame, desperation and sadness. Then she began to rub her sopping wet pussy. It had been so long since her last masturbation session. Despite being bisexual, romance was never really her thing, not since the twin's births. Even taking care of herself, alone in bed was happening with increasing rarity. But now she was incredibly turned on for her baby girls.

“Mmhf…” she moaned softly, hoping the girls didn’t hear.

She teased and played with her clit, rubbing her wetness.

“Mm come on!” she hissed, and shoved three fingers deep inside herself. She arched her back with pleasure, trying desperately to muffle her moans.

“MMM!” Jill screamed as she furiously fingerfucked her mature pussy. For the last 19 years this was the only action she got. Due to work and parenting, she never had time for that sort of thing outside of spending her time chatting at the bar.

She let the image of her daughter’s penises slamming inside her creep into her mind. She bit her lip lustfully as she felt her orgasm building.

Yes! Yes, my beautiful girls! You’re gonna make me cum!

“Mm, girls….”

She shoved her face into her pillow to muffle her scream as she finally spilled out her girl-cum, spraying outwards. She brought her hand up to her mouth and licked it clean, delighting in the taste. Then she felt tears upon her face, and cried into the pillow, horrified and ashamed.

I..oh no…what I have done? I just masturbated to the thought of my own fucking daughters!


The twins cried and sniffed as they got dressed and packed, fully expecting to be kicked out as soon as their mother was prepared to look upon their faces again. A day which may never come.

“Where will we go?” asked Anna softly. She had always been the more timid, bookish and shy of the two, following behind Ash’s lead. Now she fully expected Ashley to be making this decision. "What about our hormone treatments?"

“Anywhere as long as it’s with you.” Ashley smiled lovingly. But Anna was not in the mood for smiling.

“I can find a job as a waitress.” Ashley continued, upon seeing her sister’s face. “You can find something too while you work on your book. We’ll get through this, I promise. I know I only need you, Baby Sis. Nobody else.” She emotionally confessed.

They stalked to the front door, carrying bags full of whatever clothes they could fit.

But before they could reach it, Jill re-emerged, eyes red and bloodshot from crying.

“M-mummy….” Anna whispered.

They stared at one another for a while until Jill spoke up.

“I won’t deny that I reacted badly, honey. I should not have ran like that….”

Of all the responses the twins expected, it wasn’t that. They stood with their mouths open.

“M-mummy…you’re not-?”

“Angry with you? Only because you felt the need to hide this from me, and because I could not see what was happening under my roof. Were you ever going to tell me?”

“….No.” answered Ashley honestly. “We weren’t. If you did find out, as you have, we had planned to run. Do you need us to run?”

“Oh, my darling, no. Please don’t. I’m so sorry! I just…I just want to understand, ok?” she softly said, echoing all those months ago, Anna’s reaction to her sister’s love confession.

Breathing, Ashley went into the entire story.

“I fell for Anna first. 4 years ago, when we were 15, I began to feel …something for her. I knew it wasn’t right, or natural, at the time. I did try to get over her. You know I did, Mummy. I dated a lot. A lot of girls, and most of them turned me down because I simply could not stop talking about Anna. They noticed. Chloe came around, but only because she found her own partner."

"Four years?"

“Ashley fought it! She fought harder than you could ever imagine!” cried Anna. “She never wanted this to happen. By the time I began noticing her strange behaviour and got her to confess to me, I was starting to return those feelings. Thanks to Freya, I realized it was love I was feeling. We had sex, and for months it's been so amazing! I don’t care anymore that my true love just happens to be my twin sister! I want to be with her. Forever!” She leaned over and gave Ashley a peck on the lips.

“This is my fault. If you kick me out, I completely understand. But don't blame Anna.”

Jill sniffled, “You two are so protective of each other…I was almost about to catch on before I….heard you. I was putting the pieces together. But I never expected…..” she paused. “I will not kick you out. This is your house. I raised you. Perhaps I see now I could have done a more attentive job and I might have seen what was happening sooner. Maybe I could have helped you two get some distance from each other. But what’s done is done. I clearly can’t convince you to stop this.” Anna and Ashley shook their heads, grinning. “But please just do me one more favour and not do….things while I can hear and see. Your poor mother can’t take that. And don’t tell your aunt. Don’t want to give the old woman a heart attack.” Jill giggled sadly, as did the twins.

They dropped their bags and surged forward into Jill’s arms, who gave them a tight motherly hug for what felt like hours. There was one last secret yet to be divulged, but Jill decided now wasn’t the right time. Did she love her girls as much as they loved each other? Could she be more than a mother to them? She had to try and figure that out.  

Chapter Text

The girls went back to their room, emotional. 

"That was so scary..."

"Yeah...I'm so glad Mummy didn't react too badly." 

The twins had always admired and hero-worshipped their mother. She worked most days of the week to support them both and their treatments. Anna believed that if she ended up even half as beautiful as her mother, it all would be worth it to be trans. Luckier than most, being trans and having a supportive loving mother meant the twins were well adjusted. Even now, that Jill knew the entire truth and had accepted her daughters. Every day for months, Anna had feared her reaction to the twincest. However, the lack of any possibility one of the girls would get pregnant perhaps had alleviated the concerns and shock. All that was left was the social stigma society had imposed upon Jill, which unknown to either twin, was lessening every day in a way neither had ever expected.

Anna for her part had looked upon her mother before with a small hint of desire but pushed it back down for the sake of being faithful to her sister. She loved Ashley, more than anything. 

Staring at herself in the mirror, Anna grunted in frustration.

"My boobies are not getting much bigger."

"It's alright, Baby Sis. We're getting there." said Ashley lovingly, kissing her sister on the lips. For Ashley, things had been harder. Anna never dated before her, but Ash had. The body dysphoria had been much more intense, especially upon the rejections. She sometimes sniffled in her sleep, beset by nightmares and dreams of having the body she had always wanted.  

Both girls had already grown accustomed and accepting of their penises and testicles but both still dreamed of the day they would eventually get bottom surgery. 

"Do you still want bottom surgery?" Ash softly asked her. 

"You know...if you asked me a few months ago, I'd say yes but I'm really enjoying my dick right now!" she giggled. Ashley smirked. 

"I love your dick too."

"Alright, remember what Mummy said! We can't in the house."

"Alright..." Ashley pouted and went to sit back down on the bed.


Jill's face was still red and bloodshot. The twins were emotional. They had hurt their darling mother with the truth! The absolute last thing they had ever wanted. 

"Mummy, we're-"

"I know you're sorry, honey. It's ok. I promise I will fully accept it eventually. I just need time..."

"I know this is so hard for you Mummy. We never meant to-"

"It was worth it to keep my daughters. Dinner is ready if you two are hungry." the twins nodded eagerly and went downstairs to eat their dinner. 

Gradually, things began to return to normal, and when the twins kissed in front of her but panicked and said "Oh, no. Sorry, Mummy!" Jill simply shook her head. 

"It's ok, girls....only I saw you." The twins grinned to each orher, happy that their love could now be expressed in front of her. It was oddly freeing.  It was torture having to hide. but the twins had long since decided it was worth it to keep each other.  

Unknown to either of them, Jill had a pained, lustful expression, begging to give them a kiss as well. They were mistaking her expression as one of struggling to come to grips with open incest but it was actually a painful desire to join in but reluctant to say anything out of the same fear that held Ashley back all those years. 


Jill inwardly was tortured and depressed. They had one another, yet she could not have them. Accepting she wanted her own daughters was step one and she had managed that, thanks to burning intensely hot jealousy she had felt toward them. She wanted to smack Anna in the head every time she kissed her other daughter. She wanted to hit Ashley every time too. Horrified with her brief thoughts of jealous violence, she tried to push it all further inside her mind but she could not stop the attraction boiling to the surface. 

She excused herself from the room, and thrusted 3 fingers inside her painfully wet pussy. She came in under a minute, spurting her girl-cum everywhere. She eagerly licked it all up, moaning. 

"Oh, girls!"

That was it. Jill had to confront them. She had no clue how the girls could so easily keep secrets. She hadn't truly had a secret like this, and not telling anybody was hurting her badly. 

She sought out advice online, careful not to mention that the two girls she had feelings for were blood related. She ignored all the perverted and stupid suggestions, and transphobic nonsense (She cried even harder seeing how terrible people could be to trans people), and came up with the plan to simply dress sexy and tell her girls the truth. After all they had already fucked each other so the taboo of incest was already demolished into a hundred pieces. Jill only hoped that they would actually accept Moore Polyamory.

She had to tell Anna and Ashley she was in love with them, her sexy sexy daughters. I'm in love with them, Jill inwardly admitted. I love them so fucking much.

Chapter Text

My babies, oh my sweet babies. Jill stared at her daughters, her lust increasing. Anna's chest was growing by the day, gaining perky, soft, milky breasts filling out her bra. It accentuated her already feminine looks which helped when it came to coming out and transitioning.

Anna seemed to notice her strange behaviour and asked "Watcha looking at, Mummy? Did I miss a spot with my makeup?"

Jill blushed furiously, embarassed that she had been caught checking her daughter out, and a little disgusted with herself.

"N-No, honey. You look beautiful."

Anna smiled brilliantly, and lovingly, clutching onto her mother in a glomp style hug.

"I love you too, Mummy. You look beautiful as well!" she squealed. Jill blushed. She had known she was at least averagely good looking by society's standards, and possessed a toned muscled stomach and arms. Her long black hair flowed around her shoulders, silky and smooth.

These incidents kept on happening. One night, the twins insisted on a night out, and asked their mother to come. Jill knew it would inflame her jealousy but she could not say no to her girls. She chose her best dress, hoping to impress them. She didn't know why she still wanted their approval so badly.

As she walked down the steps in her sparkling emerald dress, and long flowing raven hair, Anna and Ashley gasped and stared at her, pink cheeked and admiring.

"Oh Mummy I love that dress!" squealed Ashley.

"You look so pretty!" squeaked Anna.

Jill tried to cool down her warming cheeks by hurrying to the door to get to the cool night air.

"Come on girls, we'll be late."

Anna watched her leave, then turned to her sister.

"Mummy is acting so strange. Do you think she...." Anna whispered.

"I know she's not still freaked out by us being lovers. Do you think it's something else? Do you think...?"

"The blushing cheeks. The nervousness....I don't know, babe....Do you want to have sex with Mummy?"

"Three months ago I would have told you no but Mummy has been so sexy lately. Did you see her in that dress? Gosh!"

"I know, Baby Sis. But how do we get her to agree to it?"

"We'll try and kiss around her more, and get her jealous."


The night progressed, and Jill suffered. Every chance they had, the twins were touchy, and cheek kissed. They were extra flirty, had their dresses showing more cleavage, and flashed sexy smirks at their mother when they had the chance.


Outside, Freya was with her own family and they walked past the restaurant that the twins and Jill were in. She caught a glimpse of the two and noticed that they seemed far closer than sisters should be. She knew already the Moore twins were not like regular sisters. But the kiss she had glimpsed, it was almost like....lovers. She would have to watch them more to be sure of her theory. And what was even more freaky, their mother, Miss Moore, acted as if she not only knew about it but was jealous.


Jill was confused and afraid. The twins were acting very strange. Anna had even flirted with the waitress and turned to her mother as if she wanted a reaction.  Jill gave her one, frowning at their antics. It was almost like...

Oh God...they've figured me out!

Not necessarily, a voice in her head said.

They keep on testing me! Anna would never cheat on her sister but she flirted with Cindy the waitress just to get a rise out of me!

Shit. Well what do I do?

I don't know! Confess?

It might be the only thing I can do. But how?

Just go up to Anna and kiss her.

What? No! That's too bold.

Jill was struggling with herself all night, and when they got home, the girls rushed upstairs, clearly having got themselves hot and bothered. By this point, she was used to hearing them make love but now she was outright crying. Why did it have to be this way?

She would tell them. There was no other way. She stalked upstairs and found the girls kissing passionately on their bed.

"Girls...." Startled, the twins broke apart.

"Mummy?" Anna tried to act innocent.

"Don't act so damn innocent. You know what you were doing tonight...I was ok with you two being together until now!"

Anna had the decency to look sad, "But Mummy..."

"No buts, young lady. Come here."

Anna readied herself, probably for a smacking. But all she got was a light slap on the butt, before her mother pulled her in for a kiss. When their lips touched at last, Jill's pussy filled with wetness, tingling with arousal. it was an indescribable feeling. To her surprise, Anna gripped her mother and kissed back, as Ashley looked on, amusedly. Then Ashley happily sauntered over and kissed Jill as well.


Chapter Text

"Ohh sweet baby girls." Jill moaned, finally kissing her sexy daughters. Both Ashley and Anna joined together and kissed her at the same time. 

"Don't hold back, Mummy. We want this too. It was torture having to hide from you. Now we don't have to hide anything. Embrace us. Make love to us."

Jill mewled and whined softly, as the twins slowly undressed her, revealing C-cup, milky, perky breasts and a cotton bra. Anna was happy to kiss her bra as Ashley kissed her mother's neck. Jill stroked Anna's hair, and cheek with her hand and thumb. She could not help but stare at her daughters' breasts. They were growing and growing fast, thanks to the treatments they were giving themselves. Not only that but the twins looked more feminine every day. That did not affect her feelings for her daughters but she was happy they were obtaining the bodies they had always wanted. 

"Ohhh God, girls. Right there, honey." Jill moaned. The twins grinned, delighted they were making their mother feel so good. 

They took her to the bed and had her lay down on her back, while they finished undressing and undressing her. Shyly, Anna took off her panties, revealing her massive girl-dong. Jill almost licked her lips at the sight. 

"I'm sorry, Mummy." Anna was still slightly insecure about her penis and balls.

"Don't ever apologize for being who you are honey. You have a pretty cock for a pretty girl. I'm bisexual anyway. In my mind, you're the best of both worlds" She smiled lovingly. The twins grinned and continued their ministrations. Her breasts were let free, and the twins latched onto one nipple each, suckling and licking just like 19 years ago when they were babies. You're still my babies, girls. So cute.  I love them so much. 

She let out louder and louder moans as her girls made love to her breasts, and slowly inched down to her pussy. Ashley's knee rubbed up against her clit accidently and Jill almost cummed then and there. 

Ashley could not wait to make her mother cum. She had always found it beautiful when cisgender women squirted their girl-cum. She eagerly licked at her mother's clit, who began screaming in pleasure. 

"OHH GIRLS. OH, ASHLEY. Don't fucking stop!"

Together they tasted every inch of their mother's pussy. The pussy they had once come out of, so long ago. It felt, in a strange way, like returning to their rightful home. This is how things were meant to be. All three Moore women together at last, as lovers. 

Anna thought her mother was simply divine. The most beautiful woman on Earth, and finally her girlfriend. Unlike Ashley, she hadn't quite been as obsessive about her mother, but still hero worshipped her to a great degree, until only a few days ago. All three Moore women were now absolutely obsessed with each other, kissing and licking eveyr inch they could. 

Jill sat up and had her turn at Ashley's sensitive hormone breasts. Ashley let out a loud moan and became even harder than she already was. Both their cocks stood at full hardness, and Jill could hardly wait to get them inside of her. All three holes. Mm, she moaned inwardly. Her girls were unbelievably sexy and they were all hers. 

Jill lapped at her daughter's nipples, while whispering "Do you like that, baby?"

"Yes, Mummy. I love you, Mummy."

"I love you too, baby. You're my sweet, beautiful baby, aren't you? You want your mother's pussy?"

Ashley smirked seductively, and laid Jill back down into the bed. But she hesitated when she saw Jill looking hesitant and apprehensive. 

"I um...."

"Wha'ts wrong, Mummy?' The twins both would stop as soon as Jill said the word. They would never betray her or her trust.

"I just....I haven't done this in 19 years so I think I will be very tight." Jill bit her lip. She dared not bring up that the reason she hadn't done this in 19 years was because of the truth behind the twin's father.

"Oh, Mummy! I would never hurt my beautiful mother! I will go slow, I promise! So will Anna!" Ashley cried. 

"That's good, honey. I'm just your poor, fragile mother, after all."

Ashley kissed her lovingly on the lips, then slowly began pushing her cock inside of her mother's tight pussy. 

"Aaghh..." Jill grunted. It really did hurt a bit. Ashley was big. Her cock was stretching her unused, tight vagina. It had been so many years since something so big went so deep inside and Jill was doing her best not to let her daughter know it hurt. Finally, her cock was all the way inside her. She stopped to let Jill get used to it, just as she had with her sister's first time up her asshole. 

"OK now, Anna honey, you can put it in my bum."

"Really, Mummy?" Anna was worried she would injure her mother. 

"Yes, it's ok. Go grab your lube, ok?"

While Anna got the lube, she nodded to Ash that she could begin moving inside of her. Ashley moaned. Her mother was incredibly wet, and tight! She had not felt anything like it before, and deeply enjoyed it. Jill also was starting to feel better as her daughter's cock filled her up and began thrusting it into her womb. Jill worried if she said anything that Ash would pull out, but in the heat of sex, Jill didn't even care if her baby got her pregnant. 

I want to have your baby, honey. That would be the final straw of taboo. Her daughter fucking her up the ass, and her other daughter getting her pregnant. 

Anna returned, and applied the lube, but not before giving her mother's asshole a good rimming. 

"Oh my god,'re actually rimming my ass? That's so hot and thoughtful." Anna grinned then returned to her ministrations. Getting her tight asshole rimmed, as well as getting fucked up the pussy was going to make their mother cum very soon. Finally, Anna was ready and applied the lube, then slid her cock inside her mother's shit tunnel. It was tight. Tighter than her pussy, and Jill almost screamed in pain. 

Her asshole felt like it was a vice, squeezing the intruder and trying to get it out of her. 

"Oww..." Jill gritted her teeth. Her daughters heard her. 

"Do you want me to stop?"

"No, don't...I'll get used to your dick soon, honey."

Anna stopped pushing the head of her dick in, letting her mother get used to it, then slowly pushed it in more and more, before being fully inside her mother's beautiful, tight rosebud shithole. The older woman nearly cummed then and there at the knowledge that her two beautiful baby girls were anally and vaginally fucking her. One was going to shoot her cum into her colon. The other into her womb to make a baby and get her own mother pregnant.

She nodded and they both began thrusting. The bed creaked and groaned, as Jill got fucked by her trans daughters hard. 

"H-harder, girls."

Anna and Ashley nodded and rammed her harder. Ashley's cock was trying desperately to get as deep as possible into her womb. Jill screamed in pain and pleasure. 

"AAHH FUCk! Keep going! I'm close, girls!"

Anna frantically rammed her mother's tight shithole as hard as she could, about to shoot her cum inside. But suddenly, they stopped, and pulled out.


"We're switching, Mummy."

"Oh my babies! Keep fucking me! Fuck your naughty, perverted mother! I'm so sorry you have such a sick perverted mother."

"We love it, Mummy! Get fucked up the ass!"

Ashley rammed her dick inside her ass, and fucked it hard. 

" Mummy....Won't you get pregnant? I think I can still get you pregnant!" Anna worriedly whispered. 

"If it happens, honey, I'd love to have your baby. Please get me pregnant! I love you both so much and i would love to give you both a little sister."

Hearing this finally set the twins off and shot like a jet, all of their girl-cum into their mother. Jill felt warm liquid fill her holes up, and cummed herself, spraying her cum all over the bed and her daughter's small tits.

Then they all collapsed, naked and sweaty. 

"You both did so well, girls. I haven't cummed like that...ever, I think."

The twins giggled and kissed their mother-girlfriend passionately on the lips.

Chapter Text

Annabella stirred awake, blissful. She turned over, expecting a cuddle from either her sister or mother but she fell upon empty sheets. Her lip quivered. Was she dumped already? Had her sister and mother gone off together and left her behind? Anna knew she was overreacting and her self esteem issues were rearing their ugly head. But I can't help it. What if one day I find myself alone and it's for good?

She looked in the hallway, and listened for her lovers but they were not there. Finally she headed down into the kitchen, depressed and hungry when she bumped into a solid wall. Which squealed, "OW!" in a mature but feminine voice.

"Oh gosh, Mummy!"

"Hi honey! I'm sorry, I didn't hear you wake up! Your sister convinced me to let you sleep in. Did you have a good sleep?" she smiled lovingly. All memories of the night before came rushing back. Tasting her mother's pussy for the very first time. Having her ass in the most intimate way after staring after it for so long. But the embarrassment of incest was long past in Anna's mind, and she merely smiled back and pecked her mother on the lips.

"You know it, Mummy." she whispered seductively.

Jill had a cheeky grin, "That's nothing, honey. My sweetie pie. My lover muffin."

Anna giggled loudly at the nicknames and kissed her mother again.

"I cooked you girls brekky so eat up, ok?" Just then, Ashley came skipping out in a summer dress.

"Thanks Mummy! Morning, Baby Sis!"

Anna couldn't help but grin at her nickname. It was actually becoming a rarity now that Ashley even used her name anymore. Would they start calling their mother Jill? Would their mother want them to now that they were so much more than mother and twins?

Yet all of this was nothing compared to Jill's final secret, which made her smile briefly falter. I should tell them. What am I afraid of? That they'll hate me? Never happen. They're my darling girls. Tonight then.

Anna and Ashley finished their toast, wolfing it down and then ran off to school.

"Love you, Mummy! Bye!"

"Bye, girls!"


It would be a different day because the twins friends had invited them to another party. Of course they could not come out as a couple but Ashley knew she could fend off the ones who tried.

"Come on, sis. you know I suck at pool." Anna begged.

"Alright alright...." Ashley then walked over and all but straddled her sister as she showed her how to shoot billiards. All the guys stared, but Anna knew it was ok. Neither one of them had any interest anyway. Neverthless, Ashley hissed as soon as she noticed.

"Eyes off of my cute sister!"

But a few girls stared.

Even Freya, screaming "Wassup bitches!" all night, squealed "Aren't the Moore sisters fucking hot? Hey gurls, what up? Come on, Ash you don't need to fend off the guys! Let your sister flirt!"

Anna frowned at Freya's behaviour. Was she trying to get Ash off her back from being too clingy? Or was it something else?

"Hey Frey....thanks for saving me from Clingy Ash. I swear she's not usually like this."

"I've known you both a hell of a long time and trust me when I say I'm used to Ashley hating everyone who even looks at you wrong. We all know you're her gurl, gurl. Now shake that booty on the dance floor!"

"Hey Frey, don't encourage her! I don't trust anyone in here!" yelled Ash who had returned.

Freya had it all but confirmed. Anna blushing and red getting straddled by her sister in front of everyone? The longer she paid attention to the twins, the longer she was sure there was something more than sisterly happening. She pushed down the bile for the sake of her two best friends, but she needed to confront them eventually. Although most would have been disgusted and ended the friendship, Freya was a little more open minded and despite her attempts to get Anna and Ashley to look the way of other women, it looked like that was never going to happen. 

That left Miss Moore. It was double scandalous. A teacher with two students? Already inappropriate. A mother and her kids? Downright illegal in most countries. Did the twins know? How far had it gone? Were they being coerced if it had gone further than mere inappropriate jealousy? And the final question: Was Freya jealous of all three?


Anna swayed, half drunk, on Ash's arm.

"Heyyy you're like...really pretty? Who are you?" Anna giggled.

"I'm the mysterious one night stand. Don't tell your wife." Ashley grinned.

Anna gasped, "You...know my wife? I have...a wife? Wow!"

On their bed, nearly on the verge of tears was Jill, clutching a birth certificate.

"What..the hell?" Ashley started.

"Girls...." Anna sobered up, wondering what could be making her cute mother cry.

"Mummy...don't cry!"

"It's alright's just...I have not been 100% honest with you both for the last 19 years. know I'm bisexual, right? That I love you both, so much."

"You're scaring us."

"Yeah, whatever it is, it can't be worse than anything you've seen us two do. Come on." Ashley gestured.

"Alright....U-Uncle Matt...."

"Uncle Matt?"

"My darling girls.....I've done something. It was a long, long time ago. I have lived with the shame ever since. Tried to bury it and repress it. But it's all bubbling back to the surface now and I can't stop it! .....Uncle Matt was your father."

Chapter Text

"U-Uncle Matt was...our father?"

Jill swallowed, " brother and I had always been close. Not quite as close as you two, but was only once. I was15, drunk and stupid. It got too far before I could stop myself and I buried the truth ever since. I lied and said I was raped, and didn't know who the father was, all to protect your father. Before I could tell him the truth, he was shipped off to Afghanistan. They told me he died trying to save his squad. He was a hero."

Anna and Ashley sat in silence, absorbing this final revelation. 

Anna never heard her mother speak much about their dead uncle but now she knew why. It all made sense. Why would their beautiful and strong mother have a stand with a stranger? 

"We were only together for that one night..." Jill sniffled, openly crying. "I loved my brother and I hope you can be proud of him. It was not his fault we concieved you. it was mine. I suggested the party."

"Oh Mummy," Anna said. "I'm proud of Dad! He died a hero! I just hope Ash and I can live every day where he can be proud of us!" 

"I'm sure he would be honey. Your father was a good man and a very doting and protective elder brother. You remind me of him every day."

The twins cuddled their mother for what felt like hours untol they were all sobbed out, and fell asleep together.


A news report awoke Anna, who sniffled and yawned. 

"The particle accelerator is showing signs of instability-"

"One can only wonder what Steel Corp was thinking-"

"There are strange reports of violence all across the city. A new crime wave-"

Jill turned the TV off, and shook her daughters awake. 

"Come on, babies. We should go make dinner."

"Mmm soon Mummy." Anna yawned and went back to sleep.

"Come on...." Jill said, but Anna was fast asleep.

Jill got an idea and grinned cheekily, deciding she needed another way to wake them up. She slipped onto the bed quietly, and pulled the covers down slowly. Then she pulled down Anna's skirt and panties, revealing her soft cock. Jill took her daughter's cock into her mouth and kissed and sucked it, moaning softly. Anna stirred, mewling in her sleep. 

"Five more minutes...." Jil almost giggled. She continued her ministrations, sucking off her daughter who was getting harder by the second. She loved blowjobs with some of the men she had been with, but it was a totally different story with her daughters dicks. 

Waking them up this way was her favorite thing to do right now. She moaned into Anna's cock when she started jerking her hips and cumming into her mother's throat. She finally opened her eyes and saw Jill's face with her cum on it. After getting over her intial surprise, she smiled lovingly and kissed her mother long and passionately.

Then Jill creeped over to Ashley and did the same to her, while Anna took off Ashley's bra and sucked on her breasts in her sleep. Ashley was a pretty heavy sleeper so she lay there as her two girlfriends raped her in her sleep. Anna sucked on her sister's sleeping breasts, and heaving chest, while slowly rubbing her own hard cock with her hand, and rubbing the head of her cock on Ash's tummy, while Jill kissed, licked and sucked Ashley's long hard dick.

Finally she jerked and cummed, both Anna and Jill happily licking and swallowing all of her beautiful white love juice. Then Anna kissed her, passionately shoving her tongue down her throat. Ashley awoke at last, kissing back. 

"Mm I would love to wake up like this every morning."

"Well now that you are...."

The sisters grinned, and the morning was followed by furious anal sex. Jill screamed as she got double fucked hard by her daughters, sweating and chest heaving. 

"I love you...I love you both!" She kept screaming.

"I love you too Mummy! Take our cocks up your ass!"

Jill bellowed when her daughters managed to stuff both of their cocks inside her tight asshole. 


"Take it Mummy! You fucking incestuous slut!"

Jil nearly cummed then and there at being talked to in such a way. Her asshole felt so stuffed and full but her clit felt so good and she was so wet. They were truly all anal sluts. 

Anna screamed when Jill shoved the biggest dildo she could find up her asshole and furiously fucked her into the bed while Ashley roughly face fucked her sister's throat.


Anna showed how much she loved getting fiucked up the ass when her cock started spurting cum onto the bed. She had cummed many times that day and they didn't want to slow down. 

Not even when a wave of dark particle energy surged toward them, that would change everything...forever.


