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Breaking Rikku 2

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In the morning, Trophy woke up when Baralai lightly spanked her. “You are to always wake up at 5 a.m. with me from now on to start fulfilling your duties.” he informed her.

“Duties, Master?” Trophy asked, curiously awaiting his answer.

“I printed up a list, and I expect you to have it memorized when I come for dinner. Now go to the bathroom and do your morning routine.” he instructed her. When she came out of the bathroom, he was standing by the bedroom door with a robe hanging over his arm. “Take off your slave outfit, fold it up carefully, and put it next to your sink. Then put this robe on.”

“Yes, Master.” Trophy did his bidding, looking expectantly at him as she tied the robe sash firmly around her waist.

“Now we go down to breakfast and I will introduce you to the servants. Follow me.” Baralai opened the door and led her down to a formal dining room, where the butler she already knew was waiting.

“Good morning, sir. I was not aware you had company for breakfast, I will go inform the cook to prepare another meal.” the butler said.

“Do so, and then I want all the servants to assemble here.” Baralai replied. When the butler left, he turned to Trophy. “I sit at the head of the table, obviously. You are to always sit on my right hand after I sit down first, alright?”

“Of course, Master.” she said, taking her assigned seat.

After their breakfast was brought in, the other servants, consisting of the cook and two maids, filed in. Baralai waited until they had both finished eating before he addressed them. “This woman is now my wife, and will oversee you all with my complete support. You are to address her only as Ma‘am. Dismissed.” he told his shocked servants. Once they left, he gestured for Trophy to follow him to his study, where he handed her a piece of paper. “These are your new instructions. I’ll be back in time for dinner.”

“Where are you going, Master?” Trophy felt disoriented by suddenly being charged with running the household and a long list of other duties she was to fulfill and his leaving her for the day.

“My actual office is at the Bevelle temple. You’ve only been here before when I was working from home to catch up. Now that you’re here to serve me, I’ll be able to get more work done on time.” He kissed her gently on her lips in appreciation before leaving.

Trophy sighed and started reading his list to memorize it and continue to make him proud of her.

As my slave, your first duty is to sexually please me and you will do so every morning after my shower and each night after dinner. Other times will be at my discretion, including special parties where you will also please whomever I instruct you to.

You are to continue to care for yourself as I already instructed you when you were merely a guest last week, to ensure you stay beautiful. Your slave outfit is only to be worn for parties, and you are to hand wash it in your bathroom sink after every use and hang it to dry on the towel rack. When it is dry, you will give it to me to put it in my study for safekeeping. The clothing you chose from the catalogs is for you to wear out in public or whenever we have regular company. Around the house, you are only to wear your robe with nothing underneath. Panties are now forbidden to you.

I expect you to manage the household appropriately. If you fail to oversee the servants properly, I’ll be very displeased with you.

As my wife, you will be granted entry into very important circles, and you are to have an active social life that promotes and maintains our standing in the community. To be the subject of gossip is expected, but not scandals. That is why you will still be known as Rikku publicly, and you are to only address me as Master when we’re alone or with like-minded people.

You are to wear a diaphragm at all times in the trophy room or when we attend events with other Masters and slaves. I will insert and remove it myself, to ensure you will only bear our children, which we will start trying for once you have adjusted to your new life, and they will only be conceived in our marital bed.

I will inform you of any changes or new rules, and you will be rewarded or punished accordingly with how well you follow them. You are capable of succeeding.

Trophy smiled at his vote of confidence, then noticed the time. “I need my morning bath!” she exclaimed as she hurried up the stairs. As she soaked in the scented warm water, she repeated his list over and over again to herself.