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Beneath The Waves

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It has been a whole three hours since Jungkook has kissed Jimin and suddenly it’s all he can think about. The desire claws and tickles beneath his skin, makes him balance his weight from foot to foot in a constant effort to distract himself from spanning the distance between them and locking their lips together in front of everyone, including their very professional photographer. It’s not like the staff doesn’t know that they’re dating, but this is a public beach and the last thing they need is for someone to catch a photo of the moment and post it on the internet.

They can deny it, they’ve done it before when videos of a couple kissing that looked a little too much like them from the nose down began to circulate on social media and all of their fans lost their minds over how similar they looked. It’s only through luck, a fantastic PR team and an army of BigHit run fan accounts that they finally managed to convince everyone that it’s just a random gay couple that happens to look like them, and not actual footage of them backstage making out after a successful concert last year.

Regardless, three hours has never felt like such an eternity and the photoshoot has only just begun. Jungkook sighs, trying his best to smile and pose even though everyone can tell he has something on his mind. Namjoon shoots him a somewhat scolding look when the photographer has to say his name three times to gain his attention, but Jimin sports this little knowing smile as if Jungkook’s distraction is amusing him. His tongue darts out to wet his lips and once again Jungkook forgets where he is as his eyes zero in on the plush pink pillows made even more enticing by the cherry lip gloss their stylist had applied a few minutes prior, lips that had been swollen and red from Jungkook’s tireless passion only just this morning.

“Jungkook,” Namjoon gently chastises from his place at Jungkook’s side for their unit photo set, “pay attention.”

He forces his gaze away from his boyfriend and focuses instead on their photographer impatiently tapping his foot against the sand. He offers him a sheepish smile, the one that never fails to make grown men melt, and watches as the man’s lips twitch in defiance as they try to force an answering smile to appear. He beats down the urge but his irritated expression softens and he brings his camera up again.

Jimin watches from behind the photographer’s shoulder as he captures the essence of each member with every click, every slight shift in pose telling a new story, and he directs them to move with softly spoken suggestions and hand gestures. The unit shoot goes off without a hitch once Jungkook finally pays attention, but Jimin can tell that he’s still a little tense. Dark eyes drift to meet honey-brown every few minutes and with each look a feeling Jimin can’t quite define intensifies beneath his skin, simmering hot in his veins. It’s almost like he can feel the soft drag of strong fingers over his skin, taste the sweetness of pretty pink lips on his tongue. Jungkook kisses and touches him without ever moving from his spot across the beach, without pausing in his responses to the photographer’s commands.

It’s the intense desire in Jungkook’s gaze that captures the photographer’s attention after several minutes of shooting. He’s never seen the youngest quite so passionate on camera and the shots are incredible, each one enough to send chills across his skin when a pair of chocolate eyes meet his through the screen. It’s some of his best work but the object of Jungkook’s desire is rather obvious even if Jungkook tries to hide it, so the photographer smiles a little to himself as he pulls the camera from his face.

“Jimin,” he speaks up and waits for honey-brown eyes to meet his before he points to the spot just behind him once he’s moved to his next position for shooting, “would you mind standing here please? I don’t want your shadow in the shot.” It’s not his best lie but it does the job.

“Yeah of course,” Jimin replies with a smile before he goes to stand in the spot directed which conveniently lands him directly in Jungkook’s line of sight, “is this okay?”

The sun kisses his face in this position, highlights the colors in his hair and cheeks, and the photographer immediately catches the moment when Jungkook’s attention is grabbed and Jimin becomes the center of his universe. He also doesn’t miss when Jimin takes the opportunity to bite at his lower lip and dip his head in order to look at the youngest through his lashes. He would laugh at their obvious flirting if the look on Jungkook’s face wasn’t absolutely perfect for the look that he’s going for.

“That’s perfect.”

Jimin doesn’t seem to hear him, too caught up in the way Jungkook is undressing him with his eyes in the middle of the public beach to pay attention, so the photographer smiles to himself as he drops to his knee once more and focuses the camera on the other members.

The photographs look incredible on the laptop screen they have set up a few yards away with the rest of their equipment. Jungkook’s eyes pierce right through the viewer as if looking straight into their soul with a gaze so full of intense love it would be easy to believe that he actually sees every single ARMY that happens across the photo and falls deeply in love with every face that stares back at him. The plan for the day had been to cover the unit shoots and pack up, but now all he can think about is putting Jimin and Jungkook together for one last round of pictures.

“Are we done?” Hoseok asks from his spot at their picnic blanket where he’s munching an apple. It’s only midday and they’ve been promised the afternoon to themselves once they finish up here.