Chapter Text

Anna and Ashley were happily kissing in bed, when they felt a slight rumbling. The power went off, and Ashley squealed. 

"Calm down, Ash!"

"Ok Baby Sis but only if you protect me! The dark is scawwy!" Anna sighed but laughed at her twin's antics. She knew she enjoyed Ashley when she was a bubbly and aggressively funny cutie. 

"Aw, you're so cute." she kissed her sister on the lips, who giggled and kissed back. Though they could barely see each other in the darkness. Soon enough Jill came back in the room with torches and candles. 

"How long will the power be out?"

"Maybe we can...pass the time?" Ashley smirked sexily. 

"No, honey. We'll get all sweaty and the water doesn't work." 

"I don't mind sweaty Mummy...."

"Yeah sweaty Mum sounds like a good time!" said Anna. 

Jill sighed at her daughter's antics but gave in, engaging in yet more lovemaking. In a locked room inside the house, something dark and mysterious sprang to life after the surge of energy. It hummed and glowed slightly. 

For only a split second, Anna's eyes glowed with power and meaning. A whispery voice inside her head came to life, and began to whisper, so far incoherently. She shook her head and concentrated on her lovers.


The next morning, the power was back on. 

The reporter was saying, "It is extremely unclear just who or what caused this surge, but Steelcorp assures the public that there was no permanent damage done. The CEO's statement explained that there had been a temporary malfunction when they attempted to open up the particle accelerator's wormhole calibrator. It is unknown just what occured there besides a city wide blackout that still persists in many sections of the city. 

""It's all very precise and math based." said the CEO this morning, "We are hard at work to find out what caused this malfunction and if the project is safe to continue. I assure the public that we are going to ensure everyone's safety before we activate it again."

Jill shook her head, "Idiots....messing with things they don't even understand."

Anna nodded, "Yeah..but it makes you wonder...other dimensions, aliens. What if that surge brings aliens to us?"

"Mwhahaha I'm going to probe your butt, Annabella Moore!" Jill mocked. Anna squealed and giggled as her mother tickled her playfully. Yet something gnawed at her. Something she didn't fully understand either. 


Freya finally rocked up to the Moore household and when she heard giggling and moaning, she blushed. If it wasn't confirmed before, it was now. But the twins were her friends and they needed to know she knew the truth. 

"Hii Frey!" said Ashley when she answered the door half naked, in her bra and panties. 

"HI...." Freya blushed, and tried to avert her eyes. 

"Oh come on, you've seen me before. and I saw you!" Freya remembered that hookup. Ashley was still outwardly identifying as male at the time. It was not something they spoke about often, but Ashley seemed too relaxed to care. In these past few months it was almost as if she was a rejuvanated, brand new person. 

Freya was determined to spit it out, however.

"IKNOWYOU'REFUCKINGANNA!" she yelled all at once. Following this was a cold, awkward silence, and a terrible stare. 

"What? That's so disgusting, Frey. Why would you accuse me-"

"Don't. Just....don't. I know the truth." Ashley began to quiver and cry. "I saw you two kiss on the lips. And not in like a sisterly way."

"B-but....have y-you called the c-cops on us? I mean....I get it if you did...." she sniffed. 

"Of course not! You two are my besties! I just....I want to understand first before I make a decision on how to feel about this!"

So it began. Ashley and Anna sat their friend down and began to explain everything. Freya absorbed it all. How hard Ash fought to keep things a secret. How long it took for it all to actually come out. Thankfully it began in earnest when the twins were legal adults or there may have been some issues with consent, especially when it came to their mother. To protect their mother, Ash and Anna decided to leave her out. 

"-And so we've been dating ever since and it's amazing! The sex, even better!"

Freya was still struggling with the fact that the twins did.....that but tried to push it aside for her friend's sakes. 

"Right...but....what about your mum?"

"Mummy? She...doesn't know!" Anna lied.

"Really...?" Freya was skeptical after everything she had observed. 

"Well...' the twins looked to each other. "Can we trust you? With the entire truth?"

"Of course, guys! Come on, it's me! I'm here now, aren't I? haven't rejected you yet. Or said you were disgusting." This was true. If she was not disgusted outright by twins, she wouldn't be by incest reaching back a generation. So they trusted her and bore their souls, with Jill helping fill in some gaps.

"And so I told them that their Uncle Matt was actually their father the whole time. They weren't weirded out...they were proud."

"Miss Moore, that is somehow beautiful and weird at the same time. I am truly, honestly happy for you three!"

"That means so much Freya!" They all engaged in a group hug, and she let them feel her warmth and love. She had been their friend for so long and this would not stop now. She would protect and defend their secret to her grave for they had done so much for her already. Miss Moore was her favorite teacher. But for only a split second, she saw something inside Anna's eye. A gleam of some sort of yellow. She decided to ignore it. It was probably just the lighting.


It has been centuries...but now I am awake.....Annabella shall be my champion.


Chapter Text

Anna and Ashley lay in bed kissing happily. The last few days had been some of the craziest yet best of her life. They all were so happy and relieved that their friend knew the truth. The entire truth. They could be themselves around her. Kiss around her.

"But isn't it great? We can invite her over." Ashley was saying.

"Sure, but the last few days have been nuts. Our father...."

Ashley sighed, "I know. It's alright, Baby Sis. It's alright."

Anna turned over on her side so she was fully facing her twin. Once again her eye turned a different colour but only for a split moment. So quickly that Ash had not even noticed. The whispers were growing louder. She ignored them and slid her cock into Ashley's asshole, making love to her sweet sister, who moaned lovingly.

Just a little while longer now, Annabella Moore, whispered a voice.


That day at college, Ben, one of the twins classmates was eyeing them closely. He had begun to have suspicions about their closeness. Freaks, he muttered to himself. There was something strange about their interactions. Giggling, touching each other far too much, kisses on the cheek that lasted just a bit too long to be sisterly. He shook his head, trying to ignore it.


The crime wave in the city was getting worse. Jill told the twins to take the bus home just in case.

"Why did Mummy tell us to take this rickety bus?" grumbled Ashley.

"There's alot of bad people out there. She wants us safe."

"We can take care of ourselves! Always have!"

"Mummy is....just trying to protect us. She's our Mummy."

"She's more than that..." Ashley smirked seductively. Anna blushed and whispered, "Not here..."

"Fine...but you know I'm right. She can stop coddling and mothering us now."

"She'll never stop. We're her baby girls, her darlings. You know how much she loves us."

"Oh yeah."

"Ash! Stop!"


The bus came to a stop and they grabbed their bags and opened the door to their house.

"Hey girls. I'm cooking a roast. Go have a shower and do your homework."

"Ok, Mummy!"

But when Annabella arrived up there she noticed a small light coming from a locked room. Frowning suspciously she went to check it out. But the door would not open.

"Hey, Mummy, why is this door loc-" She stopped and turned. The humming light grew brighter the closer she got. And the whispers got clearer.

I have awoken....your dark freed me.

"What are you talking about?" she whispered fearfully. "Who is it?"

I am simply the giver of your power....


Oh yes....much power, Miss Moore.

You know my name.

I do. And what you will do.

Annabella's head then began hurting and she forced herself away.

The voice stopped. She shook her head confused and worried and walked away. Who was that? What did he mean? What....power?

Questions for later. Yet the game was afoot. Her destiny awaited.

Chapter Text

"Our time is nearly here," said a figure hidden in darkness. "It has awoken."

"Yes but will the alignment be ready?" said another.

"All is prepared, my friend. Our armies marshall as we speak. Only one can stop us." they growled.

"......They won't." the figure clutched his weapon so tight they felt they might crack it.


Anna tried to forget the Voice, put it behind her. She sought comfort in the arms of her sister-girlfriend, ever dutiful, ever loyal.

"What's wrong?"

"What makes you think anything is?" Anna tried to feign innocence. 

"I'm your twin, Baby Sis. I have always been able to tell-"

"I know....Just forget it ok?" She then leaned in to kiss her before Ash could protest further.

"You can't fuck your way out of everything..." Ashley reprimanded but only half seriously. 

"i could try..." Anna smirked seductively, and continued her ministrations. Soon enough, she had Ashley's pants off and pushed her cock inside her. Ashley moaned and groaned. 

"It's great isn't it? Moan loudly all you want. Nobody cares."

It struck Anna as incredibly unfair and heartbreaking that gay incest was so looked down upon. I can't get her pregnant. What exactly is the problem here?  She almost sniffled at the injustice. I just want to love her openly. Tell the world she is mine. Same for Mummy. Jill had more life experience and had lived her whole life as bisexual.

For fuck's sake, in Game of Thrones, barely anyone cares that the Dragon Queen's boyfriend is her nephew. Though in that television show, she reasoned, their world and her family had incest as a common occurance. 

Ashley noticed her distress and leaned up to kiss her. 

"Harder, babe. Be one with me. I love you. We will always be together. We have always been together. We're joined. I feel my ass squeezing your yummy dick and I'm gonna cum all over ya!" 

They both cried out and jizzed their cum in a stream. Anna cummed inside her wonderful sister girlfriend, and Ashley cummed onto her tummy. She reached up and stroked Anna's hair. 

"We're going to get the surgery tomorrow." Anna nodded, feeling a little better about that. They were going to keep their penises and balls, but change to be physically girls everywhere else that they could, She would turn her a-cup hormone boobs into c-cup sexiness. She and Ash had told each other many times before if they could become even half as beautiful as their mother, they were doing alright. This was a moment that they had awaited almost their entire lives, pushed through dysphoria, pushed through transphobes, all so they could become the women they knew they were always meant to be. Their love would finally be complete.

Yet something gnawed at her. Something she couldn't quite figure out. Something that was deep within the recesses of her mind.


Unknown to either of them, watched 2 of their schoolmates. They quickly snapped a picture with their phone of the two girls kissing away, and ran off. 

"What fucking disgusting sluts. Always knew they were freaks. Oh well. This will be all over the school by tomorrow." said Ben, one of them. 

Greg, the other boy, said "Wish we could use this to blackmail and fuck them."

"What, you're a faggot too?"

"They're girls, right?"

"They say they are but they're just mentally ill faggots, bro. Nothing there but a floppy dick."

"Oh ok. Sluts."


Morning came, and Anna woke up in the arms of both her girlfriends. Jill was up first and had  been softly staring at her daughters and watching them sleep. She didn't think it creepy, just motherly. However much the lines had blurred between parent and lover. She tried to put such thoughts aside. I'm both now. It's just the next stage of my love for them. 

"Wake up, girls. Today's your big day! Come on, let's go make some toast."

They happily chowed down on their breakfast, then headed to school, for after school they would go to the hospital for the surgery. Jill had finally amassed enough money for it. 

But it was not to be. Their phones beeped, and Freya had texted them over 100 times, usually some variation of "WER R U?" and "OMG". 

Anna ringed back their best friend, who panicked, talking very fast. "It will be all over the school in a few hours! Someone caught you two! They tried to send me the proof but before I delete it, I'll show you!"

She then sent the photo to their phones, and Anna gasped, "How could they have seen that?"

"That asshole...." Ashley growled, remembering that two boys had been giving her strange looks for days. Bunching her hands up in utter cold fuy, she marched over to their locker, clutching her phone in her hand. Thank God Freya had seen it first.


A few hours earlier.

"I think you should be the first to know, Freya, since you're so chummy with those freaks."

"What the fuck are you talking about?" she screeched. Ben then shoved the phone containing the photo into her hand. 

"What the fuck? You've been stalking them?" That floored them. 

"That's what bothers you? They're...they're freaks! It's unnatural. All of it."

"Everything is natural. That's what natural means. Idiots." 

They tried to get the photo back but she twisted her body and cocked her fist back, only to land it right on Greg's nose. 

"AGhhhh" he yelped in pain. "You stole my phone and broke my noshe!"

"Stay away from them!" Freya yelled, "Or you'll get worse."


"They have for now. But guys you gotta be more careful! I might not be shown this first next time!" Anna and Ashley hugged their friend, grateful.

"You've been the best friend we could hope for. Thanks for having our back. I know it's hard."

"Don't be silly. I always help out a friend, and I love both of you. Uh....not in that way-" 

The twins giggled, "We know what you meant."

"Yeah. You kinda lack some equipment I like. It's pussy for me!" Freya puffed out her chest proudly. 

"Yeah you're not our type either." Ashley giggled at her friend's antics. 

"What, not blonde enough?" Freya mock-pouted at her. 

"Nope!" Anna laughed. then she leaned in and kissed Ashley on the lips, while Freya merely smiled. She knew they were grateful to have someone they could be totally open around and not be judged.

"I am happy for you. I really am. I hope I find someone."

"You will, Frey. You're awesome."


The surgery was a great success, and while the girls would be recovering for a few days, they now had the chests of women. It was not meant to be a big deal but to Anna it solved much dysphoria she had felt, even with the hormone boobies. Jill met them at the waiting room and kissed her daughters on the foreheads. 

"I'm so proud of you, my darlings."

"Yeah, Mummy and we couldn't have done it without you."

"When you came out to me, I was a little scared for you. But you pulled through. Now it's over, ok, sweetie?"

"I know Mum. Now let's go shopping. We need new bras."


That night, while Jill was cleaning up, she started to hear strange sounds from the closet. Whispers. But the girls were upstairs, resting. Strange. It's probably nothing. Just the house creaking. 

But the voice gave a reply. Soon. It will all happen soon. 

In bed, as if on cue, as Anna turned in her sleep, her hand clenched on the bed post, and it suddenly slightly cracked, splintering open. A spark surged within her fist, of raw power and energy. But then it was gone again, fleeting.

Chapter Text

Anna woke the next morning, only to find her crushed handiwork. 

"W-what the....?"

She stared. Did I do that? Filled with fear and curiosity, she tested it again, attempting to lift their bed. She did so with suprising ease. She attempted to open the door and the knob broke off. Terrified, she darted out of the room and found herself in a whole different part of the house. The door with the Voice...

You're responsible for this. 

"What have you done?"

It chuckled, So you've realized now. Your strength is just the beginning though. Open this and I'll explain everything, as well as grant you your full power. 

Anna hesitated. She was strong now. Inhumanly strong and she needed to know why. Against her better judgement, she opened the door and saw the box on the floor. It was endorned with gold and silver, clearly something ancient and hidden. 

Only your bloodline can open me. Your destiny is at hand. 

What will that mean? What will happen to me, to my family? 

You don't want them finding out, Anna. Trust me on that one. 

It called to her, ancient and foreboding. The lure was too great, her desire for answers too great. She would open up Pandora and suffer the consequences of this. 

She reached forward and opened up the box lid. It took a second, but suddenly she was pulsing with power and energy. 

Very good. You now have your full powers. 

What should I do with it? 

Oh...whatever you like! 

Is this meant only for me?  she wondered.

It can be, if you choose it. Once you gain mastery you can grant it to whoever you wish. The Voice said.  Go on.....test it out. You should have all the powers of the gods. Strength, speed, durability. Even power over time itself.

Like Superman? 

The Voice laughed, Sure if that helps. Remember, Anna. You don't have to use it if you don't want to. 

You said I can control time. How? 

Me. The box. It was hit and absorbed the dark energy of the particle accelerator but the truth is, that just amplified the godly magic already there. I can shrink myself so I can be with you at all times. 

The box was going to become smaller? All of this was becoming harder to process. But as she clenched her fist, and remembered the door, it had to be true. And the Voice was her only source for answers. 

The Particle accelerator did this? 

Yes. Your father would have-

"Anna?" called out her mother. 

"Coming, Mummy!" 

I better go. 


The box as promised, shrinked to pocket size and she placed it inside her clothes, closing the door again. She still didn't fully trust the box but it was better in her mind than having no idea what was happening to her. She would continue to test out her new abilities over the coming weeks. 

Thoughts ran through her mind of what to use them for. Personal gain such as sports? Or was she like Superman? I'm a hero, right? I should...I should be a hero! 

But she would hide it all for now because she still had little idea what this all meant. Who were the gods? What is the magic she was granted? If she was to be a hero, how could she ensure that she could protect her mother and sister? She couldn't tell them. Not about her powers, not about the box. She didn't even fully know. 

You're not....evil or anything, right?

The box laughed loudly inside of her mindscape, No. I'm here to help you. I promised someone I would. Why do you think that box is in your house and not anyone else's?

OK I guess. But I'm going to squish you if you do anything to betray me. 

I would expect nothing less. 


Jill frowned, "Where have you been, honey?"

"Nowhere, Mummy." Anna fake smiled, but Jill seemed to buy it. Especially after Anna sauntered over and gave her mother a loving passionate kiss on the lips. 

"Alright sweetie. Here's your breakfast. Don't be late for school, young lady."

Anna began walking to the car when she realized that her new friend had told her she gained the power of speed. What if....

She began running, letting the wind flow through her hair. A sort of energy barrier began forming around her, and she sped through the park, a mere blur to any passersby. Buuildings whooshed by her. 

I could definitely get used to this.

She arrived at the school miles ahead of the bus, and began to panic. 

OK, so....that happened. A thousand questions ran through her head. How could she control it? What was truly happening to her? What is the truth about everything? The speed and strength.

She resolved she had to learn to control it, and couldn't face the others until she could.


An hour later, Ashley arrived to school and was in a huff. 

Where is Anna? She wondered worringly. The twins had never been apart, and for Ash to not know even for a while where Anna was was making her panic and almost tear up. 

The twins had rarely fought or been at odds and this was one of the first times in months where Ash had a reason to be upset with her. It pained her more than anything to lie to her darling twin-girlfriend but she had to. A small voice in the back of her head reminded her that Ashley had hid her forbidden feelings from her for years. They weren't quite as trusting or close as she had once thought.

Anna please....answer your phone.


Anna ignored the buzzing of her phone because there were greater things afoot now. 

I'm sorry, baby. But I can't tell you the truth. She didn't doubt she would believe her, but until she knew more about this and her true capabilities, she couldn't tell anyone just yet.

She began to focus her fist slightly and crushed the tree branch in her palm, into mere splinters. She breathed hard, both excited and terrified. Then she tried to jog, and slowly build her pace until she was flying through the city at near the speed of sound. She didnt stop until she was back in another section of the park, away from people. 

As she slowed down, she closed her fist and aimed it at the nearest large tree, and with a loud CRASH, smashed a large hole in the trunk. Splinters flew off in every direction. Amazed at her new godlike power, Anna was almost giddy. But what to use it for? Questions for later.

Chapter Text

While the truth about her abilities remained a mystery, Anna had tremendous fun the next few weeks testing herself out, pacing herself. She found she was able to bench press an entire train car, testing it out one day. Gritting her teeth, she tried to push her arms up to lift the train car.

Come on....Come on! Finally it was off the ground. Grinning and proud of herself, she continued to ignore her phone buzzing. 

After she got home, sweating, she arrived back home only to find Ashley crossing her arms, furious. 

"...What the fuck, Anna? Where the fuck do you go all the time?"

"I...have other friends you know." she snapped, harsher than she should have. I'm so sorry, Ash but I wish I could tell you. I barely know whats going on myself. 

"Since when?" growled Ash. Angry Ashley Moore was not something you wanted to face, and Anna wanted to leave this conversation as soon as possible, which she demonstrated in her body language. 

"Since now. Now, please drop it...."

"No! I've had to cover for you at school! You're flunking classes, ignoring me! I've been nothing but loyal to you my entire life!"

"Wow our first real fight..." whispered Anna, slightly amazed but also increasingly upset.

"You're damn right we're fighting! Fucking hell, Anna! You got Mummy and me worried sick! I hope your new friends make you happy." she snarled viciously, and slammed her bedroom door.

Anna cried softly, horrified with herself, her lip trembling. It's my own damn fault. I've been so caught up in my powers.....Shit....I think I need to fix this. 

Her darling twin sister had been nothing but loyal and supportive all her life, it was true. But what was happening to her body was more terrifying than being lesbian or even transgender. 

"Honey?" she heard a soft voice. Her mother-lover. 

"Mummy..." Anna whispered back in a sad voice. 

"Whatever you're doing, I hope you know what you're doing. I trust you. I was...a bit of a brat when I was your age so I won't chide you on that count. But please catch up on your studies. It's important."

"I know, Mum. I'm sorry...I wish I could tell you what's going on."

"Why can't you?" Jill's voice was sad, resigned. Her darling baby girls were at war for the first time in their lives. She only hoped Ashley would understand, whatever it was, and patch things up, and that Anna had a good reason for her absences. "I'm your mother, baby. It's my job to worry about you, and protect you. As your sister's elder sister, you have to protect her too."

"...I am protecting you, Mum. I can't tell you what's going on because honestly...I don't even know what's going on either."

"At your age, alot of things will be flying at you, honey. I don't even have everything figured out and I'm over 30. I'm your mother and I will always side with you and Ashley against the world. Just be sure it's what you want."


For answers, she went back to the humming, whispering box. 

Back, are you?

Tell me the truth. What's going on? 

Not yet, my sweet girl. Not yet. The truth about you, your father,'s a lot to process and you're still a kid.

I'm not-! But she let it pass. At least tell me who you are. What you are.

Just a passenger of time. Another thing you will master.

When? How? 

The voice felt like it was grinning. You haven't gotten there yet. 

Why? What am I?

Frustrated after getting no more from the voice, Anna shut the closet door in its face.

Damn that thing! Always so vague! Well....I don't need that heap of junk anyway. 

She clenched her fist, and as the newscaster said, "The crime wave is stretching police thin. The police chief has no new theories of what could be causing this-"

"The Particle Accelerator exploded last week and so far, scientists are reporting there is no visible damage-"

Then a conspiracy theorist was on the news, and appeared to be warning people that there was a connection. 

"There is a connection!" he was saying. "Something's coming. Causing the crime spike. If the gangs aren't fighting anymore and turning their weapons on us in what seems to be desperation to steal as much as possible, what are they running from?"

As if a lightbulb lit inside her head, she finally realized what she had to do. She would be a superhero and save the city! She was only just beginning to tap into her true powers however, and that slightly scared her. Plus she would need a disguise. Her family was suspicious enough as it was, so she could not pull a Clark Kent and simply change her hair a little.


Anna sniffled, and knocked at her sister's door. As much as she was excited about her new destiny, she had to get her girlfriend back.

"Ash, up." 

Knowing she could not resist a sniffling Anna, Ash relented. 

"What is it?" She demanded, yawning. 

"I'm s-sorry ok? Please I just...I want my girlfriend back!"

"Mum not doing it for ya?"

"She's great but....we're together, all three of us! I...I love you!"

Ashley sighed, "I know. I love you too. But you're being so mysterious and that's new to me. It's scaring me...." She began to sniffle as well and Anna took her into her arms. 

"I'm sorry...I don't mean to hurt your feelings. When the time is right, I will explain everything. OK?" 

Ashley nodded ever so slightly, and pressed her head against Anna's cheek.

"I miss you.....I missed you.."

"...I know."

"Hurt me like that again and...."

Anna was beginning to worry. Was this new superhero thing going to lead to a huge breakup? Or more fights? She dreaded the moment she would have to choose. in all the superhero comics, there was the family and girlfriend targeted by the bad guy, worried sick by all the excuses and injuries. 

"I will never hurt you intentionally Ashley. You must believe that I am already trying to protect you."

"Maybe you're not protecting me, just hurting me more by not trusting me with the truth."

"When I am ready, I'll tell you and it will all make sense....OK? I always be here...and I will always love you. I promise."

Anna then slid off of her and stalked back to the kitchen.

Ashley had her own ideas on what was going on. Perhaps a new lover? Maybe her sister was finally tired of her and their little tryst. A gangbang of several women would certainly be a step up in pervertedness in her eyes. But why would Anna skip out for so long to who knows where? How could she still get back every night and slip into bed with her? It couldn't be far, she reasoned. Maybe the girls at school. Freya? Freya wouldn't do that. She was one of the nicest little snowflakes they had ever met. 

Drugs? The crime wave did seem to greatly interest Anna whenever it was on the news. One way or another, she would figure out what was going on with her sister-girlfriend, and help in any way she could. All their lives, Ashley had been the aggressive protector, endlessly jealous of anyone who even tried to mess with her sister. She of course knew now why. That that jealous tension was actually incestuous. Still, it scared her that now there were things going on that Anna wouldn't tell her about, meaning she couldn't protect Anna from it, whatever it was. 

But Anna did say she would explain everything when she was ready. 

I love you, Baby Sis. Be careful.

Suddenly she heard something. Anna...?

"Anna is that you? Come on, don't mess around. I'm not in the mood."

Anna then suddenly stopped, a deer in headlights when her sister's eyes locked onto her. Only she had come from the other end of the hallway. Anna had just gone to the kitchen. Not only that but she had different clothes on.

"How did you change so fast? What the fuck is going-"

"Ash, go back to bed. I'll be back soon." Anna carressed her hair lovingly, and kissed her on the forehead. Ashley frowned. Now she was even more confused. But somehow someway she would figure this out. 


Above the house, the two figures watched the Moores while floating in mid air. 

"She's accelerating at a high rate."

"Yes I know." Grumbled the other figure, almost bored. "History has its place but for some...."

"How do you know she'll take the bait?" said the figure. 

The other one growled, "I just know. Just be in position when I command. All these years and you've never questioned my command."

"It goes without saying." the figure was kneeling. 

"Just be ready. The time is nearly here." they turned away, crossing their arms while carefully watching the Moore house from above. "Soon I will take what is rightfully mine!"


Chapter Text

Anna set about creating her costume. Using her speed, it barely took her a few minutes. She had mastered speed to the point where she was well over the sound barrier, having felt it CRACK in her ears like the sound of thunder. She loved the feeling in her hair, as an energy bubble formed around her as she got fast enough. 

The blue field of energy also formed when she used her strength, as protection, she reasoned. An extra layer beneath her increased durability. Since recieving the powers she had not gotten sick, or even felt the slightest pain. She was beginning to feel absolutely invincible.

Finally...she was finished. She stood tall and proud in an all-black longcoat, emblazoned with red streaks, and a black bra to go along with her shorts. She reasoned she had no reason not to look totally sexy while doing this. It would help greatly, she reasoned, because of her previous anxieties that now were almost completely gone, with one exception. Someone finding out this was her. Her voice coach was teaching her to be feminine, and the surgery had done its work to create a feminine voice but it was more intimidating to others to use the deeper male voice. She practiced and focused, utilizing her powers to sound deeper and more booming. 

She prepared herself for the first day on the job. Sooner or later every vigilante knows fantasizing won't cut it forever. It was time to act, and save the city.

"Halt in the name of Justice!" She boomed with the voice, then giggled to herself. I sound totally badass! Now I need to think of a superhero name....She was definitely going to have fun with this. 

Even if it wouldn't last.


"We are getting scattered reports over the city of criminals tied up somehow, and delivered to the police." said a reporter. "Witnesses report only seeing a brief blur. Some are calling this The Blur-"

"Stupid ass name." grumbled Anna, turning off the Tv. 

"What is?" asked Ashley from behind her, crossing her arms suspiciously. "You're really interested in that thing. Who knows what really happened? Fucking news, always embellishing."

"Well.." Anna stammered, "Maybe they're doing good, whatever they are." 

"Psh, yeah right. It's some experiment that got loose. Or maybe an alien. What a freak."

It shouldn't have insulted Anna and she knew Ash meant no harm, but it still hurt to be called a freak. She dreaded even more now, the day that she revealed it was her all along who stopped that gang. 

But I'm not giving up. Not ever. I'm doing this to protect you and Mummy, you must believe that.

Ashley must have seen the hurt look on her face and whispered, "Look....I'm sorry. I didn't mean......if you're a freak, I am too. We didn't choose to fall for each other."

"No that's....I mean yeah, of course. I'm sorry too, Ash."

"I forgave you, silly!"

She leaned down and gave her sister a passionate kiss on the lips. Jill, in the kitchen making dinner, merely smiled at her daughter's love. 

"I think it's a person." Jill piped up. "I mean....they arrested criminals. Didn't even kill them. What kind of rogue experiment arrests the bad guys? Sounds like a superhero. Like that guy....the Streak or something. That movie you have, Anna. What's it called?"

