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Double Trouble

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Hizashi groans, his head pounding, the throbbing beating in sync with his heart. He’s sitting, slumped awkwardly in a very hard, uncomfortable chair, head lolling forward on his chest. He lifts his head, confused, cracks his eyes open to darkness. Blindfold. He feels his eyelashes catch against the material.

“Shit,” he hisses, testing his hands, unsurprised to find them cuffed. The throbbing has narrowed down to a point near his temple, he feels a flakey itch running down the side of his face. Dried blood. ‘That’s going to drive me nuts,’ he thinks, pulling irritably at the cuffs, they clang and rattle, echoing hollowly in the seemingly empty room.

He lets his head drop back, closing his eyes behind the blindfold, brows drawn together as he thinks, trying to remember.

Shouta. He remembers Shouta. They’d been out together. Dinner. Shouta had asked him out for dinner. Unusual for Shouta, he always preferred takeout, but he had insisted they go out. It had been nice. Shouta had looked good, his hair up, a nice black shirt and jeans, different from his usual sweatpants and sweater combo.

Hizashi could almost fool himself into thinking it had been a date, the way Shouta had smiled at him. Hizashi had talked, Shouta listened, a small, fond smile on his face. Hizashi had been completely enchanted.

Hizashi frowns, worried.

The last thing he remembers is walking home with Shouta, following the Erasure Hero down a dark street, an odd smile as he called his name—


He jumps, startled, “Sh-Shouta?”

The voice had come from behind him, he hears the scuff of boots and then there’s a hand dragging playfully across his shoulder. “Hizashi,” Shouta repeats, sounding breathless, almost…flirty.

“Shouta, what the—?”

“How’s your head?” Shouta asks, interrupting him, fingers brush the dried blood off the side of his face tenderly. Shouta chuckles as Hizashi leans into the touch instinctively, arms wrap around him from behind, pulling him close. There’s a scrape of stubble against his cheek and he feels a brush of lips against his temple.

“Don’t touch him!” Shouta snaps, angry…from in front of him.

Hizashi freezes, eyes wide behind the blindfold.

He shivers as he feels the lips pressed to his skin curve into a dark smile. “Don’t like to share, Shouta?” It sounds like Shouta. But it’s not.

Hizashi sucks in his breath and—chokes.

The familiar sensation of erasure sweeps over him, like a hand wrapping tightly around his vocal cords, paralyzingly them. He wheezes, confused. Why would…?

The imposter makes a disappointed noise, a hand reaching up to roughly pull the blindfold off, taking a few strands of long blonde hair with it. Hizashi squints against the sudden brightness, then a shadow falls across him and he looks up at…Shouta. No. Not Shouta, an imposter.

An imposter with erasure. Hizashi recognizes the red flickering in the depths of the dark irises staring down at him. How…?

There’s a rattle behind Not Shouta and Hizashi’s eyes are drawn to the sound. There’s Shouta, the real Shouta, in chains. His arms are pulled high over his head, forcing him to stand on the tip of his toes, there’s chains around his ankles as well, anchoring him to the floor. He looks exhausted, his eyes more bloodshot than usual.

He’s wearing his hero costume.

Hizashi’s heart stutters painfully in his chest. Shouta’s last patrol had been two days ago.

“Hi. Za. Shi.” Hizashi’s eyes snap back to the imposter, his lips pull back in a silent snarl at the amused smile the other man had on his face. “Aw, what a nasty look. Didn’t we have a nice date?”

Hizashi grits his teeth, his stomach dropping at the confirmation of what he already suspected.

“…have…bl-blink…sometime…” Hizashi forces out of his half paralyzed throat.

The copy cat laughs, it echos in the bare room. “In a room this small? You’d knock yourself out along with us, not to mention the damage it would do to poor Shouta, you might even blow out his ears for good this time.”

Hizashi hates that he’s right. The concrete room is too small and echoing to use safely.

“I don’t mind going deaf if it means I finally get to strangle you,” Shouta snarls, voice rough.

