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Male Bonding Exercise

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Akihiko was the first one of his group to wake up that morning. It took him a moment to remember where he was. He stretched out languorously on a large, unfamiliar mattress that was more luxurious than any one man deserved. Clean white sheets tickled the hair on his legs as he moved them. Morning sunlight was streaming in through the picture windows, and the room was ripe with summer heat. If that feeling could have been bottled he might have bathed in it. Akihiko rubbed the sleep out of his eyes as he shifted under the covers. It would be a while longer before the others got up. There was no need to rush things. Today would be their first full day on Yakushima. After everything they had learned concerning the true nature of the Dark Hour - the memory darkened his morning somewhat - Akihiko imagined that everyone would appreciate the chance to unwind. Takeba, probably, more than the others. Akihiko was in the large room that had been allocated for the boys. Minato and Junpei were still asleep; Minato on a makeshift futon, Junpei on a chintz couch. Mitsuru, naturally, was the only member of their group that had her own room. Takeba and Minako were in a room together with Yamagishi on the other side of the house. Akihiko knew that he had some time before the others woke up. He pushed the covers back - briefly enjoying the feeling of warm sunlight on his bare skin - and dressed himself for a workout. He wanted to go for a run while he had the time. It was a challenge to keep up with his training without any equipment. He spared a glance for the others as he pulled on a shirt. Even though they were his dorm mates... this was the first time that any of them had actually slept in the same room before. 

"It's interesting to get to see another side to the person," Akihiko mused, muttering to himself.

Minato had been perfectly happy to make himself a futon over by the window. He had slipped his headphones off shortly after midnight, gripped his Evoker, and waited patiently for the Dark Hour to pass. He had drifted off to sleep shortly after. He was still sleeping. His headphones were still on, though his music player had switched itself off at some point during the night. It was actually kind of eerie how he hadn't moved from that spot.

"No tossing and turning for him," Akihiko murmured.

Junpei, on the other hand, looked like he'd had a rough night. He had startled Akihiko by immediately volunteering to take the chintzy couch while Akihiko took the bed. Akihiko had offered to arm wrestle for the right, but Junpei had taken one look at his proffered arm and loudly announced that he would happily accept a forfeit. Akihiko was a little upset about that... but he wasn't about to complain for the use of such a luxurious bed. It was nice to wake up so comfortable. Junpei had been tossing and turning for hours. Akihiko had heard him at it. His blankets were all rucked up and twisted around his legs. Akihiko might have felt bad for him... but he reminded himself that Junpei had literally asked for this.

"Maybe we'll arm-wrestle for it on the third night," Akihiko mused. He shut the door behind him.

Akihiko ran for a good forty minutes before he was forced to head back. Yakushima was more of a challenge than he had expected. It was the terrain that stymied him; those inclines were so steep that he was practically walking by the end. It was a decent workout... but not really the kind he had wanted. Akihiko drank a lot of water while he ruminated on the problem. He still did not understand the relationship between his physical stamina and his ability to utilize his Persona. It was getting harder to summon Polydeuces in the heat of the moment. It tired him out in a way that he did not fully understand. Akihiko stopped by the kitchen on an impulse. He mixed himself a protein shake as a matter of course, and on an impulse he fixed himself a cup of coffee with hazelnut syrup. Mitsuru was there. She spared a few words for him about the girls' plans for the day before running off to deal with something else.

Mitsuru was always busy, even on "vacation". Akihiko was impressed that she managed to keep up the pretense.

Akihiko pinched a homemade protein bar from the kitchens - an example of the Kirijo Family's hospitality; they knew him so well - before heading back to the boys' room. Minato was gone by the time Akihiko got there. His futon was neatly folded, as though no one had ever slept in it. Junpei was still sleeping. Or trying to sleep, at least. Akihiko paused. "What the Hell is he doing?"

Junpei was tossing and turning quite heavily. Akihiko wondered vaguely if he was having some kind of nightmare. He pulled off his sweaty workout shirt and dug through his bag for a fresh one. He kept a wary eye on Junpei as he did so. His short were as damp as his shirt, so he pulled those off and dug around for a swimsuit instead. He figured that everyone would want to go down to the beach at some point so he might as well get ahead of the game. He found one of his two swimsuits in a corner of his travel bag. Keeping an eye on Junpei, he pulled off his jockstrap and quickly exchanged it for the swimsuit.