"I agree with Mummy." Anna grinned, and Ashlely grumbled and turned away. 



Far away, Freya Drakov was reading a book, quietly thinking about what her two best friends were doing. She had finally grown used to the fact they were now lovers, and even lovers with their mother. Freya had a fraught relationship with her abusive mother and considered Jill to be almost her true mother. 

Before meeting the twins, she had endured an abusive relationship as well as her mother, but now felt rejuvenated. She knew the twins would always have her back and protect her. Dark thoughts entered her head about proposing that she join in the fun but she felt it might be a little too far. It would be wrong to intrude on the twins given how intensely close they were, emotionally and physically. 

"Whatcha doin?" squealed Freya's younger sister Alexis. 

Alexis was the playful brat of the two, while Freya was the elder, responsible one due to all the heavy expectations placed on her by her overbearing mother. 

"Not now, Alex...."

She suddenly was experiencing Alex's hot breath on her neck and she slightly shivered. Ok what is this feeling? God, Game of Thrones and the twins got me thinking stuff...bad stuff. 

But Alex was relentless, sitting down on her sister's lap and practically straddling her. 

"Come on, cuddle your lonely little sister! Like when we were little. Dont'cha miss me?"

"Come on Alex, stop. I'm...I'm not-"

"Not what? We're not doing anything wrong. My sexy sister...." She then leaned in and licked Freya's cheek before running away again, giggling. 

"Damn her...." Freya breathed. She didn't dare to dream her fantasies would be this close to reality. She was breathing hard, and tried to calm down, both her breathing and the particular feeling in her panties. She tried to put on her favorite porn after settling down in bed but Alex's face kept creeping in. 

I'm so fucked....


Alexis Drakov skipped away, naughtily. It had been only a week since she first realized she would seduce her elder sister. First by dressing more sexy, and when that didn't work, stepped up her flirting game. She had always idolized Freya and since she took the brunt of their mother, felt guilty that Freya had been denied real love. She knew that now Freya considered Miss Moore to be her true mother, effectively disowning Queen Bitch, which to be fair, she could not blame her sister for. But recently, after Freya had been spending so much time with those creepy ass transgender twins, she began to feel maybe she was a bit creepy too with her idolizing. Maybe she really wanted a kiss from Freya and would stop at nothing to get one. Always the more playful and carefree of the two, this newfound secret crush was new territory for her.


Jill pursed her lips. Anna was increasingly distant and Ash was first to notice. Now she was noticing. She trusted her daughter and would always side with her against the world, but she hoped it wasn't anything dangerous. I don't think I could live with myself if anything happens to either of my daughters. 

Jill in quiet moments was still somewhat reluctant to have sex with her daughters, as much as she loved their dicks pounding her into submission. They even began to play sex games in which Jill was nothing but their little mother-bitch. Their mother slut.

Ashley came into the room, and sat down, looking sad.

"Mummy I need a cuddle."

"I know you're worried about Anna, sweetie." she whispered soothingly as she gave her youngest daughter a motherly hug around the tummy. "But she's always been responsible and known what was best. You told me she always has."

"I know..."

"Oh sweetie." Jill placed gentle kisses all along her neck and cheek. Ashley started to breath hard with lust, blushing red. 


"Yes honey?"

"Mmmm....." Ash leaned in and gently kissed her mother on the lips, savoring the taste. She let a tear slide down her face, craving the attention and emotional connection. "I need you Mummy. I need you so bad."

"Then take me. Take off your pants and bra."

Ashley obeyed, and stripped off, while watching her sexy-ass mother do it too. 

"Mummy you''re just so incredibly hot!" Jill's mature body was to die for. Smooth tanned skin. C-cup sized breasts, and a fit muscled figure from her sports career. 

She used her strong arms to fling Ashley onto the bed, and fiercely made out with her, kissing down to her chest, and suckling on Ashley's B-cup boobs, still a bit sensitive from the recent surgery. She loved making love to her mother. She delighted to kiss and fuck the place she had been born from. It made everything so much hotter.

Jill let her pleasure wash over her as her daughter had sex with her passionately. First, Ash fingered her waiting pussy, as Jill arched her back and hitched her breath. Then she prepared to line up her huge dong and slide it in.

"You ready for me, Mum?"

"Yess baby. Oh my sweet baby. I love you. Just put your dick inside me, baby."

Ashley smirked, and began pushing her cock inside her. Jill arched her back, letting herself get used to the intrusion, before Ashley began moving and thrusting. 

"Ohhh yess just like that, honey. Oh my god, honey, just fuck your naughty mother. I've been so naughty, and you need to fuck me harrdd!"

"Yess, Mummy! I love fucking the place I was born from. It makes it all so much hotter. Take your daughter's dick inside you. I'm fucking my own sexy ass mother hard."

They moaned and thrusted together, Jill moving her hips forward to get more cock inside of her. Ashley ramming it into her furiously, trying to penetrate into her womb to get her own mother pregnant. 

They'd been trying for weeks for a baby but maybe the hormones and surgery made it impossible. They ddin't dare to ask the doctor about it. 

Ashley slammed her cock in and out of her mother's pussy hard and fast, feeling her orgasm building and coming. 

"Wait honey, slam my asshole as well."

"Ohh you little anal slut." She pinched her mother's nipples and made her squeak in pain, then pulled out of her pussy to put it into her mother's ass. She went in slow at first, letting the pussy juice on her cock lube up the asshole, then began moving inside of her ass. Jill moaned and mewled, letting the feeling build. She reached down and rubbed her clit as her daughter rammed it up her ass. 

"Take it. Take it up the ass you little fucking anal whore!" Ashley screamed passionately. 

"Yess!" Jill screamed back. "Take me. I've been a naughty mother. Punish my ass, Mistress."

At being called Mistress, Ashley exploded with cum inside of her mother's asshole, but continued to roughly fuck it. They continued like that through the night. 

Meanwhile the game was afoot. 


As Anna sped around the city, she caught a glimpse of her best friend's house and heard voices. It was Freya's voice, panicky and dripping with apphrension mixed with....lust?

"You''re my sister Alex! For god's sake! You shouldn't be so flirty and stuff. And kissing me like that!"

Ok....better not listen to any more of that, she thought, and sped away. 


The figures watched and listened. 

"Are you sure no one will see us? We've been stirring up the criminals for weeks, whispering ideas and killing the ringleaders." This was recognizably a female voice. So was the other one. 

"I'm sure. The more she runs, the more energy is collected to me. I will open the portal and bring our army through. Then all will bow before me." she snarled evilly. 


Chapter Text

The next day at school, Anna ran into Freya. Remembering the apparent events of the previous night, Anna dared not bring up anything, only asking 

"How are you? How's your little sister?"

Freya raised her eyebrows in surprise, but knew that Alex and Anna knew each other quite well after all their sleepovers and parties. Anna was a bit hesitant to make eye contact but only because she knew she had intruded on something she shouldn't have, and had no room to judge. In fact if something consensually was happening between the Russian sisters, she was happy and proud of them. 

"She's uh....she's ok."

"Want me to talk to her?"

Freya looked down, knowing that if anyone would understand the kiss last night it was the incestuous trans twins. She flashed back to the previous night. 


Alex had returned when Freya was resting in bed reading her favorite book. 

" up?"

"I am now, brat."

Alex giggled, "Come on, big sis....we used to sleep together all the time! Mumma won't care."

" kidding me? Fine..." Freya could never refuse her baby sister anything no matter how hard she tried.

Freya now felt guilty. She was having these feelings for her darling baby sister who she was supposed to protect. The twins were twins but there was a gap in age between herself and Alex and that made her have certain responsibilities. She knew it was hypocritical to be unappreciative of her own incestuous lust for Alex while fully supporting the incestuous family down the street, but she was raised to be strong and responsible by her mother. Despite being so abusive, she knew her mother had her own twisted reasons, to prepare Freya for the world. Miss Moore, while a strict teacher at times, was nothing but kind and sweet to her every time she visited. It was no wonder she considered Miss Moore her true mother. 

Every time she had run away crying, the Moores took her in, and let her stay as long as she needed, even if as soon as she got back, she would cop a belting. 

Alexis didn't know about this at first until Freya finally broke and told her. From that point on, Alexis secretly despised her mother, and cheating abandoning bastard father. Her sister shielded her from them both and so her feelings broke even beyond sisterly.

Meanwhile Freya was desperately struggling to hold off her forbidden feelings and think about something else, as Alex's body pressed up against her. She could feel the swell of Alex's breasts, her breathing, her warm body. 

Fuck....this was a terrible idea. 

"Frey....?" Alex whispered. This was her chance. 


"Can I have a goodnight kiss?" she whispered fake-innocently. Freya knew this was not innocent. She tried to go for her cheek but Alex moved and captured her lips briefly. 

"Mmf..." Alex moaned. She finally got her prize, and it felt so fucking amazing! Her big sister's lips were so soft, pink and inviting. She ran her tongue along her sister's lips, to taste them before pulling back. I love her....I love my big sister, Alex realized.

"What the fuck?"

Alex shrinked back almost scared at her sister's yelling. Shit, I screwed up.

"You''re my sister Alex!"

"B-but-" Alex lip trembled.

"For god's sake! You shouldn't be so flirty and stuff. And kissing me like that!" Freya screamed. Outside there was a mysterious whooshing sound.

"Shit, Frey. I just wanted to..."

"I know you've always liked sleeping around but i won't be your new conquest!" Freya screamed at her. Alex slinked back, ashamed and scared. It's not like that, Frey. Those meant nothing. You're my big sister.

Freya began sniffling into the pillow.

"Hey...." Alex said worringly. I made her cry. Nice goin, shithead. "Hey come on...i'm sorry! Shit, Frey...I didn't mean to hurt your feelings! I won't kiss you again like that."

"It''s not that...I'm just not...strong enough anymore to hold my own feelings back...."

Alex's eyes widened at her words. Does she....?

"I...I've been reading around online and I know how common this actually is between lesbian sisters..."

Reading around online? All her big sister ever did online was study stuff. Wait...

"Do you...know other sisters who are into each other? Wait..." A lightbulb flashed in her head, "Is it Anna and Ashley? Shit it is!"

"Nooo." Freya wailed. She promised the twins she'd take this secret to her grave. Then again since Alex was so often hanging out with them, she must have pieced it together. Most of their high school thought the twins were too weird and creepy to even pay attention to for more than a few minutes.

Alex flashed back to all their interactions. The blushing, the smiling to each other, holding hands, barely being unable to stop touching each other. Yeah, she reasoned, The twins must be fuckin! And that means I can fuck Freya!  Oh, imagine our double dates! She squealed internally.

Freya was panicking. What if Queen Bitch finds out? Her abuse would be worse than ever. Or they'd report them and they go to prison. 

"I'm sorry...I won't tell anyone. I like the twins too."

"It's not that...."

"Please Frey....we don't have to be lovers but you should tell me what's going on."

"I-I love you, Alex....fuck....I love you so much and I can't! I shouldn't! I'm supposed to protect you, not lust after you."

"What do you lust after? Is it my boobs?" she squealed.

"Not now, Alex...."

"Sorry." she smirked and blushed. She leaned in and rather than kiss her sister, she lay her head onto Freya's chest. Freya scratched and stroked Alex's hair soothingly and lovingly. "You don't have to protect me all the time...I'm 16 you know. That's the legal age here. That means it's totes legal, baby."

Freya shook her head, "What about fucking your little sister?"

Alex laughed "Well we'll work on that. I won't rush you. I love you too, you know. Didn't realize until our kiss but I do. Fuck, Frey....You're just so amazing."

Freya placed a chaste kiss onto Alex's hair and closed her eyes peacefully.

"Did you hear something before? Sounded like a whoosh."

"Probably the wind."


Freya left the flashback and smiled despite herself. She wouldn't tell anyone this but she woke that morning with a wet spot on her panties.

"No it's ok. I can handle it." she said confidently. 

Anna accepted the lie and smiled at her friend, "Well ok then. Come on let's get to class."

"Wait, I need some water. Go ahead ill catch up."

Anna nodded. 

A few seconds later, Anna appeared again, with different clothes and slightly different hair. Or was this Ashley?

"...Ashley?" She knew they were identical twins but this was downright clone-level if it was Ash before her. 

"Of course not, silly."

"Oh....well listen thanks about asking about Alex. I know she's your friend too-"

"About Alex?" Anna frowned, confused for a second, but then composed herself. "Oh right yeah..."

Freya was very confused and concerned now, "Can I have my water? I told you I was going to catch up. And how did you change so fast? You must be the speed of fucking light-"

But before she could finish, Anna was gone again. What the hell is going on here?


Jill was running into the same problem. Clothes were in Anna's room that didn't belong to her. Or Ash. Was she cheating on them all, like Ashley had suspected? It wasn't at all behavior Anna would commit, but as Anna grew older and more mysterious, Jill could hardly be expected to keep up. 

She contended herself to being fucked every night hard by Ashley, and occasionally Anna joined in, but she seemed distracted. Like she had places to be. Took the fun of lovemaking right out of it.

Jill was now seriously concerned that maybe she really was moving on. It seriously hurt her, and she began to softly cry but she also could not blame Anna. It was only natural she would try to move outside of the family for a healthy fulfilling relationship.  With who, she dared not dream. Was it Alexis Drakov? No, she was basically a kid. Even if the legal age here was 16. Still, she knew Alexis' reputation amongst the LGBT community in their town.

As much as it seemed like the twins would be together forever and belonged together, maybe it was time one of them moved on. 

She loved Ashley with all her heart and would fight to keep her as long as possible however. 

In quiet moments she dared not dream Ash in a wedding dress, herself walking down the aisle. Freya in the audience, cheering them on.  

She blushed and reached down to rub her pussy to the thought.



All around the city, the Blur was quickly wrapping chains around criminals and delivering them to a police station. 

She had yet to do any real fighting, but she did manage to save people from a forest fire by whizzing everyone out of there, and then fleeing the scene again. 

She turned on the news to see her handiwork.

"Eyewitnesses are reporting that everyone inside the burning house found themselves suddenly outside and safe, having felt only hands on their bodies and the wind whooshing. Scientists reason that this Blur creates an energy field around themselves-"

"This energy field, DIana, is designed to protect him from the speeds he reaches. It's a protective bubble so he and his passenger are not harmed by the winds and elements as he takes them to safety. But that's not all. He stopped a semi truck from hitting-"

"Look Whoever the Blur is, they obviously don't want to reveal themselves or their face. They're probably just some kid who got these powers a few weeks ago. Not an alien. And certainly not Superm-"

"Some are suspecting that this new wave of crime is connected to both the particle accelerator and the Blur. Criminals are getting desperate. New arms deals to fight the police, as their leadership is detained and imprisoned. Sure, some of them make bail but others can't. What can no longer be denied is that this Blur is helping."

"Jesus, Dan, you gotta have a better name than that. How about Miracle Ma-"

She turned the TV off, smiling, and decided to finally go to bed. It was late, and she had arrived home from arresting another group of Mafia thugs.

Suddenly she heard Ashley, or she thought it was. She was coming down the stairs and out the door. 

She hid, until Ash left. 

Ashley was going down to the store for milk, grumbling after realizing she forgot to get any today. 

What does she think she's doing? Its dangerous, thought Anna. 


Ashley walked down the street listenig to her ipod. The convenience store was only a few blocks away. It wouldn't take long. She checked her watch. 10pm. Plenty of time.

She arrived at the store and bought her milk, but when she was heading back, she was suddenly pulled away, dropping her stuff, and crashed onto the ground. 

"Well, well, well....watcha doin out here this late, little girl? Is that a girl? I think its a tranny." the criminal laughed cruelly.

"Oh I always wanted to fuck a tranny." hissed his friend, brandishing a knife. "Ever been fucked, you fucking slut? Can you handle our cocks?"

"NOOO!" Ashley screamed "HEELP. ANYBODY!"

"Shut her up, Bill. Let's get that skirt off, and see whats under here."

Bill and John then proceeded to grab and paw at Ashley, while shoving their knives in her face. 

"Try to get away again and I'll cut you!" he snarled evilly. 

Ashley sobbed, begging, "Please...please don't rape me....I'll do anything...."

"It wont take long, bitch, if you just relax." He unzipped his pants. 


But suddenly, she felt nothing, and heard only whooshing. The rapists were tied against the wall with rope and chains. 

"AAHH! Who the fuck-! Let me off!"

"You will not hurt anyone ever again." boomed a very deep voice that echoed and almost vibrated. "Are you ok, miss?"

Ashley slowly picked herself off the ground, breathing hard and crying. 


"Just breath, miss. It's the adrenalin. I promise you're safe now."

The figure stepped closer into view and while she couldn't see a visible face (it was all blurry, and a mask was slightly visible), she saw a long black coat, padded armor, and black pants. 

"You-you''re him. The Blur."

"You know what? I've been thinking about a name and I would rather go with....Athena."


Chapter Text

“A-Athena? Like the Greek Goddess? O-ok…Miss Athena…”

The superhero let out a light chuckle.

“T-thank you for saving me. My sister and mother will be grateful…so am I.”

It is of no issue, miss. I’m here to help.”

“Can I ask you….where did you come from, sir? And isn’t Athena a weird name for a guy.”

Athena laughed, their voice changing to a much softer lighter feminine tone but still unrecognizable. “What made you assume I was a man?”

“Oh…Oh!” Ashley blushed, embarrassed for assuming, and should have pieced together a name like Athena wouldn’t be chosen by a guy. “Sorry…I shouldn’t have assumed.”

Most did. It’s alright though. What you need to know right now is I’m here to help. If you want to talk, yell my name. I’ll hear it and find you.”

“You’ll hear it? No matter where I am?”

One of the first powers Anna learned was superhearing and locking onto her sister’s voice. That way she could always protect her.

Yes. Now, try to keep out of trouble, miss.”

“Oh right…my name’s Ashley. Ashley Moore.”

Athena smiled knowingly, but kept it hidden. “It’s wonderful to meet you, Miss Moore. Stay safe.”

Then she zipped away, leaving only flying leaves and dust.

Wow…thought Ashley. A real superhero in the world? She had watched all the Marvel movies and now this new Athena’s powers most strongly reminded her of the Flash and Quicksilver, though given on the news she had feats of immense strength like stopping trucks and ripping off rubble to save people, she reasoned it was more of a mix between Supergirl and Jesse Quick, with some Invisible Woman thrown in there, with the energy shields.

It almost boggled the imagination to think that someone with those kinds of abilities was actually real and saving people.


She was still in shock so she called Anna.

“Anna? I uh…I got in a bit of trouble…”

“WHAT? Are you ok? Jesus, Ash….Where are you?”

“I was out getting more milk at IGA-”

“At this hour? What were you thinking?” Anna ranted, screeching. “I could have gotten some for you.”

“You were sleeping! You….were sleeping, right?” Not out fucking someone else?

“Yeah of c-course.” Anna heaved. She sounded out of breath. Why? Was she already running to the car? Ashley supposed yes. “Do you want me to stay on the line? What happened?”

“Yeah stay on the line, Baby Sis….”

“Alright. You need to tell me what happened.” Do I? Do you tell me what’s going on with you? But Ashley’s anger was calmed. Being nearly raped was a big deal, bigger than . And the men who did it were going to be arrested.

“I’ll tell you when you get here.”


Anna stepped out of the car at IGA and found her sister, crushing her in a worried hug, “You worried me sick! Jesus!”

Her powerful strength was still not quite controllable because Ashley began choking. “Ugh…A-anna…..Can’t…breath-“

“Oh…oh shit..I’m so sorry! Oh no, Ashley are you ok?”

Ashley chuckled, “Yeah…I just…never realized you’re that strong before….”

“Oh yeah I am working out.”

Ashley frowned, never knowing her sister to work out but maybe that’s what she was doing all the time. As long as she never got into any contact sports! That would make her worry so much.

“I’m ok, Baby Sis….thanks for coming. I love you.”

Anna tried to give her a kiss but Ashley pulled out of it, “Not here, Anna. You know better than that.”

“Oh, sorry….come on, let’s go home. So what happened?”

“I…I was jumped by these two guys-“

“WHAT?” Anna yelled.

“And I think they wanted to rape me-“

“WHAT?” Oh my god, Ash, what if I didn’t see you leaving? I don’t know what would have happened….I’ve been thinking that these powers aren’t a blessing but now I’m so fucking thankful. I saved my sister-girlfriend’s life.

“Can you stop shouting?”


“Nothing happened because…this girl came. She said she’s that superhero, the Blur.”

“Oh my god!” Anna shouted in sarcastic amazement.

“Yeah and she said her name is actually Athena! Oh God, Anna, she’s so, so cool! I mean I didn’t get a good look at her face but I know she’s totally cool.”

Anna grinned, blushing. I knew you’d like my hero costume. To be honest I thought up Athena on the spot but it fits. I bet Athena in the myths would have been as strong compared to regular people as I am.


“Well her name’s Athena and-“

So you just assumed she was a girl? Not non binary or agender?” Anna teased.

Ashley’s eyes widened, “Shit….”

“I’m just kidding! But maybe you should ask her if you see her again.”

“You…think I should?”

“Yeah! That’d be so cool! I kind of…already met her.”

Ashley was floored. She backed away in shock, holding her chest.

“What?” She demanded. “What happened? Anna….” She warned.

“Nothing! I mean….I was a witness to one of her hero moments and she said hi. So cool, right?”

Ashley agreed it was totally cool. And her brief suspicions faded.

“She seems really nice, Ash. I’m glad we have someone like that in this city of all places…”

“Yeah it’s really cool. Now we should stay here until those rapists are arrested. Give me your phone and I’ll call 911.”



When they finally got home, Jill was worried sick. She hugged her daughters tightly.

“What happened? Where have you been? I heard Anna’s shouting and the car driving out! Oh my darling girls!”

“Mum it’s ok! She got jumped by two crackhead assholes. Nothing actually happened, because Athena saved her. We called the cops afterwards.”


“Yeah that Blur everyone is going on about. Turns out she has a real name.”  Anna smirked knowingly at the self praise.

“Oh….so you’re not hurt?”

“A scratch, Mummy. I’m fine, really!” They promised each other not to tell Mummy that it was a near-rape. It would only make her worry more.

“You two are adults and you can live your own lives but still….you need to be more careful, baby.”

“I’m sorry for worrying you guys. But I’m fine!”

Anna smiled in relief. She could really get used to this hero gig. And keeping a proper eye on her family using her powers at the same time.

Jill was relieved nothing had happened and she silently praised the superhero for saving her daughter.


Anna knew that Freya wanted to be a reporter and in her part time, wrote a news and opinions blog while she studied.

She briefly considered revealing more about herself via an interview, a plan she had gotten from one of the movies she watched as research.

If more people knew about the fact she was out there and protecting people, the more criminals would cower. Of course she planned on staying in the shadows like with Ash, but she also knew she could get more accomplished with the criminal underworld knowing she was going to come for them eventually.

She feared revealing too much about herself that someone may piece together her true identity so she vowed to keep things vague. Just as the Voice always had….


Ashley flopped down onto her bed, relieved but also curious. Who was this superhero who saved her? Where did she come from? What did she really look like under there? She doubted it was some hideous monster. 

To satisfy her curiosity, she went outside of the house and called out “Athena!”.

Impatient as she was, she wondered for a brief moment if the hero had lied to her about coming when called, but after a few moments passed, suddenly there was a gust of air and the crackling of energy and power as Athena appeared to teleport before her.

You hurt, Miss Moore? Is everything alright?” she boomed in her vibrating hero voice.

“I just….have not properly thanked you…for saving me the other night.”

The hero appeared to bow her head in appreciation, “It was nothing, miss. I just happened to be around.”

“Um….how did you know where I was? How did you hear me?”

I have super hearing, remember? I was just lucky to be in the vicinity and get there in time.

“I suppose that makes sense…but I hardly know anything about you! I mean….we could be friends…if you want.” Ashley bit her lip shyly. She had no idea but the hero seemed familiar in a strange sense or light. Like they’d known one another for years or something. It was a peculiar feeling.

“…You’re right.” Athena said after some brief thinking to herself. “You deserve some answers. I was planning on doing this in a more public manner but I think I can trust you.

“You can!” Ash insisted.

Alright well….I can’t tell you much…to protect my family.

“You have a family?” Shit, cursed Anna inwardly.

Uh…yes. I have…my parents who worry about me all the time. They don’t know I’m doing this.”

Ashley smiled knowingly, “I know what it’s like to worry, and to have others worry about you.”

I received these powers only a few months ago, and my first time saving someone, it felt…like I was born to be doing this. The people of this city deserve a chance at a better life. As do my parents. I want to create a world where they can be safe.” As she said this, she was staring directly at Ashley, her lips curling into a loving smile, though no one knew but her it was loving. “I….love someone, as well. You could call them a partner. I think about them every single second I’m doing this job. Would they be proud? Would they want me to do this knowing I might get hurt or not come home? I struggle with that every day.

Ashley nodded, understandingly. “I think your partner would be proud of you. I certainly am. The police were stretched thin and people were scared. Now we feel hope in the air. Thank you….from the bottom of my heart, Athena.”

“It is my honor to help, Miss Moore.” She boomed, before turning to leave.

“Wait!” Ashley cried desperately. “Can we…speak like this again?”

Of course, Miss Moore. Just call my name like you just did. I will be here as soon as I can.”

“Thank you.” Ashley grinned, her hero crush only deepening. She was now actively fantasizing what was under that hero disguise. Was she ugly? No…she said she wanted to protect her parents by hiding her true identity. She blushed, imagining a very beautiful woman under there, but then quickly pushed such thoughts deep inside, immediately ashamed.

Suddenly, right behind her, despite the hero zipping away again, she heard more energy crackling behind her. Weird. Is she that fast or did she double back around somehow? Not only that but now her energy had a slightly different feel to it. She could barely describe it, and put it aside for now.

But one thing was for sure, she had to see the hero again.


Anna arrived back at the house and changed back into her regular clothes, just in time to hear her mother knock at her door.

“Honey? Dinner’s ready.”

She thought back to the meeting with her sister as Athena and couldn’t help but notice her admiring look she gave the hero.  A different look to the loving but equal looks she gave her as Annabella Moore. But it was good, she decided. She enjoyed interacting with her twin as a hero, and although Athena wasn’t real, it was a chance to present herself in a new light, unburdened by preconceptions as the shy nerd she had always been. As Athena she felt righteous, she felt powerful. She felt as long as her face remained a secret, she could be whoever she wanted to be. To feel the energy and power coursing through her body. It wasn’t until she saw herself caught on camera she noticed the blueish energy field her body naturally produced when using her speed and strength. They reasoned it was so she wouldn’t injure herself and others when speeding around the city and why she had yet to tear up the city doing so. She privately hoped nothing worse than thugs with guns would ever appear.


Far away, the woman who had been watching them slammed her fist against a wall, cracking it in half, in rage.

“She’s getting stronger. How much longer will this take? I need to get my army through.” She bubbled and coursed with power, a sick red glow.

Chapter Text

Ashley returned home, taken with her new friend.

She began gushing about her to Anna.

“Oh my god she’s soo amazing. Like, how is she that amazing?”

Anna smiled but was suddenly filled with a terrible green beast of a feeling. Jealousy? Oh this is ridiculous. I’m jealous of MYSELF?

Anna almost laughed at the absurdity, and Ashley caught her smirking and asked,

“Anna, what’s so funny?”

“Just…you gushing over her.”

“Really? I thought it’d make you at least a little bit jealous. But don’t worry. My heart is yours.”

I am jealous, Ash. Here I thought you were the jealous one. I don’t like this feeling, even if it’s me she’s crushing on.

“She is very cool….” Guilt rushed through her mind, ordering her to stop this while she still could, but she believed she could properly watch over Ashley this way.


Sure enough, Anna suited up as Athena and while on patrol for criminals, she heard a familiar call.

“Athena!” called out her twin.  