The villain blinks, confident that Hizashi won’t use his quirk and saunters over to Shouta. Hizashi can’t hear what he says, but Shouta bristles like angry cat, eyes flashing.

The imposter moves behind Shouta, now that they’re standing side by side Hizashi can see little differences between the two, scars missing or in the wrong place, the fake’s skin a shade darker, his hair a bit longer. He wraps his arm around his twin, pulling him close in a parody of an embrace, hooking his chin over Shouta’s shoulder to look at Hizashi.

“Oi! Get away from him you cheap knock off!”

“If anyone here is a cheap imitation, it’s this one,” the other man responds, drawing his finger along the scar under Shouta’s right eye.

“Ch!” Hizashi spits, angrily. “No name brand!”

“You know I never cared about name brands, that’s more your thing.”

Hizashi feels a chill down his spine, “I know nothing about you! You’re not Shouta, you’re a…a copy cat!”

“Copy Cat? I don’t mind that, I like cats.”

It’s disturbing how much like Shouta he is. Like a mirror that’s slightly off, not quite right, distorted.

“Hmmm, speaking of copies. I wonder, how identical are we?” He pulls back Shouta’s hair, exposing his pale throat and leans down to lick a hot line up his neck. Shouta jerks, twisting away with a snarl, the chains clang and rattle loudly. Not Shouta grins viciously, “Sensitive? Me too. How bout here?” The villain mouths wetly behind Shouta’s ear. Shouta hisses, arching away, his leg jerks, trying to kick but the chains wrapped around his ankles stop him.

Not Shouta reaches up, fingering the tab on the zipper of Shouta’s costume, grinning as both Hizashi and Shouta freeze. He starts to pull it slowly down—

“NO!” Hizashi’s shout echos painfully in the small room, a bit of his quirk in it. Both Shoutas flinch.

Suddenly the choking sensation is back, squeezing his vocal cords into silence. The imposter glares down at him from behind Shouta, eyes flashing. “If you do that again, I’ll cut one of his eyes out.” The threat is delivered in flat tone. Hizashi shivers. “And you,” he grabs a fist full of Shouta’s hair, wrenching his head back. “If you try anything, I’ll cut his throat.”

Shouta’s head drops forward as soon as the other man lets go, his hair falling curtain like around him. Hizashi can see him trembling, his fingers twitching, scratching at the chains binding him. Hizashi’s own fingers dances around his cuffs, prodding and searching for something, anything, some way to escape them.

Not Shouta wraps himself around Shouta again, hooking his chin over his shoulder. He grabs the tab on the costume again, staring directly at Hizashi as he pulls it down, the sound obscenely loud in the silent room. The costume parts down the middle, exposing a tantalizing glimpse of the Erasure Hero down to his navel. The imposter pushes it open as far as it will go with Shouta’s arms still bound above him exposing the hard planes of muscle, and pale skin crisscrossed with numerous scars.

Hizashi looks away, blushing. He grinds his teeth, seething at his helplessness.

“Hizashi,” Not Shouta calls, taunting. “I want you to watch.” Hizashi lifts his head reluctantly, glaring at the villain. “Good boy.” Shouta still has his head down, turned away. Hizashi is grateful, he doesn’t think he’d be able look Shouta in eye.

The imposter drags his nails down Shouta’s belly, scratching lightly. Hizashi watches Shouta’s muscles jump and twitch underneath his hand, his body twisting away from the touch. He brings his other hand up grope at Shouta’s chest, fingers teasing the exposed nipple. Shouta twitches as the villain pinches and pulls at the nub, chains rattling as he squirms. He’s starting to pant, out of arousal or stress Hizashi can’t tell, gasping wetly as the his twin strokes and pets him with expert precision.

“We really are identical,” Not Shouta murmurs. “All the same spots.” He leans in to suck a bruise into Shouta’s neck, his fingers pause at the edge of the waistband of Shouta’s briefs just barely visible beneath his open costume, dragging his fingers through the trail of hair on the hero’s navel, petting him.

