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To whom one is engaged

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For a tender age of six, Louis knows that he is a rare one. A male-Omega who most people of the Ton will give side-glance of displeasure but won’t comment negatively. It was a passive-aggressive oppression in the adult world, but to children his age it was a different story.

He would return home from a play-date from the neighbors with shiner under his eyes just because Ben Winston taunt him about being a level below him because of him being an Omega. He retaliated with a punch in Ben’s face which started the whole boxing match between them. It didn’t help that he couldn’t hold his tongue even for a second. He will sass any impertinent remark thrown his way. He was also hot-headed, a trait that is very rare for an Omega, and would often times have discussed matters with his fist instead of words.

Many doubted his gender because of this. He even doubted it, that is until he fully presented. His first heat hitting him hard. He was in the middle of the street going to his house when he felt the intense hotness coursing through his body. He almost lost consciousness until a hand held him up and a warm chest collided with his back. Soft murmurs held his slipping consciousness from dropping to his Omega-space. A sweet vanilla scent swallowed his whole being in a warm embrace.

When he woke up, he learned that a boy two years his junior had helped him. After a week of succumbing to a heat haze fever he visited his savior and that is the start of his unrequited love story.

If Louis had thought he liked him before, that was nothing compared to what he felt after getting to know the boy who saved him. He was slowly and utterly falling in love with the Alpha who saved him.


Lord Harry Styles was witty, he was dashing, he had a devil-may-care jokester quality to him that made women and some men swoon, but most of all he was nice to the Omega. He was nice to him, an Omega who is a male.

Of course, it didn't hurt that Lord Styles possessed, as did all the Styles men, fabulous good looks. There was that famous curly hair, the smiling kissable lips, the broad shoulders, the six-foot height, and in the most devastating green eyes ever to grace a human face. They were the sort of eyes that haunted an Omega's dreams.

Louis was utterly head over heels in-love with the son of the Duke of Cheshire and his affection continued to deepen, that is, until that day.

Even now, thirteen years later after they met, he still referred to it as that day. He'd gone to the Styles household, as he frequently did, to take tea with Gemma and her mother. As he was walking through the front hall, he heard voices. Loud male voices.


It was the three young Alpha friends: Liam, Niall, and Harry. They were having one of those conversations that most Alpha men have, the kind in which they grumble a lot and poke fun at each other. He was not really eavesdropping but the first voice he heard was of Harry's, and he also caught his name mixed with not so kind words.

"... and I am certainly not going to marry Louis Tomlinson! He is man first and foremost, no matter that he is an Omega…”

“If he really is an Omega. That lad sure swears like a sailor and hit like an Alpha.” Niall snickered.

“He’s also two years my senior, by the time he is eight and twenty years he’d be in the shelves while I will be just at the peak of my bachelorhood. No way that I would be tied down before I reach my thirties. No way I’d marry that sassy Omega."

"Oh!" The word slipped over his lips before he could even think, the sudden yelp piercing the air like an off-key whistle. The three Alphas turned to face him with identical horrified faces, and Louis knew that he had just entered what would certainly be the most awful five minutes of his life.

He said nothing for what seemed like an eternity, and then, finally, with a dignity he never dreamed he possessed, he looked straight at Harry and said, "I never asked you to marry me."

The young duke cheeks went from pink to red. He opened his mouth, but not a sound came out. It was, Louis thought with wry satisfaction, probably the only time in his life he'd ever been at a loss for words.

"And I never—" he swallowed convulsively. "I never said to anyone that I wanted you to ask me."

"Louis," Harry finally managed, "I'm so sorry."

"You have nothing to apologize for," he said.

"No," he insisted, "I do. I hurt your feelings, and —"

"You didn't know I was there."

"But nevertheless—"

"You are not going to marry me," he said, his voice sounding very strange and hollow to his ears. "There is nothing wrong with that. No feelings were hurt. Now, then, if you will excuse me, Alpha, I should like to go home."


The three Alpha immediately stood back to let him pass, and no words were exchanged after that day.


The world shifted, and everything changed. Now he continued to love him from afar. He no longer entertained the invitation of Gemma to visit her at their house, instead opting to indulge his friend in leisure walk in the park where there is near zero chances of bumping to her infamous brother. Gemma, bless her soul, never probe him on what happened on that day or the sudden change in the Omega which Louis is grateful for.


That day Louis learned to shield his heart but failed to erase what’s already inside. A love that scarred his broken heart.