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I'm in denial with you

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Murky sunset hazed through the thick cloud that hung over the Isle of the Lost, hitting slanted roofs and broken bricks. Usually sounds heard in the darkening alleyways consisted of murmuring goblins, hustling shopkeepers or rather quiet plotting bystanders, yet instead a shriek heard as a black gloved hand shoved forward a bystander in her path, dark brown eyes glaring, almost red in colour, much like that of her fathers infamous colours, and a colour she loved very much as it bared in the long coat hung over her frame.

Words didn't even have to be spoken as a shriek turning curse soon muted as they scrambled back, flaming gaze sending threatening warnings with silver hook gripped tightly in hand, ready to strike. Boots strutted down the path she usually took, down towards the rotting docks and the dimly lit sign came into view.

Ursulas Fish and Chips

Saloon doors swung open and a cutlass was thrown into sword check before the gloved hand popped up a red leathered collar and readjusted her rather worn tricorn hat as familiar blue braids turned in the entrances direction.


The stormy gaze flickered up and a grinning smirk crossed red tipped lips, hand lifting up her hat to reveal the rest of her jet black locks with dark blue tipped ends, flipping it back and revealing small gold hoops that hung from her ears.

"Uma" She greeted, ignoring the glares from unserved customers and sauntering further into the establishment, hook dangling from her grasp as if she were to scratch every surface her eyes laid on.

"I will make that hook go in sword check you know" a teasing smirk appeared as the young sea witch slung more orders down to the mismatched tables.

A gasp sounded in the air, exaggerated in all manors and a silky voice raised an octave for a moment "Certainly not" 

Brown eyes rolled and a hand flicked back teal braids for a moment, sighing as she stood in her apron but relieved her best friend had finally made an appearance.

"Been by the docks again?" 

"Got Jace to nearly walk the plank" a low menacing chuckle sounded and Uma shook her head, smirking at the slight smudge of the dark smokey makeup that had been placed on the red pirates eyelids.

"I can tell" 

Although Evie ignored the comment and sniffed as she placed her hat on a free table, gloved hand running through dark wavy locks and making it messy almost, hair flicked over to the side in some kind of volumed swoop. 

"You should've been, Jay scored some good finds" she hummed as she leaned back against the table, watching as her best friend looked around to make sure other servers were doing their job and she stood aside to talk.

"Any lamps?" The sea witch snorted and a redwood gaze glared for a moment as amused filled brown stared back.

"A couple tiaras and a pocket watch" 

The sea witch raised a brow- quite impressive for Isle loot to be fair.

"Oh and some goblin gossip too" a gleaming smirk appeared yet Uma shrugged 

"Oh no you'll like this, you know that scallywag Harry? Who had that massive party and pissed M-"

"Don't say that name"

"-dragonbreath off...well turns out Jay said he's finally out of the castle"


Uma found her head tilt in slight interest, finally something a little different to the usual boring old happenings on this heap of junk of an Isle. A new face to roam the crowds again, she wondered if he still had his gleaming blue eyes she remembered somehow.

"He's been at dragon hall, and turns out dragonbreath still can't stand him" a low mocking chuckle sounded and Uma couldn't help but snort a little with humour.

"She can't stand anyone-"

"Well apart from Jay-"

"Jay is going to get stitched up any time soon" Uma growled, the purple haired girl filling their conversation just brought anger, jaw tensing as she watched Evie nod in agreement.

The pirate left her hook on the table for a moment as she turned to stand in front of the sea witch. Evie knew Uma too well, and she didn't like her partner in crime getting riled up over some stupid purple fae who kicked off when things didn't go her way.

"Bet Castle lock away will be fun to tease, he hasn't experienced the Isle for a while aye" the sly yet silky tone purred, redwood brown intense and full of mischief, a look Uma couldn't help but smirk at

"If he's brave enough to step into pirate territory" 

The duo laughed, yet cut short when grouchy customers called out Umas name and demanding food to be served. Evie rolled her eyes, sliding smoothly round to grab her tricorn hat before taking a protective stance beside her best friend.

