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Dance Like Nobody's Watching

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Now, to be fair, Steve really did think he was alone in the tower, and who hasn’t done silly things when alone? And he really couldn’t help it; Steve honestly wasn’t one for modern tunes, but the song had such a rebel feel to it that it brought out the little kid in him, and he kind of swept away with it. It started out innocently enough, his YouTube playlist had finished and began playing songs from the ‘recommended’ list, Steve had zoned out most of them while he drew - at least, until this one.

Hit and Run by...LOLA? Wait, no, LOLO...strange name, nice voice though.” And hey, maybe Tony would be proud of him for giving some new age music a shot?

“Hey FRIDAY, mind playing this on the speakers?”

“Sure thing, Captain.”

Steve asked FRIDAY to replay the song once it ended and hummed along, then once again and actually knew some of the words; once more and he was actually able to sing along...then maybe a couple of times after that, too. So, really, it was just a good and fun song, and maybe Steve kind of got lost to it - like, really lost to it. Steve had been benched from the field until his broken arm healed up, and for a super solider that meant he’d be able to be out on the field for their next mission, but for now he had to sit around while his friends fought whatever villain thought they had a chance at taking over New York today - he was pretty sure it was the Green Goblin, or Booger Man, as Tony dubbed him.

So there he was, in the common room’s kitchen whipping up a mug of hot cocoa from scratch, and lost himself in the music as he waltzed around the space grabbing what he needed. It was just a bit of fun, ‘letting his hair down’, so to speak, but everyone had those kinds of songs - Lord knew Tony would just about break a leg listening to those rock tunes he liked so much while in his workshop. Plus, the song had a beat that was just too irresistible to not at least sway to, and - again - he thought he’d been home alone. Honest.

So, seriously, this reaction was just too much.

“It wasn’t anythin’ so bad!” Steve splutters, pretty sure his cheeks were about to melt off.

“You were SHIMMYING!” Tony all but screeches through his laughter, clutching his side as Bucky basically went blue beside him.

“Aye! Strange but glorious dancing, Steven!” Thor bellows heartily, grinning like a fiend, “I never knew you had it in you!”

“I was not!” Steve tries defending, but he was pretty sure his ears were burned off by this point.

“You were singing into the spoon!” Bucky cries, literally cries, in laughter.

Clint smirks, choking back unattractive chortles like a child, “Cap I’ve never seen you move your hips like that before now, ‘shimmying’ is basically an understatement.”

Of all people, it’s Bruce who snorts out, “Steve, honestly, those moves would have put Shakira to shame.”

“And who knew you were such passionate singer?” Natasha teases, grinning with sharp cat-like amusement.

“Fri, please tell me you got footage of that!” Tony giggles, walking over to their Captain.

“Oh trust me boss, I got plenty,” the AI promises, and if Steve was a betting man, he’d be willing to gamble his shield that if Friday had a face she’d probably be smirking as bad as Natasha was.

“You guys are incorrigible,” Steve mumbles, rolling his eyes at his friends, arms folding over the barrel of his chest - trying to will away the flush no doubt coloring his face and neck.

“Maybe,” Tony shrugs, but holds out a hand to his teammate, “that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little dance party, you game, Cap?”

The blond stares down at Stark, raising a brow, but looks around at his group of friends and shrugs, can’t get any more embarrassed, right? Steve thinks before taking Tony’s hand, the smaller man doing a little spin under the bridge of their joined arms, and to Steve’s - delighted - surprise, Clint snatches up Bucky and starts dancing right along with them. Natasha drags Bruce and Thor into their little impromptu dance huddle, and the neither men seem to have a single qualm about it, breaking out some moves that makes the rest of the group laugh and whoop with amused encouragement.

Steve definitely didn’t think this was how his day would go, but right there, dancing like a complete moron with his friends, he didn’t honestly care; instead, the Captain just shimmied right along with Bucky and Bruce, the trio losing it when Thor bends at the knees and-

“OH MY GOD THOR KNOWS HOW TO TWERK!” Clint cries out, practically cackling on the floor at this point.

“Teach me! Teach me!” Tony squeals, standing beside Thor trying - and failing - to mimic the dance move.

Little did the group know, Peter was there, too…with a camera.

This is going to break the internet, the teenager thinks, grinning like a right fool while trying to conceal his laughter.

Later that day, Tony would be way too proud about the fact that the video did break the internet.