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Turnabout Zitraine

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January 02, 9:43 AM
Gavin Law Offices
Main office

Klavier groaned as he dug through the shelves, searching for some stupid outdated report on a stupid case his stupid brother had been involved with five years ago. All he wanted was some background information on a witness, damn it, was that really so hard?! God, he hated having to come here.


Of course, he could have sent detective Skye to get the file for him. He was almost certain that she would have done it, if only to get away from him for a while. Heaven knew why that Fräulein disliked him so very much...

Still, she would have done this for him, sparing him the pain of visiting his brother's old office. So, why was he here? Not because of an old report, that was for sure. There had to be a reason, a good reason for why he had bothered...

His fingers touched something furry behind the files and he let out an decidedly unmanly shriek as he jumped backwards, tearing most of the files down with him and revealing an enourmous spider clinging to the wall. Seeing it, he screamed again, even louder. The spider looked at him, then scurried away and hid under a file cabinet. Kalvier stared at the dark space it had disappeared into, a weak whimper escaping his throat. There were goosebumps on his skin and his back suddenly felt extremely exposed; were there more spiders in this room?!
A quick glance around. No, none he could see. Now was the spider still there?! Or had it hid somewhere else?!

He didn't care that it was embarassing for an adult rock star to be so scared of spiders. He just hated them. There was a vague memorie of his childhood, of catching grasshoppers in the garden until one day, he'd closed his hands around a spider by accident and then the damn thing had bit him, too. Oh, he'd screamed and yelled until Kristoph had come running to comfort him, soothing the aching finger with cold gel and covering it with a band-aid. But still, his finger had swollen strongly and in the end, he'd had to see a doctor. It hadn't been his first encounter with a spider, but it had definitely been the most painful one.

Klavier stared down at the files that were covering him, only now starting to realize their existence. Somewhere between his legs, he found the file he'd been searching for, grabbed it and got up as fast as he could. Out of here, now! He'd send someone later to clean the mess he'd made... and to throw out that eight-legged monster lurking underneath the file cabinet! This place needed a broom, a feather duster, a vacuum cleaner... and maybe a few hundred bottles of insect spray.

He turned to leave, but something caught his eye. A sparkle of silver on the desk.




Reaching out, he picked the object up. A small bottle of Ariadoney clear nail polish.
Kristoph had always kept a spare in his desk and Klavier had always - always - made fun of it. After all, who kept an bottle of emergency nail polish in his desk?
Nowadays, though...

He'd first found it shortly after Kristoph had been accused of murdering Shadi Smith or rather, Zak Gramarye. Then, after the trial of Vera Misham...

His fingers moved on their own, opening the bottle. It was still full, Klavier never used it. It was Kristoph's, after all, and besides, Klavier had never painted his nails.

Well, there had been that one incident after the Gavinner's second big concert but that hadn't been voluntary and besides, candle wax hardly counted as nail polish. He still had the burn scars.
God, that had been stupid.

Holding the open bottle, just holding it. He didn't need to use it. Something touched his foot, something that was moving across the floor, something that had come from underneath the file cabinet. That was a bad thing, wasn't it? He'd been trying to avoid that, because...

Did Kristoph ever feel like that when painting his nails? All dizzy and confused and full of memories? Klavier doubted it. His legs were tired so he sat down behind his brother's desk, placing his head on it's surface right next to the open bottle.

The dusty wood against his cheek reminded him of something, too. What was it again? Oh yes, the old couch table. Kristoph had spend every evening sitting there, reading classic literature and old case files... always drinking coffee.

And Klavier had loved the smell of coffee, had been so eager to sample it, too, but he'd been to young for it. Then, one day, while Kristoph was completely absorbed in his book, Klavier had just grabbed the cup and had taken a big sip.

Only to then spit everything into his sleeve in disgust while Kristoph laughed, not the deranged, hysterical laugh of a man being exposed as a cruel, r-remorseless... e-emotionless... k... killer...

No, it had been the pure, geniue laugher of a man delighted at his little brother's foolish antics. Six years later, they had finally shared a cup of coffee.

Klavier still didn't like it very much.

He giggled, a honest-to-god giggle, and turned the bottle between his fingers. So dumb... so insanely dumb! But then again, hadn't most of his childhood been... dumb? Ah, he'd been an incredibly stupid child...

Heh, heh... heh...

One had to be stupid to trust a killer...

Kristoph was watching him from a prison far, far away. Klavier could feel his brother's judgemental gaze resting on his shoulders, pressing him down and making him desperate for communication.

Not raising his head, he reached into his pocket and found his cell phone. Talking to someone, anyone. Maybe one of his former bandmates. Or Mr. Wright, Athena Cykes. Trucy Wright. Apo... No. Not Apollo.

A prosector. Edgeworth, Blackquill. A prosecutor? Why a prosecutor of all people?!

Yeah, a prosecutor. Ugh, how was his name? Panne? Pine? Pein? That guy was a prosecutor, right?

Nah, that wasn't an opinion. What other prosecutors (seriously though, why a prosecutor?) were there? There was that fearsome german woman Mr. Edgeworth had introduced him to, but he didn't have her number. Who else?

Oh. Yes. Of course...

Grinning cheerfully, Klavier tapped the rythmn of "My Boyfriend is the Prosecution's Witness" with his fist as he typed a quick message to Sebastian.

He still hadn't closed the bottle of nail polish, hadn't picked up the files strewn all over the floor.
The spider crawled back to it's home on the shelf. He didn't even notice.