Ashley waited in anticipation, until zipping in, came Athena, her new hero. She was the first to admit she worshipped the hero and watched all of her latest heroics on the internet. Some had attempted to get a good shot of the hero’s face but honestly it didn’t much matter to her who exactly Athena was.

All she desired was…

“May I…look upon your face?”

Of course, my friend.

Ashley hesitated, then grinned. “We’re friends?”

Why not? I trust you, Miss Moore.” Boomed the hero.

What the fuck are you doing, Anna?

It’ll be ok. I’ll only show her the lower face.

She’s your bloody twin! She’ll figure it out and then hate you forever for lying to her for weeks!

Anna ignored her inner conscience and began lifting up her mask while ceasing the vibrations that hid her identity entirely. She stopped at her nose, still concealing her eyes.

Ashley looked on in awe and was a little hard. Such soft, inviting lips…I could just….

Cheat on your girlfriends? You awful piece of shit.

I haven’t done anything! Shut up! Plus Anna likes her!

Anna’s been a sneak for weeks. Probably fucking Freya and Alex for all I know.

Shut up!

She gingerly and curiously lifted up a hand to softly touch the hero’s cheek.


“I know. I won’t touch your mask.” A shiver ran down Anna’s body as her sister touched her skin and the corner of her lip. Even as many times as they had made love, Ashley’s touch was simply exquisite and intoxicating.

Please stop right now, Ash….I can’t control myself….

Helpless to stop herself, she let out a little moan but Ashley didn’t appear to notice.

They sat themselves down and spoke for what felt like hours. Her voice was no longer a vibrating demonic boom but only just disguised enough that Ashley couldn’t notice it was her own sister. It was much too deep. Anna and Ashley had naturally effeminate voices, even for trans girls which made things easier for them.

“God…I feel like I’ve known you for years!” Ashley gushed. “You are so smart and wise.”

“Your sister….does she know you’re out here with me?”

“No…” Ashley looked down, ashamed and sheepish. “It’s funny too because usually I’m the overprotective one!”

“Your sister is lucky to have you, Miss Moore.”

“Come on, that’s enough of that. Miss Moore is my mother. I’m just…Ashley.”

Athena chuckled, “Very well, Miss Ashley.”

Ashley mock glared at her before laughing good naturedly.

What the hell are you doing? What is this feeling? Flirting and laughing with who amounts to a stranger?

Athena is no stranger! It feels like she already knows me so well!

That’s not suspicious?!

Shut it.

Ignoring herself, ignoring all warnings, and ignoring the strange pit in her gut, She inched closer to the hero.

“I think I should have a goodnight kiss.”

Athena blushed and visibly was nervous. She pursed her beautiful red lips, and finally said, “I don’t think that would be wise.”

“Athena….nothing I’ve said so far gives you the impression I’m taken…..”

“But what if I am?” begged Anna. Stop. Just stop. She doesn’t know its you. Don’t lead her on.

Ashley, still smiling, leaned in for her kiss.

Stop this right now, Ashley. You’re gonna regret it.

Shut up. She deserves a goodnight kiss at least.

They both slowly leaned in and although Ashley had gone for her exposed cheek, her lips touched the corner of Athena’s lips. Immediately ashamed and horrified, she pulled back, quietly excuses herself and fled to her car.

What did I almost do? I’m so horrible.


Meanwhile, Anna felt horrible too but only because she had allowed Ashley to believe she wasn’t her, and was basically cheating by omission.

I have to tell her….there’s no good options but the last thing I wanted was to make my sister sad. She let the tears fall down her cheeks. She had allowed Ashley to kiss her, betrayed herself. Was a total bitch to herself.  She had to fix this. Now.

She sped back to the house, in a little under 3 seconds, and was there when Jill called out,

“Honey? Have you seen your sister?”

Anna panicked. Ashley was on her way home from….cheating on me with me….She had to cover for her.

“Um yeah she called me. She’s on her way home!”

"OK honey."

Ashley arrived home, ashamed and depressed. She knew she had to tell Anna but the words were sticking in her throat. She didn't just cheat on her sister, she cheated on her cute mother who would never hurt a fly.

She plonked down on the bed, tears threatening to escape again. Yet she felt such an alluring pull toward the superhero. 

When Anna knocked, Ashley whispered, "Come in..." She could hardly look at her sister. Nor could Anna look at her. If only this wasn't so complicated. If only there was a better way. Anna tried to speak,

"Ash...I...have something to-"

"Just....leave me alone, ok? I don't deserve you, baby sis. I really don't." she croaked. 



"Ok." Anna would let her have her space. She wanted to pull her jacket open and reveal the truth then and there. Even prove it by lifting up the bed. But the words were sticking. They wouldn't leave. She coudl barely move. So she just forced herself to leave and nap on the couch. 

"Honey?" Jill's voice echoed as if she was far away.

"I'm horrible, Mummy..."

"Stop that. Come here..." Jil scooped her up into her arms and pressed a soft kiss to Anna's lips. "Whatever's going on....whatever you're'll be ok."


"Ashley is an adult and so are you. I trust you girls. Even if it means letting you be at risk."

Something clicked inside Anna's head. Did she mean.....? 

" know?"

Jill smiled mysteriously and refused to answer that, merely holding her daughter close. 

"Your sister loves you. I love you. I know you will do what you think is best. I am your mother and I will always be on your side, honey."

"...But what if it's not whats best? How can I handle being pulled in two terrible directions. One decision means I have to do a terrible thing and another means potentially losing her?"

"Odds are she already knows what to do about this. You two have been joined at the hip since you came out of me. I might as well be fucking a mirror!" Jill perversely giggled. 

Anna smirked seductively, and pulled her mother in tight, kissing her passionately. 

"You always know how to make me feel better, Mummy."

"I'm your Mummy, baby and I will always take care of you. Let me take care of you."

Anna moaned lovingly, and let her mother kiss and unbutton her. She hadn't made love to her or Ashley in weeks, and her cock was beginning to strain painfully against her pants. 

Jill kissed along her chest and pulled open her bra so she could gain access to her daughter's breasts, sucking them softly. Anna moaned, her cock now painfully hard. 

"Looks like Little Anna wants to play."

"Mmm....can I put it in you, Mum?"

"In my asshole, baby. You know I like that."

Jill pulled down her pants and then let Anna dig in, rimming her mother's bumhole with her tongue, and driving her tongue inside it. It tasted so amazing, and Anna loved doing this with her. 

" that feels nice." Jill moaned. 

"You ready, Mummy?" She lined her dick up with Jill's asshole.

"Put it in, honey." With that, Anna slowly slid into her mother's asshole. it was a tight fit, and Anna didn't want to hurt her darling mother so she tried to go slow.

"It's ok, honey you can shove it in harder. You won't hurt me."

Anna gave a big thrust and shove, and got almost her entire dick inside her. Jill gasped but moaned at the intrusion, and Anna began to pull back out, only to slam it back in.

"Ohhh god, baby! Yess! Your mother is just a naughty incestuous anal slut. Punish me, baby. Just fuck me hard."

Anna giggled, "Oh Mummy I love it. I love your butt."

"Do you? Does my darling baby love her mother's ass?"

"Yess, Mummy! I'm fucking you very hard!"

Anna slammed her mother's asshole into the couch, pumping her hips and trying to get it as deep inside her mother's tight asshole as she could. 

"Ohh baby you're so big and strong. God, you really know how to pound me!"

Anna desperately held herself back. She was much much stronger and faster than this and if she got too excited she could hurt Ash or Mum.

She dialed it back slightly, and pounded Jill at a nice steady pace while Jill mewled and moaned beneath her, reaching down and rubbing her clit furiously.

"Baby I...."

"You gonna cum, Mummy? So am I!"

"Yess cum, baby. Cum inside your own mother's naughty ass. I want your warm cum."

Obeying her, Anna spurted her warm cum inside her mother's colon, filling her up. Jill sprayed her incestuous cum onto Anna's tummy and breasts, who licked it up happily. Then they collapsed, sweaty and exhausted, cuddling each other close. 

"I love you, Mummy."


"Yeah, Mummy?"

"I'm pregnant."

Chapter Text

“What? W-what?” Mummy, you’re pregnant?”

Jill smiled, “Yes honey. You sound surprised. We’ve been trying for months.”

“I know but…I guess I’ve been distracted doing….”

“I understand, honey. I have to warn you though, I want a safe healthy environment for our child.”

Our…?” Anna noticed. “You would designate me as the father?”

“All three of us are mothers of your new brother or sister, honey.”

“Have you told Ash?”

“I will when I find the right moment.”

“Don’t wait, Mum. As soon as possible, is the right moment. She deserves to know.”

“I know…” Jill sighed. “But that was the perfect moment to tell you.”

Anna giggled, “Yes it was. I…”

This floored Anna. She was going to be a joint mother of their new brother or sister. While she was a superhero. Was this really something a superhero could do? Maybe it was time to quit.

Yet she knew the gangs still had immense power and the city was not safe yet. A small voice in her head told her that she’ll never fully eradicate crime and war, and make the world safe for her new sibling. It was a neverending war like the American Drug War and War on Terror. But she had declared war on criminality for the sake of her sister and mother. And she wasn’t ready to throw in the towel just yet.

“I just….I’m gonna be a mother?”

Jill smiled and nodded sweetly, stroking Anna’s cheek. “I love you. And we will love this baby. I promise.”


The next day, Anna pushed Jill to tell Ashley, promising to hold her hand the entire time.

“Ashley? Can you come down here, honey? We have something we have to tell you.”

Finally, Ashley grumbled. She would finally learn what was going on here. She thought she was on the edge of piecing everything together.

She was writing down everything. Similarities between Athena and those she knew. Her friends. She had narrowed Athena’s identity down to just a small handful of people. She had also written down all the reasons why Anna had been a sneak and so distant the last few months, leaving her to pick up the pieces. Her rage at Anna could never be too high however, as they were twins and had gone through hell together.

She stepped carefully down the stairs to her two waiting lovers.

“Honey…” Jill began. “I need to tell you something…”

Let me guess, Mum. You’re Athena. “Any conversation beginning with that sentence can’t be good.” But she stopped when she saw them grinning.

“I’m going to have another kid, sweetie.”

Ashley could only stare at her, agape. She wasn’t expecting this. Pregnant? Mummy is pregnant? Did she deem her the father? Or was it Anna? Anna was barely ever here. Though she supposed Jill would not bother with a blood test to make sure.

She also knew this was quite rare for trans girls to be able to actually conceive due to the effects the hormones sometimes had.

Gradually Ashley’s face turned from shock to joy. “I’m going to have a brother or sister?”

“Yes, honey.”

Anna squealed and cuddled her sister in delight. Then they both hugged their mother tightly and lovingly.

“This is the best day of my life,” gushed Jill. “I love you two so much.”


Ashley’s plan to unravel the truth had taken a setback, as nothing still made any sense. Mummy’s pregnancy was great to be sure. Yet she had concerns about the baby’s genetics. She didn’t before, when she honestly didn’t think this was even possible. Was it morally right to do incest knowing there was possible pregnancy involved? She never had to worry while fucking Anna as both didn’t have a uterus. So that one part of her mind holding her back from incest simply wasn’t there. And when they seduced Jill, she admitted to herself she wasn’t thinking clearly. If she had, maybe she may have held herself back a bit.

But she knew she loved Jill and would treat the coming kid like a princess. She briefly imagined her mother with a big tummy, kissing it and rubbing it. She smiled peacefully to herself. It was all worth it as long as she could keep her two girlfriends, she finally reasoned.

She decided she would seek out some advice from her new friend/possible girlfriend Athena.


You called, Miss Ashley?”  boomed the hero from the shadows.

Ashley giggled at the nickname.

“I could do with some advice, Athena. I uh….just learned I got my girlfriend pregnant.”

Anna did her best to look surprised but also happy. “Oh! Congratulations! But I didn’t know you were…”

“Trans? It’s not something I blurt out to anyone. But yeah…I am.”

Forgive me but I never would have guessed. You look-“

“Not like a cisgender woman?” Ashley couldn’t help but be a little hurt.

Of course not! I meant no offence…forgive me, Ashley. That was unworthy. I only meant to compliment your incredible beauty.”

“Oh uh…well thank you, my friend.”

It is my pleasure, Miss Ashley. I know you will be a good mother. Have no fear, miss. Soon everything will be ok. Trust me.”

“Oddly enough, I do…” She left out that she had been frantically analysing who could be under that mask. She only had one look at half of her lower face, which was covered in heavy makeup and lipstick.

“I-“ But suddenly Athena stopped, and turned toward the darkness, slowly. “What is it?”

Ssh….stay here.” She then sped away to the threat. By the time Ashley caught up, she was witnessing a tremendous battle. A hulking monstrosity of a machine was taking millions of blows per minute while firing off machine guns. What was happening? She ducked from a shot, only to find a steel beam falling rapidly toward her.

She only had time to register a shout from her friend, “ASH!” She also barely had time to recognize that familiar voice and nickname, before closing her eyes to her inevitable fate.

She was going to die…she was never going to see her family again, she-

It never happened. Seconds passed, and she was still standing there. Athena stood in front of her, holding the beam.

If you wouldn’t mind moving…this is pretty heavy.

“Oh…Oh! I’m sorry!” She then ran and tried to escape the collapsing building as the tremendous battle continued.


What the fuck is this thing? Where did it come from? Anna gritted her teeth. Her punches weren’t penetrating this armor, and she had to get Ash out of here.

She sped away from its weapons, dodging the bullets which to her looked to be slow motion, grabbed Ash’s tummy and put her back in their house, before clenching her fist and digging her foot into the dirt. She readied herself, then ran back at the machine at full speed. Her fist was getting far past the speed of sound and almost to the speed of list, coalescing massive amounts of energy before finally, she rammed it through the machine’s core, and it exploded into small pieces, flying everywhere.

Shit….she breathed hard. Her first real battle against an enemy that didn’t want to back down. She feared there would be others to come.

Soon enough, there was news reports that it was a defective experimental weapon that the military lost control of.

“The military is denying that it was intentional. It was soon overpowered by the superhero only known as the Blur. Though some have begun to refer to her as the Greek Goddess Athena-“

“Many on social media are trending #HeroAthena-“

Anna returned to Ashley and asked her if she was ok.

“Oh…yeah..i just…”



Just breath. I won. We're safe now.

Ashley smiled and suddenly hugged the superhero. “I feel like I’ve known you for years…please can you stay with us? Stay with me….”

Now Anna knew how many incest couples felt, having a desperate, clingy sister begging them to sleep with her. But she could never deny her cute twin anything and would stay with her all night, while trying to cover for her alter ego.

Come on. We’ll find a place to crash. But you better text your sister to let her know what’s going on.”

“Oh yeah.” She then pulled out her phone and texted.

Using her speed, Anna quickly turned her back and typed a reply before Ash could see.

Staying with friend tonite. Ok without me?

Of course, sis. Goodnight. I trust you.

A pang of guilt shot through Ashley. She turned  back to Athena who was standing there smiling innocently.

Ready for bed?” She said as they booked a hotel room for the night.

“I’m glad you’re here.” She said peacefully as they curled up on the bed together. She felt weird about this still but as long as nothing actually happened, she was ok, she told herself over and over. Yet the allure to the superhero was almost overpowering.

Chancing this, she leaned in and gave her a quick peck on the lips before Athena could stop herself.

“Night…” she yawned sleepily.


They fell into dreams. Anna dreamed of her family screaming at her, saying she was a traitor.

Ashley had sexual dreams of Anna who slowly morphed into Athena’s body, which slightly disturbed her.

“Mmm….Ashley….” moaned Anna, having finally slipped into a pleasant dream about her sexy sister.

Ashley smirked, happy that even this bombshell superhero liked her like that. Maybe they could invite her into the polyamory. She could be persuasive when she needed to be.

But she was in for the shock of her life. For Athena was maskless, and her makeup dulled and faded. Staring back at her, sleeping peacefully, in the bed, mask on the table, was Annabella Moore’s face. Her sister’s face.

Chapter Text

Everything was backwards now. Of all the people she considered for Athena’s identity, it was not the sister she trusted with everything, who was supposed to trust her and love her. Why? Why had she done this? Everything of course made perfect sense now. It all made sense, all of it.

Sneaking out at night, being distant, feeling like she knew Athena. Athena saving her from the rapists that night. Anna…you must have heard me leaving.

As much as she was angry at her sister, she was also incredibly proud and awed. My sister’s a…hero! She’s been saving lives while I’ve been….what have I ever done with my life? Get my own fucking mother pregnant?

But how? How could Anna have lied to her for months? I could have been trusted to keep her identity! And when they made love, how did she not break Ash in two with all that power?

She began to stumble and nearly faint, knocking over things. Using her superhearing, Anna finally woke and started trying to calm her down.

“What’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong! Are you kidding me……Anna!?” she snarled, and Anna knew what she had done. Her mask had been taken off in her sleep. But how? She didn’t remember doing that…fuck….

“You don’t understand, Ash.”

“You’re right, I don’t! You lied to me for months!”

“I-I d-didn’t want to! I hated myself for it!” sobbed Anna. “Please…”

“I don’t understand. We’re identical twins. How did I not piece it together?”

“My powers and mask. I can-“

“Vibrate your face, I know. But you knew where I was that night. You heard me leave?”

“Yes….” Anna could only softly cry on the bed, remorsefully. “I know this won’t make anything better between us…but I only lied for months to protect you. I go up against the worst criminals in the city, and even that giant robot monster! If they found out who I was, they could use you against me.”

“Classic superhero excuse….”

“it’s not an excuse. It’s a reason. You have to listen to me. It broke my heart lying to your face, letting you believe I was cheating on you and Mummy-“

“yeah you let me believe that! Kind of a shitty thing to do. I know I can’t talk….I kissed you, without realizing it was you. That’s as bad as any cheating….”

“I let you. It’s my fault too. Listen, when I first discovered these abilities, I was terrified! I didn’t know where to turn, who to tell. As far as I know I am alone. The only superhero in the world. Yeah there are heroes but they aren’t like me. It was the loneliest I have ever felt. I’m immune to bullets and most military weapons but sooner or later someone will figure out a way. I can’t risk you by letting you in on this…This is my fight. My crusade. When I decided I was going to do this, I knew it would be the hardest thing in the world to lie to you.”

“Were you ever going to tell me?.......That’s what I thought. Goodbye, Anna.”

“Wait, please! No…..Ash….” What have I done? I’m so awful…..

Anna’s reasoning was sound, yet ripped off from a million superhero comics. She was also right that having these powers must have terrified her and made her alone. Yet Ashley was still heartbroken by the lies. Even as she realized it was hypocritical and having your body and mind change in ways that you don’t even fully understand was what Ashley herself had gone through when she fell in love with her own twin sister.

I lied to her for years because I was terrified of her reaction to my truths….She was no better. In fact she significantly calmed down her rage once she started analysing Anna’s reasoning properly.

But it was wrong to lie to their mother for any longer. Jill was tough and would be able to keep a secret. Over a year of being lovers with her daughters with no one but Freya being any wiser was quite an accomplishment. She secretly wondered to herself if Freya’s little sister also knew. They had talked often about double dates and surely Alex would see them being affectionate. Freya must trust her. But that was neither here nor there.

She stormed into the house, and found her mother on the couch reading her favorite erotica book.

“Mummy….I have something you need to know.” She said, out of breath and frizzled.

“What is it honey?”

“You need to know that Anna is a super-…….” She paused and studied Jill’s face, and came to another revelation, “You already know. Mummy, you already know! Was I the only one she didn’t tell?!”

“I figured it out when I saw some strange clothes in the washing with blood on them, sweetie. But I wasn’t angry. I was-“

“You bloody should be! Unlike me, you haven’t lied to her for years. She should have trusted you, at the very least!” Ashley thundered.

“In all those movies, honey, the hero tells people their identity and they get hurt. Every time. It’s better we figure it out on our own and keep it to ourselves. It keeps her safe and it keeps us safe. All she ever wanted was to protect us, and our child. When this baby comes, I want our city to be safe to grow up in. Come here, baby.”

Ashley let herself be swept into her mother’s warmth. Her rage calmed down and dissipated. She was still upset at them but she was getting some clarity. She wouldn’t mope about this for months, like in the films. She knew that Anna widening her inner circle would only harm her cause. She now only wished she had a way to join Anna in the crusade to clean up the city. She looked online and she already could tell Anna’s heroics had resulted in a massive plummet in the crime rate. Half the city’s criminals were detained. Only the top men made bail. She took the boot off the cop’s necks, allowing them to do their jobs.

The police chief didn’t exactly warm to this however.

“Want to know what I think? This masked freak needs to leave my city and not come back. If he’s so heroic, why doesn’t he show his damn face? No one takes the law into their own hands in my city. No one.” He snarled.

Yet he was a minority. Athena’s approval ratings were in the high 80’s, especially after her magnificent victory over the rogue experiment.

Some whispered this was an attempt to match her by the military, and the next robot would be able to fight Athena on equal grounds.


“Ash…?” Anna called to her door. “Can we talk? Please…I miss my sister…and my girlfriend.”

Ash wearily opened the door and let her in.

“I’m so sorry for everything. The last thing I ever want to do is hurt you. If I have, I will try to make up for it in any way I can.”

“You don’t have to….I forgive you.” Ashley croaked in a small, tired voice.

Anna’s eyes lit up, “Really?”

“Yeah…..Mummy uh…knocked some sense into me.” Love for her mother suddenly swelled inside Anna’s heart. She figured it out first so it was little surprise.

She leapt into her sister’s arms, crying remorsefully and joyfully at the same time.

“So….what’s the whole truth? How did you receive these powers?”

“I don’t know. Something…a voice…implied that it was destiny but also the effects of a magic released by that particle accelerator meltdown.”

Now it made a lot more sense. Her strange behaviour began right after that. As did Athena’s arrival. It all made perfect sense now and she kicked herself for not figuring it out sooner.

“What voice?”

“I don’t know but I haven’t heard it in a while. Instead there’s other whispering. I feel something coming….and I don’t know if I can stop it…”

“We’ll face it together. We always have and we always will fight together, Baby Sis.”

Anna grinned at her nickname making its return and cuddled her sister on the bed.

“I was scared….I barely knew what these powers meant let alone be able to properly explain it to others. I still don’t fully know how I got them, or what the Voice is.”

“We’ll figure it out, together.”

She then kissed her sister on the lips softly.

“You know I wanted to fuck you so hard in that outfit….”

Anna grinned, then in a sudden WHOOSH, transformed into Athena’s outfit. Ashley stood up, tore the costume open and revealed her sister’s amazing, magnificent, soft, creamy breasts. She dove in, kissing them and licking them, as well as Anna’s neck.

“I love you! I love you! You’re my true love! My first love!” cried Anna at her sister’s ministrations.

With everything back in the open, their relationship was closer than ever. They stripped off and Anna slipped her cock inside Ashley’s bumhole, passionately making love to her.

“Ohh fuck, Baby Sis. Your big cock inside me feels so nice. Fuck me. Fuck me as hard as you want.”

“Mmm, Ash, you’re so sexy. We were made to be together. We will always be together. Take my dick inside you.”

“Mmm yes I love it!”

After a while, Anna announced she was going to cum and sprayed her warm cum into Ashley’s colon, while her darling twin shot her cum from her cock onto her tummy.


Once Ashley was sleeping peacefully, exhausted, Anna rubbed her eyes and got up in the night to get water.

“Well well, you certainly made a mess of things.” A voice giggled behind her. Anna turned, and was faced with her biggest surprise yet. Her own body, her own face, in different clothes, smirking amusedly back at her. The doppelganger smirked and said “Surprise.”

Chapter Text

 “What…the…fuck? Who the fuck are you!” Anna screamed. How the hell was this possible? Had someone gotten her blood and cloned her somehow? The thought terrified her.

“Calm down, Jesus!”

“Who are you?” she whisper-screamed at her doppelganger. Here she was, another Anna, plain as day. Even Ashley had subtle differences despite being her identical twin but this was an exact copy, even in the light.

“I’m you, clearly.” The other Anna smirked. “To be quite honest, I’m surprised. I've been here for weeks, investigating.

Still not trusting her, Anna leapt forward to deliver a punch to the clone’s stomach but the clone easily blocked it.

“You’re as strong and as fast….”

“Yup!” her doppelganger smiled cheerfully.


“Is it not obvious? I’m you…from the future.”

Now everything made sense. She heard from her sister that there were instances in which she had spoken to her in different clothes and in a slightly confused voice, like she had memory loss. And that would be because this future Anna must be so far in the future she couldn't remember the exact detail of the past perfectly. But why reveal herself like that if she was as powerful and fast as her?


“Yup. About three years from now.”

“Well…what are you doing here? Is there some future enemy you've come to warn me about?”

“Actually yes….but also, I’m kind of…..stuck here.” She rubbed her head bashfully. “Do you uh….know what to do?”

“No I don’t and why reveal yourself now if you've been here for weeks, future girl?” Anna asked, suspiciously.

“I was searching for a way home. When I realized this was never gonna happen, I decided to come here and recruit you.”

Anna grumbled, “I guess that makes sense.”

“Yeah so….any ideas?”

“How are you even here? When did I learn to time travel?” She flashed back to the Voice telling her it was a power they would eventually possess.

“I already told you.”

“You did? But this is the first conversation-“ It all clicked. That voice I was hearing….It’s a version of me. Some other future me who got trapped there somehow, she theorized.

“You’re getting there. But there’s still so much else you don’t understand.” Said Future Anna mysteriously.

“Then explain it to me! Who am I! How am I this powerful?”

“Not yet. To be honest I shouldn't even be talking to you. Who knows what damage we’re doing to the timeline?”

“It’s too late for that now, Future Me.”

“Yeah, maybe we should talk to Freya and Alex about this.”

“Alex? Does she…?”

“Oh yeah she knows everything.”

“Fuck!” She had tried to keep the inner circle small but it was widening as they spoke.

“Fuck…I shouldn’t have told you that…”

“No! Jesus, Future me….”

“Alright, alright. We can figure this out.”

“No, no. no. You need to lay low. We will figure this out and who the enemy that is coming for us, is, but just stay hidden for now, ok?”

“I’ve been staying hidden….you didn’t notice half the food in the fridge is gone?”

“Oh…just promise me you’ll lay low.”

Future Anna then had a curious look in her eye.

“You know I never noticed how pretty we are…” Uh what?

Then Future Anna reached up and began to touch her past self’s lips, before stopping herself.  OK this just got weird….well…I guess weird is normal for me these days.


Some days passed, and they continued to have awkward moments. Anna saw Future Anna coming out of the shower, and noted that their breasts and cock were indeed exactly the same. She noticed, and flashed a smirk. Their flirtation was growing. Her cock strained against her pants thinking about the new arrival, and she wrestled with herself.

Is it really cheating if its me? In a way, the far more confident flirty Future Anna was who she always wanted to be. Questions remained. How was she here and why? Yet she felt a connection stronger than anything else she had ever felt.

Future me knows me…better than even Ash. She knows everything about me and even my own future.

“Watcha thinking about?” asked Future Anna, drying her hair off after a shower. As promised, she avoided the eyes of the rest of their family, and only came out when she was sure the coast was clear.

Ashley and Jill began to notice subtle changes and fluctuations in Anna’s behavior.

“It’s like she’s sometimes a different person…” Ash grumbled.

“We have to trust in your sister,” encouraged her mother.


At the Drakov house, the incestuous lust grew. Alex took every opportunity to kiss her sister on the lips, try to sleep with her or cuddle her. Freya appreciated the attention, having always had an intense love for her little, more immature and playful sister, but she was trying desperately now to resist, but failing.

“Alex…please I can’t….”

“Can’t what?” Alex smirked playfully, as she kissed along Freya’s neck, sending chills down her spine.

“I can’t….not fuck your brains out!” Freya finally screamed with all her might. Alex grinned victoriously and planted her soft lips onto Freya’s, passionately. She ran her hands down Freya’s sides, straddling her, and tearing at her top to reveal her large breasts. Alex’s one self conscious flaw, she thought, were that her breasts were smaller than Freya’s. But as she stripped off, Freya could only stare hungrily at her bare chest.