"Aw too bad hm? You get it when it's ready" 




Light flickered against wooden walls and peculiarly shaped flasks in the moonlight, a time where Cruella De Vil didn't have as many demands and a time where Carlos could finally get round to his own tasks, like making sure he can get Auradonian TV channels.

"I'm sure it's something to do with the wiring" he muttered, white gloved hands gripped tightly on his screwdriver and pliers as he fiddled with a black box. One he planned to pick up signals with.

"Most likely" a Scottish accent spoke from the corner of the treehouse plonked down in the corner by the old tv, blue gloved hand running through dark almost black hair, blue tints shining as the light struck it.

Harry found such great interest in Carlos' invention, yet he wouldn't admit it since he was meant to live up to his princely charm, in all manor of blue suits, cloaks, smart boots and tailored trousers which he had learned to make and design himself.


"Are you sure your mother isn't going to be angry?" A weary voice echoed out Carlos' own fears towards his demanding parent, wide brown eyes glancing up for a moment to spot the prince, bright blue eyes flickering in thought. 

"Only if my eyeliner is as neat as she likes, or my hair isn't styled as she likes" 

Harry couldn't help but allow himself to sigh, eyes dropping to the floor.

"Guess every parent has their ways" Carlos mumbled, moving back a few wires and attempting to rearrange the circuit in his invention as focusing on science always pushed out the daunting tasks or disregard from his mind.


There was a moment of silence that filled the room, almost heavy with melancholy, how they never felt good enough, not to their parents. Thoughts drifted to try and find something else, something not as drowning and instead brought Harry to think of the past weeks happenings since joining Dragon Hall, how Mal and Carlos invited him to a party, Mal tricking him into entering a certain bear trapped closet of Cruella's, Carlos finding him and saving him and them becoming friends in the process. Blue eyes flickered to the pillow perched beside the black and white leathered boy, a pillow he had taken from his castle to give to Carlos since a lumpy mattress wasn't a nice sleeping area at all.

"Is Mal always so..."

"Evil?" Carlos finished, running a hand through his white locks with a nervous chuckle. "She's one mean girl, I mean her mother is Maleficent after all" 

Harry nodded, almost shuddering at the cold shiver of thoughts back the to dark closet, metal traps nearly scratching his shins.

"If it makes you feel any better, Uma got the worst, a bucket of shrimp thrown over her head, now everyone calls her shrimpy" 


"Uma?" Harry spoke, trying to remember faces that appeared at his 6th birthday party, the freckled boy placing down his tools before scooting his sitting position to face the navy haired prince. 

Carlos merely nodded, glance calculated almost as he started to tell more 

"Daughter of Ursula, she's over at serpent prep, had to transfer after the incident, Evie Hook followed too" 

"There's another school?" Harry felt out of the loop, he hadn't really had time yet to explore the Isle, especially over at the docks and clearly there was quite a bit he was missing.


"Evie Hook, what did she do to get moved" Harry didn't need to ask for parents, Hook was already given and Carlos grabbed his new pillow, placing it on his lap in comfort before answering

"Oh Evie is Umas closest friend, Uma always used to give her orders but she kinda followed and stuck around, she's a little crazy too, stuck her hand by the crocs to try and get her hook for real you know" 

"Oh" Harry thought, he wouldn't dream ever doing such a thing, his features couldn't be ruined, or his makeup or his clothes-he needed to be the fairest of them all quite frankly. 

The thought made him brush over his blue leathered cloak, one that hung over his white fitted shirt and tucked into blue trousers.

"Anyway they are quite a dangerous duo, I would say keep an extra eye out for them, because I'm pretty sure you will bump into one of them at some point, especially with Evies pirate gang roaming around" 

The navy haired prince nodded, and the freckled boy glanced up to the clock that hung lopsided over the tv, Harry too flickering over his glance.

"Eleven, I think the last batch of laundry is done" Carlos spoke, referring to the just about working washing machine he had loaded up when Harry arrived earlier.

"Best let you sort that, I'll make my way home" 

"You know the way right?"