Junpei was kicking at something beneath his blankets. Akihiko frowned at him. He knew from experience that it was a bad idea to try and wake a sleepwalker, but Junpei looked seriously ill. He was sweating profusely. Akihiko had just about decided what to do when Junpei gave a sudden, violent kick that sent his blanket to the floor. Akihiko froze. "Oh, shit..."

It took him longer than he cared to admit to realize what he was seeing. He blushed like a signal fire when he realized what was jutting out through the slit in Junpei's boxer shorts. "He's bigger than I thought he would be," Akihiko murmured. Where did that come from? He didn't know what to do. Should he try to cover it up somehow? Throw a blanket over him? Junpei would probably just kick it off. He could have left the room... but there was a chance that someone else might have walked in and seen this. What would happen if Takeba saw this? Yamagishi? Minako? Or even worse... Mitsuru? Akihiko made a snap decision. He went to lock the door. He had just about made it there when something that looked a lot time one of the ceramic nick knacks on the vanity - was that a pink elephant...? - went zooming past his head. Akihiko ducked to the side almost instinctively as the elephant shattered into a hundred pieces against the door. He'd even made a move for his Evoker before he remembered that it was still in his bag, and it wasn't the Dark Hour. Junpei was up and standing, now. He was standing on the chintzy couch with his arm outstretched, as if at the peak of a throw. "NO!" Junpei bellowed. Akihiko flinched, and Junpei giggled like a schoolgirl. "You mustn't do that!"

Akihiko stared at the spectacle in disbelief. Junpei was naked, now. His boxers were just... gone. One of his legs was up on the back of the couch and the other was up on the armrest. His legs were spread wide, and he kept thrusting his hips like he was presenting it to Akihiko. His cock jutted out like a flagpole on the side of the building. Akihiko's mind was racing as he tried to understand. Junpei had his eyes closed. His expression was dopey and unfocused. "Junpei...?" Akihiko said cautiously. How the Hell did you make a throw like that without even looking?

"You must never say never, and never say die!" Junpei bellowed. "Once more into the breach, dear friends! Once more, we fill up the wall with out English dead!"

"Tch..." Akihiko clenched his fists. Junpei was speaking English, for some reason. Junpei didn't even speak English; had he gotten that quote from a movie, or something? His eyes widened in surprise when Junpei picked up a large reading lamp. It looked as heavy as it was expensive, and judging by the heft it was completely solid. If that connected... it was going to do a lot more than just hurt.

Everything happened at once. Junpei threw the lamp as hard as he could and Akihiko ducked under it. It grazed his ear painfully, hitting the wall behind him with a loud thump and a noise like crumbling gypsum. Akihiko darted forward, not really knowing what he was supposed to do when he made it to Junpei but not willing to miss his first and only chance. Junpei threw his arms wide and made a bellowing call, like Tarzan. He went for an enormous ceramic flamingo and hefted it like a two-handed blade. He swung it in a wide arc - Sloppy! - that barely missed Akihiko's head. Akihiko planted his foot on the carpet and launched himself upward with his arms outstretched. Junpei pulled the flamingo back, hitting Akihiko on the backswing and shattering it across his midsection. He was too late to stop Akihiko from tackling him. Flamingo bits went flying in every direction, cutting into Akihiko's thigh as they thudded to the floor. Junpei whooped and giggled like a kid on a carnival ride as they skidded to a stop in Minato's futon. Akihiko groaned in pain when Junpei landed on top of him.

Akihiko was not about to take any chances. He had to get Junpei into a hold and keep him down for as long as... whatever this was... lasted. Only, it seemed that Junpei had a similar idea. Akihiko was at a disadvantage with Junpei on top, and Junpei was astonishingly ruthless. Akihiko felt his arm go back in a half-nelson. He might have trapped Akihiko had he been in full possession of his senses, but his technique was understandably sloppy. Akihiko made a blind jab with his elbow and felt it sink into abdominal muscle. Junpei grunted with pain as his grip loosened. Akihiko was able to throw him off.