“They’re amazing, Alex.” She moaned softly.

Alex smiled lovingly, and kissed her again, rubbing herself up against her sexy ass elder sister.

“I wanted you so fucking bad, and now I have you. But are you sure…?”

Freya smiled lovingly at being asked for consent, and happily nodded. “I’m done fighting it, Alex. Make love to your big sister.”

Alex grinded up against her harder, massaging her breasts and licking them, elicting sweet moans from her sister. They were lost, now, in incestuous passion and intensity.

Freya knew that if it weren’t for being desensitized being friends and knowing the truth about the Moore family, she may never have agreed to this, but this opened up whole new avenues. Not only was she having sex with Alex, but she also wanted Jill, the woman she considered to be her true mother and who cooked treats for them every weekend. Creeping into her mind were all new fantasies. Foursome with the twins, fivesome with Miss Moore, though it would be a tough sell to get her to agree.

Freya’s moans increased in volume, as Alex unbuttoned her jeans to reveal her tight, wet, pink little pussy.

“Oh Frey, I love it.” She then happily dove in, thrusting a single digit into her waiting wetness, while Freya arched her back in pleasure.

“Ohh fuck…..Alex! Alex!” She cried as her baby sister fingerfucked her with increasing speed. “Yes! Harder!”

Alex grinned, “Who am I to deny my amazing, sexy, big sister?”

They fucked harder against the bed, connecting their minds and souls at last.

Alex also had to admit the twins inspired her to try and fuck her big sister, though her seduction took a bit more effort.

Everything was perfect. Dildo? Ready. Lube? Ready. Sexy sister? Cumming hard soon.

“Ahh! "Fuck your sister! Fuck your girlfriend! Fuck your true love! I’m all of them! I promise, Alex.”

“Hold on…I want to try something.”

Alex slid her fingers out of her pussy, and completely stripped naked, then lowered her pussy onto Freya’s pussy, grinding even more.

Freya squealed, "MMMM!"

"Mm. Mm! Mm! MM!" Freya moaned with each of Alex's thrusts, and thrust back. Each thrust sent shivers of electric pleasure into both of their clits. Alex was sopping wet, very turned on as she made love to her big sister.

quickened the thrusts, as she scissored her sister's gushing pussy, rubbing them together with furious incestuous lust.

"Oh...oh yes, Frey!"

"Alex, I....mmm!"

She leaned down and sucked on Freya's nipples, while still pushing her clit up against her sister's pussy. Freya's eyes stared back at Alex and Alex only saw love and lust. She smiled lovingly. Then she suddenly stopped.

“That ass….Can I have your ass? I have the strapon and everything.”

Lost in their passion, Frey bit her lip and nodded.

“Um ok. But I’m really tight. Go easy on me. I’m just your naughty, tight sister after all.”

“Of course I will! I will never hurt my darling sister!”

Alex leaned over and grabbed the sizeable strapon silicon dildo, and lubed Freya up to prepare her. She shivered but she was used to the feeling of the lube.

"Get it in, Alex."

Freya's pink little rosebud began stretching outward as the dildo was pushed inside of her asshole. She gasped and moaned loudly, confident that they would not be heard anyone they knew.


"Take it, you sexy slut."

The Russian pushed back onto the dildo, gasping in pleasure as her sister began roughly anally fucking her.

"Fuck me, Alex! Take me up my naughty little ass!"

"You're such an incestuous slut, Frey. I'm bumming you so hard!"

Her asshole stretched wide and the dildo finally slid entirely inside, then Alex withdrew, only to thrust it roughly back in. Freya was in slight pain but Alex was gentle.

"I need it so badly, my sexy baby sister!"

Alex giggled, loving how much she could dominate her older sister, and bum her hard. Anal was their favorite thing to do as lesbians, and she preferred being on top. She delighted in the dirtiness of it, and how much Freya seemed to love it.

The bed creaked and groaned as the anal fucking intensified, pleasure mounting for both sisters. Alex frigging herself with her fingers, Freya preparing to cum from anal as she loved to do.

"Mmm, Alex, yes! Yes!"

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" they both rhythmically moaned and grunted. The ravenhead grabbed Freya's hair roughly.

"Who's my little anal slut? Huh? You fucking whore."

"Oh Alex it's me! It's always been me! Take me! Make me cum with my ass!"

The dildo pounded her sister's asshole harder and faster, stretching her little rosebud. Alex marveled at seeing an ass stretch just for her. Her own big sister's no less.

Bum me, Alex. You know I'm just your poor sister who needs it. Freya never expected to be anyone's anal submissive but she dearly loved Alex and in bed, Alex was the queen of the bedroom making love to her princess. The strapon dildo was now slick with lube and the taste of Freya’s ass.

"AAAAHHH!" Freya screamed loudly in pain and pleasure as Alex slammed into her hard, and knew she was going to cum.

"Alex I'm going to cum!"

"Cum, my little incestuous slut!" Alex screamed back, also about to cum all over her fingers.

"AAAhhh!" They both screamed, spraying the bed with all of their incestuous love juices.

Alex pulled out of her sister's shithole, and had her suck it clean. The blonde moaned, loving it.

Finally, the Russian sisters both collapsed, sweaty exhausted and naked.

"Oh....Alex! I love you so much."

"I love you too, baby"

The confessions were in the heat of the moment yet both Russian sisters knew they came from the heart. They were together at last.

Chapter Text

The Russian sisters awoke the next morning, blissful in their newfound love.

“Mm…” moaned Alex sleepily, as Freya stirred and awoke next to her.


“Hey, sexy.” Alex grinned playfully.

Freya giggled, “Do you want some morning sex?”

“What a thing to wake up to…but nah I should probably get ready for school.”

A pang of guilt shot through Freya. She had seduced her own baby sister, who was still in high school. What kind of freak was she?

Alex seemed to notice and tried to reassure her. “Hey hey….please don’t regret making love to me. I wasn’t exactly a virgin.”

“Really? Who-“


“Oh….orange hair?”

“That’s the one.” Alex curled her lips back in a smile, “but it was best with you.”

“Aw.” Freya kissed her darling little sister’s lips. “You’re the best thing in my life right now. I’m glad we did this.”

“yeah? You don’t regret anything?”

Freya thought about it for a moment, then decided, “No. I think I’m done with fighting it. I’m too tired to, anyway.”

Alex smiled, “I love you. I want you. But I need to get to school.”

She gave Freya a final kiss, then slipped off of her to get dressed. Freya alluringly grinned as she watched her sister’s naked form put on her bra, panties and school uniform.

“I really should fuck you with the uniform on.’

“Stop!” Alex squealed. “Don’t make me go to school wet.”

“You’re right, sorry.”

“But when I get home….” Alex seductively smirked. Freya giggled.

“You bet.”

Freya hadn’t been this happy, not for a long time. She liked it.


“You know, I was thinking, maybe you should call me Bella. You stop us getting so confused?” Anna was saying to her future self who wanted to leave instead of lay low.

“Oh ok. Yeah, that’s cool ‘Bella!” squealed Future Anna. At least I know in the future that I will at least seem happy.

Anna stripped off only to see Future Anna blushing and trying not to look.  Well we do have the same body.

“You’re literally me, ‘Bella! Nothing you haven’t seen before!”

“I know but….”

“Now come on, you smell. I’ll wash you.”

Anna scoffed indignantly but obeyed her past self. But it was true. As both stood stark naked, their dark soft skin laid bare, they realized they did have the exact same breasts and pussy. However, there was slightly more pubic hair on Future Anna’s pussy. Anna blushed and tried not to look. They got into the shower, and grabbed the soap.

“This is so great, ‘Bella! Great idea! I mean…we’re the same person so it’s not even weird!”

 Speak for yourself, thought Past Anna as she blushed, not only due to the heat of the water falling upon her nude body. I am really hot, she thought, gazing at her future self’s body. Did I really just think that? She needs to go home!


 “Remember they can’t see you. We need to get you home.”

“I know….” Grumbled Future Anna. “But if I could just-“


“I have your memories, you know…I love Ash and Mummy too.”

“Speaking of which….Never mind. I shouldn’t know my own future.”

Suddenly Future Anna darkened slightly, “Yeah….” What does that mean? Oh well, I shouldn’t press her on it.


Ashley was getting milk from the fridge when Anna was suddenly looking at her.

“Jesus! Anna, don’t scare me like that.”

“Like what? I live here.”

“I noticed….”

“Don’t be like that.” Anna grinned again. Ashley frowned. Anna was chipper but not like this. This Anna couldn’t help but be giddily excited about something. And another thing…

“Wait, listen…what did I say to you 10 minutes ago…?”

Anna continued to grin but her eyebrows fell.


“What the hell, Baby Sis. Do you have memory loss or something? All these superheroics are wearing you out. That or there’s two of you.” She grumbled sarcastically.

“No, there isn’t. In fact the truth is I’m you from the future. Wooooo!” Anna mocked. Ashley could only scoff and get her milk.

“Grow up.” Ashley rolled her eyes.

But seconds later, Ashley saw another Anna across the hallway. Damn superpowers, she thought.

“What the fuck, future me! I told you not to go down here!” Anna furiously whispered.

“Don’t worry about it! Now she thinks I’m future her!”

“I doubt it. Now get back upstairs. Jesus, I never realized how annoying I am.”


Anna took every opportunity to be nude around herself, in their room. She kept staring at her own lips, and own breasts, wondering, biting her lip. I’m so weird! Do I really want to kiss myself?

That night, Anna felt a body slip into her bed next to her.

“This is weird, future me. I thought we agreed separate beds.”

“Oh stop being a prude. I’m you, silly.” Said Future Anna.

“Humph.” Past Anna grumbled.

Future Anna happily draped an arm over her, and cuddled her close, “You know I’ll protect you, right?”

“Mhm”, sighed Anna, smiling.

As they began to fall asleep, Past Anna felt a hand on her bum. What the…?


The next morning, her future self insisted they always shower together.

“Don’t be weird! Nothing you haven’t seen before.” That’s not untrue

She let her future self wet her body with soap suds. She sighed with pleasure when the other woman washed her nipples and pussy. A dark pit of desire filled her up. No, that’s so weird! She’s me! Yet despite this, she couldn’t help but want to kiss from herself. Wait what? What would that even be? Masturbation…or incest? Maybe selfcest? Oh I’m so fucked.

They got out of the shower, still nude, when Future Anna said, “Come here, I’ll do your hair and lip gloss.”

She let out an involuntary moan when Future Anna ran a finger along her lips before doing her lip gloss. She smacked them, then tasted the lip gloss. Strawberries.

Suddenly Future Anna started tickling her.

“HAHAHA Stop! Future me!”

“You little brat!”

They tumbled and giggled across the room until Future Anna was on top, her muscles much stronger, her body more toned.

“Let me up,” Past Anna pouted. “Not funny.”

“God, you’re wound so tight, Bella! Wanna know what girls do to relax?”

“No…” This is getting too weird. Why would she suggest that to me?

“Yes you doooo!” she sang.

“If the next words out of your mouth aren’t more Donut King, I’m gonna slap you.”

“I’ll slap right back, if you’re into that. I’ll help, I promise! Who knows you...better than you?”

Then, without warning, Annabella finally leaned in and softly kissed her past self’s lips softly.

Chapter Text

"Mmf!" Past Anna moaned, despite everything. Was this cheating? Or just masturbating? Either way she wanted it to stop.

"“S-top…! Stop! What the fuck, future me! Stop being creepy!"

Future Anna only grinned, "Come on...we've been about to fuck ever since I got here."

"It's weird!" whined Anna. 

" fuck your sister and mother. So do I but that's beside the point!"

"Yeah exactly! It's selfcest. Isn't that worse?"

"No....don't think of it like that. It's masturbation in a way."

“These past few weeks…they’ve been great, Bells, seriously, but…it’s also so weird and-“

Future Anna cut her off with another soft kiss, but not before they heard a knock at the door.

"Anna? I heard voices. Someone in there, sweetie?" It was Jill, their mother. 

"I'm fine, Mummy. It's my phone!" yelled out Future Anna.

"OK..."  They heard Jill's footsteps leaving.

"Way too close, Future me. You need to leave."

"Fine..." Future Anna shrugged, and opened the door.

"Not out the front! Shit..." She couldn't risk anyone seeing two of her. it was questions she didn't need right now.

She wasn't prepared for what came next. 


She briefly lost track of her future self, and went to Ashley's room, only to see her future self in the Athena outfit making out with Ashley. 


Two seconds earlier. 

"Hey sis..." Future Anna smirked seductively."

"Hey, I-mmmf!" Moaned Ashley as Future Anna stuck her tongue down her throat. 


Ashley was surprised by the newfound boldness of her sister, but when she forced herself to stop for air, she noticed another figure watching them, gasping in rage. It was....another Anna. What the hell was going on? Ashley was immediately heartbroken. Had Anna been lying to her this entire time and she wasn't really Athena?

"A-Anna? B-but...."

"What the hell, Bella. You keep finding new ways to piss me off!"

"I think your answer was quite clear, Anna! So while I'm still here, I should have my fun with my sister!"

OK so one is calling the other Bella but the other is still Anna? Noted. But Ashley was still seriously confused. 

“Our sister shouldn’t have known you were here. You said you’d lie low!”

“Yeah well, deal with it.”

“Gr..” growled Anna.

“I mean…” Ashley whispered, twiddling her thumbs, “a threesome wouldn’t be so bad.”

Both Annas heavily blushed.

“I mean come on! Who wouldn’t want to fuck two Annas at once?” she giggled.

“No, Ash. She shouldn’t even be here. She had done too much damage already exposing herself to you.”

“Why? Who is she?”




"Another me."

"Are you you?'

"Yes I'm me. I'm the me you know."

"Then who is the non-you you?""

"She is...future me." 

“Woah…how far-“

“3 years in the future.”

Ashley could only stare, astounded.

“You…you’re that powerful?”

“Not yet.” Piped up Future Anna. “But she will get there.”

“You. Stop talking.” She gestured to her future self. “You, stop flirting with her. She shouldn’t even be here.”

“Well, I mean…the fact she hasn’t blinked out of existence yet after the changes she’s made, seems to clue us into the theory it might be either a loop, or a multiverse. Maybe if it’s a loop, then there is never a timeline in which she never travels back to here.”

Future Anna piped up, “Then I would remember having to one day travel back, right?”

“Time travel makes my head hurt.” Whined Anna.

They decided Future Anna could stay but only under the condition she not expose herself anymore to anyone else until she felt strong enough to try and travel home. She explained that she arrived there through a wormhole created when she ran fast enough, but had no idea how to create it again.

“Have you tried just running back in the same direction?”

“Yes but I can never reach that same speed unless its in the same situation.”

“Then what was the situation?” asked Anna but she felt she already knew.

“Combat. It was the only way I could escape. The adrenalin rush I felt…..I can’t replicate that without facing that enemy again and they won’t arrive for-“

“3 years….”


Anna nodded, finally understanding a bit more, yet there were still some holes in this story. She couldn’t deny however this was a copy of herself that somehow made their way here and waited until now to reveal herself. Why? What was she hiding from?

But that could wait because Future Anna was again making a pass at her, once they came back to their hideout.

“You know….you interrupted me and Ashley, so now my libido’s through the roof.”

“Then jerk off or something.”

“I’d rather jerk off you….”

“Stooop!” whined Anna.

“Come on, it’s not anything more weird than what you’ve already done. Let me love you. Who knows you better than you? Who can love you more than you? Just let go, and give in.” she said as she ghosted her lips over her own past self’s lips.

“Our lips are really soft, aren’t they?” she said in a seductive low voice.

‘Mmm…” purred Past Anna as the kiss deepened and became more romantic. Ah fuck it, thought Past Anna, as she finally began to return the affections. She’s right. As much as I love my twin and mother, she’s literally me. She loves the same things as me, she feels the same things as me. It’s like we’re meant to be with each other.

She gazed upon Future Anna as she pulled off her shirt and bra. Same lips, same breasts, same soft skin. As she watched her future self slowly undress herself, she delighted in the sight. It was like seeing a mirror but at the same time, seeing an entire other person.

They slowly and meticulously felt each other out, discovering what felt good, what didn't. being the same person actually made it easier. Future Anna would never hurt her, never leave her, never tell her she found somebody better and was leaving. They had the same memories, the same feeling.  Future Anna suddenly grunted a bit in pain.

“What happened? Did I hurt you?”

“No, I’m fine…”

Past Anna frowned but accepted it, continuing to make love to the other woman.

Future Bella leaned down and happily licked and sucked at her own breasts and nipples, making the other girl beneath her moan and writhe in pleasure. Past Bella mewled softly at the touch. Their bodies merged together, slow and loving as they explored each other. Gosh, Mummy would be so angry with me. 

Making love with her future self was like two snakes twisting and binding. They were curled up in bed, naked and sweating, each taking turns kissing and licking in and around one another's bodies. All throughout the night.

They pressed their dicks up against each other and rubbed up and down, which made the girls moan as they kissed. Then they 69’d each other, taking turns giving each other blowjobs.

“Oh…right fucking there, Bells.”

“Yess Anna….mm I love it baby.”

“Why did I wait so long to do this?” A slight pang of guilt shot through Anna. Was this cheating? No. She pushed the thought down. Since she’s literally me, it isn’t. Even Ashley wanted a threesome earlier.

Finally, it came time and after Future Anna got her ready with a rimjob, slammed her hard cock into her past self’s ass. Getting fucked up her ass was incredible, even more that it was her own future self doing the fucking. She knew she was going to cum again very soon. 

Both women lost track of how many times they shot their girl-cum during the night.

Chapter Text

Finally, Anna awoke the next morning, yawning. Draped over her was her future self’s arm. On her phone were several messages from their family, screaming to know where they were. Hurriedly, Anna texted them she was fine, and about to make her way home.

Beside her, her new lover awoke sleepily.


Anna grinned sexily, “Morning, my lovely.”

“Last night was…”

“Crazy, I know. But we’ll figure it out. I am a bit sore though…”

Future Anna giggled, “Had to fuck ya hard. You’re just so sexy. I mean that is why I came here…”

Anna stopped, shocked. “You mean you only travelled back in time to-“

“Fuck myself, yeah….I don’t think that’s narcissistic…is it?”

Anna thought about it and decided no. Even if she was also slowly falling for her future self. Is it even possible to fall for yourself?

“No. You are different to me…I dunno…more experienced I guess?”

“And you are more gentle, I think. Don’t worry, baby, it’s a compliment.”

“Fuck…what are we going to do now? Ashley can’t know about this….”

“We tell her everything, Anna…”

“Not lately…”

“She forgave us for that, Anna. Don’t beat yourself up.”

“I guess you’re right…so are you really trapped here?” Anna wondered.

Future Anna admitted, “No. I will go home now…um…if you want me to.”

“No! Just….you can stay a while. Tell me all about this threat that’s coming. It is still coming, right?”

“Maybe. It could just be one possible outcome that we avoided somehow by me being here.”

“Time travel’s so weird…” whined Anna.


Back at the Moore house, Jill was told the truth.

“Another Anna…?”

“Future Anna, she said. It has to be. They looked exactly alike, Mummy.”

“Oh ok, sweetie…to be quite honest, nothing would shock me at this point.”

“I know what you mean….” Whined Ashley.

“What do you think they’re doing?”

“Well I was hoping for a threesome or foursome with the Annas….” She grinned cheekily at Jill. "I'd love to make them my anal bitches."

“Ashley!” squeaked Jill indignantly. “Don’t talk like that about your sister. I need your help anyway with baby supplies.”

“Ok Mummy.”


At the Drakov house, the romance was in full swing, though it was a total secret. Freya and Alex battled desperately to get time to themselves and swore never to fuck in the house, like the twins did.

“I need you so badly, big sis….” Moaned Alex one night.

“We can’t, you know that…not tonight…”

“Damn.” Grumbled Alex. “We really need to find our own place.”

“Not until your 18, A. Just be patient, ok?”

“I know…."

There was a pause before Alex turned serious and turned to her sister-girlfriend. "I love you....I mean...I'm in love with you.” Freya stopped, her jaw open. Alex had not said it before. And she knew what way she meant it.

“Um…please say something, sis….”

“Oh Alexis, I'm in love with you too! God damn, you know I do! You’re my sexy ass girlfriend!”

She then passionately rained kisses down on her little sister.

“This is a special moment….the greatest of my entire life.” Freya emotionally confessed. Alex grinned lovingly and kissed back.


Weeks passed. Finally, Future Anna, although she didn’t want to, was to introduce herself to Jill and Ashley.

“Guys this is uh…..well, me.”

“Hello guys. I am Anna. I have all her memories, which means I know and love the both of you. I am kind of….fucking myself.” She admitted.

“Um honey, every girl does.” Jill quipped, confused.

“No I mean….”

Past Anna sighed and grabbed her doppelganger and kissed her fiercely.

“Oh…! So does this mean I wil get my threesome?” Ashley said excitedly.

“Sure will, kiddo.” Future Anna giggled.

“Well I have some work to do so have fun, girls.” Jill gave a motherly smile and left the room.”

“Ok Mummy.” Said Future Anna.

“God this is fuckin weird…” moaned Ashley as the Annas passionately gave their ministrations to Ashley’s face and chest, raining down kisses and licks.

“More weird than…well, everything else?” Annas said incredulously.

“I suppose not…” Ashley shrugged. “So what’s it like to literally fuck yourself?”

“I’ve kind of been doing it already for over a year.” Ashley remembered they were identical twins after all so in a way she had been fucking herself. But now she panged with jealousy as she desired a doppleganger partner of her own.

Their cocks were all at full hardness, and Ashley’s skirt was unzipped to reveal her dick. She moaned as the Annas both sucked and licked at it together.

“Ohhh my god! This is better than with just one of you!”

“It is, isn’t it?” The Annas giggled.

Soon enough they pulled off her skirt and panties entirely.

“Go on, Baby Sisses. Double fuck me. You probably wanted to since you arrived.”

“A little bit,” grinned Future Anna.

Ashley’s cries became loud moans as two huge dicks suddenly pushed their way inside of her waiting asshole. 

"Aahhh!" she moaned in slight pain at getting her asshole stuffed and double penetrated. 

"Are you ok, babe?"


The Annas slowly pushed furhter inside, and their sister gripped the bedpost to steady herself. She loved this but it made her feel so full and tight. Slowly her ass got used to it and the Annas began slowly fucking her and making love to her. 

"Oh my god this is so kinky! Mmm! Fuck me, Baby Sissies! Yes, this is so weird and twisted but so hooot!"

They fucked her and kissed and licked her breasts. Then Future Anna pulled out of her ass and sucked Ashley's cock. 

"Ohh fuck yes! I'm gonna cum if you keep doing that to my cock!"

Sure enough it didn't take too long before they were spraying their cum everywhere. One thign they tried was spitroasting Ashley, and also Future Anna fucking Past Anna's ass while Anna fucked Ashley's ass. 

Outside of their door, Jill smiled and even lightly rubbed herself at the sounds of her daughters fucking.


The box inside the Moore house hummed and rumbled.

The time is nearly here. He approaches.


The next morning, The twins awoke, to find Future Anna getting dressed.

“This has gone on long enough. I need to leave back to the future.”

“But the warning-“

“You’ve been warned, Anna. Don’t ever let your guard down. Don’t ever trust what you see because I’ve already changed the timeline so much that I can’t protect you from what may come. I honestly don’t know. But I need to get back…to my Ashley and Mummy. This isn’t my life. This isn’t my love to have.”


“No!” Future Anna almost yelled. “You know I’m in the right on this.”

Anna sighed, “I do. I just wish things were different.”

She pressed a finger to her chest. “I’ll always be here….because I am you, Anna. Always have faith in yourself because in the end, that is what your true power comes from.”

She gave one last soft kiss to her past self/girlfriend, and then ran out the door to the street where a portal opened up, so fast only past Anna could have seen it. And then it was gone…she was gone…her new girlfriend. Anna sniffled, and turned back to her sister.

Her lovely sister who would always be here, always be loyal. In a way, she was like fucking herself given their near identical looks and Ash had said once that was a factor in her initial resistance to falling for Anna.


Almost immediately after her future self disappeared back to the future, there was a sudden terrible rumbling outside of their house. 

Anna turned serious and frowned, "Ashley, go to Mummy. Right now."


"I'll be fine, go!"

Out of the ensuing fog stepped a figure. Anna darkened, and in a flash, donned her Athena suit.

“What is this?” She growled in a low voice. “Who are you?”

The figure, in a disctinctly male voice chuckled darkly. “You don’t know? There’s so much you don’t understand, girl.”

“Really? Tell me then.”

“What a waste of time that would be. I prefer you die here.” He growled. He finished stepping out of the dog, and it was a cloaked elder man with a long beard and a fierce glaring single eye staring back at her. He flung his staff and ejected a purple energy blast at her head. She deftly dodged and sped up to him, to deliver a swinging kick to his side, which he blocked with his staff.

“What the-“ she exclaimed before being smacked away by the staff. She gasped in pain. The first time any being had ever truly threatened her or matched her and it was this strange old man? Damn it, she swore under her breath. This isn’t going well. If only future me were here. What did he mean by there was so much I don’t understand?

The old man then spoke again, “I am the reckoning of man. The bringer of their death. The time is nearly here, where you will join us….or die with them.” He boomed. “And your sister…” he chuckled evilly. “Your sister is far more special than you realize."

“Who are you!?” She screamed desperately.

“I am merely Deimos. And you….are the bastard.”

“Gee, great insult, buddy.” She then crossed her arms and powered up to her maximum, charging her crackling energy and forming a barrier shield around herself.

“The barrier shield? How cute.” He charged his staff and unleashed a devastating blast, which sent Anna flying through the air into a building. Bystanders screamed in terror and tried to escape.

“Go! Get out of here! Now!” she screamed to them before being hit again.

“Aaahgghhh!” she yelped in pain.


Back at the Moore house, a news report blared, showing the battle between Athena and Deimos.

Ashley ran to her mother and hugged her. 

"Anna is fighting out there! Turn on the news!" 

"What are you talking about, honey?" But Jill could already feel the shaking. There was indeed a tremendous duel going on outside.

“It is difficult to believe but there is a staff wielding old man who is attempting to overpower Athena. It is difficult to tell which way the tide will turn or who this new arrival might be. We can only trust in our protector Athena. Evacuations-“ said the news host.

“Mummy we have to help her!” Ashely panicked.

“You don’t have any powers, baby! You would only get in her way!” Jill hugged her, attempting to restrain her. “We can only trust in your sister to protect us. We’re safest here.”

"Fuck..." she sobbed.

Ashley’s fist began to bubble with a small thin shield of energy. She clenched it, so hard her nails nearly broke her skin, and the floor began to slightly crack.

Chapter Text

Ashley briefly noticed a change within herself and dismissed it as nerves. But for a split second in her mother’s arms, her eyes flashed with blue energy.


Far away, the news played on TV, watched by Freya and Alex.

“Athena’s so cool!”gushed Alex.

“I bet she’s just some showboating freak. Why the mask, hm? What’s she got to hide?” scoffed Freya.

“Maybe a spider bit her and it made her ugly.’ Quipped Alex.

“Now you’ve been reading too many comics.” Grumbled Freya. “Come on, turn that off and come kiss your big sister.”

Throwing caution to the wind, Frey made out passionately with her baby sister, feeling and tasting her lovely lips. For the past few weeks she could hardly get enough of her.

“Mmm, big sis.” Moaned Alex. She ran her hands sensually down Freya’s sides, pulling her in closer-

BANG! The door slammed, and the sisters turned to see their mother there, her mouth gaping, her eyes horrified.


BANG! Anna slammed into the building again. Shit. He’s got me pinned. Deimos was skilled with the staff and somehow knew exactly how to fight her. This was precise. Like he’d studied her before. Because she lacked long range attacks, the staff beams kept her pinned down into the wreckage.