"Sure" Harry spoke, getting to his feet and walking over to the ladder yet a voice stopped his tracks.

"Harry, the pillow, sure you don't want it?" 


Thankyous where never said on the Isle, but Harry could tell Carlos wanted to try and show his gratitude "I'm sure" 

The freckled boy nodded, quiet and held the pillow a little bit tighter on his lap before he got to his feet.

After exchanging goodbyes Harry found himself outside the neglected vine covered Hell Hall, and ready to make his tracks back to the Castle across the way.

If only he knew the way.

He was sure he knew which way he had to go but in the dimly lit streets, only shop lanterns and flickering lights strung across the street between house to house. He couldn't let his confidence drop as he walked, any sign of seeming lost or worried led to become victim to thieves or mocking goblins. He made sure to walk with poise, strutting almost as he flicked back a wisp of navy hair as he walked the streets winding round through slanted metal roofs and wooden frames. Harry had hoped he had gone the right way but seemed his judgement wasn't on his side as the stores seemed more closed in and the stench of sea-salt and fish seemed to fill the air, scrunching his nose as he walked, yet unaware of a passing figure as he reached to clasp his nose. Blue leather crashed into the side of teal.

Shit who was that.

Harry hoped it was a measly trader or young pirate as he continued to walk yet a voice stopped him in his tracks.

"Oi what where you're going you punk-" 


Harry turned and saw light hitting teal braids and a tasseled jacket.

He was sure his breath cut short.

She was like no one he had ever seen before.

Her gleaming brown eyes and turquoise eyeliner, her stormy gaze that was nothing like the soft features she had. 

She couldn't be.

Blue eyes blinked and his jaw clenched.

No one could be the fairest of them all apart from him.

"Hello? Move along" her black gloved hands shooed him away, yet paused as she examined the features she found somewhat familiar.

"Harry?" She questioned as she looked into wide bright blue eyes, ones that shone in some weird intensity.

It has to be with the blue eyes.

Harry blinked, trying to shake off his weird trance and brushed down his leather cloak

"How do you know" he asked, biting back the weird frustration that seemed to fill his body at the girl.

Her tasseled skirt and mesh top, all just too perfect, and the way her brow quirked, all just too perfect.

"There's a thing called Goblin gossip, travels pretty fast" she spoke as if it was a simple fact he should know and Harry felt frustration continuing to grow.

"And why are you heading that way, I just closed the shop for tonight" another simple fact.

Harry flickered his glance back to see across the wooden planked floor scattered with fishers, a bold sign reading Ursula's Fish and Chips.


The realisation hit him like a tidal wave and as he turned back he wondered if it could be


The sea witch almost looked slightly taken aback

Not shrimpy? 

"Say it again"


She nodded eyes gleaming with something unknown.

"Why are you here" 

Harry couldn't let slip his reason, but he did, it was like the girls gaze was the master key to what was meant to be his chance to manipulate with and revealed what really was going on instead his head

"I got lost, being in a Castle for so long has kinda cut short any potential directional navigation round this place" 

He should be using his charm to get her to give directions smoothly, not blatantly state a vulnerability.

"I guess so" a low chuckle sounded, amusement held in her eyes and Harry couldn't help but envy how gorgeous a smirk looked on her face.

He was meant to be the fairest.

"I know where to go now"

Retreat back to Hell Hall and continue on.

"You best go then" She spoke and the prince nodded, waving for a moment and heading off before the girl could somehow frustrate him even more.

However a voice stopped him in his tracks.


"You know, my name is Uma and only Uma right, don't let nicknames phase you..." The almost threatening tone at the end of the sentence, trailing off as Harry stopped, cloak whirling round to be met with a cold glare.

"I know" 

Shrimpy was not a suitable name for such a girl, it was almost like she could be a princess in her beauty, but she was not, and Harry had to remind himself that as confusion laced his thoughts.

How dare she not be a princess, and how dare she challenge being the fairest one of them all.