Hizashi can’t help but catalogue Shouta’s reactions, his sensitive spots. The way he gasps, shivering, when the villain mouths the spot behind his ear. The way he twists, breath hitching as nails are scratched teasingly down his chest. The way he arches, biting back a groan, when his nipples are pinched and pulled.

Hizashi can’t look away, a confusing mixture of anger, shame and arousal roiling in his belly.

“You getting hard for him, Hizashi?” Not Shouta asks, teasing. “My Hizashi likes to watch too.”


“The Hizashi from my ‘world’. Always thought that multiverse crap was a fairy tale until I got hit by a quirk a couple days ago. Ended up here,” he shrugs. “Too bad Hizashi didn’t come with me.” He starts petting Shouta’s hair. “He would have been excited to see you,” he says, smiling slowly. “He always loved watching me play with myself.”

Hizashi is profoundly grateful that the other Hizashi isn’t here. It was bad enough watching his best friend being assaulted by the copy cat, he wouldn’t be able to handle watching himself touch Shouta like this.

“Well, the quirk should wear off soon,” Not Shouta continues, “And I’m not one to waste an opportunity. So I should at least bring back a nice present.”

A chill runs down Hizashi’s spine. He’s not going to take—

“Don’t worry. I can’t bring an actual person back with me.”

Oh, thank fuck.

“But I can take a nice video for him,” the imposter says, leaning in to nibble on Shouta’s ear. “So put on a nice show for him, Shouta.”

The villain locks eyes with Hizashi, grinning viciously as his hand slips down beneath Shouta’s costume.

“Ahh!” Shouta cries out, head jerking up, chains clang and shudder as he thrashes. “Mmm!” He’s biting his lips, trying contain the sounds, writhing in the others grip. Hizashi can’t see what the other is doing to him, the baggy costume hides everything, but he can see its effects on Shouta. Sees the attractive flush spreading across his cheeks, hears the muffled groans and wet pants.

“Hmm, that’s good,” Not Shouta murmurs, “Now, do me a favour and say his name.”

“Tsk!” Shouta scowls, making a disgruntled noise.

“Come on,” Not Shouta pouts, pulling his hand out of the hero’s jumpsuit, “You wanted him, didn’t you? Look, he’s right there. Use your imagination, pretend it’s just the two of you. Say his name.”


“I know he loves it when I say his name.” The villain looks over at Hizashi, “Look at him. Can’t take his eyes off you, got hard just from watching. He’ll love it, say his name.”

“…doesn’t….reaction…,” Hizashi can’t hear Shouta’s mumbled reply.

“Oh, that’s all you,” the villain leans in, whispering darkly, “Couldn’t take his eyes off my ass. It was so easy. All I had to do was smile at him and he followed me home like a love sick puppy. He wanted you so bad.” He gives Shouta a little shake. “Say his name.”

Shouta says nothing.

The imposter lets out an aggravated sigh, grabs a fist full Shouta’s hair again and yanks his head up ignoring the other man’s hiss of pain, glaring. Shouta bares his teeth in wordless snarl, glaring back. The silent battle of wills continues until the villain wrenches his head back painfully, growling something too low for Hizashi to catch. The snarl slowly drops off Shouta’s face and he looks away, defeated. Not Shouta lets go with a shove, forcing the other’s head down, hair falling around his face blocking Hizashi’s view.

The room is silent save for Shouta’s harsh breathing.


It’s quiet, barely audible, and it breaks Hizashi’s heart.

He whimpers his own quiet “Shouta” in response, his cuffs clang as he tries vainly to reach out to him.

“You can do better than that.” Not Shouta plunges his hand back into the Erasure Hero’s suit. The chains bang loudly as Shouta jerks, trying twist away but his twin wraps his free arm around him, pulling him flush against the others body. “Try again.”

“Ahh! Hi…hah! Hi-Hizashi!” Shouta pants out, shaking.

