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Take a Picture, I'll last longer

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Derek took a deep breath. Over the last weeks, he had done this a few times but it never failed to feel awkward. And today had the potential to be the most awkward day ever. Or the easiest. Derek had no idea what to expect but he did feel kind of sick now. And this was only a meeting to discuss what they were going to do. But Derek had always been better at showing than telling.

He reached up to brush his fingertips over the slim leather around his throat, he only took off his collar for showers these days, and it did help him to calm down.

Then he took another breath and rang the doorbell.

Only seconds later Erica opened the door.

"Hey," she greeted him with an open smile and then she had him in a warm hug. "Come in."

If she was as nervous as he was, she didn't let it show.

Derek had been here a few times before so while she shut the door behind him, he stepped farther into the apartment. He found Boyd sitting at the kitchen table but when the other man spotted him, he got up to greet Derek.

Derek noticed that Boyd's smile was more forced than Erica's and he made a mental note to make sure that Boyd was comfortable with what they were planning to do here.

They sat down, Derek at the short end of the table while Boyd and Erica sat next to each other on the long side. They were holding hands and now they both were looking at him expectantly while he sat up his laptop. Better take notes and he could show them examples from other photo shootings.

"Okay," Derek said and had to clear his throat before he could continue, this was way more easy with strangers. "I have some ideas but first I need to know what you expect from this and what you're comfortable with."

They wanted something like he'd done with Stiles and they had agreed to let him use some of the photos for his website, the faceless ones, but so far everything had been rather vague. Derek didn't even know who he was supposed to portray in a dominant way and who would take the submissive part.

"No nudes," Boyd blurted out. "I love you, man, but I'm not going to show you my dick."

Next to him, Erica dissolved in laughter but Derek just nodded and typed no nudes into the document he had prepared for this. Erica might be laughing but Derek had taken more than one full frontal picture since he had started his new career as a BDSM photographer. It was a valid point.

"Erica?" Derek addressed her. "What do you think about nudes?"

That sobered her up.

"Ehm, no. No nudes." She blushed and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

"What about topless?" Derek asked.

"I would rather not?" She glanced over to Boyd.

Which was a clear no to Derek so he noted that down as well.

"I have some shots in mind where you can wear one of these tube things?" He awkwardly gestures over his own chest to indicate what he meant. He was trying to keep this professional but he felt the heat creeping up his face.

"Bandeau." Erica nodded in understanding. "I have a few of those. I'm fine with that."

Derek noted that down along with the name for that tube thing, it might come in handy in the future.

"Bare back?" He asked. "And shots from the side? No … you know … nipple or anything … ehm ... I'll show you." He hurried to duck behind his laptop.

"You're cute when you blush," Erica said but she looked with interest at the photos Derek was showing her a moment later.

They were from a session he had with a couple last week. The shots were from the waist up and the woman in the picture was wearing nothing but handcuffs and in some of them a ball gag. In half of them the swell of her breast was visible but only a hint and no nipple at all. Derek had tried to avoid the strategically placed arm but when he had to use it, he had managed to not make it look strategically placed.

For a long moment, Erica didn't say a word, eyes glued to the screen, while next to her Boyd was looking from the screen to her and back again, picturing her in the place of the faceless woman in the photo, no doubt.

"I'm down for that," Erica finally said but then she fixed Derek with a stern look. "But if you start ogling my boobs, I'm mailing Stiles your balls in a box."

"You sure you're not playing into his kinks with that?" Boyd spoke up. He gave Derek a pointed look and it took Derek a moment to remember that Boyd and Erica had been there when Stiles had bought the ball crusher for him.

"I'll keep it one-hundred percent professional," Derek promised and not just because he liked his balls where they were. He wasn't a wedding photographer or anything like that, his photos were very intimate and his models needed to trust him to keep things professional.

If Derek had hoped to find out more about the dynamics of Boyd's and Erica's relationship, he got disappointed. Erica was the more open one of the two so she was the one talking most of the time. She wanted to show off her collar and she liked the idea of a ball gag and Boyd looming over her but she was also talking about Boyd on his knees. And if he could do something with rope? It would look amazing on Boyd's skin.

Derek asked a question here and there but mostly he took notes. He would sort through the ideas later to come up with a series of shots he wanted to do. But he already had some poses in mind.

"Okay, I think I can work with this." Derek read over his notes one last time. Nothing too kinky but he thought that the photos would turn out amazing. "One last thing, though."

Derek saved the file and closed his laptop while he was searching for words.

"I have booked a studio and I would like to use the chance to have a session with Stiles as well," he finally said.

"Okay?" Erica shared another glance with Boyd.

"I'll do one after the other," Derek hurried to say. "Stiles won't leer in the background or anything. But he said that he would be okay with going first and that you can watch if you want."

"I don't want to see his dick either," Boyd spoke up but there was relief in his whole posture.

"You won't," Derek assured them. "What I have in mind with him is a counterpart to the Dom Series. It's basically the same setup but I want to show the other side."

"I definitely want to see that," Erica blurted out and with that, it was settled.