Coins jangled in red coat pockets and jewellery clinked in red and yellow, smirks plastered onto faces as they treaded carefully round crowds lining the Saturday market, almost like snakes weaving their way through, thieving hands taking unknowingly passers possessions-maybe a few threatened under Evies command.

"You really have to not draw attention" 

"I know Jay, but sometimes I just can't resist" 

The red pirate grinned her bright red tipped grin, silver hook swooping past lazily and hooking up a small metal chain, shoving it into the side of her red jacket and letting the trail of it swoop from behind her as she turned on her feet. Eyes rolled under his red beanie and Jay glanced to a few signs that might have overstepped the mark between pirate territory and the usual spray-painted areas of a purple partner in crime. He knew maybe it wasn't a good idea but Jay was sure he could slide round the shadows, he was the best thief after all. 


"It's all part of the fun you know? But you don't because you're Mr I don't want to join the pirates" the red pirate pouted, facing Jay as they pulled off into a less busy alley, an alley Jay tensed at.

Spray paint.

"You know Evie maybe we should get going-"

"Oh don't change the subject beanie boy..." She trailed off before her redwood eyes darted up at the sound of a can clashing concrete.

Evie tensed. Hostility crept into her glare like a prowling lion and a hand grabbed yellow leather and shoved it aside.

She ignored the huff of annoyance that expelled from the thief, jangling sounding as the can rolled across the path between shadows.

It's her.

An intense glare as dark as the deep seas mixing hazy with the dark smokey makeup, steps slowly moving forward.

"You" words spat, different to the usual silky tone and replaced with an element of snarling.

There stood before her the very girl who betrayed her best friend. 

 Mal. Dressed head to toe in deep purple.

"Oh look guess she gave you permission to go for a walk" a low voice tantalised, one that made a silver hook raise to point.

"She's with me" a voice sighs, gloved hands pushing off from the cracked bricked wall he was shoved into

"Oh so now you understand about permissions and gang loyalties, maybe you should go take those lessons and admit Uma never did you wrong" the Pirates voice hissed, moving forward but Jays hand gripping onto red leather.

"We took our pirate plundering too far" he sighed as he locked gazes with green.

"Sure Hookie, maybe you should go tell Shrimpy that Mals never gonna apologise..." Green ignored as it glared into redwood.

"How about I hook you..." 

A hand gripping tighter on leather, pulling back from a potential swing of silver as Mal grinned her smug grin.  


"Don't you think you should go back to the docks? Go pander to her again"

A jaw clenched "This girl has pirate duties, which are not limited to anything" 

Green eyes glared for a moment, jaw clenching just the same before eyes rolled and a black and gold glove raising in dismissal

"Oh whatever" 

A firm grip clasped over a red leathered shoulder, one Evie knew was the thief stood between the two as brown eyes darted across for a moment.

"We should go" yet a black gloved hand shrugged off the grip, slowly advancing forward with a glare to green, silver hook raising in her trademark threatening manor.


Evie hated the faes guts, only Evie knew the damage she had truly done to her best friend, her partner in crime. Mal didn’t know the nights sat trying to wash out shrimp from hair, the nicknames, people judging before even giving her best friend the chance to show her strength and true level of evil. Evie wanted the fae to pay, make her crash and burn and finally feel what its like being overshadowed.

“ You think you’re some higher villain than any of us? Trust me one day you will be knocked off that pedestal, one day you will be crawling back apologising to Uma, I will make sure of it” she seethed, some twisted smirk curling on her lips as anger clicked within green, a cold sense of slight fear burning within.

“Oh you wish Evie” 

“Lets wait and see shall we” 

The two close in confrontation, eyes burning with a sense of trying to mock the other, get into the others head. 

A low chuckle escaped red lips and the pirate turned on her heels.

“I can go now JJ” 

The red beanie looking between the two enemies and stepping to walk until a black tipped fingers held up as she strutted 

“Not you, I’m done thieving today” 

Heels clipped at the ground, kicking away the dropped spray can and back out of the alley, she didn’t dare look back as a mixture of emotions fizzled through her mind. Her red cloak moving swiftly through the crowded marketplace once again and back to where she knew, away from the bright green eyes and wicked grins behind jet purple hair.


