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Wonderbat Anthology

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Diana finished making her favorite iced mocha, the corners of her lips curling slightly in anticipation of the moment she could savor the chocolatey goodness of her drink. An endless string of missions had left her frazzled and more than ready for a break.

She swore if she had to deal with one more ungrateful person she was going to start banging heads together and make them realize just how grateful they should be. Sometimes dealing with the general public had its downside, testing her patience to its very limits.

An unexpected breeze caused the ends of her raven hair to flutter in response. “Wondy!” Flash greeted her with his typical exuberance. “How’s my favorite Amazon?”

“I’m the only Amazon you know,” she pointed out as she took her drink to sit at the table in the kitchen on the floating satellite.

“Minor detail,” he replied with a dismissive wave of his hand as he opened the refrigerator door. “You’re still my favorite. That’s all that matters.”

“What did you do today?” she asked before taking a drink of her mocha.

“You know…the ushe,” he muttered, sticking his head in the fridge as he searched for something.

Diana frowned slightly with his chosen word for usual. Even though she’d been in Man’s World for nearly two years, she was still trying to learn all the slang words and what they meant. Thankfully, Flash provided her ample learning experience.

Straightening up, Flash held up a can of whipped cream, removing the cap and promptly spraying a copious amount of whipped cream into his mouth all while keeping the nozzle from touching his lips. She watched in stunned disbelief as he recapped the can and shoved it back into the fridge.

“Well, gotta run,” he mumbled, his mouth full of whipped cream. “Got monitor duty in one minute. Better not be late to relieve Batman or he’ll have my head on a pike. See ya, Wondy.”

“Bye, Flash,” Diana softly murmured, her brow furrowed in thought as she considered what she had just seen happen.

It seemed rather odd to her see someone take a can of whipped cream and spray it into his mouth like that. It just seemed so…bad. Not to mention, it was unsanitary…wasn’t it? Actually, Flash held it far enough away from his mouth to keep the nozzle from touching his lips so what was so wrong with it?

While she was considered innocent and naïve by her teammates, she wasn’t beyond breaking the rules now and then. She definitely wasn’t a prude like Shayera thought and she wasn’t a rookie like John liked to call her at times.

Diana glanced down at her drink, biting at her bottom lip as she considered the options. Whipped cream would definitely hit the spot…especially in combination with her iced mocha. And, it had been a really bad day, one that she’d sooner forget about if at all possible. The best way to do that was with a sweet treat.

Slowly sliding her tongue over her bottom lip, she stood to her feet, the legs of her chair scraping softly against the steel floor. She took a long drink of her iced mocha before setting it down on the table and making her way to the refrigerator.

Her fingers wrapped around the handle of the refrigerator door as she contemplated her next move, her back straight with determination and her shoulders back with every single ounce of royal grace that she possessed. She deserved this moment of misbehavior, to break a perceived rule or two. It was rather exhilarating in a way.

She quickly looked towards the open door of the kitchen to make sure no one was there before opening the refrigerator. She leaned over as she reached inside, retrieving the can of whipped cream. With a playful grin on her lips, she removed the cap and tilted her head back before spraying a large amount of the white cream into her mouth.

The unexpected sound of a throat being cleared caused her head to whip to the side, her eyes wide at the thought of having been caught especially by him of all people. His expression was completely emotionless, his lips thinned into a grim line of disapproval.

“Hi, Ba-ma,” she mumbled, mouth full of whipped cream.

Diana could feel a small amount of the sweet, white substance on the corner of her lip, the tip of her tongue sneaking out to remove it. She could also feel warmth suffusing her cheeks as they stared at one another. She could have sworn that she saw the corner of his mouth tick upwards as he studied her.

“Hello, princess,” he rasped darkly.

She swallowed her tasty treat, nervously wiping at her mouth with the back of her hand before carefully replacing the cap on the can of whipped cream. For some reason, she found herself clutching the can almost to the point of nearly crushing it, butterfly wings suddenly erupting in the pit of her stomach at the sight of him.

Her lips curled into a smirk as her free hand came to rest on her hip, mischief dancing in her bright blue eyes as she met his intense stare. “Would you like some?” she playfully asked, holding up the can of whipped cream.

Without a single word, Batman slowly closed the distance between them, coming to a stop directly in front of her. Diana forgot how to breathe as he lifted his hand to her, using his gauntleted thumb to erase some whipped cream from her lip that she had missed.

She felt as if her heart was going to hammer right out of her chest as he tilted his head slightly to lick the cream from his thumb. She released the breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding as he abruptly turned and walked towards the kitchen door without saying a word.

She sagged in relief against the edge of the kitchen counter only to immediately straighten back up when Batman turned to look at her. “My quarters in fifteen minutes,” he evenly told her.

Diana face instantly brightened with his invitation, her heart nearly stopping altogether when he uttered his next words. “And don’t forget the whipped cream, princess.”