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The Rom-Com Equation

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Bakugou woke up to walls of gray, and a luxurious King-sized bed that was definitely not his. Sitting up, he felt an unfamiliar pain on his back side so his reflexes immediately told his hand to hold his lower back. He looked down to find a familiar mop of dual-toned hair and that’s when the dread started to settle. He almost wanted to shout at the other man but he wasn’t in the right mind to argue yet. For now, he had to rush to the bathroom because he definitely felt something cold and wet in his ass.

Bakugou turned on the shower and put gas hands against the marble walls, as if still trying to contemplate the authenticity of the whole situation. Upon the strange leaking feeling of liquid going out his asshole, he shuddered. He used one finger to open up his hole while the other went in to scoop out the sticky fluid inside him. He winced at the intrusion but decided against stopping. The faster he finished, the faster he could leave.

Bakugou took a deep breath and tried to dig deeper. He winced. He felt really sore....Maybe he’ll just have to pause for a moment before deciding to continue with the whole clean out process.

Unfortunately for Bakugou, his bed partner woke up at the worst time possible and barged in the worst time possible. His fingers was still stretching out his puckered hole while one hand was on the wall trying to keep him steady.

Seeing the attractive man’s face made Bakugou’s face contort into anger, “What the fuck do you want?”

Todoroki made no effort to talk and instead, picked up the shorter blonde with ease. Bakugou punched the hard chest of Todoroki, but didn’t succeed in even eliciting any form of reaction.

With both his hands on Bakugou’s ass for support, Todoroki roughly spread Bakugou’s hole and caused the latter to wrap his legs tight around Todoroki. Without warning, the taller man thrust half of his hard organ into Bakugou.

Bakugou whimpered. He felt so sore and stretched out. He wrapped his arms tighter around Todoroki’s neck as the latter continued the rough pace of thrusting in and out, pushing his dick deeper into Bakugou’s tight heat. Bakugou couldn’t even bring himself to shout profanities at Todoroki when he couldn’t help half the embarrassing sounds that came out of his mouth.

“T-t-odor-oki, s-stop!”

Todoroki thrust into Bakugou as deep as he can for the time being, and leaned close to push the blonde man to the wall and whispered, “I’m just a little over halfway inside you. I’m easing myself into your tight hole. Now if you don’t want that, I can always just push myself into you deep and fast.”

Bakugou seemed to have found some courage despite being shaken by the harsh and low tone of Todoroki, “Yeah right, you won’t do it. Because you’re a cowardly loser!”

Wrong move.

Todoroki immediately had his hands tight on Bakugou’s ass cheeks as he manhandled him to forcibly take on the entirety of Todoroki’s dick. Bakugou let out another gasp when the other man made the effort to keep himself buried deep to the hilt inside the blonde man. Todoroki pulled Bakugou closer, “you were saying?”

“You pervert!”

Todoroki traced the outline of his dick on Bakugou’s stomach, “I still win.”

Bakugou was trembling, “is this to get back at me for high school? You spineless bastard!”

“High school? Oh yeah, this is for all those boners you never helped me through. It’s just payback.”

Todoroki slowly lifted the blonde man’s trembling form and let go, letting Bakugou slam into the hard organ in a swift motion. Tears started to form in Bakugou’s eyes. The blonde man buried his face of Todoroki’s shoulder to hide the embarrassing expression he had on.

“I’m gonna kill you for this,”

“You’re already gonna kill me even without this.”