Come on…you need to move now, she urged herself. Come on Athena!

She turned and rolled to the side, and finally, one of the blasts missed. She used her speed to try to get behind him but her rolling kick was blocked again. Deimos chuckled.

“With age comes experience, girl. My commander told me every move you were going to make. You two are quite alike, now that I think on it. One day you will understand.”

“T-tell me now.”she grunted, as Deimos caught her throat and held her up by it, using incredible strength.

“Why would I spoil the surprise? The army is coming. The plan is set. And you-“

He never finished the sentence for something landed a powerful blow and sent him flying away. He yelled “This isn’t over, girl!” and fell back into a portal, disappearing as if he had never come.

Anna’s savior held her in her arms, and then smiled.

“Hi, honey.” The voice said, before Anna passed out.


Anna slowly woke up in a bed she did not know. Possibly a hotel room.

“You passed out.”said the savior.

“W-who are you?” she croaked out. The figure turned and revealed their face. It was another Anna.

“Me…”she coughed. “But what me? You’re probably from way later than the me that was here a few minutes ago.”

“A lot later.”

“Jesus Christ how does this time travel shit work?”

“I guess we’ll find out, won’t we?’ said the new Future Anna. This one was older, grizzled, with a future suit more battle damaged and worn. She also had a depressed, weary look about her. Like something bad happened-Oh God…..

“Why have you come back here? What’s coming for us. Who was that guy?”

“Everything will be revealed in time.”

“That’s what people keep telling me. When will I know the entire truth? Who am I? What am I?” Anna was growing more and more frustrated with not being told the truth. All she really knew right now was she had powers, used them as Athena and a guy showed up just as strong.

The news was equivalently confused.

“We aren’t quite sure what just happened but it seems another Athena swooped in and saved the original. Then their enemy disappeared into thin air. But it seems once again Athena has saved the da-“

“We are receiving scattered reports that there was a battle downtown with millions in estimated damages. Steelcorp’s construction company will front the efforts-“


Anna groaned and tried to sit up.

“That old motherfucker was tough.”

“Yeah, he’s second in command. You expect him to be.”

Anna turned to her future self, “Second in command to what?”

Rather than answer her, the other woman simply turned away.

“You should get some sleep. She’s after us. The only way is to lay low.”

Who? Who was after them? More questions than answers once again. But her questions were briefly laid to rest when the future hero laid a soft but sweet kiss on her lips.

“I remember everything you know. How a past version of me made love to her own past self. Just get some sleep, ok, baby?”

“Mmm…ok, baby.” Anna coo’d.

The news began to call the new arrival “Athena II” and dubbed her the new hero of the city.


Meanwhile Ashley and Jill struggled to process what had happened.

“Where is Anna?”

“I don’t know, honey but we need to trust in your sister.”

Ashley’s fist began to bubble with power again. This time Jill looked down, concerned.

“What’s that?”

“I-I ddon’t know….maybe Anna knows what’s happening to me…”

But Ashley was beginning to understand. It took her a delayed time but she was slowly awakening some kind of power of her own. Of what, she did not yet know, or could control.

But this woul have to wait because they heard a knock at the door, suddenly. Jill and Ash jumped in fright then went to answer it, still in their nighties.

“M-miss moore, please! Open the door!”

Jill opened it and saw two very wet, frightened and scared Drakov sisters.

“Oh..Oh my god, honey, what happened?”

Freya smiled in spite of herself. Yes she considered Miss Moore her true mother and this was why. She had an open mind and heart. Enough to let even her in.

“Our...The queen bitch found out about …us. And she kicked us out!”


30 minutes ago.

“This is sick! You’re both unnatural! You’re not my daughters. Get out!”

“F-Fine! You b-bitch! I consider Miss Moore my real mother anyway!”


“You hurt Frey, you’ll have to hurt me too!” screamed Alex, trying to shield her sister.



Jill scooped up Freya in her arms, and Ashley hugged Alex.

“We’re sorry, girls. We’re sorry about her. Come on in, you can stay with the twins and I for a while.”

“R-really? That would be so great!” gushed Alex who hugged Jill as well.

“Alright come on. Let’s get you a hot cuppa, and you can explain what happened.”


“S-she fought it. I seduced Frey…it’s my fault.” Sobbed Alex after a while of explaining their past.

“Look, you know about Anna and I right?”

Alex nodded, “I kinda guessed. You two aren’t that subtle.”

Ashley and Freya giggled.

Ashley explained, “Well I fought it too. Harder than you can possibly imagine. I even dated Freya just to try and get over Anna.”

“For five minutes.” Quipped Freya.

“Anyway, that’s how you’ve seen me naked.”

“I didn’t exactly need to know that…” whined Alex.

“Deal with it!” squealed Freya and tickled her girlfriend.

“All I’m saying is, I get it. I get you too. And us sistercons should really stick together.”

“Watch a lot of anime?” Alex laughed.

“Shut up…” Ash blushed.

“We already consider your mum to be our real mum. She’s been there for us at school a million times more than queen bitch ever has.”

“I’m honoured, sweetie. And yes you are more than welcome to stay.”

“Wait, where’s Anna? What will Anna say? I mean, I’m your ex and she’s my best friend-”

“She’s a big girl. She won’t get jealous…I mean…I might.” She grinned mischievously.



Future Anna came back after a few minutes holding a glass of water. She saw Anna laying there awake.

“What are you doing still up? You should get some rest. You had a rough battle. He was tough.” Said the Future Anna.  

Past Anna was still suspicious but accepted the advice. But as soon as he lay down, suddenly she felt she couldn’t move. Blue energy chains wrapped around her and constrained her.

She tried to scream, helpless to escape. What the fuck? What is going on? Help, Future me! He’s back! W-what…? Why is she…?

Future Anna did not move an inch. Then….a slow movement in her mouth curled into a sadistic smirk.

“Oh…that was way too easy.” She drawled. Out from the shadows stepped Deimos, who let out a cruel chuckle.

“Yes she is as trusting as you predicted.”

Anna turned her eyes to the smirking woman, “You’re the commander….B..but you’re…me! How could you-….Anna!”

Suddenly the evil Anna whirled on her. “Don’t you dare call me that! Anna is dead! You all will too, soon enough!” She reached up and pressed a button on her neck, which released metal technology which formed around her face into a terrifying spiked red tainted mask of a sickening red and black color.

Call me….Red Mask.”

The true villain had finally revealed itself.

Chapter Text

"That wasn't so hard, was it?" reprimanded the new arrival to her general, seemingly. Deimos simply grunted.

"Wha....what the fuck is going on?" demanded Anna. Red Mask as she wanted to be called, simply darkly chuckled. 

"It was so easy, you know. Gaining your trust...watching you..."

Anna's memories flashed back and forth as things began to fall into place. She stared fearfully at this twisted darker mirror of herself. Is it really my fate to one day become her? 

"You were there since the beginning. Ashley said to me she used to think she saw me in clothes I couldn't have changed into that fast, without arising suspicion."

Red Mask laughed evilly, "Oh yeah since waay back. You remember that little box, right?" 

Anna gasped, then sighed despairingly. Of course. Since I had the ability to disguise my voice, it only stood to reason I couldn't recognize my own future self's voice. 

"That was you too. Just...pushing me along to the path you wanted me on. You wanted this. All of it. Why? What do you want?" Finally the truth was starting to unravel and the real threat had arrived. Yet Anna still had even more questions than before. "How could you become like this? How could I...?"

Red Mask slumped down against the wall. 

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you, kid."

"Why did you pretend to help me?" screamed Anna desperately. "Why did you pretend to love me? No tricks, no lies! Who are you? What are we?"

"You know I barely even know that, myself. There is only a small fraction of beings on this planet with powers like mine. And the others, I gave them my own. Just a fraction."

Deimos nodded, charging up his staff, and then smacking Anna in the head with it, who groaned in pain and shock. A fraction of her power was more than a match for me? A cold terrible chill ran through her. I can't....I can't beat her. I can't stop them.

"Why did you pretend me?" Anna let the tears flow through.

"Why did you pretend to love me?"  the masked villain coldly snarled. "You knew damn well your heart only belonged to Ashley and Mother yet....From my perspective, I'm the hero and you're the villain of our little story. You failed so let me take your powers and take over your life that you don't deserve."

So she wants my powers? But....

"You already defeated me in five seconds. Why would my powers be of any use?"

"This might sound ironic but I don't feel like telling myself that."

"Ughh...." Anna was tired, tired of the lies, tired of being someone else's pawn in a secret game. Red Mask had been playing her the entire time.

"I suppose..." she grunted, "You created me too."

"Oh no, Steelcorp's accelerator was an accident, through and through. They played with something they didn't understand, just like the rest of this worthless planet." She viciously stomped on Anna's chest, who coughed and spluttered. "Now you see what the world really is. The world is cruel.  Cruel enough to take your sister, your mother, your friends. You know it's inevitable, Anna. God is up there and we're all just his pawns."

"Shut up..." Anna really didn't want to listen to her excuses though there were a few slip ups in the villain's story. 

"You might think you understand but you don't. So don't you dare judge me! Just sit back and let me take the reins. You're too weak to do what is necessary. Hell, I had to stir up criminality just to give you a push!"

Anna let the villain rant while she slowly tried to focus, and find a way out of her bonds. She concentrated hard, on any weaknesses in the energy chains, slowly moving her hands towards those weak points.

"It's quite sad. First time you've ever been truly hit, and you didn't back down. I'd be proud if it weren't so weak of you. You could have taken and killed Deimos a hundred times over!" she screamed maniacally. "The only justice in this world is one we deal out ourselves. If God granted me this accident, I am going to use it. I mean to rule you weaklings, not piss about letting them be put into a justice system that you know can't hold them!"

"I...w-wont. If I do....i'm just as bad as those guys who nearly raped Ash."

A hint of pain and hurt flashed behind Red Mask's expression and mouth, but then was gone just as quickly. 

"It doesn't matter. Rule them as a benevolent God or there will be a thousand rapes a day. Under my army and my rule, there will finally be peace."

"Peace born of blood." she spat, and then screamed as she pushed with all her might against the energy chains. 

"Silly girl, you can't...wait what the-" She was stopped mid sentence by Anna's fist finally breaking out and slamming into her face hard. 

"Aghhh!" Red Mask screamed in a fit of evil rage, countering with her own powerful blow which sent Anna flying through the wall and out the other side of the building, where she quickly took her footing back and ran. 

"Great..." Red Mask grumbled, then quickly chased after her. Their battle raged all across the city, as Anna attempted to flee, Red Mask caught up, and punched and kicked her. The energy formed by each hit sent shockwaves out, damaging windows and buildings. Anna screamed in pain, as hits heavier and  She began to cough up blood, knowing that this might be the end. 

"You" Cough. "Can't kill me...I'm you."

"That's one theory." Then raising an outstretched hand covered in thin energy to act like a razor blade, she began to move to cut Anna down. But she managed to sucker punch her again and run.

She easily caught up, but then she was suddenly shot with hot gas and smoke. Anna had ran into a construction site and shot her full of the stuff. It would only temporarily stun her, and she had no doubt her own fututre self knew exactly where she'd attempt to hide. 

"It's alright." coughed Red Mask, after Anna's escape. "I have plenty of time to recapture her."

"But the army...!" said Deimos. "Only her power can finish the device!"

Red Mask smiled evilly, and said "It's alright, my friend. Everything in its time."


Anna limped slowly, back to the house, then finally passed out once she saw a shouting Mummy come to help her. 

Jill carried her wounded daughter inside, then laid her on the bed. Jill knew exactly how powerful her daughter was from her heroic feats on the news. To see that something was able to hurt her this much, it filled her with dread, horror and regret. 

"Oh my sweet baby...I shouldn't have let you go out there." she stroked Anna's hair and bandaged her wounds but before her eyes, the wounds were slowly healing. She breathed slight relief. Her baby girl would live through this. But could they live at all against what they now faced? 

"Who did this to you, my baby?"


Out ran Ashley who said "We can't let the girls see her like this. Too many questions."

"There's too many questions if we take her to a hospital! Who knows if their needles can even pierce her skin? Let's just keep her in your room until I can figure out what to do."

"Okay Mummy. But Baby Sis..."

"Your sister will be fine, I promise! She's the toughest person on the planet."

"Evidently not anymore..." she commented, staring at Anna's bruises and welts. She noticed a branding of redness around her sister's wrists and wondered who was strong enough to do that. If she was strong enough. It had only been hours since discovering she had powers, and already Ashley was wondering about her upper limits. Was she like Anna after all? 

I've always been strong enough to protect Baby Sis....But i wasn't there for her this time. She clenched her fist angrily, and power began bubbling up inside her once again. 


The beating shattered the Moore family. They were scared, and the Drakovs noticed. 

"I wonder what's going on with them lately. And Anna's been missing for days yet Miss Moore hasn't called the cops or anything."

"She must know she's fine. Now stop worrying why don'tcha? Come and give your little sister a kiss." Alex flirted. 

"Not now, Alex. Until I know Anna is alright."

"Ugh know I care about them too." Alex said indignantly.

"I know..." Freya sighed. 

The Drakovs would always be grateful to the Moores for taking them in and one day Freya would ask for a double date. Yet she couldn't help but be a little suspicious, like they were hiding Anna from them for some reason. Well Frey was determined to find out what, out of pure concern for her best friend. 

Even as Ashley warned them to stay out of it. 

"Hey Ashley, what's going on with your sister? I haven't even seen her in days yet nobody acts like she's really missing!"

"Just stay out of it." Ash suddenly hissed at her. "You wouldn't understand." Frey was a little taken aback but she understood tensions must be high. The twins had never gone through this before that she could remember. 

So instead they all sat down and watched the news. Freya decided to look a little closely at the combatant's faces. She couldn't help but feel a connection to Athena, though she had no idea who she was or where she had come from. Something about her body language was a little too familiar to be coincidental. Determined to unravel the mystery just as she had the twins, she would research Athena, the date she had appeared, and why. Sure enough, she realized Athena had shown up faaar too soon after the particle accelerator meltdown to be a simple coincidence. Yes, Steelcorp said no one got hurt, and only invisible harmless particles were released, but was it really so difficult to believe they had an effect on something...or someone? 


At Anna's bed, Ashley stroked her twin's hair. She had seen on the news already

"We've never had to deal with this before, have we? I mean all of it is fuckin crazy. Superheroes, powers, that bad guy, the Drakovs. I've always protected you and while I like the Drakovs, I still feel like they're encroaching on our territory. On our lives. I's so selfish and cruel of me to think that....but I do and I think I have to, in order to protect you. Maybe you think you don't need me anymore to do that's what sisters do. And girlfriends." she giggled to herself. She pulled Anna's unconscious lips in for a kiss. But she wasn't feeling enough shame. She actually began feeling up her sister's comatose body a little. Was that weird? No more than anything else. Maybe she hoped it might jolt something inside. Yet Anna remained still, slowly healing. 

"I feel so powerless, Baby Sis....How can you be Baby Sis to me anymore when you're so much stronger and faster? If I was jealous before of anyone having your attention besides Mummy, it's so much worse now. Please come back to me. I love you."

As if to show her love, she decided to jack off a little, and shower her sister with her liquid love. She felt horrible about this but missed her twin so badly as it was. 

"Mmmf...Baby Sis..." a few tears slipped out, as shame and sadness built inside her. She knew it was disturbing to do something like this but they hadn't made love in weeks. A rarity since beginning their forbidden affair. As if trying to oneup herself on being forbidden, she frantically raped her sister's body, rubbing her dick up and down her milky creamy thigh. Finally, the liquid love came spilling out, and she made sure to cum all over her sister's sleeping breasts and lips. 

"Here Anna, have a taste of me. I know you missed me as much as I missed you...and this. Heh, I'm happy you get to taste me."

She kissed Anna's body a final time and then dropped off to sleep. Something beside her stirred and moved slightly. 


Freya yawned. She couldn't sleep, with her new mystery, being kicked out of her home and her best friend missing yet the Moores seemingly covering it up. Why was the twin's door locked? Why didn't they tell her anything? She was about to ask herself more questions when she heard banging. Someone opening the door. Finally, standing before her was Anna. At least it had to be. It looked exactly like her.

"Anna? Jesus, you scared me. Where have you been? I-Aaghhh!" She suddenly choked and tried to scream as Anna shoved her against the wall. Anna chuckled evilly, and Freya tried to get away, terrified and sobbing.

"A-Ann-a....s-stop..." she croaked, losing air fast.

The figure she thought was Anna coldly smirked, "I'm not Anna...your friends have been lying to you about her....I have no wish to hurt you Freya but I will if you force me to. My name is Red Mask. Go tell the world. Annabella Athena!"

Chapter Text

Freya reeled from this revelation, confused and terrified. She didn’t know if the villain could be trusted or if this was all just some trick.

Red Mask chuckled, “Yeah, that’s a doozy, isn’t it? Its up to you what you do with this information. I really couldn’t care less. Just remember, any time I want, I can do what I like. Anna can’t beat me. It would really be a shame if Alex……”

She smirked evilly, and left with that threat still lingering in Freya’s head.

“My rise is nearing. I only need one more thing.”

“W-which is?”

“Like I’m gonna tell you. I’m not a Bond villain. Now run along. You saw what I can do, cutie, so don’t test me.” She growled into Freya’s ear, then lecherously licked it.

Freya despite everything, despite her terror and fright, couldn’t help but actually kind of like being licked by an Anna, even a twisted shadow of her best friend. The fact Red Mask hadn’t killed her already, made her theorize even this bitch may have some kind of soft side.

She felt heartbroken that Anna, her best friend for so long, had not trusted her with this information but familiar as she was with superhero tropes, she knew it must have deeply pained her friend to lie to shield her own identity. The fact it was some evil twin of hers that revealed it, showed how valuable it was.

I’m sorry, Anna, that you had to deal with all of this alone. If she was being honest with herself, she expected Miss Moore to be Athena over Anna. Even Ash. In the brief time that the two of them had dated, before Ash had outwardly come out as trans, she greatly enjoyed her time with her but noticed how overprotective she could be. If anyone was capable of being a hero for the city, the more obvious choice was Ash. Even still, she now felt proud of her friend for risking herself against the city’s worst. Many were beginning to catch on that Athena showed up not long after the particle accelerator accident, and that it may have been responsible. Freya would not betray her friend. It just wasn’t in her to do so. She didn’t betray them when she figured out their proclivities, or when they revealed they were girls this whole time.

She privately wondered if the other members of Anna’s family knew, and hoped she would tell at least them someday.

As fast as Red Mask appeared, she was gone again. Hearing voices, Alex came in to investigate.

“Who ya talkin to, Big Sis…Woah what’s wrong? Ya look like ya seen a ghost or something!” Alex exclaimed.

“I’m…ok, Alex.” Freya squeaked.

“If you say so…” Alex said back, sceptically, but relented and let it pass. “Now come on, back to bed. I need my big sister’s warmth.”


Deep inside Anna’s mind, it was a whirl storm of nightmarish images. Red Mask’s fists hitting her face. Her terrible smirk as she did so. Her enormous power.

Everyone calling her a traitor and sick.

Chloe screaming “Now I know why Ashley wouldn’t fuck me. She was fucking her own sister.”

Jill screaming “I’m very disappointed in you Anna. How could my daughter become that evil? How can I trust you again?”

Ashley “How much more will I find out about you! It wasn’t enough you lied about being Athena?”

Claire, her aunt, yelling “Now I know why I don’t visit. You all are sick. Did you think you could get away with fucking my sister and getting her pregnant?”

Anna could only sob and pathetically try to apologize.

“Yes, this is who you are.” Screamed Ashley. “A shy pathetic little bitch. Now why wasn’t I given these gifts? You know I would have used them better. I will always be better than you. I have always been better than you!”

“S-stop!” No one, not the worst criminal had spoken to her like this. Hearing it from a demonic version of Ashley, tearing her down with all her insecurities, hurt worse than anything Red Mask and Deimos could throw at her.

“No I won’t stop. Not until you admit what you really are. Weak. Unworthy.”

“I-I am…weak and unworthy.” Her whole body shook with her sobs.

“Yes. This is your fault. This is why Dad and Aunt Claire wanted nothing to do with us. You. This is why you lost that fight against Red Mask. Unworthy! Unworthy of your power. Unworthy of me. Unworthy of Mother. Unworthy of living at all.” The evil Ashley laughed cruelly, poking her in the chest.

The images swirled around her, red and burning. Anna screamed as she was consumed by the fire.


Freya ate her breakfast the next morning, weighing if Jill and Ash actually knew the truth as well. They did seem to be worried about something.

“Has she awoken yet?” whispered Jill to Ashley.

Ashley had been a despondent wreck in private, hoping beyond God that Anna would awake and tell them what happened, who they were up against.

“No…I think she’s having nightmares. She kept twisting and turning.”

“ok, sweetie. Just keep an eye on her ok?”

Ash nodded, but ultimately, she was paralyzed with shame and fear. Fear that her twin would never wake. Shame that she had raped her in her desperation and horrible desire overtaking her. How? For many years she had controlled herself around Anna, reined in the powerful desire to just go over there and rip her clothes off in the heat of passion.  Especially at the Formal Dance in Grade 12. But now she found it nearly impossible, even during the days when she was angry with Anna. Her darling twin would always be her one true love, her destined heart. They were born together, they belonged together. The shame of touching her sleeping sister would always haunt her.

Freya watched them with a close eye, trying to find out if they knew about Anna’s true identity. She knew Ashley quite well, and she could tell she was despondent about something. Maybe she could offer a helping hand.

“Hey, Ash, can I talk to you about something?”

“Oh uh,…sure.”

“Listen…” She said after they were alone, “I know something weird’s going on here. If you have any secrets, tell me now. I can help! You know I can. And you know I’ll keep those secrets.”

“If they’re secrets, it doesn’t do much good to blab them.”

Freya looked down, “I suppose not. Worth a try.”

“I know you’re worried about Anna but she’s going to be fine! I promise!” Who are you kidding Ashley? You don’t even believe that.

Suddenly an explosion ripped their door apart. In stepped Red Mask again, wearing her full armor and mask. Her voice as a result was distorted.

"Evening, friends....I see Freya that you are keeping my revelation to yourself.  Now where is Anna?"

"Don't hurt my sister!" Ashley screamed, her fists crackling with energy. Freya's eyes widened in realization. Both the twins had abilities! Perhaps the same ability. She tried to search through the house and found Anna still unconscious and wounded, though strangely, she was sealed in a barrier even she had difficulty getting through. "What the..? Fine. No matter. I will draw Anna out another way. taking one of you!" she suddenly growled fiercely, and launched forward to take Ashley, who repelled her with a forearm. Their clash caused a small shockwave.

"What?" It seemed even future Anna had no idea about her sister's abilities. She exclaimed in surprise before being thrown back against a wall. Chuckling, she surged forward and punched Ashley through a wall. The Drakov sisters, who had no idea about Ash's new abilities could only stare in shock. 

Ashley groaned in pain. This was her first real fight and it was against someone so strong. She was quickly captured in the energy chains, and placed inside a barrier sphere. Her inexperience left her wounded and trapped.

"You should be safe in there. Now, nobody get any ideas. Tell Anna I await her at the edge of the city. I'll be waiting." With that, she took her prisoner and sped away, through a portal.

Jill wailed and cried, in despair as she watched her baby girl disappear. "Please no, not both of them....God..."

So did the Drakov sisters. Alex was frozen in fear, and Freya softly cried at the loss of her ex. Both the heroes were down. Hope was fading away. They all only hoped there was still someone, anyone, who could help.

Chapter Text

The whole house reeled with this revelation. They all stared at Anna's imprisonment, shielded in her own energy bubble, floating above the bed as she twisted and turned in her slumber.

"Jesus...How's this possible?" exclaimed Alex. 

"She...she is Athena." revealed Freya at last. Only Alex gasped, which finally confirmed to Freya that their mother did know everything.

" knew." she said to Jill.

"I didn't figure it out until only a week ago, honey."

"And Ashley?" 

"She knows. But I never expected....." Ashley revealing her power had come at a very unexpected time. Jill was surprised at this but also despondent and horrified that both her daughters were down. She also privately wondered how and why it had happened to two members of her family but not any of the others. What made the twins so special? And could they defeat this guy if they worked together? Please....Anna...we need you. 

"Was I the only one she didn't tell?" said Freya, exasperated. "I'm only her bloody best friend."

"It hurt her more than anything, honey. Don't misunderstand. If any of her enemies knew who we were, they'd come after us. As they just have!"

"This is fuckin wild..." quipped Alex. "So...this whole fuckin family is superheroes? So cool!"

"Alex! Not the time to fangirl!" 

Alex grumbled, "Worth it..."

"Now what the hell do we do? We can't stop her. She defeated Ashley like it was nothing. And she defeated Anna and reduced her to...that." Her? 

"Wait it was that creep who did that too?" said Alex. 

"Yeah. She revealed herself to me last night. Some kind of twisted evil twin of Anna."

"Another twin?" Alex asked, increduously. 

"Not literally....just some alternate universe version of her. i don't know tech stuff..."

"What do you mean evil Anna?" said Jill. "I refuse to believe my baby girl is capable of becoming....that thing. She's been nothing but kind and sweet her whole life!"

"Something happened, obviously. It only takes one bad day to reduce the sanest woman alive to lunacy."

"Jeez, quoting comics much, nerd?" quipped Alex. 

"Shut it, ya brat." Freya stuck out her tongue at her. 

"Girls, calm down." Jill was reeling from this latest reveal. Her baby girl, reduced to something twisted? She privately wondered if in this high tech villain's past, she lost someone. Or snapped earlier under pressure. Without her sister to protect her, Anna may have been slowly consumed by depression during high school.  She was never very good at standing tall and strong for her own ideals and self. Jill loved her daughter to the bottom of her heart. She after all was the father of their child to come, whom Jill highly suspected to be another little girl. But she was powerless now. Powerless to protect Anna, when she needed her the most. Anna....your sister needs you to wake up.

Meanwhile the sisters were still talking about the implications.

"But if she's some kind of future Anna, then how can we stop her without seriously harming our Anna? Or seriously altering the natural order of things?"

"We'll figure that out later." Jill put a reassuring hand on her newly adopted daughter's shoulder. "As well as the adoption papers."

Freya and Alex nearly squealed. "You mean it?"

"Of course. You two will become Moores fully. But....only after this situation is resolved." Anna please...come back to me.


Your sister needs you to wake up

Your sister

Your sister needs you. 

The whispers grew louder and louder. My...sister needs me? Ashley's in trouble?  But Ashley you said I'm weak and worthless. I can't help you now.

So? Has that ever stopped you before? said a strange male voice. Coming into view was the face of her father, Matt Moore. He was a brown haired, reasonably handsome man, with slight freckles and very pale skin. She had seen his face before, in pictures, but Mummy never spoke about him even after revealing the truth of her parentage.


So....Mum told you....

Yeah....I know everything....Dad. 

Well it can't be helped. I didn't want to leave, you know that, right? I only had one night with your mother but it was the best night of my life.

Yeah I know, Dad. You died a hero and part of the reason I'm Athena is to live up to your example. 

I'm so proud of you, baby. He emotionally pulled her in for a hug, or as much as what counted for one in her mindscape. 

I love you, Dad....

I love you too, my Anna. A small voice in Anna's head kept telling her this wasn't real no matter how much she wanted it to be. She wasn't actually talking to her father. But she pushed that deep down so that she could enjoy her fantasy. 

I know you had a hard time of it without me around. But I want you to know it's ok. You can still fight...for as long as you can. No one thinks you're weak or worthless. Your new sisters and mother are out there right now, in alot of trouble. The only way to help them....

Is to rise again. I know, Dad....thank you. 

Power began bubbling out of Anna's body as the shield fell away. The healing was finished, and she was reborn a new entity, glowing with enormous power. 

Thank you, Dad. Or whoever was in my subconscious. I know what I have to do.



They were still arguing about the logistics when they heard a sudden rumbling. The ruined door from the attack, was further splintered apart when a figure slammed into the ground several feet away. An old man with a staff. 