Hizashi squirms in his own bindings, the pressure in the front of his pants becoming painful as he watches Shouta fall to pieces.

Not Shouta continues his assault, his other hand also slipping down to join the first. “Say it again.”

Shouta blushes furiously, panting out a desperate, “Hizashi.” The blonde is shifting uncomfortably in his seat now, whining.


“Hizashi!” Shouta moans, and Hizashi can’t contain an answering cry, whimpering Shouta’s name plaintively.

Not Shouta seems pleased by the display, a victorious little smirk on his face as he plays roughly with his captive. “Are you close? Ask him nicely and I’ll let you come.”

Shouta shakes his head.

The imposter doesn’t seemed bothered by that, content to wait him out.

It doesn’t take long.


“I’m not the one you should be asking.”

Shouta sucks in shuddering breath, “Hizashi…please.”

“Good boy. I know exactly what you need,” the villain, purrs darkly.

Hizashi doesn’t know what he does, he can’t see from where he’s tied up but whatever it is has Shouta keening, thrashing wildly in the other’s grasp. “Hizashi!” Shouta calls out, and Hizashi has bites back a groan at that, his trapped cock throbbing painfully in response. Shouta chokes out another moan then his back is arching beautifully for several long moments and then he drops, hanging limp in his chains like an abandoned puppet.

The room goes still for the moment, the only sounds from Shouta’s harsh panting.

The villain presses a mocking kiss to Shouta’s sweat soaked hair, “Perfect. That’s exactly what I needed, thanks.”

The imposter wipes his hands on Shouta’s suit, then abandons the hero, moves towards Hizashi who tenses as he approaches but the villain just walks past him, ignoring him. He hears something scraping behind him, the villain picking something up. “Hoped you like the show, Hizashi,” Not Shouta purrs, but Hizashi doesn’t think he’s talking to him. “Wish you were here,” he continues, confirming Hizashi’s suspicions.

There’s an electronic beep, and then there’s a clatter as something is dropped, probably a phone. “No need to record the next part.” Hizashi jumps as the villain unexpectedly runs his hand through his hair from behind. “Hizashi won’t like it.” He bends down whispering in the blonde’s ear, huskily, “He doesn’t like to share.”

Hizashi jerks his head away, “Really? Well I’d rather not step on his toes then.”

Not Shouta laughs, and Hizashi hears the rustle of fabric, “Well, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.”

“Such a great—Oh shit, you’re naked!” Hizashi yelps as the copy cat steps back into view. He can’t help raking his eyes up the body in front of him, wondering if this is really what Shouta looks like. He catches the imposter’s eye, and hastily looks away, his face burning at being caught looking.

The imposter laughs again as he straddles Hizashi thighs, “Like what you see?”

“Get off me.”

“But it’s your turn now,” Not Shouta says, settling himself firmly in Hizashi’s lap, grinding down against hard bulge he finds there. He slips his arms around his shoulders leaning in to mouth along his neck but Hizashi shakes him off, denying him.

“No thanks. I’m no home wrecker,” Hizashi replies, his voiced strained. It takes all his willpower to not rolls his hips up into the warm weight above him.

“Too bad.” The villain says, disappointed. “Well, if you don’t want to play…maybe Shouta will,” his voice drops into a menacing growl.

Hizashi can’t say anything to that. He glares impotently at the other man, biting back a furious retort as turning his head to the side, offering his neck in surrender.

The imposter’s face twists into disturbing mirror image of Shouta’s signature grin. “Don’t worry, I know all your weak points too.”

“That does not make me feel better.”


“Get…get off him…” Shouta gasps out between pants. Hizashi’s glad to see he isn’t limp anymore, the Erasure Hero is struggling to get his feet under him, glaring.

“Greedy. You already had your turn.”

“You…you said you wouldn’t hurt him!”

“I’m not hurting you, am I?” Not Shouta says, rolling his hips down against Hizashi erection, his smile widening when Hizashi own hips unconsciously rise up to meet him. “Although that could change if you don’t behave,” the villain spares a glance back over his shoulder at the hero.

