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Black and Gold

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Gabriel was currently searching over the crowds of angels, looking for the familiar sight of black wings. All six of his gold ones fluttered with excitement. Tonight was the official mating of every angel that had come of age. While he, as an archangel, was merely supposed to overview any mating that was to occur, he was also searching for a certain young garrison captain. If there was someone else the crowds tonight that was to mate with him, then Gabriel would not get into his younger brother’s way. However, if no one was to express that they had discovered they had the bond needed to mate, Gabriel’s grace awaited eagerly to reach out to him. If his brother was to return the yearning, not even Michael the ruler and eldest of all angels, could forbid them from mating.

The only problem with this plan was that if Gabriel’s grace did not receive the yearning he it searched for and Michael or Raphael were to find out, he could be severely punished. Mind pulling him back from the distraction of possible rejection, the last garrison of angels appeared with their captain with the black wings. God’s original angels came in a few select colors- archangels the only ones able to have gold, silver, bronze, and white- which rarely included black. In fact, the young captain’s wings were the only black wings he had ever seen. There were browns and greys and coppers, along with the scattered dark reds and tans. But he had only ever seen one black.

The air was filled with the excited buzzing of grace. Tonight would be their one chance to mate. If they did not find their mate here, they never would. Each angel slowly moved into place forming a nice square. As the official ceremony started, Gabriel allowed his eyes to fall shut with the other angels as their grace started to wander. Graces entangled quickly with other angel’s. Once two graces found themselves bound, the angels stood and flew out of the square slowly leaving multiple holes in the square. Gabriel’s grace searched eagerly for the young angel’s grace, not touching anyone else’s. The angel’s grace passed through others left and right not bonding with anyone. Soon less than fifty angels remained in the square. Even then, they slowly found their mate. When only Gabriel’s grace remained floating there, the angel’s grace reached out, desperate and scared. He did not want to be the only angel to not mate. But when Gabriel’s grace entangled with his own, it cried out like poor human soul, eager for the comfort. Gabriel’s eyes shot open as the angel stood and withdrew his grace, looking around for who he had just bonded with. When his eyes met Gabriel, he looked fearful. Gabriel stood there with open arms, beckoning him to come.

All the other angels watched in shock that an archangel had just bonded with an angel. It was strictly forbidden to even speak about the four eldest brothers, nonetheless talk to them. They watched the young angel cautiously approach Gabriel, falling to one knee before him. This was what all angels were taught to do when approaching an archangel. Gabriel shook his head and pulled the angel up into his arms. The mating ceremony ended and all the angels disappeared as they went to an isolated spot in Heaven with their mates. Gabriel and the young angel were no different besides the fact that the angel looked fearful that he might be smote on the spot.

Gabriel spoke to the angel for the first time. “Relax. You’re my mate now, nothing and no one will hurt you. What’s your name? I’m Gabriel.”

“I am Castiel. I know who you are sir,” he whispered gently, not daring to look at him.

Feeling a bit hurt that the grace, whom had earlier yearned for his touch, now hid itself from his. It was too late to break the bond as they were one the second they had met. Gabriel had known the eagerness had been too good to be true. This angel, Castiel, had not truly wanted him. He stepped away, feeling awful now.

“Do not call me sir. There is no need. As I said before, you are my mate Castiel,” he extended his hand in an offer to the young angel. “Please do not fear me. I was the one who met your grace. I was the one who truly wished for us to have a bond.”

Castiel spoke cautiously, unused to an archangel being so kind. Normally the only archangel he communed with was Michael and he was harsh, giving orders with no room for argument. He knew Raphael was loyal to Michael and therefore the same way. Lucifer though ignored the other angels considering them to be lower beings. He had never been told much about Gabriel besides the fact that he was the main messenger angel in times of trouble. “S- Gabriel... I was brought to believe that archangels were not to mate. Has this changed?”

“No... We still are not allowed to do so really, but I have wished to mate with you with some time. From the first time I saw your grace come to life, I have been waiting for you to become of age. I apologize if I have forced something that you did not want,” Gabriel’s grace flickered with disappointment in himself.

“I wished for a mate, I just was sure that we were not to bond. That we would be punished for such a treason.”

“As long as we were to finishing mating soon,” he begun, “we would be fine. Once we have been mated, nothing besides death has the power to destroy that bond.”

Gabriel felt Castiel’s grace open to him. “With your permission, will you allow me to be your mate?” Castiel asked softly, stepping closer to the archangel, hand carefully taking Gabriel’s.

“You may,” was the answer as Gabriel pulled Castiel into a firm hug.