Hands pushed once again through wooden saloon doors, sword loosely chucked down into the check box and the pirate swiftly moved towards the table at which sat a burley blonde. Thoughts whirled in her mind, she had to let Uma know, and she had to plan how to try get a one up once again, let the smug fae she knew not to mess with a hook. 

"You haven't picked the fries what's up?" A voice hummed through a full mouthful, orange gloves holding boiled egg to his mouth as he picked at the plate sat in front of him.

Pirates usual-food usually never was all to ones self yet Evie didn't bother to think to nab a few fries off her friends plate as spite seethed her mind. She waited patiently for who she needed, who she stood by.

"Don't fancy it today Gil" red brown eyes glared forward, hook placed on the table and adjusting her collar once more.

"Surprising, you always expect a snack" a low chuckle hummed, one Evie wanted and redwood snapped up to meet teal braids.

The red pirate couldn't help but smirk a little before halting as the previous anger of events resurfaced and seriousness seeped into her stance.

"An encounter took away my appetite" words spat, redwood eyes darting away as green flashed before her, purple leather and curled cropped hair, all means of Mal, all rushes of frustration building up like a rumbling volcano.

"Goblin trades? Because I can see that they are ugly things-" 

A black tipped finger pointed harshly.

"Ugly things are purple haired, purple leathered traitors"  

"What kinda of Goblin-"

"A purple draped stuck up daughter of Maleficent Gil" 

Eyes widened under a brown leathered cap and he gasped as a sea witch rolled her eyes at the matter.


"You crossed paths with scales today hm" Umas voice lowered, spite showing through as arms crossed over her apron.

"She mocked how you ain't ever getting an day she will" Evie smirked, she wanted her best friend to cheer up, not face her mothers words of disappointment like she mentioned, not hear nicknames, people not even bothering to say her name.

There was a moment and teal braids bobbed in a nod as anger still radiated from the red pirates presence, a sense that kept Gil quiet as he moved onto the fries on his plate.

"Jay was no fun, wouldn't let me hook her" a pout crossed her face like a sad puppy, one that was twisted in manor and Uma merely chuckled a little at her friends efforts.

A finger curled round raven hair and blue tips, twirling as she thought of how it would've been different if Jay wasn't there. How Mal would have been making an apology. Evie would've made sure of it.

"Talking about encounters...." Umas voice seems to tune Evie back into reality from where she stood, arms crossed over her apron and brown eyes finally tearing their lingering gaze from on the doors.

Both villain kids turned to look at their best friend, the one who didn't seem herself.

"Evil Queens son popped up" 

Gil coughed on a fry


The sea witch nodded glancing over to the counter and back once seeing an all clear, hand flipping back braids in some sense of like it didn’t didn’t matter much but Evie could tell by the glimmer in her eyes there was reason she had to mention it.

“Is he good to tease?” She grinned slyly, a notion that made Uma scoff.

Yet the sea witch remained quiet and Evie quirked a brow.

“You didn’t get the chance did you, what happened”

Brown eyes seemed distant almost, something that Evie wasn’t used to seeing.

“Nothing much, just the most well polished VK I have seen in a while” 

“You ain’t telling the rest” the red pirate spoke knowingly, and Gil glanced up between the two.

“He called her Uma”

Teal braids whipped round slightly shocked and Evie grinned.

“Uma, without mentioning the nickname? Not once?” Excitement laced her smooth tone as Gil looked at Uma with slight regret for spilling the information.

“I saw you bump into each other while I was grabbing a belt from Swashbuckles” 

There was a beat and Uma looked from Gil to Evie and nodded and Evie grabbed her shoulder smiling.

“Well keep your tabs on him then, he might be a good gang member” 

Brown eyes rolled but a small smile filled the sea witches lips and she chuckled

“What Mr I wanna be a Prince” 

Evie shrugged “Im sure a little persuasion won’t hurt”

“Maybe, maybe not”

Uma wouldn’t admit it, but thinking of seeing the blue prince again was something she looked forward to.