Freya and Alex stepped forward, staggering in shock. 

"Dad?" they both exclaimed incredulously. It had been many years and their father definitely looked older than he should, like he was also from an alternate future. But it was him. The Drakov patriarch had skipped out on the both of them after Alex's birth and part of the reason why the Queen Bitch abused them was because she blamed Freya for this. In later years, Freya discovered their father was a notorious crime boss and legendary gangster, with a fascination with the occult. All these months of Athena's war against the underworld and this was its true face and leader. Now he had some kind of energy aura and staff glowing with terrible power. Athena's final battle with him would decide the fate of their city. 

Deimos could only fix his old eyes upon them, silently before finally speaking, 

"Yes....I was once a man named Ivan Drakov.....But now I am reborn thanks to Commander Red Mask." Freya backed away in fear of her evil father. "Girls, I never wanted you to have this life. You were supposed to take over the family business. Your mother disagreed, wanting you to smile and be in beauty pageants."

"It's too late," sniffed the eldest sister, her tears threatening to escape, "You are just an abandoning coward who left us to her fists. And your excuse is we were supposed to become gangsters? Are you fucking kidding me, Father?" She snarled the last bit, as if she never meant it.

A low chuckle rumbled out of Ivan's chest. "So be it, girls. Give up Annabella Moore or die with your mother." It was a brief shock to learn their abusive biological mother had been killed, already. Freya may have done it herself one of these days. Yet strangely, it still tinged with pain. Why? Why was she saddled with this fate? 

 "It never had to be a fight, Freya.  But now I realize you were never going to be worthy anyway. Now Red Mask, she is the child I should have had." he laughed cruelly, and then raised his staff to crush his own daughters into paste. They couldn't run, they couldn't do anything. They were going to di-

Nothing happened. Freya's eyes, shut tight, slowly peered open as she wondered why she hadn't died yet. It was because, glowing with new power and resolve, and in her full costume, Athena had at last returned, holding the staff above her head to block the blow.

"I'm sorry it took so long guys." She then brutally punched away Deimos in a tranquil fury. 

"Now I know what I have to do. I will save my sister, and I will bring her home!"

Chapter Text

Deimos simply brushed himself off, and smirked. 

"It will take more than that, girl to defeat me."

"I'm sure it will. But you tried to hurt my new sisters."

He loudly laughed mockingly, "New sisters? You think you can make up for everything you've done?"

Anna didn't flinch, "Killing you is a start."

She then without hesitation, surged forward to deliver a flurry of punches. He tried to counter with his staff, but Anna deftly dodged it this time. 

"Won't work a second time, buddy." She then locked the staff in her right arm, then kicked upwards at the centre of it with full force. It managed to shatter the base of the staff and snap it in two, pieces flying everywhere. 

"NOOO!" he screamed in fury. They clashed, clashed again, tearing up the ground and sending shockwaves throughout the neighborhood for the next 15 minutes as her family watched in awe, though they were moving so fast they could barely see anything but the shockwaves. 

A news chopper arrived, and reported on the fight. 

"We're in a local neighbourhood and it seems Athena is once again trying to overpower the villain social media has been calling "The Warlock." #AthenavsWarlock is trending."

Sirens whirled as police and search and rescue arrived to protect the civilians as the force of the battle was causing damage to windows and houses. 

"We're just tuning in now as Athena is trying to overpower The Warlock. It's not certain yet which way the tide will turn."

Anna was taking hits but she was landing more. Despite no real combat experience, she was learning on the job, combining basic punches and kicks with energy blades like she saw her future self do, and energy shields put up to briefly stop an incoming attack. Her senses were hightened to the point where everything else seemed to be slow motion. She blocked another Deimos punch, and landed one square in his jaw. All things considered they were totally equal and due to his higher experience, she was on the back foot if not for her youth and speed. 

She doubled back to lead him away but he just smiled and tried to shoot at the Moore house. Seeing this, Anna rushed back and took the blast in her chest. 

"Grrahhh.." she doubled over in pain. Jill gasped, seeing her daughter once again protect her, Freya and Alex. 

Freya watched with increasing regret. She never should have for one second, held anything against her best friend. She fought for them, for her mother and sisters. She would give her life for them. 

She rushed back and delivered a deft kick to Deimos' chest. 

"Agghh!" he grunted in pain. She smirked, and went on the attack, pounding him into the ground with a double fisted slam. 

"That was for my best friend, you piece of shit..." she growled. 

"I'm not done yet..." he grunted, then opened his arms, collecting a massive ball of energy. 

"This will destroy you....and this entire town. I no longer care about keeping you alive as the Commander wants. You die here and now!" he maniacally screamed. She gritted her teeth and prepared to counter. 



She screamed in fury, as she gathered every drop of power she had left. The resulting ball then sharpened and formed a long spear shape. She threw it with all her might, and it pierced through his own ball, landing in his stomach. The explosion tore apart half the road. 

"Woah!" yeled the reporter as they almost lost control of their chopper. "This is her most intense battle yet. It seems once again Athena has protected us!"

Lying on the ground mortally wounded, Deimos tried to crawl to his feet but doubled over. 

"You....bitch.....If I have failed to defeat you, the Commander won't. Triumph against me for a moment but against the power that now comes for you, you'll get slaughtered." He spat out blood and laughed at her, taunting her. "What are you gonna do...huh, hero?"

"You tried to kill your daughters..." Anna snarled, then raised her hand to deliver a point blank energy blast. "Pieces of shit like this..."

"YOU CANT-BLAAAAHHHHHH!" his face was torn apart and reduced to ashes. She collapsed, exhausted, as her mother and new sisters came running up to her to hug her. 

"Ugh..." Anna grunted in pain, after the emotional and terrible battle. 

"You won, honey!" Jill kissed Anna on the cheek and hugged her wounded body. 


"Did I hurt you? I'm so sorry, baby! Mummy didn't mean to!" 

Anna giggled, "It's alright...I'm tough."

Jill chuckled good naturedly. "Now don't think of scaring me like that again."

"Yeah that's just the thing though. He was just the number 2 guy. The true enemy..."

"Is evil you. We know." said Alex. 

"W-what? You all know?"

Freya explained, "She uh...attacked us. Twice. She told me who you are, Athena." Anna's eyes widened, but then limped inside so she could take off her mask, confirming Red Mask's story. Freya merely smiled appreciatively, and Anna smiled back gratefully, for her friend's endless support.

"Ashley's in trouble. She took her."

"I heard someone say that in my sleep. I can feel her. She's scared..."


Far away, Ashley finally awoke, seeing Red Mask sitting down waiting. 

"She's taking a while...Did Deimos screw up?" she said to herself. 

"W-what are you doing? What's going on?" Her vision got clearer, and it dawned on her she was seeing Anna's face donned in the Red Mask armor. 

"A-Anna?" This utterly shattered her. Was Anna a villain the whole time? Just playing them all playing hero? Why would she attack them? She saw Anna comotose in her bed when this villain attacked! This...this isn't my Anna. It dawned on her this must mean there was two Annas just like before. Another alternate future Anna but this time something went wrong in her world. Real wrong. 

"Never say that name." sneered Red Mask. "Annabella Moore's dead. I killed her."

"No...please...there must be some part of my sister left inside you!" 

Red Mask turned away, pained for half a second, "You don't know what you're talking about. You wouldn't understand, Ash..." hearing her nickname come from this villain's lips was all she needed. She half grinned before going back to her terrified face. 

"Please.....just let me go. Let this all go. You don't have to."

"Yes I do...I need to make sure what happened to me never happens to anyone else! The only way is a benevolent dictator ruling over all these peons."

"You're not beat your own other self into a fucking coma!" 

"But she's not dead, right? I still need her for one last thing."

"What's that?" Ashley asked curiously. 

"I'm not a Bond villain, Ash." 

She then stood up and walked to the other side of the room. "Do try to shut up. I need to rest before my final battle against Anna."

"S-she's coming....I...." Ashley tried to focus, closing her eyes and peering out with her senses instead of her sight, and felt a huge energy force not very far away. "Anna...please come. I'm here. I'm still alive. Hurry." she cried. 

"I said shut up." Red Mask shot a blast at Ashley's prison, forming a tiny crack in it. it wasn't much, but it was there.


"I can feel my sister faintly. But it's way more than it should be...."

"Ashley has powers!" Alex squeaked excitedly. "Like you!"

"Like me?" Anna sobbed, throwing her hands into her face. "I.....Have I...infected her somehow? God...." 

"I don't know what happened, honey," Jill reassured softly, "But this isn't your fault."

"But it is...if I accidentally gave her some of my powers, then that made her a target!"

"You can't believe that. All that matters now is saving her."

Anna slowly calmed down and wiped her eyes. "Alright Mummy. Stay here, ok? I'll save our girlfriend."

"Gay." Alex quipped.

"So are you." Anna countered.

"Nah uh! Bi!" 

"Whatever." Anna wryly smirked. Then she took off running, leaving a huge hole in the pavement. 

"You know....this is gonna result in some serious suing from the city." Alex complained.


Red Mask opened her eyes, smirking. 

"There you are...." she whispered, smirking evilly. She put on her mask and armor, and prepared for battle. 

Athena's wounds were mostly gone. She arrived at the abandoned warehouse at the edge of the city, and shouted, "I'm here! Bring my sister to me and no one needs to get hurt!"

Red Mask stepped out to face her. 

"Where's my sister, bitch?" growled Anna. You do not want to hurt Annabella Moore's sister. Under any cirrcumstances.

"She's in there." she gestured to inside the warehouse. "I have her in a little bubble. Don't worry."

"If you hurt her...!"

The twisted villain cackled, "You lost last time, quite easily. What makes you think this will go any differently?"

"I've had a pep talk...from our mother and father! I feel stronger than ever before!"

"What do you think you're gonna do, kill yourself? I am you, Anna. Everything so far has gone according to my plan."

"Really? Even killing that old fuck?"

"Deimos is dead?" Red Mask's resolve slipped a little, but recovered. "You'll pay for that....I just need your powers!"

"Come and take them!" screamed Anna, as she clenched her fist, and propelled herself into the final battle. 

She had to stop her, here and now, or this army will come through and burn down everything she ever loved. She had to face her own demons, confront the worst aspects of herself, in one last fight to save the world. 

"I must save the world!"

Chapter Text

At last, hero and villain faced off, and this time both surged forward, fists raised, and clashed, sending a gigantic shockwave out. This further cracked Ash's prison. 

She watched in awe as her sister with new resolve, fought to save her life and the lives of their family. The duel became fiercer, as Anna began to predict better, RM's attacks, and deftly dodged her blows. But soon enough, she began overpowering her past self, delivering punishing hits to Anna's abdomen. 

"You were never strong enough to defeat me. Crumble with your world! The new one shall rise and humanity will evolve.'

Anna tried to punch her but the armored villain casually blocked it. She knew Anna was out of gas, and this was just a last great burst. She rapidly punched and kicked Anna until she was sent flying away into the dirt, coughing and groaning. 

Fuck....get up, Anna. Come on, Anna....

Red Mask chuckled, "It's really unfortunate, you know. You could have stood by my side, saving the world. we go."

Anna grunted desperately, as she was pulled closer to Red Mask who began siphoning her powers into a strange device. She screamed in pain as she felt half her remaining power leave her. Red Mask laughed in triunph.

"Yes, Anna. Look upon my victory and despair. I have been planning this for months. I revealed you to your sister..." Anna glared at her, having long figured that out too. After all she would have remembered taking off her disguise. She must have snuck into their room and removed it to divide the twins. "But I never expected her to have powers of her own! That definitely didn't happen in the timeline I knew. Something's changed." Anna was beginning to understand. A few years from now, somethign happens, she travels back in time, and forces Ash to reveal the powers she didn't know she had because something happens to Ash before she can reveal it.

She pressed the button on her device, and out came a gigantic energy portal. Waiting behind it was a legion of futuristic soldiers with laser weaponry, and high tech armor similar to that of her own. 

"You were...lying about being from 3 years in the future weren't you." coughed Anna. 

"Very good. Yeah it's much later than that. More like fifty years. We're immortal, Anna! We're gods! And soon enough people will begin to realize that and worship you. Only one of our kind can defeat us. But since I'm much older, and more experienced, it was a simple task to manipulate you into giving me your powers. You were the last thing I needed to power this portal device."

Out through the portal, marched seemingly endless soldiers, with futuristic tanks and aircraft transporters. 


"OK woah woah, woah. What the hell is that?" exclaimed a scientist at Steelcorp. "Some kind that freak just summoned?"

"Her powers ever grow." said another in awe. 

"We...we have to call everyone. The capital, the army, SAS."

"What the hell is this?" stormed in chief scientist Richard Steel. 

"Sir, we have detected a massive army forming at the edge of the city. The portal forming resembles that we saw that old man with a staff move through. We think they're connected." said assistant analyst Ben.

"That's not all..." said lab analyst John.

"Go on." said Richard. 

"Well," said John. "I don't actually think that those two." he gestured to the two signatures of Athena and Red Mask, "are all that different after all. In fact our program of analyzing genetic signatures, they have the same. Exact. One."

"That's impossible..." 

"Yes, until you realize however improbable it is, whatever is the simplest answer must be the truth."

"John for the last time, don't get all philosophical on me. Explain. How can there be two? Clones?"

"I think that those swirly portal things are transports through time and space. Look at this army. They have gear nobody else on this planet does....yet. Not only this but look at this. A photo taken by a convenience store camera a few months ago shows Athena saving some girl from a gang of rapists...and then in the background....if you zoom in...another Athena. Watching her."

Rickard threw his head into his hands, exasperated and disbelieving. But the evidence was undeniable.

"You mean to say..."

"Yeah...we're dealing with time travellers here. That's not all. Because I researched the face recognition software and ran it a couple of times. There's a 98% chance that that superhero out there and that villain she's fighting are the same exact person. Annabella Jill Moore. She was saving her twin sister, almost identical but not quite."

"Who the fuck is Annabella Moore?"


Back at the battlefield, Anna despaired, I...I can't stop them. I couldn;t even beat her and she has an entire army. 

"My Queen..." said one of the commanders to Red Mask, "Is it time?"

"Yes, Commander. With the death of Deimos, you are my second in command. Do not fail me..."

"I am loyal to you, my queen."

"We'll let them offer up whatever defences they can, and destroy them all in one fell swoop. The faster they get the idea, the faster they'll accumulate to my rule."

"Very good, my queen."

He pulled a fist to his chest, as a sign of recogntiion of his order. 

Behind him, the soldiers began hitting their rifles to the ground.

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. 

"RED MASK! RED MASK! RED MASK" they began chanting, as ever more still poured through. In the future, it seemed she had achieved dominance.

"I...I don't understand...Why invade the past if you have already taken over the future?"

"I didn't. I'm technically...invading another universe when I did this. Soon I will rule them all, and show them to the right path."

"You're insane...I don't know what happened but Deimos got into your head."

"That's right you don't know what happened. Now stay down."

She kicked Anna again, who rolled away down a ditch.

Coughing, and crying, Anna tried to pick herself back up and fight but couldn't bring herself to. 

I can't....I just....I can't. I'm so sorry, Mummy, and Sis....I was our last chance and I lost....Wait...there's chance...

She slowly gritted her teeth and picked herself up. 

Come on, Athena. One last chance...Come on Athena! You need to warn them! 

She then tried to float, thinking hard. It wasn't working. She closed her eyes, and thought of nothing, but the wind. Of Ashley...her lips, her hair flowing in the wind. She then opened her eyes again, and....her feet were off the ground! She was floating! Just as she was in her healing coma...

I can fly. I can fly! In her excitement, she flew right at Red Mask, fist outstretched. Reflexively, Red Mask suddenly kicked her upwards..straight into the time portal. Deliberately, Anna flew right through it, grinning.




"Oh that's just fucking great, Anna! Why'd you make me do that?"

At this moment, finally the cavalry arrived. Tanks, Jets and thousands of men. The Army and Air Force. 

"Wait to engage,' said General Matherson. "We still don't know who this enemy is."

"Copy, General. Waiting to engage."

Red Mask simply grinned evilly, and nodded to her commanders, to begin the attack. Now the city had become a battleground bloodbath.




Anna in nearly an instant, popped out of her portal, and into a small neighborhood. Somehow this didn't look like a few months ago like she was aiming for....

Everything was much older. Shops that had closed down years ago, were still here. And as she flew to her house, she saw it was no longer there. 

"Oh fuck....I overshot it."

She touched down, and asked the first bystander, "Hey..what year is this?"

The civilian gave her a look and said, "It's 2013." Shit. The year....of my birth.

Chapter Text

"Look a tthis." said Richard Steel. "An image just popped up."

"Yeah I was looking around at our camera footage and this was in 2013." They saw someone who was suspiciously looking like Athena going into a Steelcorp building.

"That's impossible. She only showed up a few months ago!"

"Look I dont know where she just went but she was here 19 years ago." said John in a shock.


Anna was seriously freaking out now. I overshot it and I'm now in the year of my birth...

She looked at a newspaper and determined that this was exactly 9 months from her birthday. Her birthday was December. This was early March. She realized that her father must be right now, about to impregnate her mother. Of course being who she was, Mum's current lover, this did not disturb her like most. In fact it slightly made her hard at the thought of watching Father go to town on her mother's pussy.

She had to stay away. Any changes could literally erase her from existence. 

She tried to find an alley to fly away but someone suddenly interrupted her. 

"Hey, hey! Friend, I'm sorry!" the man exclaimed when Anna moved to hit him. 

The man from her dreams, from the pictures in their house....her father. The 20 year old Captain Matt Moore of the 31st SAS. 

"Just trying to see if you were ok. Looked like you were freaking out there. Still are..." he quipped. Anna rolled her eyes. 

"I don't belong here. I need to leave. I overshot it."

"Overshot what?"

"Never mind, Da-....Sir." 

Matt narrowed his eyes, as if he had heard her mistake. 

"Look, miss, dressed like that, you obviously are in the wrong place. What is that, an Avengers outfit?"

 Anna bit back yelling at him over her costume. It's a perfectly nice costume! Avengers only came out last year so the superhero craze hadn't quite taken off into public domain. But it was starting. She elected to just roll her eyes.

"No, its a fashion statement. Now I need to...." She realized. If she wanted to find her way back, perhaps Steelcorp could help. They did give her her powers. Maybe a boost if they could do the experiment again. 

"By the way, I'm Matt." Yes I know.

"Nice to meet you." Anna sarcastically said.




As the cameras caught the gigantic battle unfolding on the edge of the city, Red Mask zipped around destroying their tanks and jets with ease.

The Moore family watched in despair. Anna had gone through a portal and not come out. 

Jill was panicking and crying. 

"A-Anna's gone, Ash is a prisoner and we're going to lose this fight."

Freya comforted her adopted mother, "It will be ok, Miss Moore....It will be...."

"H-how can you say that?"

"Because I believe in your daughters and I love them. Anna's my best friend! I dated Ash!"

Alex glared with jealousy at this. Alex never liked Ashley during that time. She was much younger at the time but she still didn;t like her. Now she liked her when Ash was her true female self, and proved herself brave and heroic. Alex had always been seemingly carefree and fun loving but behind that was a jealousy of her elder sister. 

Freya had dated many people over the years, and Alex had no one. But when she finally seduced her sister, she had become truly happy. Now she thought everyone else should be jealous of her

"Where could she have gone?"

"Well," said Freya, "She's a time traveller so maybe she's gone through there for help."

"Maybe....but if she's gone to the past, she could really mess things up. Erase herself from existence!" cried Jill. 

"Really? I mean I don't know tech stuff."

"She coudl cause something where I never sleep with her father that night."

"It was only one night?" This was news to Alex.


"Then...are you really sure he was her father? I mean.....were there any others?"

Jill indignantly shook her head but hung it in slight guilt, and Freya noticed. 

"Who was he?" asked Alex.

"My brother, Matt."

"...Jesus, this family!" shouted Alex in shock and slight indignation. She wasn't one to talk, she knew. She was fucking her own sister!




"Will you stop following me?" cried Anna. "Seriously it's really important you get back home right now."

"Uh why?" asked, Matt, confused. 

"Because...! Just-ugh-fine. You can tag along. But don't do anything stupid, ok Matt?"

"So where are we going anyway?"

Anna glared at him for using we. 

"We're going to Steelcorp's lab. Maybe they have something that can....get me back where I came from."

"Oh ok..."

She passed by a restaurant and remembered it was her first date with her mother. 

"I went to dinner with Jill there..."

"Jill? She your girlfriend or something?" he laughed mockingly. 

"Yes..." she said, offended. 

"Oh...listen, I'm sorry. I mean, i totally support lesbians! I mean it! There's a lesbian in my unit. And my little sister is named Jill. But I call her Jilly." I know, Dad. I know.

"It's alright, D-....Matt."

He smirked at her. 

"So....who tops?"

"Ok! Stop!" she screamed at him, "You want to tag along, fine. But don't be a creep. Jesus Christ."

"Sorry.." he hung his head. "I'll shut up now."

"You better." she had no idea her father would be an annoying frat boy but she decided she just had to deal with it.

She passed by another place she knew. "And that's where I kissed my sis-......Where I kissed Ashley."

"Ashley? Pretty name."



Finally they came to Steelcorp.

"Wait outside."


"Now, Matt! I must do this alone."

"Alright, strange kid. Nice meeting you." He sounded offended but she didn't care right now. As long as he went back home to fuck Mummy. 


"Miss, you need to make an appointment."

"No, shut up! I need to get home!" she yelled. "Ok look, listen. I'm a time traveller and I have superpowers." she walked over to the desk and easily lifted it off its hinges. Matt and the other scientists gawked in shock. She also hovered above the ground to demonstrate flight.

" can we move this along? I need you to tear a wormhole in space-time so I can run through it."

"Um...alright, kid. We believe you. But that's impossible!"

"More impossible than powers?!"

"Point taken. But we have no way to do that! The particle accelerator-"

"That was the thing that gave me these powers. Turn it on again."

"Again? You really are a time traveller.." said the scientist. "What's your name kid?"

She hadn't thought of that. Matt had walked all the way here and not asked her her name. She decided on Athena.

"I um..." She cleared her throat. "A hero never divulges their secret identity. But you may call me Athena."

"You're Annabella Moore." he said flatly. 

"W-what?" Damn it!

"Phone hacking software."

"Wow, invasion of privacy much?"

"9/11. Only the thing is....there is no record of you anywhere."


"So that's impossible. Somehow you've fallen so far off the grid that you don't exist."

Anna breathed a bit easier. That fact did make sense.

"Yeah because I time travelled! I need to be sent back home!"

"Have you tried flying in one direction as fast as you can? Perhaps the speed will punch you through space-time...if you're fast enough. I don't know your full power, Annabella."

"That might work..." she reasoned. "But there is other reasons I need you to turn it on. I'm facing an enemy I cannot defeat. I tried to travel back to before she began fucking up my life and stopping her then, but I overshot it. The only way might be to get a second jolt from the accelerator exploding. If it doesn't work and kills me....well I couldn't have beaten them anyway. And she will destroy the world of the future."

"So you're willing to die to save the world?" This seemed to convince him to help her.

"We scientists always hope we can better mankind. But helping to save the world, well I can't resist."

"What's your name, Sir."

"I'm the chief scientist, Benjamin Steel."

"Bem?" Anna smiled slightly. That was her deadname but she still had a nostalgic fondness for it.

"Yeah you can call me that, kid. Now let's see about this particle accelerator. You know, we built this thing in secret in 2012. Stil ironing out some problems. That might be why it blew up in your time."

"Great.." so everything was down to just pure human error, huh? "I need you to help me. Because if you don't...I don't know if I can save the future from Red Mask and her army. I'm outnumbered a thousand to one."


They readied the device, and switched it on.

"Ready, Annabella? Now place your hand on it as we turn it on. Your powers may react to it, and absorb the energy."


The machine hummed to life, and indeed she began glowing with power and energy. Ben gazed in awe, like he was seeing an angel powering up. 

She began screaming, as pain shot through her.

"Keep it going!"

"No, we have to stop this!" screamed Ben. 

"KEEP IT GOING!" she belted out. 

But finally it suddenly ended and although Anna was invigorated and even stronger, with possible new powers, she felt drained beyond belief. She could barely run. Try as she might, she could not open up a portal yet. She groaned in anger and self-frustration. She had been in the past for way too long.




"So you didn't only sleep with your brother, Miss Moore?" asked Freya. "Who else was there? Who is her real father?"





Anna wandered instinctively, back to the Moore house. She was tired and drained. She would try to go home in the morning. First she needed a drink.

There was a party going on. And as she peered inside, she noticed that it was a mask party. She quickly grabbed a mask from the box outside the door with her super speed, and walked inside. She didn't look out of place here. Everyone was wearing a weird costume. Angry and frustrated, she began chugging down drink after drink, until the night had become a blur. 

Drunkenly, another girl had come up to her and said "It' birthday hehe! But my brother's not here yet! He said he would be! Asshole! Maybe you can take care of me. You look pretty cute in that mask and costume - hick- What are you supposed to be?"

"it's uh...a new guy. The movie will come out next year."

"Ohh! Awesome!" the girl said drunkenly. Her black hair swayed, and her eyes were a piercing blue. Anna was too drunk to stop herself but she knew this girl looked familiar. 

"You kinda look familiar ya know..."

"So do you."

"Oh touche!" The ravenhead giggled. "Now come on...I'm bi and it's my birthday. I want a guy tonight and a girl tonight! It will be totally sweet!"

"Oh well..." Anna looked at her with renewed interest. "Maybe I can show you a few things about how girls should make love." She was too drunk to stop, though she knew deep down it was seriously wrong to cheat on her mother and sister, trapped in the past. But perhaps because of her drunkenness, need to have some kind of emotional comfort, she gave in. 

They began fiercely kissing. I think. I don't know I don't really remember this part.


Back at the party, Matt Moore was readying himself. Maybe, he would finally make a move on his little sister. 

But as the girl began grabbing at her pants, she realized that it was a bulge. 

"You...have a dick, miss? How?" 

"Yeah I'm trans."

"Ohh!" now that made a whole lot more sense."I've never been with a trans girl." the girl smirked, and kissed her hard. 

"Well I've never been with a girl as young as you."

"Shut up! I'm 18!" she squealed indignantly. "Please I need to be comforted. My brother's not here yet and I'm so sad." Is she fucking her brother? She couldn't be sure.

"Alright..." Anna gave in and kissed back. She ran her hands along the girl, taking charge firmly, and throwing her onto the bed. The girl squealed in delight, and kissed her. Anna kissed down to her breasts, suckling on her nipples as she had done many times with her mother. 

As she had done with her mother, she moved down again and sucked on the girl's clit who moaned in pleasure. 

"Ohh...miss that's so nice!" 

She wanted to pull off the mask and see who it was, but the girl shook her head. 

"No fun if you know who I am, miss."

Anna accepted that, and continued her ministrations. 

"Ohh holy fuck, miss trans girl you really know how to do that! Fuck, I think I will cum soon! This feels so nice! I can't wait to fuck my brother like this!" but then she suddenly stopped and held a hand to her mouth, ashamed. 

"What must you think of me? I'm such a brocon..."

Anna smiled knowingly, "It's really alright, I promise. I fucked my sister."

"W-wow! She took your thing in her...."

"Yeah. More or less." she neglected to tell her she had claimed Ashley's ass, not her pussy. Her cock became much harder at the thought of Ashley's ass, and sucked the girl's clit harder. 

"Ohh yess! Now come on I can't wait any longer! I need your big trans dick in me!"

Obliging, Anna freed her cock and slowly pushed inside of the girl. SHe had no idea why she was so drunk as to do this, why she was cheating on her mother and sister, but she was so tired and fed up with everything, why her father was such a cockhead, why she still didn't feel strong enough to defeat Red Mask that she needed a release. 

"I shouldn't be doing this,.."

"Ah me neither but you know what? You deserve to fuck my naughty pussy, babe!"