Klavier Gavin, 9:46: Heeeeeeeey.
Klavier Gavin, 9:47: Herr Erster!!! :)
Sebastian, 9:56: Mr Gavin, are you drunk?
Klavier Gavin, 9:57: Nooooooooooo!
Klavier Gavin, 9:57: Do you want to talk, Herr Erster?
Sebastian, 9:58: I'm in the middle of a trial.
Klavier Gavin, 9:58: :(
Klavier Gavin, 9:58: :( :( :(
Klavier Gavin, 9:59: :( :( :( :( :(
Sebastian, 9:59: Stop this nonsense?!
Klavier Gavin, 10:00: I want to talk to you Herr Ertrer
Klavier Gavin, 10:00: Erster
Sebastian, 10:01: You ARE drunk!
Klavier Gavin, 10:01: Talk to me!!
Sebastian, 10:02: Recess is almost over, so no. If you really want to talk, I could come to your office once the trial is over?
Klavier Gavin, 10:02: You are an Engel. See you there, then! :)


January 02, 10:03 AM
District Court
Defendant Lobby No. 1

The ticking of the clock filled the defendant lobby where Apollo and Phoenix sat in silence, Apollo looking through the evidence and Phoenix... wondering, and being a little annoyed.

It was just so... so Edgeworth, too. No one else would have just... not mentioned something like this for so many years, on the basis that is wasn't important. Okay, so maybe there really had never been any reason for Phoenix to meet this guy, and maybe he really had been abroad for the past few years. But still, would it have killed him to mention that he had a protege?!

Of course, Phoenix could somewhat understand. Had he known, he'd have bombarded Edgeworth with questions. But still, to be greeted with it out of the blue, to learn that that young prosector was, in fact, the protege of Miles Edgeworth... he was just glad he wasn't the defense today, else he would have stood there behind his bench with his mouth open.

He threw a look over at Apollo, who was completely immersed in his evidence. Justified, after all it was Apollo who was standing in court today, but it still irked Phoenix how he seemed completely uninterested in his opponent. Didn't he realize how incredibly insane this all was?

Sebastian and Apollo were up against each other in this fairly simple murder case, with Edgeworth and Phoenix staying in the audience for once. The case seemed clear-cut. A teenager was accused of murdering his stepmother. His fingerprints had been found on a knife thought to be the murder weapon, and there had been bad blood between the two of them. Still, Apollo belived in his innocence and was currently trying to come up with an alternative version of events.

Through the thin walls of the lobby, he could hear someone yelling and couldn't help but grin. Apollo and Sebastian had talked a bit earlier and Apollo had 'teached' Sebastian his rather unique way of calming down. Poor Edgeworth was going to need a pair of earplugs soon.

Maybe Phoenix would be up against Sebastian one day. Who knew? He wouldn't mind; the prosecutor had a kind heart and a sharp mind, although he was prone to bursting into tears. The first time that had happened, Phoenix had belived them to be crocodile tears... fake, to get sympathy from the judge. But no, those tears were geniue.

Of course, that wasn't his only quirk. There was also the fact that he called himself "Mr. Sebastian", even in the courtroom... Phoenix had yet to hear his last name. He also carried a baton around for some reason. Seriously, what was up with that?!

At that moment, a bailiff entered the room, calling the defense back into the courtroom.
Apollo left and Phoenix followed him, finding his seat in the audience and sitting down. It felt rather weird and he had the odd feeling that he was in the wrong place.

The trial continued and quickly went into the completely wrong direction as the detective, a small, nervous woman, was called as a witness yet again. Apollo looked back over his shoulder at Phoenix and Phoenix gave him a nod, causing Apollo to start his cross-examination.

He watched on as the trial unfolded, slowly. Once the detective had finished her testimony, the prosecution called in another witness and now it was Sebastian's turn to look over his shoulder and catch Edgeworth's glance.

Phoenix' smile got bigger as Apollo pointed out a contradiciton and it bloomed into a full grin when Apollo casually gave his alternative theory of events, complete with a piece of evidence. But of course, Sebastian immediately smashed it to pieces with the help of the autopsy report and Phoenix didn't need Athena's special ability to feel Edgeworth's pride filling the air. The Chief Prosecutor seemed emotionless as always, but to those who knew him it was obvious that he was beaming with delight.

Shouts of "Objection" and "Hold it" rang out and with every passing minute, the true killer became more and more obvious. Phoenix wanted to run down and slap Apollo for failing to notice a blatantly obvious contradicion, but had to stay in his seat. Eventually, it was Sebastian who pointed it out, pointing his baton at Apollo like a blade, and Phoenix could've sworn that he'd seen Edgeworth whisper "Yes!" on the other side of the courtroom. Minutes passed, during which the defense and prosecution teamed up to take down the witness. Eventually, the witness gave his final piece of testimony, which pretty much sealed the case. Apollo claimed that the murderer was the defendant's father, who had murdered his wife and framed his own son, and by now Sebastian had pretty much joined the defense and was agreeing completely. In fact, Apollo was probably the more reluctant one of the two. Phoenix remembered something Edgeworth had told him... Sebastian specialized in cases of parental abuse and mistreatment. He probably had seen plenty of cases like this. Phoenix shuddered at the thought. He wasn't sure if he could have dealt with cases like that himself...

Finally, a verdict was passed, with a single pound of the gavel: Not Guilty. The audience erupted in cheersand as always, some unknown person started throwing confetti. The defendant ran down the stand and embraced a very confused Apollo, tearstains on his face. Sebastian also got a hug and had the judge not been out of reach he, too, would have been embraced. On the other side, Edgeworth was clapping calmly, trying not to smile.

Really, what more could Phoenix ask for?