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[Collection] E-Rated AU Scenes from “From Sky to Earth”

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He eased his Tsuna-Sky's clothes off carefully, trying to be good, but after one of tou-san's training sessions even seams were too much for him and he didn't want Tsuna-Sky to suffer. Which meant that the boxers needed to come off, too. And his touch was causing interesting reactions; he traced a finger along the length of his Tsuna-Sky's cock gently, contemplating whether to dip his head and suck on the tempting thing.

"Hiiieee!" Oops. He hadn’t meant to wake his Tsuna-Sky up; when he looks up at him, his Tsuna-Sky's cheeks were bright pink, but it felt like it was more of the same embarrassment - that had had Tsuna-Sky protesting about his 'idol' status - from earlier rather than shock or shame, and it made him want to preen. Because it meant that his Tsuna-Sky saw him as valuable. "Yamamoto-kun?!"

"We had this discussion, Tsuna. You're my Sky now. Call me Takeshi, please?" He's on his knees beside his Tsuna-Sky's bed, and he really wants his Tsuna-Sky to sit up and use his name, and pet his hair. He'd been feeling so brittle, and then there'd been the bullet and Tsu and he felt better, and now he wanted to make his Tsuna-Sky feel good in thanks. His Tsuna-Sky sat up on the edge of the bed, wincing and there's a hand in his hair, and he rubs against it like a big cat, purring at the back of his throat.

"Takeshi, why am I naked?"

"Because tou-san's training sessions are torture, and seams are going to hurt in a few hours?"

"Takeshi, you look hungry. Try that again, please."

"Can I suck you, please, Tsuna?"


"You know. I want to make you feel good, and I think I'd enjoy doing it."

"Takeshi, I don't know what you mean. I'm not being coy. You do look very goood kneeling like that though." He wants Tsuna's hands back in his hair, wants to know what his Tsuna-Sky's cock tastes like on his tongue, and what his Flames feel like boiling against his in the heat of pleasure. He brushes his Flames against his Tsuna-Sky's experimentally, wanting to share his need because words were hard, and why couldn't he just bend his head and suck his Tsuna-Sky's cock. One of his Tsuna-Sky's small hands forces his chin up so he has to look into lava-red eyes. "I have no objections to anything you want, Takeshi; I just need you to explain things out loud."

He whines at the back of his throat; his Tsuna-Sky was cruel!

"Takeshi, who do you think gave me the talk?" Oh. Oh. His realisation must have shown in his eyes. "Exactly." Okay. He'd need to use his words. He could do that. Though it would be tricky when he got his mouth around his Tsuna-Sky's cock ... ”So what do you mean by suck, and why did it feel even better to have you touch me there than it does when I touch myself? And for that matter, why do I have butterflies and think you look really pretty on your knees?"

Urk. Okay, maybe he didn’t have the right words. But he could try? ”I want to use my mouth on your cock, Tsuna. It’s supposed to feel even better than a hand and um, I want to? Want to worship you."

His Tsuna-Sky squeaks. ”You don’t need to worship me, Takeshi!"

"But I want to, Tsuna. Let me?" His Tsuna-Sky’s legs part a little bit, and he makes a pleased sound and dips his head to lick the drop of moisture from the tip of his Tsuna-Sky’s cock. His Tsuna-Sky shrieks and pants and buries his hands in his hair and he finds himself purring again.

“Oh Kami, do that again, Takeshi.” His Tsuna-Sky tastes salty-sweet and a little bit bitter - like seaweed - and he definitely likes the flavour. So he’s happy to oblige, lapping at the tip and wrapping his Flames around his Tsuna-Sky’s so he can feel his Tsuna-Sky’s pleasure with them, too. The hands in his hair cradle his head, coaxing him into taking more of his Tsuna-Sky’s cock into his mouth, and he does, and actually sucks, and his Tsuna-Sky’s hips jerk, rubbing his cock over his tongue, and that earns him another pulse of his Tsuna-Sky’s pleasure. “That’s what you meant by suck? You can do that whenever you want, Takeshi.”

He smiles around his Tsuna-Sky’s cock and pushes himself to take a bit more of it. It bumps at the soft roof of his mouth, and he barely avoids gagging; more was obviously going to take practice, but his Tsuna-Sky had just said he was allowed to do this whenever he wanted, so he could make puppy-dog eyes at his Tsuna-Sky and practise whenever he got the urge. Maybe he could use it as a reward for his Sky when he was teaching him kenjutsu? His tou-san would probably laugh his head off if he asked him to leave the dojo so he could reward his Tsuna-Sky. A hand around the base of his Tsuna-Sky’s cock solves the gagging problem for now, and he bobs his head, rubbing his tongue against the sensitive underside of it. His Tsuna-Sky is very appreciative, the hands in his hair gently guiding him in his movements, molten-liquid Flames curling against his own in pleasure, and his own cock was hard and throbbing, the inside of his zip providing just enough friction to have him edging towards his own completion and apparently he was very much an uke, because he couldn’t imagine his Tsuna-Sky taking him in his mouth like this, but he could imagine his Tsuna-Sky over him, nudging his legs wider and his Tsuna-Sky’s cock being eased into his body and it made him shiver and whine around his mouthful of cock.

“That is if you’re enjoying yourself, Takeshi? Please say you’re enjoying yourself, Takeshi, because I am, and I’m about to cum, I think, and I’m not sure if you want me to do that in your mouth?” He answers his Tsuna-Sky’s question with a strong suck and an affirmative nod, stroking his Flames against his Tsuna-Sky’s demandingly and his Tsuna-Sky surrenders, hands tightening in his hair, hips twitching, and he swallows frantically, desperate to please, whining. His Tsuna-Sky’s foot presses against his cock and even through his trousers, it’s enough extra stimulation for him to cum too, and he rests his head against his Tsuna-Sky’s thigh as his endorphins surge and his Flames calm, his Tsuna-Sky’s pleasure soothing them.

”I enjoyed myself very much Tsuna. I came, too.”

”Hiiieee, you did?”

”Mhmm. Was enjoying myself so much that when you pressed your foot against my cock I made a mess of my boxers. Is there somewhere I can clean up?” He hadn’t thought this all the way through; if he didn’t do something about the sticky mess in his boxers Reborn and his father would both twit him mercilessly.

“There’s a bathroom next to kaa-san’s bedroom, Takeshi.”

“Thanks, Tsuna. You should take another nap; tou-san’s training is going to catch up with you again and sleeping it off is best, if you can.” His Tsuna-Sky yawns and he encourages the sleepiness with his own Flames, trying to copy the trick his tou-san had been using on him since he was tiny - he had to be a Rain, too, Flames ran in families, which meant he had to be able to use his tou-san’s trick - and his Tsuna-Sky curled up in the blankets, and he slipped out. He had orders, but he didn’t think either Reborn or his tou-san would begrudge him making his Tsuna-Sky comfortable ...