Shouta snarls at him but stays quiet.

“Now, where were we?” Not Shouta leans in to nibble a long the outer shell of Hizashi’s ear, running his hands down the blonde’s chest. Hizashi breath hitches as the copy cat’s slips a hand under his shirt, fingers dancing teasingly across his skin and the man starts sucking bruises along his neck.

Fuck. Hizashi bites back a moan. He really does know his weak spots.

Hizashi feels a tug at his belt, the imposter flicking the buckle open easily and unzipping his pants. Hizashi can’t contain the groan of relief as his cock immediately springs free.

Not Shouta chuckles at the lack of underwear, “Confident that our date would go that well?” Hizashi flushes, looking away. “Well, it certainly makes this easier for me.” The copy cat lifts himself up, reaching down to guide Hizashi’s cock to his entrance.

“Oi! Wait! You can’t just—”

“How sweet. You concerned for me?” Not Shouta interrupts, dropping down. “Don’t be.” Hizashi groans as the sudden heat engulfs his cock. “Had to do something while I was waiting for you to wake up.” The imposter slowly rises up until just the tip remains, Hizashi’s hips jerk, wanting to thrust up but he holds back. The villain feels him twitch and smiles sardonically at him, patting his cheek, “What a gentlemen.” He drops again.

This time Hizashi doesn’t hold back, his hips jumping to meet him, driving a breathy little moan out of the copy cat. Not Shouta sets a quick pace, bouncing merrily in his lap with that wild grin on his face.

Hizashi looks away.

His eyes find Shouta, the real Shouta watching them intently, an odd emotion on his face that Hizashi can’t quite place. Shouta’s eyes darken, staring daggers into his twin’s back as the imposter let’s out a pleased groan.

“Who are you looking at Hizashi?”

Hizashi eyes snap back to the grinning copy cat.

The imposter rolls his hips wickedly, and Hizashi groans, thrusting up unthinkingly. He’s so close. He closes his eyes thinking of the real Shouta, his Shouta. With his eyes closed it’s easy. Easy to pretend it is Shouta panting in his ear, moaning his name.


“Sh-Shouta,” he groans back. He can’t help himself. It feels too good. Shouta is so tight around him, so hot.

The other man groans, panting wetly against Hizashi sensitive neck. “Hizashi, please. I’m so close.” There’s lips brushing against his own, whispering, “Come on, Hizashi. I want to feel you.”

He opens his eyes, staring past the imposter. His eyes lock with Shouta. His Shouta. Hizashi sees his lips move, saying his name almost too softly for Hizashi to hear. “…Hizashi…”

Hizashi whines, his hips jerk once, twice and he’s coming into the imposter, his eyes still locked on Shouta.

Not Shouta lets out a breathy moan, shuddering through his own climax. He slumps against Hizashi, panting, slowly catching his breath. He nuzzles his face almost affectionately into the crook of Hizashi’s neck, the stubble scuffing along his jaw. “Hmm,” the imposter mumbles sleepily, his breathing evening out.

Hizashi tries to furtively draw in a breath but Not Shouta rouses instantly, jerking back to glare down at him with his quirk activated. He frowns irritably, and Hizashi glares back.


Hizashi makes a strangled noise of protest.

Not Shouta gets off of him with a sigh, “Fine.” He stretches obscenely, uncaring of the wet mess between his thighs. Hizashi has to look away. The imposter dresses quickly, and gathers his things heading towards to the door. He pauses on his way out, tossing something, a key, that rings softly as it bounces across the floor to land between the two heroes, and leaves with a dismissive wave of his hand.

An awkward silence descends upon the room.

Hizashi fidgets uncomfortably, not knowing what to say. Shouta is glaring at the tiny key in the middle of the floor.

The silence continues.

Hizashi casts furtive glances at Shouta. Shouta wiggles his fingers, as though he’s trying to coax the circulation back into the digits and looks up at Hizashi, expectantly.

“So…are you going to get that?”