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Various Clint Barton Prompts (Part 2)

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Siberia. In the middle of nowhere. But at least the snow was gone this time.

Bucky looked around. The scenery was almost idyllic if there wasn’t a secret Hydra facility hidden deep in one of the mountains. He sat on a tree, hidden by leaves, and watched the entrance for a few days now. Every two days a truck came, people went in, left the facility again and drove away.

He looked at his watch. If they kept the schedule the truck would pass him in half an hour and he would jump on it and they would bring him in. Bucky left his perch and moved to a new one when he heard the truck come. He hid behind a few rocks beside the poor excuse for a road and waited till he could see the truck. He waited until it was just passing him when he rolled onto the road between the moving tires and grabbed the frame in an instant. It was risky as fuck but luckily he had really fast reflexes and Hydra had trained him good, taught him a few tricks.

He hung under the truck and waited for it to stop in front of the facility. The guards opened the door and let the men in the truck in and before the door could fall shut Bucky was on them and broke their necks. They didn’t even see it coming. The guys in the truck were inside already and Bucky followed them. He knew that there were cameras but Stark had given him a stealth-suit and so they could only see blurry schemes.

He knew where he would find what he needed. The server room was on sublevel nine. Nevertheless, even if it was just the maintenance sublevel, he knew it would be guarded. He had about twenty minutes. That’s the time the guys usually stayed. Then they would find the dead guards outside of the building.

Bucky hurried as fast as possible through the corridors to the stairs. He wouldn’t take the elevator, there was a camera in it. He ran down the stairs and to the door, listened and carefully opened it. Two guards stood beside the door to the server room. They talked to each other but they were still attentive.

He took a deep breath and then ran out of the stairwell and up to them. Before they could react he had hit one of them on the solar plexus as hard as his metal arm allowed and the second one reached for his gun. Buck whirled around, grabbed his throat and squeezed it till he stopped struggling. The door was locked and he searched the two guys for the key card. He found it and opened it and went in. It was cold inside.

“So, where are you,” he murmured when he walked through the rows with the servers. He found a computer, just as Stark had told him. He went to it, started it and plugged in the flash drive Stark had given him. He had no conception of computers and so he had asked Stark. Reluctantly but it was for Clint and he would do anything for him.

Something happened on the screen and Stark’s program started to work. Bucky went back to the door, grabbed the dead guards and dragged them in when he noticed a weird looking door at the other end of the corridor. But there were no guards. Bucky frowned. He looked at the screen and saw that it would need another five minutes and so he could take a look.

It was odd that there were no guards but when he had opened the door he understood. Hydra didn’t want anyone to know what was inside. And Bucky’s jaw fell as soon as he saw it.

“Oh my god!” he blurted when he saw the huge glass cylinders with humans inside. And he knew the humans. It was him and Clint and Steve, again and again and again. They had not only turned them in super soldiers, they had cloned them. Hydra had clones of him and Clint and Steve!! “What the fuck!”

He knew he couldn’t leave knowing that Hydra had clones of them. He had to destroy the facility. But he had only his guns and a few knives and when he left they knew he was here. He had to do something right now.

Bucky knew the facility. He knew the weapons room was on sublevel seven, only two floors away, but there were also guards, lots of guards. He looked around and saw the vents and then he smirked. Clint always said the vents are an adequate way if you don’t want to be seen.

It was for Clint… and for Steve and himself. And so he went to fetch the flash drive, gritted his teeth, opened the cover and crawled through the vents to the seventh floor. He jumped out of the vents and started to shoot at the guys, killed everyone who came up to him and panted hard when they lay on the ground. An alarm went off but Bucky didn’t stop, he tore open the door to the weapons room and grabbed all the explosives and detonators he could find, placed them on each and every wall on his way outside of the building and - bleeding and panting - managed to get to the entrance again.

“You will not get us again,” he growled. “Not ever!”

He pressed the button of the remote and everything blew up.