He allowed his grace to flow and entangle with Castiel’s for several minutes before recognizing the new, yet familiar, feeling of a mating. His grace fully encased the young angel’s, allowing it to rest safely in its mate’s. Gabriel could feel Castiel relaxing, both in mind and body. When they finally withdrew, Gabriel gave a fond smile. Castiel looked much more relaxed now.

“May I ask you why an archangel had a desire to mate with me?” Castiel asked gently.

“Simple,” Gabriel answered, “your grace spoke to me.”

Seeing the confused look on Castiel’s face, Gabriel decided to elaborate. “I had seen almost every angel that God has ever created. The exceptions are my three elder brothers. But when I saw you... Something made you stand out. As the messenger angel, I was deliver your name to any and every angel. However, since I was irresponsible and foolish then, I took my time. Almost seven days went by before your name was known. I lied to everyone else, saying I had become distracted. In reality I was getting to know what exactly it was that day when I felt your grace spark to life. I’ve known since that day that you and I were potential mates.”

“I never told anyone else. The day that two angels first mated, I, along with every other archangel, was told that we were not to mate nor have fledglings. If they had known that you were to possibly be my mate when you came of age, they would have surely killed you and I know that I could not have stood for that. It would have torn me apart to lose you without even knowing you. I asked for your name today because I knew you would have never kept the one our Father originally gave you. No angel ever does. But I do find it interesting that you didn’t stray too far from your given name. I also find your wing color beautiful and very unique... It does leave me to wonder what is in store for you. No other angel to this day has had black wings. I do hope it stays that way.”

Castiel was astounded by this all. “May I ask one more question?”

“Of course.”

“Why have archangels been forbidden from certain things? And why are there only four of you and you are the only ones with those wing colors?”

A bit surprised by the question and taking a moment to think, Gabriel smiled at Castiel. “Fly with me,” he said softly. “We should go to Earth where it will be safer to speak of such things.”

Both of them flew down to Earth where it was easier to tune out of the angel chatter to the garden which their Father had labeled, Eden. It was splendid place, with every plant and animal imaginable. All of the angels had found it perfect, especially Gabriel’s older brother Lucifer. It was the most peaceful place they knew of.

“Archangels... Have always had it a bit rougher than the other angels. There are four archangels for the four main classes of angels. We have Michael, the angel of war. He’s the class you belong to. Lucifer is the angel peace. Raphael is angel of healing and then me. I’m the angel communication. For some reason, God saw these classes needed. I never truly understood it. As for our wings. Michael’s wings are white which are to represent his pureness and righteousness. Lucifer’s are bronze, which are to show how peace can be found in the simplest of things. Raphael’s wings are silver because of the remedies silver has. Mine are gold because I’m supposed to deliver nothing, but the golden truth,” he sighed softly. “Does that answer those questions?”

Castiel gave a slight nod. “What about the-“he began before Gabriel cut him off.

“The mating? Well, I happen to know that God say we should not mate because He wanted to keep our line forever pure. Mating can mean a fledgling. Fledglings can mean our line is no longer pure. Honestly, I think it’s stupid, but it’s the rules... Or something like that.”

Castiel looked down. “Oh... So we will never have fledgling to call our own?” he seemed rather sadden by this.

“No. That’s not what I said Castiel. If you want a fledgling, then we shall have one. I know I would love to have one,” he gently tilted Castiel’s chin up to give him a gentle kiss.

Feeling Castiel’s grace swell with joy, Gabriel reached out with his own, offering out the safety and rest that came with settling your grace in your mate’s. Castiel sighed softly when he felt the new grace cover his own and laid his head down gently on Gabriel’s shoulder. The garden was silently as the two mates rested there, feeling that while be mated would be a challenge they knew it was one thing they could manage.

After some time, Gabriel stood up, only manifesting two of his six wings as he stretched. “I’m sure we should get going. But allow me to just say this Castiel. I am very glad that you are my mate now. I swear to protect you as long as I live. Never shall any harm come to you when you are with me,” the archangel lowered his voice so that there was no chance any other angel could hear him. “Come with me Castiel. I wish to show you where you can find me if you ever truly need me.”

Castiel followed Gabriel up to Heaven, nearly in tears. “Thank you. Thank you so much. I cannot wait to have somewhere that I can call home with you,” Castiel threw himself into Gabriel’s arms whom caught him quickly.

“Don’t cry my beautiful. It’ll all be okay, I swear. We are going to have a wonderful life now. You will never have anything more to yearn for. I love you my beautiful,” he whispered and embraced Castiel as he cried, giving his angel the reinsurance and love that he needed.

Gabriel would withhold his promise if it was the last thing he did.