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The Wolves Are Howling Tonight

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Bella's P.O.V


I was in my room with Aria and Hanna. We were discussing the demon activity that has been sky high. I couldn't figure out why it was so horrible. Seven people have been killed, in this last week. Hanna has already killed three demons so far, we've noticed they're in groups and that's not common, they usually travel alone or in pairs not groups. "What are we going to do about all these demons, like this is bad it's horrible..." Hanna started. "Seven people have died, and they all have demon venom in their blood system.!" she finished. "Well, we know that it's a Shax demon, but what I don't understand is..." Aria started. "why are they attacking like this, Shax demons are used for tracking or hunting but seven people, they have to be controlled by someone to have that many kills, not Lilith but...I'm the smartest out of all three of us and I can't figure it out." she finished.


That's when Hanna's phone went off.


The Phone Call


"Hello"- Hanna

"Hi, this is Mike Newton from school, I was wondering if you would like to come to this party down at First Beach, its in LaPush and a bunch of kids from school are going and I thought you guys might want to come"- Mike

"Yeah, sure hold on let me ask the girls"- Hanna

Hanna moved the phone from her ear.

"Do you guys want go to this party down on First Beach?." Hanna asked. Aria and I nodded our heads 'yes'. She put the phone back to her ear.

"Yeah, we're in"- Hanna

"That's great, ummm its tomorrow night at 6pm"- Mike

"Alright, bye see you later"- Hanna 

Hanna hung up the phone. "So, the party is at six o'clock, I'm assuming it's a bonfire so no need to dress warmly, I say dark red cropped top, black mini skirt and some black wedged boot heels for me!" Hanna said going to my closet. Hanna and Aria both lived with me our parents thought it would be a good idea.


The Girls Outfits 

red crop top

black mini skirt  


platform lace up wedged ankle boots


Hanna came back with our outfits, it was the same thing but with different color tops, mine was blue and Aria's was green. It's was midnight. "Alright, come on let's get some sleep, we have to do patrol, in three hours." I said. Hanna went to the love seat in my room and laid down, Aria laid down with me. "Do you think we're gonna run into those mutts again?" Hanna asked. "I don't think so!" I answered and then I fell into a light sleep.

I was shook awake by Aria with her saying 'it's time to go on patrol', I got up and pulled on my shoes, all of sudden Aria ran out of the room and into the bathroom, when I reached the bathroom, Aria was vomiting in the toilet, I walked in and pulled her hair back, when she was finished, she flushed the toilet and washed out her mouth. "Are you okay, that's the third time this week, maybe you should go to the hospital!" I suggested rubbing her back. "Are you sure, it might just be a bug or a cold..." Aria said trying to get out of it. "No, Ari you need to go to make sure you're okay, you know how rare it is for witches to get sick" I started. "it could be serious!". I finished. "Okay, I'll go I'll call you and tell you how it went and what it is!" She said. I nodded and watched her leave.


Aria's P.O.V


I got into my car. She was my baby, it's a Teal-green 2010 Camaro. I pulled out of the driveway and onto the road. I was going a little over the speed limit because I wanted to figure out what was going on with me. It scared me a little, but I wanted to get this over with. I pulled up into the Hospital parking lot, I got out and  walked in. "Hi, how may I help you?" the receptionist asked. "Hi, can I see Dr. Cullen, he's my 'uncle' can you lead me to his office, please?" I asked kindly. "Of course, just go straight, go up those stairs and it's that office with big windows, you can't miss it!" She told me. I thanked her and went on my way, I walked to Carlisle's office door. I knocked, I heard him say 'come in', I went in.

"Oh, Aria how may I help you?" Carlisle said. "I've been throwing up, I've thrown up three times this week, I'm tired all the time, I'm always hungry, I need you to do something to figure out what's wrong with me!?." I said to him. Carlisle nodded his head. "Ari, I don't mean to intrude but have you had your period this month?" Carlisle asked me. And that's when it hit me.

I was late, my period hadn't come, I was never late and my eyes went wide.

"Oh my god, you don't think I'm pregnant, the last time I had sex was two months ago and we used protection!" I said in complete shock. Carlisle nodded his head. "I'll go get the ultrasound machine, I'll be back!." He said.

Carlisle left, and that left me alone. I was scared, but also excited that I might be a mom, but then no boy or man would ever want me. Carlisle came back in no time. "Alright, I'm gonna need you to lay down on the bed and roll up your shirt for me, I'm gonna put some gel on your stomach, it's gonna be cold!" He told me. I did as he instructed me to do. I lifted my shirt and Carlisle put some gel on my stomach and he was right, it was cold. Carlisle was looking at the machine but I couldn't see what he was looking at. "Well am I pregnant?" I asked.

Carlisle shook his 'yes'. "Yes and with twins, congrats your gonna be a mom!" Carlisle said kindly as he wiped off the gel from my stomach. After I got up and thanked him and left. As soon as I made it to my car, I called Bella once she picked up the phone, I told her that I had to talk to her and asked her where her location was and she told me. I drove out of the Hospital parking lot, I drove back to our house, I pulled in the driveway. I got out and walked into the woods, I was running until I heard a howl, I stopped in my tracks, a grey wolf with black spots trotted out and stopped when it saw me. 'Oh no, why now' I thought in my head.