“Not quite. I just want to get a few photos of Jimin and Jungkook really quick and then we can call it a day.” The photographer tries his best to contain the smile that threatens to tug at his lips, and if any of the members or staff find his impromptu suggestion suspicious they say nothing.

“Yeah sure,” Jungkook agrees with a shrug. He has his arm around Jimin’s waist but even though the physical contact lessens the itch under his skin, it does nothing to quench his desire to lean in for a kiss, “where do you want us?”

Jimin has to bite his tongue to avoid speaking his mind, because he knows exactly where he wants Jungkook and it has nothing to do with this photoshoot and everything to do with their bedroom a few miles down the beach in their rented house. He steals a look to his left and finds the younger staring at him, only for their eyes to meet and silence to envelope them. He vaguely hears the photographer say something behind them but he loses his ability to think straight when Jungkook clenches his hands into fists at his side, the muscles in his arms flexing in clear view beneath the tight fabric of his t-shirt.

It’s not fair. Jungkook knows good and well that Jimin has a weakness for his strength, and even if no one else did they certainly do now when his eyes immediately dart to veiny forearms and linger there. He swipes his tongue across his suddenly dry lower lip before biting down on it to keep himself in check. He wants those arms around him, wants Jungkook to haul him against his chest and kiss him here and now. It isn’t even about lust, although there’s definitely plenty of that between them, but rather this constant desire to be in his arms, to smell his scent and taste his skin. There are of course moment when they both want time to themselves but for the most part Jimin would rather be at Jungkook’s side, to stand in the glow of the sunlight he radiates.

“Stop that.” Jimin murmurs under his breath and casts a pointed look in Jungkook’s direction, rolling his eyes when the younger smiles innocently, cherry hair shimmering in the midday light.

“Stop what?” He asks in that husky, low octave tone that makes Jimin want to throttle him in more than one way. The smirk that tugs at one corner of his mouth gives away the fact that he knows exactly what Jimin is talking about.

“Jeon Jungkook, if you would like me to jump you in the middle of this public beach with everyone watching, I will do it, but if you keep teasing me you’re going to regret it.”

Jimin’s whispered threat does nothing to cool the feverish heat that crawls over Jungkook’s entire body at the image beginning to take form in his mind. He can see Jimin clear as day with his blonde hair sticking to his forehead, a sheen of sweat clinging to his perfectly lean body as he rocks in Jungkook’s lap. He imagines his head thrown back with abandon, can practically feel the graceful arch of his exposed neck beneath his lips where he would lean forward to kiss and bite at it.

“Oh yeah?” Jungkook says when he finally lets the image of Jimin in the midst of ecstacy fade from his mind, “and what exactly will you do, baby?”

He expects Jimin to tease him back the way that he always does, but he is not prepared when he suddenly leans forward, closes the gap between them until his lips practically brush over Jungkook’s ear and whispers, “everything.”

Blood roars in Jungkook’s ears so loudly that he doesn’t even hear the photographer calling out to them from a few feet away, or Namjoon clapping his hands in an attempt to get their attention. They stare each other down for so long without breaking eye contact that it almost feels like they’ve left the beach altogether, at least until someone claps Jungkook on the back.

“You guys can do this later,” Taehyung says as he drapes an arm over each of their shoulders with a grin and a little wink and steers them back to the present, “we would all like to eat lunch sometime this century.”

Jungkook flushes a shade of red that Jimin wasn’t even aware existed when he realizes that their photographer has been waiting for however long they’ve been in their own little world. He clears his throat and tries to shake the arousal still pulsing in his veins before giving the man his undivided attention.

“As I was saying,” the photographer begins with an amused little smile on his face, “I need both of you in the water. Probably a little over waist deep will do.”

This time they try not to look at each other as they follow instructions, wading into the calm pool of seawater until they’re told to stop and turn around. They both fall into a familiar rhythm of strike a pose, hold it, and strike another pose. It’s as easy as breathing, something each member could do in their sleep at this point in their careers, but something is missing and the photographer begins to get a little frustrated. The shots are not as passionate as he would like, nothing like the set on the beach.

“Okay that’s good,” he says as he purses his lips and looks them over, “now I need you both to move a little closer and look at each other.”

A few sets of eyebrows raise in surprise but it’s quickly shrugged off and the command is obeyed. They’re used to skin ship in their photoshoots and it seems safe to assume that this is the same thing, but Jungkook is entirely captivated when he finally looks at Jimin. After years of dating he should be over it by now, but he’s not, and instead of focusing on looking professional he knows somewhere in the back of his mind that he’s staring at those perfect lips again. Damnit . He really wants to kiss him and it’s beginning to border on unreasonable.