Akihiko got to his feet again. On the ground, Junpei would win. He would have to find some excuse to work on his ground game later. He'd borne a few cuts when he and Junpei fell. Junpei was up almost as quickly as Akihiko was. Akihiko watched in shaky disbelief as the younger boy took what looked like a sumo stance. His legs were braced wide, with his still-hard cock jutting out between them. Akihiko darted forward, and Junpei intercepted him with a firm slap. Akihiko caught his hands and pushed. He knew almost nothing about sumo techniques... but the rules of the sport were hardly relevant to this situation. He was physically stronger than Junpei... but what good would it do to push him back? Akihiko furiously debated his options as he backed Junpei against the bed-frame. He could always try to throw Junpei to the ground again. He tried hooking his hand under Junpei's thigh to do just that.

Junpei responded by grabbing his ass. Akihiko squawked like an awkward crow and lost a step. Junpei stumbled against him and Akihiko heard a tearing sound. Akihiko felt his swimsuit, which had already been partially torn on pieces of shattered flamingo. tear away in Junpei's grasp. Junpei threw it away and went for the throw without hesitation. Akihiko was only barely able to keep his balance. He hooked his arm under Junpei's torso and tried to throw him again before the situation could spiral any further out of control.

Almost without transition... Junpei fell asleep.

Of all the things that Akihiko might have expected... he had not been expecting that. All of a sudden, his fierce opponent had gone completely slack. Akihiko went careening forward into the bed-frame. He could not have stopped it if he had tried.


Akihiko woke up with a pounding headache. His forehead was slick with blood and someone was shouting something. "I'm all right..." Akihiko murmured, waving the voice off. It took him a while to remember where he was. Junpei sat there like a lump, staring at Akihiko with a dopey expression. He was covered in dust, fragmented ceramic, and shallow scratches. He looked like he was having a hard time making eye contact with Akihiko.

"Oh, thank god!" Junpei blathered. "I'm, uh, really confused right now. I-I mean our clothes are all gone which was weird enough but then I saw that you were bleeding and it looks like someone had a fight in here did something happen while I was asleep are the others all right were we attacked by Shadows or something--?"

"Everyone's fine," Akihiko snapped.

"I, uh," Junpei blushed. "I'm really sorry, Akihiko-Senpai. I don't know how to react to, uh, whatever this is. I don't even know what this is. What the Hell happened? Are you all right? You gotta talk to me so I'll know what you need. Are you hurt anywhere other than, uh...?"

"It's fine," Akihiko replied irritably, shaking his head. His headache was only getting worse as Junpei rambled. He fingered the wounds on his ear and forehead; both of them were sealed with coagulated blood. There was no way to know how long he had been unconscious. Junpei had thrown a blanket over him, at least. "Just... tell me honestly, Junpei. Is this the first time that something like this has ever happened to you? Do you normally sleepwalk?"

"I, uh..." Junpei blushed for some reason. "I haven't sleepwalked since I was a little kid. My, uh, dad used to make me take all these fancy medicines for it but it stopped on its own after a while. I haven't had an episode since I was six. I-Is there some reason you ask?"

"What do you think?" Akihiko snapped. Junpei went pale, and Akihiko regretted snapping. "It's nothing. It's fine, Junpei, really. Water under the bridge. We should forget about this and think about what we're supposed to tell Mitsuru."

"Oh, man..." Junpei somehow went even paler. "I never thought about that."

"Is that so?" Akihiko closed his eyes. "Well, I suppose that settles that."

"What does?"

"You're going to be the one to tell her," Akihiko replied, grinning. "You're gonna talk to the Chairman, or someone else - I don't care who - about getting a doctor's appointment so you can do something about the damn sleepwalking." He gestured at the mess Junpei had made as he spoke. Junpei nodded meekly. "Oh, and before you go... pass me that pillow. I'm gonna take a nap, and when I wake up I'm taking the hottest, longest, fucking bath the world has ever seen. You go and find Mitsuru and tell her about the damage you caused. Understood?"


"Good. Enjoy your execution."