Anna sighed, "What the hell?" and plunged her cock inside deeper. 

"Ahhh're really....big! Oh! Oh! Ahh! Mmm! Mm! Fuck me!"

Anna started a steady rythym once the girl's pussy was used to her, and then began ramming her hard. 

"Jesus, fuck, miss. You're really tight. I love your little pussy!"

"Yesss, trans miss, I love it! Fuck me. Just fuck me harder. Don't hold anything back!"

"But...." Anna frowned, "I'm not wearing protection."

For some reason, Anna knowing this wasn't stopping her. If she cummed in some poor girl trapped in the past, when she got back would she have a son or daughter somewhere out there? It terrified her. But lost in her lust and haze, she couldn't think clearly and continued to fuck the girl into the bed. 

"Mmm! Ohh ohh! Ohh! I think...I'm gonna cum! Let's cum!"

"Fuck yeah, i'm gonna cum in your tight lovely little pussy! Take it!"

She spurted her cum out, moaning loudly in pleasure. 

"Wow!" squeaked the girl, exhausted. "That was..."


Cum leaked out of her pussy, and she giggled drunkenly. 

"Woah.....i wonder if I'm pregnant now..."

Anna, still disturbed to think she might be and that this was a serious violation of time, got dressed and began to head out. 

BUt before she did, the mask of her partner slipped off, and revealed the face of.....Jill Moore, her mother. 15, young, vulnerable and impressionable. Apparently not a virgin. 

"What...the...fuck. What have I just done!" screamed Anna. 

I don't ..even.... Mum?  But....why did I not piece this together?  I fucked my the past.....I am so fucking disgusting and weird. What if I had gotten her pregnant? It would be...i don't even know what! I have gotten her pregnant and I'm so excited to meet my sister but....I am glad Matt's my father. 




"No," said Jill, "An hour before I fucked my brother that night there was another weird masked girl...but she stormed out before we had even really gotten started. She was....trans." it looked as if something dawned on Jill.

"She get you pregnant?"

"I....I always thought Matt did...but..."




"Wait! I....don't even get a last kiss?"

Jill began to cry drunkenly and stumbled into the bathroom to clean up the cum out of her.

"No one likes me....they all leave...."

But then Matt came through the door.

"I will never abandon you, little sister." 

Emotional and vulnerable, Jill Moore fucked her brother that night. Unknown to everyone else, she also fucked her daughter. 

" won't?" she sniffled. "Big brother...."

For the last few months Jill had been dressing sexier and behaving sexier. Matt found that amazing, and so cute. Jill was too cute not to make love to. He slowly put his hand on her tummy. 

"No....let me show you. Let me show you how much big bro loves you."


He laid her down on the bed, and softly kissed her on the lips, ignoring her pleas.


Anna stormed out, disgusted with herself, and disgusted what she had heard. Matt basically raped her impressionable drunk mother. He was a douchebag! If she could kill her father, she would. If she could kill herself, she would. She was as bad. SHe was drunk as well so maybe it was more morally ok than what Matt had done....

Then her phone rang.

"Anna?" It was Ben. "Anna It's Ben Steel. You need to come back to the lab."

She rose up into the air, and flew back to Steelcorp.

"What? What's going on?"

"I took a sample of your DNA from when you were in here. I found something..." he looked a bit sick to the stomach.  What could be this final revelation?

"Your DNA is 25% that of your mother's."

"So...?" she was confused.

"So that's impossible. Who's your father?"

"Matt Moore. Her brother."

"Even so with those genetic similarities....this is genetically impossible. Was he her twin brother?"

"No, much older."

"OK...did she sleep with anyone else?"

Anna was like a deer caught in headlights. Oh....Oh my god......What the fuck? I.....What have I done? Is this....why I had to travel back in time?

"M...Me." she croaked out. "Me."

"You? You fucked your mother? While you're n the past?" 

"I know I know! I fuck her in my time! I also didn't know it was her, for God's sake!" Ben clearly looked a bit sick but let it pass. 


"She had a mask on."

"Shit....well I'm sorry Anna but I think you're your own mother!"

Chapter Text

"Oh my god..." Anna tried to sit down in shock and despair. They had really hit the incestuous jackpot. She was her own mother through time shenanigans, and Ashley was her sister and daughter.For some reason in her mind, this was going further than simply making love to your own parent. 

"So what happens if i just never went through that portal?"

"Now it could be a paradox, yeah, but there's also the multiverse theory. Maybe this plays out the way it was always going to play out, or you've entered a parallel dimension. Everything happened the same, but you impregnated your mother instead of your uncle." She could tell Ben was both horrified and curious for the scientific implications.

"So I wasn't originally my own mother?"

"Perhaps not, if you've created a new universe by the simple act of breaking the time space barrier."

Anna sighed, rubbing her head, "I don't know tech stuff."

"OK listen, there's a million different theories going around, and paradoxes. For this to not be a paradox, and i don't know, destroy the universe, you would have to be in a loop where you always came here, or you branched off into a new universe, and impregnated that Jill Moore. So when you get back, the changes you find there may not be exactly the same timeline as you remember. Or you always went back, and nothing happens. Or because you went back, you have deleted the original version of events and overwritten it, with only you being aware of the original timeline."

"OK, but what happens if I never got these abilities, nor did evil me?"

"Then that is just one more possibility in the infinite multiverse. I would like to keep you here and study you but it seems like you must go back."

"I do. My sister-daughter is in serious danger. Evil me is about to remake the planet in her own image with a super-army from the future."

'jesus..." moaned Ben. "Sounds like a bad sci fi novel."

"Hey I guess I'm just living the dream Marty Mcfly never did."

Ben chuckled, and then bid her farewell. 

"Go save the world, my friend."

"We're friends...?"

"Of course. And at the risk of doing more damage to the timeline, my lips are sealed about you. We never met, you never came here."

Anna smiled, "Thank you."

She then readied herself, re-ernegized and flew in a straight line, faster and faster, the wind catching in her hair until there was a sonic boom. She flew faster, grunting until finally, there was a blue swirling portal opening up in the sky ever so briefly. She flew right through it.




Freya thought of something. 

"You said that Anna had been visited by her future self. And now it's evil her, but you said there's no other daughters for her to be. She must be from the future as well. And if that is the case, perhaps the trans girl you slept with 19 years ago to this day...."

Jill slowly realised it had to be the truth. Perhaps because she never dared with a paternity test, she just assumed her brother was their father but she was so drunk that it could have been the other girl. And the other girl, although she was masked, could have been yet another time traveller. 


Ashley pounded on her prison, until finally, while Red Mask was distracted in the massive battle, finally split it apart and broke free.


She walked up to challenge Red Mask again, when the sky began to shake, and a new portal opened up. 

Out flew Anna once again. For her it had been several hours but for them it was only two minutes. She scanned the battlefield and noticed her sister was free. 

She touched down, creating a small crater near her sister-daughter.

Anna, still a little shaken by the revelation, was reluctant to hug her. She felt invigorated. New powers coursed through her mind. Untested but still there. Perhaps powers even her evil older future self didn't know about. That was her final hope. That the multiverse theory was true and this evil her was from another universe, thus making her own actions to stop her unpredictable.

"Baby Sis! I'm so sorry for not telling you I have powers! ..A-Anna? What is it?"

"Fuck...I have to tell you, don't I?"

"Tell me what, Anna...?" She was starting to scare her. 

"I was just in the past....19 years ago."

Ashley moved her head down, as if she knew what was coming.

"I met Mum but...I didn't know, I swear I didn't know! It just...happened. I was really drunk. I'm so sorry for cheating on you!"

"But if what you're saying is true..."

Anna nodded gravely, "I'm your mother too. I'm my mother, actually. Who knows, maybe Mum is just another alternate version of me!"

"This is fucked." Ashley said, her head swirling. She didn't mean to break this to her so harshly but they had very little time. 

"I'm sorry. But if we are to have any chance at winning this thing, I need you to do one last thing with me."

"I'm your.....daughter and sister?"

"Yeah. I'm sorry..."

"You didn't mean to. I don't know tech stuff but isn't that a paradox?"

"Listen, we're here. I'm still here, so are you. Obviously I did something right fucking Mum in the past. I haven't blown up the universe...yet."

 Ashley let out a soft giggle, sniffling. 

"Are you with me, baby?"

Ashely collected herself and said "Always."

"Good. Now hold my hands."

She raised up her hands and joined them with Ashley's tightly. 

"You have the same powers as me so this should work." Deep inside Anna's mind, after the second exposure to the anti matter, she had gained a few new abilities. One she wasn't too sure would work. But they had to try if they had any chance of winning this.

"I trust you, Anna." 

Anna nodded, "I love you Ashley. I always will." There was a humming sound that got louder and louder. 

Red Mask was alerted to this, finally, and yelled, "No....Nooooooo!"

The humming grew louder until it was a rumbling. Energy coated the twins into a bubble, swirling with new power. Their hands began to slowly merge together. Anna smiled, knowing it was working but Ash was freaking out. 

"W-what's happening? Holy shit!"

After a final tremendous wave of expelling energy, the barrier vanished. 

The armies stood at a standstill, awaiting what would happen and an explanation of what had just happened. 

The two sisters were gone. Simply gone. In their place there was only one figure standing, triumphant. 

Red Mask panicked, and flew straight at the new figure, who casually blocked the punch and turned it clockwise, almost cracking the villain's wrist. 

"AAhghhh what the fuck!"

"Won't be that easy, Anna."


"It's not mine either...." said the new figure. The dust cleared, and there stood a being who resembled Anna and Ashley but they had a new, darker colored Athena costume. No mask, only the new face which had no scars anymore from Anna's previous battles. 

"I don't know what happened to you in the future but I can't let you do this, Anna. What do you call the fusion of Ashley Moore and Anna Moore? I did wonder that. My Rhayla."

Anna's final trump card was now revealed. Red Mask gritted her teeth in rage, and a touch of fear. The new entity was pushing the bounds of what was possible with their abilities. The twins had come this distance, joined at the hip. They did everything together, and while they had disagreements, were inseparable to an incestuous degree. Identical from birth, Anna had always considered Ashley to be the other half of her soul, and vice versa. Now they were truly joined. Now they were truly one. As both twins and mother and daughter, this yielded a union only possible for them. This was the birth of Rhayla, the most powerful being to have ever lived. A goddess.

The final duel of hero and villain was about to truly reach its climax.

Chapter Text

The new being shone with new power and purpose.

Red Mask stared in both awe and fear, trying again to attack and defeat her. She powered up to her maximum, with a terrible scream.


The entire Earth shook. Windows nearby shattered, and the armies, still in combat amongst them, stopped to watch in awe at the two gods unleashing their entire might.

Rhayla responded, powering herself up with the combined power of the now united twins. The new woman was a perfect mix of the two. All of the positives, very little negatives. The body was stronger than anything they could have done apart, and thus could hold far more energy in her body.

They then screamed again and surged at each other, fists outstretched. They clashed, and the resulting explosion knocked many of the warriors around them on their knees, and sent shockwaves for miles around. Shattering even the news cameras.

“I’m sorry, we seem to have lost the feed.” Said a newscaster. “One can only hope the new Athena can save the world!”


They recovered from the explosion and began an all out slugfest. Rhayla threw heavy punches at Red Mask's stomach, and she countered with her own. 

"It''s truly hard to believe. The brutality....I don't think Athena's ever taken a beating like this before. This battle is on a whole other level..." said a reporter. 

"Our feed has returned and we are seeing the epic final battle between Athena and the strange new enemy that has appeared. Some speculate that this is who was responsible for the crime wave and the new army that has just appeared-"

Blow after blow, shockwaves exploding outward, finally they raised their hands and unleashed a final beam struggle. 

Red Mask screamed, and was finally overpowered, the blast hitting her side.


As the dust settled, Red Mask was on her knees, wounded. Her arm was burned, and half her face scratched.

Rhayla towered over her, sad and resigned. She had a cut on her lip, and was slightly limping.

“Please don’t make me do this. Just give it up. This isn’t you. You’re not the person you’re pretending to be.”

“Fuck…” Red Mask spat up blood. “Fuck, man….I just….You wouldn’t understand why.”

“Then tell me, and I’ll try.” Rhayla said softly. “I’m half you. I may be the only person on this planet who can.”

“It happens a few months from now…Mum is going to get crushed by rubble. It was one of the new murderbots that a rogue cult sent after me. I barely beat it but it shot a missile at our house and Mum was…c-crushed. Along with Frey and Alex. Ash couldn’t take it, and killed herself not long after. I…I broke.

“I didn’t know where to turn. I tried many times to kill myelf as well but we’re just too immortal, and strong, Rhayla. After my last failed attempt, I realized something. I was a god if I couldn’t die. Gods can’t die. And if I was one, maybe I could prevent what happened to me from happening to anybody else. My methods as you know were…a little wrong.”

“A little wrong?” she said incredulously. “You terrorized us.”

“To get my army through! And for that I needed your powers. To weaken you physically and emotionally so you could give them to me. Alone I couldn’t power the device. But with my past self….”

Rhayla shook her head, “You haven’t driven the good from you fully. You can’t. You’re hurting…you’re alone. You let the pain consume you. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You had a hard time of it. But it’s never too late to change. I feel that perhaps you are lashing out because you don’t want to be hurt again, don’t want to feel again. But that’s the greatest weapon we have. You love me. You remember every second you spent with me. I know you do. Your eyes betray you.”

“Nothing betrays me!” She snarled.

“Your hesitance does. You can’t destroy us any easier than you can destroy love as a concept. Stand down, and I will show you that love can overcome that pain. You showed me no one knows me better than me. Look…”

She disappeared through a portal, and in nearly an instant, came back with another Rhayla in tow. She then gave that new Rhayla a passionate kiss.

“Feel it. Feel the love. If you allow yourself to, you will achieve a power that no one else can match. We’ll give our family a piece of our power like you did for Deimos. If they’re all super, they’re protected.”

Red Mask’s eyes widened, as if she didn’t think of that. She tore off the mask and crushed it in her hands.

“I….I loved them so fucking much. My Ashley is dead.”

“She is. But I have her memories in addition to Anna’s. I know how much her death would have affected Anna. We’ll save them. You just need to end this. Come home.”

Red Anna nodded sadly, tears freely falling from her eyes. The pain and weight of her crimes were weighing heavily upon her.

“Everything I’ve done….”

“I’ll protect you, Anna.” She held out her hand, and Red Anna hesitantly and slowly reached up and tried to grab it. But she suddenly pulled her hand away and pressed a button on a device. The battle instantly ended as the future army was pulled through the portal.

Initially angry, the two Rhaylas now were smiling proudly, as their final battle came to an end. The second Rhayla nodded to herself, and hung back for the time being.

The General of the remaining defenders of the city limped up to the Rhaylas to salute them before they sped away back to the Moore house.

“Girls!” Jill yelled but stopped when she saw Red Anna. She backed away in fear.

‘Mum it’s ok…” said Rhayla. “She saved us and sent that army back through to the future.”


“Who even are you?” demanded Alex. “You look like Anna but kind of not.”

“I am Rhayla. In the final battle, Anna had to fuse with Ashley to save the city. Resulting in my birth. I have all of their memories but I’m my own person.”

‘You’re my daughter, honey. Nothing will ever change that.”

Rhayla sniffled, and then tightly hugged her mother-girlfriend.

“What a trip…” quipped Alex. Freya was also struggling to take this information in but as always, she was supportive and happy. She mourned the death of Anna and her ex but if this new entity really had Anna’s consciousness, she supposed she would get over it.

Rhayla  then calmly explained Red Anna’s reasons and backstory.

“She never intended on killing or even seriously injuring any of us. Only gaining the means by which to stop what happened to her from happening to anyone else ever again.”

“I know I don’t deserve forgiveness,” croaked Red Anna. “But I destroyed my past. I destroyed that fucking mask and sent my army back where it came from. I’m ready to embrace your love, Mummy….if you’ll have me back.”

“Oh..oh my darling girl! I knew you could never drive the good from you completely! I’m sorry you lost me and I wasn’t there for you when you needed me.”

"Mum...when I was in the past, i discovered the truth. I am my own father, not Dad."

"I'm so sorry, baby. What must you think of me? I think deep down I always knew but tried to deny it. That makes Ashley Anna's sister and daughter."

"I know but I am neither...and both. I'm home now if you will have me."

"O-of course, baby!"

Freya struggled to accept the reality her best friend had strayed from the path but now was back on it. She shook with regret that she couldn’t talk Red Anna down, that she wasn’t there for her when she needed her most.

Rhayla then stepped forward and placed her hand on all three of their shoulders. Nothing happened at first, but suddenly they were encased in pale blue energy.

“I gave you a small drop of my powers. Now you can fight alongside Red Anna and I. Together we will forge a new future.’

She then took Red Anna in her arms and gave her a loving kiss.

Their war was over, and from the dark path, birthed new love.


That night, Future Rhayla came back to the house.

“Oh this is another time clone of sorts I made.” She explained to Jill.

‘Hi, babe.” The other Rhayla gave Rhayla a kiss. Then Red Anna kissed them both, making out passionately.

Jill stepped in and kissed Future Rhayla.

“You taste different to my daughters…But it’s a good different.” She smiled.

The Rhaylas grinned. They stripped off their mother and stripped off themselves.

"Wait...there's three of us. Well why stop there? If I can grab one of myself from the near future, I can grab several.”

“We probably shouldn’t…” warned Red Anna.

“Live a little!” she insisted, and zipped out of the room. Suddenly the entire room was buzzing in speedsters. Jill counted 18 Rhaylas, including the “original.” They came to call them time clones but Rhayla had fallen in love with herself and would never dream of mistreating the new Rhaylas or considering them lesser than the original. They were all her.

"Hi." They all said at once. "The other Rhayla explained everything! This is so hot!" Because these were Rhaylas from a few minutes in the future, they knew and remembered everything.

They pounced onto the bed, and began fiercely kissing both each other and the original Rhayla. As one Rhayla licked one's pussy, that Rhayla was sucking another's breasts. 

Rhayla loved each and every one of her selves. They made her feel complete. Her devious, horny idea felt so good and tasted so good.

Now the room was a mass of sweat, cum, and saliva, as they engaged in mass selfcest and incest sex.

Two Rhaylas fucked their mother, in both the pussy and asshole.

“Yess, honey, fuck my pregnant pussy. Your daughter’s on her way, honey.”

“Yes, Mummy and we will make more with you. Take our cocks in your ass, you sexy girl.”

Jill moaned, as her asshole was brutally stuffed with two cocks. She felt so stretched, but was used to it by now. She moaned deliciously, begging for more. 

"Yes,I'm your pregnant anal slut, honey. Harder!"

Rhayla kissed her mother and continued to fuck her hard. One of the Rhaylas sucked on her pregnant tits, as another licked the pussy Anna was born from. 

"Go easy on me. I was only born 3 hours ago.." Rhayla whispered to another Rhayla, who smirked knowingly, as she slid her dick inside her own ass. Another pair of Rhaylas was engaged in a dance of passion, rubbing their cocks together and kissing. 

Another pair was in a 69 position giving each other blowjobs and cumming in each other's mouths.

Two Rhaylas fucked Red Anna. She also took double cock in her ass. But she welcomed it as she had become seriously masochistic. 

“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!” she had been saying for the last few hours, and although everyone in the house had forgiven her, she was still wracked with guilt for the damage she had caused.

Rhayla cummed hard inside her mother's pussy, as if hoping that she would somehow get pregnant again.

Rhayla no longer felt intense jealousy or overprotectiveness. She felt Jill able to take poundings from her far harder than she originally could. The powers were kicking in, though they were mostly gifted durability and little else. Nevertheless, she had changed over the course of the events of the last few months. Maybe it was the fusion of the two minds but Rhayla’s mind was calmer, wiser and more peaceful.

Anna’s crippling insecurities were falling away, though still present in Red Anna. Ashley’s crippling jealousy and overprotectiveness was gone. She had realized it was wrong not to let her loved ones spread their wings. She no longer felt so responsible for Red Anna or wanted her mother to only be in their circle. She now felt that she could freely invite others to join in. She only hoped that Frey and Alex would be interested.

Red Anna was happier now than in several years of loneliness and despair. She felt her pain melting away. Suddenly a sharp pain pierced her head as memories from the new corrected timeline entered her head.

“Are you ok?” said one Rhayla, worried.

“Yes…Actually I’m more than ok. Rhayla you did it! In the corrected timeline, we’re all alive!

They were all alive? She had done it? The Rhaylas collectively were relieved, and then resumed their lovemaking, especially kissing and licking Red Anna.


“What…the fuck!” yelled Alex. “This is so weeeiirdd! There’s like….20 of you now?”

“Well they can go back to their own timelines whenever they wish. But yes they’re all technically me.”

“Jesus, Rhayla.”

“Enjoying your abilities, Alex?” she wryly smirked.

“Oh…oh yeah! Thank you so much! I can lift a friggin bed no sweat! Pound Freya as hard as I want!”

Freya blushed, “N-not in front of-“

“That reminds me….” Rhayla said before pulling her shirt open and bra up. “I’ve been meaning to extend you a formal invitiation into our…festivities. Frey, I know you said-“

But Freya had long since reconsidered. She was extremely happy with Alex but joining in polyamory especially with Miss Moore in the fold greatly opened her mind up to the idea.

"Oh,'re half my best friend, half my other best friend nee ex! It's the best of both worlds, and I've genuinely fallen for you. You know where I stand." Rhayla smiled broadly and happily, then stepped forward and hugged her best friend-girlfriend-sister tight.

“Um well…Alex?”

Alex could only seductively and mischeviously grin.

“I would fuck every last one of ya.” If her age represented any guilt for Rhayla, she did not show it. In most nations, 16 was the legal age.

Rhayla then sauntered forward and finally kissed her new sister Alex.

“Should I call you sister or girlfriend?” asked Alex, breathing hard and licking her lips after the kiss.

“Mum will draw up adoption papers. You will be officially my sister by next week.”

Alex squealed happily and jumped onto her, kissing her, with Rhayla’s hands cupping her bum.

Jill suddenly interrupted, “Listen to this, Rhayla.”

“Footage that survived the final battle, has determined that somehow there is a new Athena in town. She fused with another woman that had been present in the battle, and disappeared with the masked figure that had apparently released the army into our world. But now outlets all across the world have crowned Athena “Queen of the Heroes.”

All across the world, copycats have begun to pop up. The Queen of the Heroes is not available for comment but it seems the battle may have been responsible.”

Richard Steel, head scientist was being interviewd, “That final clash released huge amounts of anti matter. This city may be ground zero for a new wave…a new species of humanity may have been born. Only time will tell.”

“Scattered reports are saying that there are over a dozen Athenas all around the city, patrolling it. Either this is yet another new power of hers, or she has cloned herself somehow!”

“You want to know what I think?” sneered a right wing radio host. “She’s a fake. Just doing it for the attention. What is the government doing? We should be exterminating these freaks!” but such people were in the minority.

The Queen of the Heroes was soon famous in the same way that previous US presidents were, and legendary figures like Achilles. Greek mythology born again.

Crime took a giant nosedive as the Athenas were able to cover several times the ground in a matter of hours, ten times faster and stronger than ever before. With three additions, Star-Woman (Jill), Valkyrie (Freya) and Aphrodite (Alex). They were truly united as a family.

That night, they engaged in another passionate orgy.

“Uhh uh uh! Fuck, you’re so big, Anna!” moaned Alex, as Red Anna hammered her pussy. Freya never dreamed that this would have been her fate, and never dreamed she would love her new lover’s dick this much. Red Anna had not shown any signs of relapsing into her old ways, and despite remembering the older failed timeline,

Rhayla and Red Anna had conquered their own inner pain and evil. She had finally found happiness. As the last traces of pain vanished, the Rhaylas shared a kiss with the nearest time-remnant, passionately. 

"I love you guys." Red Anna whispered as her lovers cuddled her tightly.

"I love you too." Red Anna giggled at the vibration of their voices.

Suddenly the room shook, and a portal opened up.

Out stepped a dark haired young girl, who pulled off her superhero mask, and said “Hi Mums!”

Rhayla was astounded. “Um….are you our daughter from the future?”

“My name’s Chloe Alexis Moore. I just turned 19 in my timeline! Nice to meetcha! Little me, she’s so cute!” she coo’d to Jill’s stomach. “Now…can I join in?”

Rhayla rolled her eyes, and sighed. “Fine.”  She then sped forward and kissed her future daughter on the lips.

Chloe squeaked in delight, and pulled off her shirt to reveal soft cute breasts. Rhayla and Jill then got to work on sucking their daughter’s tits, and making her moan.

“Please, Mums…fuck me hard!”

“Do we fuck you in the future?”

“Yes but I want to pull a you and try and make a little sister with my young mother’s cum!”

“Jesus what have I done?” grumbled Rhayla while everyone there laughed amusedly.

All across the house, they had incestuous fun. Chloe got fucked up her ass by Aunt Alex and her mothers. While Alex was getting fucked in her ass and pussy by two Rhaylas.


1 week later


Rhayla touched down in Steelcorp Labs. 

"Mr Steel."

"Athena. To what do I owe the pleasure? Or should I say...Anna Moore?" Rhayla frowned. She had thought she'd been so good at keeping her identity buried.

"Rhayla Moore now."

"O-of course."

"Why haven't you told anyone?" She had been wondering this. 

"How did you know we knew-"

"Super hearing." she said matter of factly.

"Of course...Well we are scientists, Miss Moore. We search for truth. We do not search to harm you or your family. If that's not enough, consider it thank you.. for saving the city, and everything you have done. Thank brother spoke highly of you. He never gave you up either, but I found out much later on he knew who you were.'

Rhayla flashed back to her time in the past. She did remember Richard's elder brother, Ben and how he had given her the power to save the city. 

"My friend..." he took Rhayla's hand and shook it. "You will always be my greatest creation even if I had not meant to create you."

"It's ok, Mr Steel. I hope I can make you and my mother proud, by always using my powers for the betterment of others."

"I would expect nothing less. Good luck with your kid."

Rhayla whirled on him, "How did you-"

"Technology. I don't judge, you know. Just...raise her right, my friend."

Rhayla smiled a farewell, then jetted off into the night sky.


2 weeks later


Crime was down. The city healed and had begun its rebirth. The mayor called upon Athena and asked her to be given the Key to the City. Her official coronation as queen of the superheroes.

"When I was crowned Queen of the Heroes two weeks ago, I never expected this world to bounce back in the way that it has. With all the new heroes popping up, I know they will only live up to the example I have set, and continue to strive for equality and acceptance in all things. I humbly accept the Key to the City."

The crowd erupted in an uprorious applause, and in the crowd, stood her entire family minus her time remnants. Red Anna stood in as "proof" Athena wasn't Anna whenever someone got too close to Mount Olympus. However the new incest family was quite careful, even if their interactions even in public were far too weirdly close to be normal. 

That was after all how Freya figured it out. But not everyone knew the Moores like Freya did. 

The Moores had risen up, from a simple crush on her own twin sister, to taking the global lead in the superhero revolution all across the wrold, now patrolled by her time remnants. 

"We love you Athena!" squealed her fans. 

"Queen of the Heroes! Queen of the Heroes!" chanted the crowd. She had been truly crowned.


8 months later.


Rhayla kissed her mother-wife's tummy softly. She proposed three months ago and Jill had said yes. 

“Little me! Finally!” coo’d Chloe.

“Look she’s so cute, Mummy.” Said Alex.

“Oh she is, my girls.” Jill said as baby Chloe fed from her lactating breast peacefully. Their new family was complete and they all were happier than they had ever been. Rhayla loved her new daughter Chloe with all of her heart. She loved her mother-wife. She loved her two new sister-girlfriends Freya and Alex. She loved each and every one of her nineteen selves. 

Love in the end had finally won.


The End.


A/A well that's the end. I suppose now it all came around full circle, each storyline, and now it should make sense why I needed powers and time travel to exist (the mass selfcest). thanks for all the kudos and comments.