Jungkook guesses that it has probably been six hours now since their last kiss. Six whole hours without those lips on his, without his arms around that waist and Jimin whispering sweet and sexy promises into his ear. He wants to groan in frustration but he’s determined to finish shooting. The sooner they finish, the sooner they can go home and relieve the tension between them.

“Alright, we’re almost done,” the photographer calls to them from the shoreline, his voice carrying on the wind, “now I need you both to take a dive under the water. I need some shots with your hair wet.”

Almost done! Jungkook wants to scream in excitement and it’s obvious by the grin that lights up his face and crinkles the corners of his eyes. They take a few seconds to collect themselves before they finally sink beneath the lazy lapping waves. Water fills Jungkook’s ears and nose and for a moment he’s suspended in time. There’s a quiet calm that comes with being under water. The outside world is muffled and the only sounds are the movement of the waves and Jimin beside him.

Jungkook doesn’t open his eyes, he doesn’t even need to see to know when Jimin blindly reaches out to find him with his eyes shut against the salt water, because he can feel him even before fingertips brush against his forearm and curl around it. Jimin uses his grip on Jungkook to pull himself closer and neither of them move to resurface for air when Jimin winds his arms around Jungkook’s neck. He smiles instantaneously as love blooms in his chest and Jimin presses forward to rest their foreheads together.

He could stay this way forever, he thinks, as he wraps his arms around Jimin’s waist and holds him there, completely in their own little world beneath the quiet lapping of the waves. Mutual love warms the water around them without the need for words. They stay like that for a few seconds until the desire to see his boyfriend’s face becomes too much for Jungkook and he opens his eyes to find Jimin smiling in bliss. For a moment he falls in love with him all over again and he wonders how he got so lucky.

In the beginning of their relationship Jimin’s constant attention absolutely terrified him. There had been at least two years of Jungkook constantly struggling with his sexual identity and pushing him away because of it. It was difficult and eventually the strain had begun to create a rift between them. Jimin stopped clinging to him so much. He stopped chasing after him and flirting with him every chance he got, and in those moments Jungkook found himself wanting Jimin’s attention more than anything else in the world. He had felt hollow without it, emotionally raw every time he looked over at his hyung and he avoided his eyes. It wasn’t until after countless sleepless nights and months of Jimin barely touching him that he realized he wanted more. It was then that Jungkook finally realized he was in love with Park Jimin and then that he decided to do something about it. He started small with occasional and easily dismissed touches to test the waters, and when Jimin didn’t push him away he pressed on.

Subtle touches became lingering hands at the small of Jimin’s back, fingers brushing together deliberately in invitation to touch and hold and play with. They became soft spoken words against the shell of his ear despite cameras or fans or the other members, and arms draped around shoulders with flirtatious glances exchanged for longer than most would deem appropriate. Jungkook feels lucky in ways that he doesn’t know how to describe with words, because Jimin is everything he never knew he wanted and it doesn’t matter how many times he holds him in his arms or kisses his lips or topples into ecstasy with him in his embrace. This feeling of love and joy that blooms in his chest whenever he looks at him will never cease to shake him to his core.

The need for air begins to pull at him but Jungkook ignores it for a moment longer, dark eyes memorizing Jimin’s face with intense tenderness and love, and it’s in the second that he leans forward that Jimin’s eyes open and everything he feels looks right back at him in a beautiful shade of honey-brown. Their lips meet and Jungkook almost wants to cry, because it’s raw and needy and full of everything they always want to say to each other but can never find the words to describe. He kisses Jimin like it’s their only way to communicate and Jimin responds in kind, pouring every ounce of love, desire and happiness into it until their lungs burn and their photographer probably grows suspicious.

They finally break apart and remove their hands from each other before resurfacing and shaking wet hair out of their eyes. The photographer and members call out to make sure they’re okay and only relax when they assure them that they’re fine.

“Alright, now look at each other,” the photographer instructs and Jungkook meets Jimin’s eyes again and can’t contain his smile, “perfect.”

Jungkook can’t take his eyes off of Jimin and the eye contact feels almost like a caress. He imagines taking Jimin’s hand in his and running his thumb over the back of it in soft circular patterns, and he’s certain Jimin can read his mind when he moves his fingers absentmindedly in circular patterns over the surface of the water. They communicate so much without uttering a single word, but it’s Jungkook who breaks the silence.

“Yeah,” he says quietly, so quietly that the photographer can’t even hear him, but he’s not speaking to him anyway, “perfect.”